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The Station Hotel, Shrewsbury

Is this pub open? No sign of life this week and I passed numerous times day and evening

24 Nov 2012 20:42

The Dog and Pheasant, Shrewsbury

Every town needs a pub like this. Probably one of the best pubs I/We have visited. Beer always spot on, this week it was Okells Premium Steam Beer and Hook Norton Cotswold Lion as 'guests'. Staff and locals very friendly and remembered us from our last visit as if we had never been away! The last of seven(?) pubs in this part of Castlefields, long may it prosper!

24 Nov 2012 20:36

The Britannia Inn, Shrewsbury

We had a quick pint in here this week, Shropshire Gold on hand pull, seemed friendly but very quiet, I wish the owner well, this block had five pubs in the late 1800s!

24 Nov 2012 20:30

Golden Cross Hotel, Shrewsbury

This 'pub' still has a sign outside proclaiming 'Free House', we went in Sunday night, bought a half of Hobsons Twisted Spire and half of Estrella lager We were charged £5-95 that is NOT a typo. The business cards still state 'Bar and Restaurant'. Make your bloody minds up what you want to be. We were RIPPED OFF, Beware, its NOT A PUB as stated on other reviews. Oh, and a smile from the waitress would have been nice, or do they charge for that as well?

24 Nov 2012 20:27

The Albert Hotel, Shrewsbury

This is now a very smart pub called 'The ALB' it had Salopian Oracle on tap when I visited this week, it does a large range of cocktails. Comfortable seats, upstairs restaurant, the clientele was 20-30 somethings, a good atmosphere!

24 Nov 2012 20:22

The Three Horseshoes, Great Malvern

It isn't very often I leave a review for a pub, even less for a poor review. In fact, my last one featured a well known chain pub in an Essex resort. But I digress. On a recent Sunday evening, just as it was getting dark, my partner were staying in Great Malvern, and this pub was one of several recommended by our B&B. The place looked welcoming enough as we approached; how wrong we were. As soon as we walked through the door all conversation stopped. Not just for a second either. It would have been an appropriate time to drop a pin, the sound of it hitting the bar floor would have been earth shattering! Did we walk out? Did we Hell! At least the barmaid was welcoming, and the half of Directors was in Good Nick. We stayed for an uncomfortable ten minutes or so. I can honestly say in over 37 years and hundreds of pubs, this was the most unfriendly I have visited. Hang on, there was one in Berwick in 1982......

17 Sep 2012 21:11

The Unicorn Inn, Richmond

Reopened again, Window frames freshly repainted, signage repaired

18 Oct 2011 19:45

The Barley Mow, Brighton

We visited this pub in early September, loved the range of ales, its quirky things (games, 'tuck shop', the tropical smoking shelter/beer garden, and the wonderful staff, Steven and Becca etc, thanks for making us feel so welcome so far from home, we will return soon!

17 Sep 2011 21:25

Troll Cart, Great Yarmouth

Yet another Wetherspoons where the bar staff serve in front of us and them walk away when their 'friends' are served. This happens too often. Toim Martin, get your act together. Our money is just as good elsewhere. We didnt spend a penny all week in Yarmouth. She was a studenty type by the way.

25 Jul 2011 03:15

Pub on the Prom, Great Yarmouth

Superb. Five real ales on tap, none of them exciting but a good selection of Adnams and Wells. Clean, tidy, great barstaff including the lovely Becky. Comfy sofas etc, a lovely seafront pub ******!!!!

25 Jul 2011 03:10

The Prince Regent, Great Yarmouth

Never went in July 2011, there seemed to be a real ale on looking through the window, the pub appeared clean and repainted from the outside

25 Jul 2011 03:07

Mariners Tavern, Great Yarmouth

Superb pub, if the rest closed in Great Yarmouth I'd be glad to keep this one open!!

25 Jul 2011 03:04

The Marine, Great Yarmouth

Open as 'Family Pub' at July 2011. Havent been in but seemed busy

25 Jul 2011 03:02

Gallon Pot, Great Yarmouth

We visited July 29th god if not exciting range of real ales, licencee would have kept kitchen open for food as we arrived at 8-55pm! She (sorry, dont know name) seems very keen to make a go at a very tidy pub

25 Jul 2011 03:00

The Crown, Great Yarmouth

Closed again July 2011. Blame the fags ban, even though I dont smoke anymore!

25 Jul 2011 02:57

The Barking Smack, Great Yarmouth

Still closed July 2011

25 Jul 2011 02:55

The Ship Inn, Great Yarmouth

With so many shitty pubs in Yarmouth WHY did this one go???

25 Jul 2011 02:53

Red Herring, Great Yarmouth

For a friday night, the choice of beer was crap (London Pride and Wherry) obviously what the locals want. We walked especially to this not particularly nice part of Yarmouth to escape the crowds. I dont see why we bothered. For a 'real ale' emporium I/we were very disappointed

25 Jul 2011 02:51

Blackfriars Tavern, Great Yarmouth

I guessed this may be an outlet for the Blackfriars Brewery. How wrong I was. A two mile round trip to see a Greene King IPA pump. If the welcome had been friendly, if acknowledged at all, we might have stayed for a half. Thats a very feeble might. Note to pub and/or brewery. Get your acts together, or not at all. You aren't in the posh end of Yarmouth, in fact, I wouldnt go there after dusk

25 Jul 2011 02:47

The Victoria, Lincoln

Our second visit on Saturday evening 23 July 2011, the night the sun allowed a beer garden outing! Good beer selection as usual, Mauldons Midsummer Ale one of the beersm friendly bar staff worth a visit!!!

25 Jul 2011 01:57

Strugglers Inn, Lincoln

A lovely friendly pub! We were lucky (well, I was!) to catch the end of the beer festival week. Beautiful and friendly bar staff/ licencee as well, sorry, I only look at the ladies LOL!!! Joking apart, the beer garden is lovely, service brill, beer choice exceptional on our visit, we will be back!!

25 Jul 2011 01:53

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

Monday 6th September 2010 was the (unadvertised) 'Serve the students first' night. After 15 minutes we gave up despite seeing everybody around us get served, the barmaid keeping us in her gaze and serving more recently arrived students. We took the hint from the bloke next to us and walked out. He was over 30 as well. I have worked in a busy pub myself, there was no excuse for this blatent favoritism. Dont worry, we live 280 miles away so wont be back.

18 Sep 2010 21:36

West End House, Ely

A brilliant pub, we discovered it in the 'Good Beer Guide', or else we wouldnt have known it existed as its off the main road. A decent selection of real ales included Sharps Doombar and Elgoods Cambridge Bitter. A great beer garden, it would have been even better had the weather been warm, but hey! it is September in England! One thing - make sure you dont crack your head on the low door lintel heading to the Gents/Beer garden! Make sure you say hello to the resident cat and dog, the Jack Russell was busy protecting a salami when we visited! No, I arent makint that up.........

18 Sep 2010 21:29

The Kings Arms, Ely

Very smart interior. A decent selection of real ales ( I had the Woodforde Wherry). Attentive barman made sure I got served OK, it was a busy night. Some of the customers were a bit noisy but they were friendly. From an outsider, it appears that the local perception of this pub dates back to earlier less salubrious times?

18 Sep 2010 21:21

The Prince Albert, Ely

Every town needs a pub like this! Friendly, a good selection of beers, a lovely beer garden, and a quiet atmosphere. OK, it wont appeal to many youngsters, although there were a few young couples in on our first visit on 10th September. OK, so the 'paperback' range in the rear corridor may not be the British Library, but so what? The beers included the (rare) Greene King XX Dark Mild (my first pint of this since 1988!), Bath 'Gem', Holts 'Humdinger', and the usual Abbot and IPA. Oh, and by the way, we are not pensioners!

18 Sep 2010 21:14

The Lamb and Lion, Westcliff on Sea

I cant believe no recent reviews exist for this pub. We visited the Lamb on two occasions in early September. It was worth the 15 minute walk from the B&B. A very friendly pub, we were welcomed by Shelley and the regulars from the moment we walked in. The beer range was good, especially 'Maldon Gold'. We wish the girls every success with running the pub. We didnt visit the downstairs 'Bar Lamb', but it must be good if Phil Jupitus turns up unannounced for a 'Comedy Night' (Thurs 9th Sept). Next time we are in the Southend area we will certainly visit again! :O))

18 Sep 2010 21:05

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

Brilliant pub! 'Ginger Tom' was on sale, as was Brewsters Hoghead(?), we had a short visit but the pub was friendly and welcoming!

9 Aug 2010 21:14

The William Henry, Weymouth

We visited three nights out of five last week. Decent beers on, including Leeds Brewery Midnight Dark, Slaters Stumbling Weasel(?), and DBC Portland Porter. All in VGC, and a decent price. The bar staff appeared knowledgable and friendly, so were the clientele. The pub was clean and tidy. My only criticism is the daft layout, which is perhaps unavoidable, with the lower and upper bars. However, its easy to knock Wetherspoon pubs, this is probably one of the best I have visited, give it a try next time you are in the locality|!

4 Jun 2010 21:36

The Rock Hotel, Weymouth

We were staying locally and were recommended a visit, so we went last Friday night (May 28th). It was quiet, we ordered two meals, and were AMAZED with the size and quality of the food; a massive portion of chips, half a pint of prawns that came with a baguette and dressed salad, and an amazing beef sizzler. The beer was in good nick, although the selection was a bit boring, Courage Bitter and Directors. A great pity it was so quiet, I guess the usual clientele had gone into town to start the Bank Holiday? Would we go back? You bet!!

4 Jun 2010 21:24

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

Visited on the night of May 27th, pub singer on, I tried the Jail Ale and St Austell Wreckers, my other half enjoyed the draught perry. Friendly bar staff, one pub we will revisit should we ever go back to Weymouth. By the way, I guess the toilets are accessed by going behind the bar?!!

4 Jun 2010 21:16

The Dolphin, Weymouth

I was pleasantly surprised to find a Hopback Brewery pub in Weymouth so we walked out of our way to visit on the evening of May 27th. Not one real ale on the four hand pumps. This is something I would expect from a bar owned by a PubCo, not a small breweries own house. Maybe Hopback are more interested in selling lager these days? When we walked in (and soon left) the barman didnt even notice us anyway as he was too busy chatting to his mates at the bar. Thank God for Wetherspoons which had decent beers on at both outlets.

4 Jun 2010 21:09

The Chequers Inn, Dalton On Tees

We visited for the first time since the pub reopened last Tuesday. The temporary licensees were friendly, and made us feel very welcome. Meals prices have been reduced, and a two course deal is on offer for 9-95. Three cask ales were available at the time of our visit. The pub has lost a lot of clutter, like the suspended flags in the bar area, and the penny-farthing bike. It seemed a lot cleaner as a result. It was very quiet on the lunchtime. The pub remains 'to let'. If previous reviews may have put you off going, please give it a try. A new menu is planned in the near future as well. As with hundreds of pubs in the UK at the moment its a case of 'use it or lose it'.

30 Apr 2010 19:46

The Old Lifeboat House, Clacton on Sea

This was certainly reopened by July 2009, we had three great nights in here, including one during a spectacular thunderstorm! Beers were Spitfire, Taylors Landlord, and during our visit a 'mystery beer' which we never got chance to find out what it was! Friendly enough place, we will be back one day even though we live 250 miles away

23 Oct 2009 19:33

The Stagger Inn, Grantham

We had a very very quick visit to this friendly locals pub the other friday night, the stand-in licensee was very chatty, a decent drop of Courage Bitter, the sort of pub we would like on our street corner 150 miles away!

29 Sep 2009 19:31

The Beehive, Grantham

Superb pub, visited recently on a very quiet Friday night. One real ale on, Newby Wyke Bear Island. This pub deserves more support from the folk of Grantham methinks

29 Sep 2009 19:28

The Greyhound, Darlington

Looks shut again. The windows have been replaced and some paintwork done. Another 'To Let' sign has appeared. Awful beer promotion stuff was written in big white lettering on the bar windows. Presumably it only appealed to the local winos during its brief reincarnation from mid August. To think this was a decent pub selling real ale.......

29 Sep 2009 18:34

The Caledonian, Darlington

The pub is now closed and looking very scruffy awaiting its fate as a non-licensed building. Conversion to flats? I never visited it unfortunately

29 Sep 2009 18:28

The Pump House, Brighton

Well kept beers, unusual range when we visited including Westgate Bonkers Conkers from Bury St Edmunds and Sharps Doombar from Cornwall. Friendly barmaid, would visit again

29 Sep 2009 18:21

The Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton

We visited twice on our recent holiday, really friendly place, four beers from the Dark Star Brewery were available, are the 'snob screens' on the bar original, the only other place I've seen them was in the Lamb pub in Lambs Conduit Street in London. Would definately visit again

29 Sep 2009 18:17

The Victory Inn, Brighton

We visited twice during our holiday in Brighton three weeks ago. Decent range of beers, including Dark Star, Arundel, Harveys and Theakstons Old Peculiar, bar staff seemed friendly enough and we had a cider chat with the licensee on our last visit. Would definately recommend!

29 Sep 2009 18:11

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

We went on a Sunday night a few weeks ago, a brilliant lady blues singer was entertaining, the place seemed very friendly. the building itself is very quirky, two real ales on, a local one just ran out so I had Wychwood Bountiful. A quick visit but worth it

29 Sep 2009 18:03

Connaught, Hove

We stayed in Hove a few weeks ago and popped into the Connaught as a last place to visit on the way back to the B&B. We ended up doing this for four nights! What a lovely friendly pub! Wells 'Courage' Directors, and Flowers IPA were two of the cask ales available. We were made welcome on all or visits, a great pity we live over 300 miles away and that we understand the pub is to be blinged up by the owners (Greene King?) This part of Hove needs a locals pub not another anonymous wine bar! Good Luck to the licensees and regulars that any changes are small ones!

29 Sep 2009 17:52

The Cliftonville Inn, Hove

Probably one of the best Wetherspoons we have visited. Welton and Kings beers at great value prices, the barman was very professional, the place was clean and tidy and didnt seem to attract low life like many others. We cant comment on the food but the beer quality was spot on.

29 Sep 2009 17:45

The Albion, Hove

We enjoyed a brill Thai meal in here a few weeks ago when we were staying in Hove, much better than some restaurants we have been in. The Harveys Bitter was in good nick, the pub was clean, no sign of any problems with staff or drinkers

29 Sep 2009 17:41

The Kings Arms, Great Stainton

We went for a lovely lunch today, the pub is a gem, great value '2 for 1' meals as well as a more up-market menu. Great to see an unusual cask beer on sale, Houston Texas from Scotland. Very friendly landlady, we will visit again!

29 Sep 2009 17:35

Kings Head, Bridgnorth

We visited quite late on a Saturday night. Busy, but served promptly Five real ales in front bar, I tried home brew Bridgnorth Best Bitter. If we had had another night in Bridgnorth we would certainly have returned.

16 May 2009 22:17

Jewel Of The Severn, Bridgnorth

Considering it was Friday night late on the pub was clean, not full of kids, and sold a decent pint of Shardlow Fools Gold. We got served fairly quick as well.

16 May 2009 22:12

The Golden Lion Inn, Bridgnorth

Friendly local pub, decent beer range, Hobsons and Wye Valley were two featured. Very strange seating in front bar! I cant add more than the other reviews!

16 May 2009 22:06

Friars Inn, Bridgnorth

4 real ales on in early May, Wye Valley HPA, Pardoes Original and Entire, and Ludlow Best. Friendly barmaid and most locals apart from one who seriously p*ssed my partner off when she was outside having a fag. As we were on holiday we wern't interested in hearing somebody slagging the place off to the point of slander so we quickly left. Shame.

16 May 2009 22:00

Friars Inn, Bridgnorth

4 real ales on in early May, Wye Valley HPA, Pardoes Original and Entire, and Ludlow Best. Friendly barmaid and most locals apart from one who seriously p*ssed my partner off when she was outside having a fag. As we were on holiday we wern't interested in hearing somebody slagging the place off to the point of slander so we quickly left. Shame.

16 May 2009 21:58

Bell And Talbot, Bridgnorth

Incredible pub. five or six real ales on including Kinver Copper and Six Nations Marathon. Tiny snug like bar to left of pub, larger cosmopolitan bar area with conservatory area and outside naughty corner for us evil smokers. A great pity more pubs like this dont exist in many places.

16 May 2009 21:48

New Inn, Claines

We were recommended the New Inn by the landlady at our B&B and were not disappointed. Decent meal deals (Thursday evenings you get a free bottle of HARDYS wine if you buy two meals off the main menu!), house wine was Pia D'Or at �4-95 a bottle! Five real ales on when we visited two evenings in early May 2009, including one from Wychwood (Rye Smile). Friendly, helpful bar staff. Very clean pub. We wish we had The New Inn next door to where we live as 200 miles is a bit far to go every night! Will definately visit again next time we are in Worcester

16 May 2009 21:28

The Victoria, Lincoln

We visited Lincoln for the first time in early June and this pub had the best range of small brewery beers out of all the Bailgate area. On the whole very disappointed with beers available in this part of the city as I come from a former 'beer desert' that now has 25+ available every night. Darlington!

25 Jul 2008 01:55

The Lion and Snake, Lincoln

Not a bad pub, we were visitors a few months back on a Saturday night, Considering I'm 50 :O) the drinkers were friendly no prob with this pub at all!

25 Jul 2008 01:48

The Duke William, Lincoln

Just to update the previous reviews, the pub is now run by a friendly couple, it is very tidy and seems to have been refurbished recently. Leather seats, free computer access, a lovely outside drinking area. The pub also has a new flat screen TV. Two real ales were available, I plumped for the Deuchars IPA. It was a short visit but on the whole it seems very friendly and a world away from its last few years

10 Jun 2008 19:22

The Magna Carta, Lincoln

The Magna Carta was very busy when we arrived but we were promtly served by friendly bar staff. The cask beers were both in good form. We enjoyed it so much we stayed for several drinks. The pub was clean and we could not fault it. Jo the licensee is obviously doing a great job and we will certainly visit again the next time we come to Lincoln

8 Jun 2008 18:03

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