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The Yardbird, Birmingham

great little bar - real ale, cool music, outside seating for the summer. Highly recommended.

17 Apr 2012 12:27

Victoria, Birmingham

Was in here on Good Friday afternoon for a few pints. Couldn't see any sign of any real ale, so had to go for lager. Decent range of said lager available - Brooklyn Lager, Red Stripe, Asahai...the place was quite cool and fun. No doubt more lively at night and during student evenings. Would happily go back.

17 Apr 2012 12:26

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

I passed a fairly agreeable couple of hours after work in here this week, talking cricket with a mate. Only tried the IPA, which was fine. A bit on the dark and dingy side if I'm totally honest, but otherwise a pretty good place for a couple of beers on a weekday evening.

20 Jan 2012 10:12

The Albany, Great Portland Street

recent visit at the weekend just gone. Suprised at the good range of beers - I asked for a Guiness to be told they had run out but had another stout on tap, which was excellent. Bloody pricey at 4.20 a pop, but thats central London for you. I was watching a band in the basement bar, pretty decent venue. OK enough to pop into for a 1/2 hour for a quick pint. I would rate higher but the price of beer ranks it down.

12 Dec 2011 17:34

The Brasshouse, Birmingham

I found this place to be fairly OK, in a slightly cheaper All-bar-One, Slug and Lettuce type sort of place. Beer choice was reasonable and there was a good mixed crowd of younger and older people enjoying a few beers in a civilised place. Would pop back in again.

12 Dec 2011 17:30

The Tap and Spile, Birmingham

Had a few beers in here a couple of weekends back on a visit to Brum. Given the location and surrounding bars which are chav-tastic, it was a real suprise to find real ale on tap at reasonable prices. I had a few pints of London Pride, must have been other beers on offer but can't remember what they were. Downstairs bar was pretty chilly, and smelt of piss from the gents nearby but overall it was a reasonable place. Upstairs was much more cozy.

12 Dec 2011 17:28

The Kings Head, Enfield

the last couple of months there has been a new guest ale (even 2 guests at one point), one is Adnams Lighthouse. Served well at the right temperature. things are on the up.

9 Nov 2011 13:54

The Bridge Lounge and Dining Room, Tower Bridge

had a big food evening in here with some mates - great sausage range. Could have done with a little more mash per portion but was OK. Range of ale was boggo, IPA and something else which I ordered but a pint of San Miguel arrived instead...the website is nicer than the pub, but for some afterwork beers and feeding, very good.

19 Sep 2011 14:38

The Globe, London Bridge

went here the week before last to have a pre-dinner beer with some mates. Ordered a pint of Doom Bar, which was totally rancid. I returned it to the barmaid who smelt it and said, and I quote, 'I don't know, they all taste like s**t to me''. Hardly the best advert for your pub is it, but the younger barman changed it right away for a more than decent pint of Bombardier I think. Being from north of the river, all pubs down that way seem a bit odd to me...but I guess it was OK. For a beer after work it's fine.

19 Sep 2011 14:35

The Bree Louise, Euston

An odd pub in many ways. Range of beers was overwhelming, and it's a bit lucky dip. I had one which was very nice and the next one was awful. All served well at right temp etc so no quibble with that. They do 50p off per pint for CAMRA members which is a bonus if you happen to have your card with you. I didn't, but if I'm planning a re-visit I certainly will, it's not a cheap pub by any stretch. The interior is frankly shagged and needs a revamp, but a kind one - nothing flashy, just a spruce up.

19 Sep 2011 14:16

The Blue Anchor, Chancery Lane

went in last night. What a pigs ear of a pub. No ale (GK IPA or Deuchars both off) so I eventually decided on a pint of Heineken. It was flat and cloudy. My colleague who ordered the round was then charged 8 for 2 pints of said beer even though he clearly ordered just the 1! The music was too loud, the service was shoddy and 3 drinks cost nearly 15 quid...won't be returning. We used to frequent this place quite often but not anymore.

15 Jun 2011 16:09

The Rising Sun, High Wych

great little pub - excellent beers right from the barrel. Not too badly priced either. even the Courage Best was good, though it's improved at my local as well so it's probably Wells' investment paying off into something drinkable. A proper drinkers pub.

29 Mar 2011 12:23

The Wonder, Enfield

The Wonder is what it is...a 50s timewarp. Unique little place with the piano and seperate bars.

apparently the landlord is retiring soon, hopefully McMullen's won't ruin it. For a local brewery they produce some mediocre beers and some truly crap pubs.

29 Mar 2011 12:20

The Old Bell, Enfield

beer selection not brilliant but passable for watching a band. the music scene there really seems to have taken off - some good bands down there most weeks. Decently priced beer. Some of the spirit of the old Enfield Arms has returned perhaps! (much the same patrons at least!)

29 Mar 2011 12:16

The Wheatsheaf, Enfield

used to go in here for the music - was OK. beer decent enough.

29 Mar 2011 12:12

Moon Under Water, Enfield

go elsewhere its horrible. i don't go in there in principle because of the meatheads who drink there and then rampage down the local roads smashing cars up, pissing in people's driveways and making loads of noise. The management of Wetherspoons refuse to do anything about it, I feel sorry for the pub manager himself who is a decent bloke. If the police waited outside the pub from 10pm every Friday night and searched everyone going in, and then nicking them as they came out for breach of the peace you would solve the problem overnight. But they never will...

29 Mar 2011 12:08

The Old Wheatsheaf, Enfield

update - had a quick pint a couple of weeks ago. Pint of Doom Bar didnt come up to usual standards, tasted a bit flat and slightly off. But might have been end of the barrel.

29 Mar 2011 11:39

Jolly Butchers, Enfield

had an OK pint the other week, 2.60 ish for AK is not bad for McMullens. The place is OK. Nothing special. Always felt it looks a reall interesting building from the outside but very dull on the inside.

3 Mar 2011 16:36

The Rocket, Euston

Bit dismal but it was open past 12.00 for a final couple of pints. The beer was shit but didnt expect anything else. Studenty. Few people going in and out to cars waiting across the road, presumably dealing. Had a couple of pints and then went home. Not recommended.

3 Mar 2011 16:29

O'Neills, Euston Road

Pleasantly suprised. really didnt expect much but the beer was good (ale from a brewery called SambrooksI think, a bitter about 3.8%), service was OK and a pint was about 3.00 so not bad for London. The food was more than passable (better than wetherspoons anyway) and the music was not too loud. A few weirdos around but its Kings Cross so what do you expect. Not bad at all.

3 Mar 2011 16:25

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Had a few beers in here last week. Quite nice. Good range of ales, not too loud, found somewhere to sit easily. Pretty enjoyable experience.

3 Mar 2011 16:21

The Royal Standard, Cambridge

I visited this pub just the once when I lived round the corner. It was an utter hole. That it has become an Indian restaurant suprises me not in the slightest. The building itself is massive, and quite interesting layout - when it was full it must have been quite the place.

6 Jan 2011 16:04

The Empress, Cambridge

This was my local for years when I lived round the corner. Lovely pub. On my last visit hadn't changed at all. Plenty of choice ales (Woodforde's Wherry my favourite) and the same 3 bar layout - locals, students, middle-class mums. The latest comment (28/Dec) worries me - it was always a great pub full of nice people when I was a regular, which was most days...

6 Jan 2011 16:01

George IV, Chiswick

This is my ''pop in for a quick pint to kill an hour'' pub in Chiswick, which I use 3/4 times a year. Beer choice obviously Fuller, my favourite is the Chiswick bitter, which never seems to be on. Pride (not my fav), ESB and usually one other when I've been there. Watched the cricket there last summer on big screen, which was good. Haven't eaten but imagine standard pub fare. Always happy to pop in when passing for a pint or swift half.

6 Jan 2011 15:49

The White Lion, Covent Garden

have been in here a couple of times. Last visit in 2010, summer-time. beer choice better than across the road, expensive but then what does one expect. Decent range of ales. didn't go upstairs but imagine much the same as ground floor. bit more of an atmosphere of an evening than pub opposite.

6 Jan 2011 15:45

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

Have been in here several times over the years. place never seems to change that much. It's really a post-work sort of pub, good for summer beers on the pavement outside for an hour tops, then move elsewhere. McMullen always astounds me that a family brewer with a pretty loyal clientle and pub-base produces such lousy beer. AK is harmless. The old Gladstone was excellent, but Country is ordinary and their seasonal ales just not all that great. Pub a tourist trap, but that's Covt. Garden for you!

6 Jan 2011 15:41

The Colney Fox, St Albans

I visited in the summer (June). Place was packed. Food was averagely OK, not great to be honest. Was driving so didnt sample the ales. The old part of the building is very nice, decor is a bit hit and miss. I used to visit Colney quite a bit but not anymore, so unlikely to go back. The pubs down by the river always look nice but haven't been there.

6 Jan 2011 15:37

The Blackstock, Finsbury Park

A mate (on good authority) reports seeing cockroaches running around the floor in this pub. The clientle sum up Finsbury Park well - down and outs, Irish 'part of the scene' and crazyness all round. I won't be paying this place a visit!

4 Jan 2011 14:14

Tommy's Bar, Enfield

looks grim and given where it is i have no reason to doubt it...still, fair game for keeping a pub running in that area, can't be all that many people living round there now who actually use pubs.

29 Dec 2010 14:06

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

This was my local for a while. It was slighty manky then and remains so today. never quite done the business this pub, given the location. For a while it was quite good with the jazz bands but that was years ago. The IPA is OK and not too badly priced but the rest is way too expensive - if you want a decent pint of ale then head for the Old Wheatsheaf which is a decent beer pub.

29 Dec 2010 13:57

The Kings Head, Enfield

I've been twice since it re-opened. Saturday night, busy, quite loud but OK and then on a Thursday evening about 7pm when there were a few people in there but it gave me a chance to have a proper look round. It's been re-furbed quite well, you can actually see what you are drinking now. The beer was OK but would echo earlier comments about staff not knowing the technique for serving a draft pint - hopefully this will improve. Just glad to see it open for business again and retaining the architectural features, and not turned into a George mk 2.

Rated 7 but this might improve

29 Dec 2010 13:42

The Inn on the Green, Palmers Green

I have a love/hate relationship with this place. Music on Saturday tends to be good but way way too loud. It get very crowded, very hot and usually a fight of some kind, which it must be said is always dealt with swiftly by the bouncers. Beer is OK not exceptional. I've been coming in here every so often for about 10 years now and it's just the same struggle to get to the bogs when it's busy.

29 Dec 2010 13:37

The Dog and Duck, Winchmore Hill

one of those pubs I always forget about due to not living locally, but looks good and might combine with a visit to the Orange Tree which isn't too far away one of these days. Both pubs look to be in good order with decent beers.

29 Dec 2010 13:31

The Red Lion, Westminster

It's OK. It doesnt do too much wrong. Pubs in London are expensive (though this is the higher end). The food was OK but not exceptional. Service has always been OK. You can do better, or indeed worse!

2 Dec 2010 11:16

Williamson's Tavern, Mansion House

Went last night with 10 other lads for beer and sausages - very good range of ales (and cheap, 2.65 for Doom Bar and guest ales around 3 a pint) and the food was more than adequate. Service good, nice atmosphere, nice location. Recommended.

2 Dec 2010 11:06

The Stag, Enfield

Beer is served well and no complaints about the quality - however, very very expensive and music so loud you can hardly hear to place an order at the bar. but an OK option for a post 11pm beer, just try and avoid stopping later than 12 when the morons from the rest of the town try and get the pubs credit, very little trouble occurs and most of the clientle are actually OK.

26 Aug 2010 11:16

The Taps, Enfield

full of 40+ women and blokes with nowhere else to actually OK, but volume of noise and prick-count way too high...

26 Aug 2010 11:14

The George, Enfield

just sums up how awful Enfield Town has become for a beer, and life in general on a Friday night in Enfield. Full of young idiots, drugged and drunk out of their minds. Hopefully someone might, one day, turn this back into a friendly town-centre pub for people with more than one brain cell.

26 Aug 2010 11:12

The Hop Poles, Enfield

hole - avoid

26 Aug 2010 11:08

The King and Tinker, Enfield

much better on recent visits - beer selection is OK for this type of pub and the food was more than passable. Staff are OK and reasonably friendly. Garden much improved and quite a pleasant place to sit with a pint. Also a good winter pub after a walk in Whitewebbs/Forty Hall.

26 Aug 2010 11:07

The Old Wheatsheaf, Enfield

The Old Wheatsheaf has a reputation for being the best real-ale pub in the town area - and well deserved. The ale is excellent (regular beers inc Doom Bar, GK IPA and usually Adnams) plus a great and changing guest beer selection. The pub is particularly good for the autumn rugby internationals, and for the 6 nations after Christmas. Good crowd who like sport. Not the cheapest, but good value compared to some of the crap beer served elsewhere for not that much less money. If you want a good drink then this is the place to go.

26 Aug 2010 10:31

The Old Star, Westminster

It's OK - what you see is what you get. No better than any other GK I have been into. The IPA was OK, the service was OK, food looked OK...get the picture? Agree with comments about the crap positioning of tables right near the door making access difficult.

22 Dec 2009 14:08

The Red Lion, St James

Used to like this pub a lot, but haven't been in for a while. Ale was good last time I went, and the food served upstairs was reasonably good. Adnams bitter was the nicest pint, but if Fullers have now taken over then the usual Pride will take over...

22 Dec 2009 14:06

The Albert, St James's

Beer OK, atmosphere very much ''couple of pints after work'', food adequate at best, but plenty of room. Tourists flock to places like this which isn't great news for the locals. You can do much better!

22 Dec 2009 14:00

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

Grim - nothing good to say about this place. No worse than many of the other hell-holes in the district...

22 Dec 2009 13:58

Cricketers, Enfield

new look - good. Price of beer - bad. McMullens can and should do better than this.

17 Dec 2009 17:06

The Speaker, Westminster

Good pub - nice beer, reasonably priced, usually busy and no TV/music which is great!

17 Dec 2009 17:04

The Old Sergeant, Chase End

In terms of a local pub, you will struggle to find better in the area. the Wetherspoons is full of idiots and most other pubs in the area are very expensive. What you see is what you get - reasonably priced drinks, a no-trouble pub and good company. The regulars are actually a good bunch, and you get all-sorts coming in, from the football crowd to OAPs from the flats next door. The beer is OK - Courage Best is generally kept well and the Guiness is OK too. Well worth a revisit for those who didn't like it first time!

17 Dec 2009 16:53

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