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The Fox Cub, Preston

Ate there for first time today.
Dont rate there lemonade or there fresh orange(bit bitter).
Food wise had the lamb shank was ok ,gravy was a let down bit tasteless,vegetables where a shambles massive chunks of onion corgette and large whole cloves of garlic,lacking imagination some nicely cooked carrots and greens would have been better,The potato served was ok but again mediocre.
Also my partner and I arrived at 11.30 am in need of tea and the toilet but the pub was closed. We finally got in at 11.45 and then saw on the menu they served food supposingly from 10 in the morning so god knows why they where not open.
On a positive note the staff are lovely and friendly and Leanne and Sharne where very warm and chatty. Also the brownie was very good. Would I go again?
Probably not.

18 Jun 2011 15:35

The Bull At Broughton, Broughton

Ate here last saturday on way to Holiday.
Was fairly busy, however people that came and where seated after us seemed to eat first. We waited for ages for our meal, didnt really find the staff that warm, except one young blonde waitress. However when the food arrived it was scruffy presented but it tasted wonderfull. This was the only saving grace for this pub and my partner had the fish pie to which he rated an 8/10 so must have been ok.
Would I visit again? If I was passing yes, but I would not go out of my way to drive there specially.

18 Jun 2011 15:26

The Crown, Pateley Bridge

Had a week in yorkshire on holiday and visited this pub twice this week.
The girl that runs the food side is very helpful and has a delightful and warm manner.
On tuesday we sampled the hotpot it was amazing and brilliant value for money.
On friday I sampled the gammon and the award winning black pudding and by god does it deserve the award it was delicious.
I would even consider a three hour drive, day trip to eat here again. Give it a try its a rare find!

18 Jun 2011 15:18

The Black Bull, Ripon

What can I say looks ok from outside, distressed and unkempt inside. Female staff was pleasant enough, The guy who looked like the chef,looked as tired as the interior. The food was by far the worst I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Now one may say that you get what you pay for, in a buy one get one free or two for �10 enviroment but having tried a few establishments in my local area with this label attached its not always the case. that because its cheap, its just thrown on the plate and any old last weeks ham and soggy chips will do. In the case of this pub the latter was sadly true the egg was fried within an inch of its life and would have easily bounced like rubber had I attempted to throw to the floor and the ham was tasteless and frankly the colour of it was suspect. The chips where not bad and if anyone had been inclined for more, they would have found an array of them scattered under tables where previous customers had dropped them. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

18 Jun 2011 15:06

The Pheasant Inn, Hightown

Lets start with the positives, the place is pretty and in a nice setting.The waiting on staff are friendly and helpful. The beer is good.
The managers in there are miserable and not fit for purpose, on numerous occassions I have been in there and staff have come out of the kitchen and got changed at the end of the bar, on another occassion I was having lunch there when the chef came out of the kitchen and started rather loudly flirting with a waitress the girl had a cold sore on her lip and another man joined them and they both teased the girl in a sexual way and where talking about her having herpes.
That to me is diabolical behaviour by any standards. I used to visit regular when this place re-opened and the food was great. Now I dont bother.Its a shame with the right management and a decent chef this place would be a gold mine.

3 Oct 2010 17:35

Miller and Carter, Parbold

when I last went there over two months ago, the food was diabolical, the service was a disaster and they had run out of orange, and eggs the pub is on the road to serious disaster

3 Oct 2010 17:17

The Eagle and Child, Bispham Green

A nice little setting , love the atmosphere, the food varies, some days its outstanding and others its just good.Onlty thing I would say is there are alot of dogs in the pub so if you have allergies beware. All in all a real find and my partner says the beer is good.

3 Oct 2010 17:13

The Hesketh Arms, Southport

A beautiful setting, a pleasant pub inside although some of the character has been stripped out.
Went yesterday for lunch I ordered a bacon and avacado salad for �8.95 and a bowl of chips, my partner ordered gammon and chips.
After 20 mins it arrived, the salad looked like a dogs dinner all thrown together with no pride, and on tasting the avacado it was rank tasted off. My partner took it to the bar and the response was the avacado is frozen, WHAT! I could not believe it, they did offer to change it but I just felt safer with the chips. When my partner went to pay they did not charge for the salad and my partner said the whole salad was tired, the bar man then replied the tomatoes where all cut fresh that morning I mean oh my god it was 2 in the afternoon so potentially it could have sat around for over 5 hours thats not what I call fresh the chef needs re training or get a job in macdonalds. Then the bar man gave my partner a free pint...... where is the justice in that I suffer and my partner gets the freebie. On a positive note the pub has a nice atmosphere for a drink just avoid the food or have the gammon thats hard to ruin by any standards.

3 Oct 2010 17:09

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