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The Albion Hotel, Wimborne

Rebuild or not, it's the sort of place where people stare at you as soon as you walk in the door :( not welcoming, not friendly and had one of the worst lagers I've ever had. Extremely flat. The menu was bland, the usual fare with nothing that sounded particularly nice or appealing.

Is a real shame because it's a lovely building but is obviously poorly run or you wouldn't get such a generally mean atmosphere.

18 Feb 2012 16:13

The Green Man, Wimborne

really great quality beers and friendly staff - lack of garden a shame 'cos the pub looks amazing from the outside.

To sit out next to a busy road was a let down, but that isn't their fault. A well-run and lovely place to come and see, but rather claustrophopic in many ways.

Would gladly go back again for a visit, but as I say the thought of sitting on a hot day next to a road doesn't appeal to me - definitely a winter pub!

18 Feb 2012 16:08

The Churchill Arms, Sturminster Marshall

a truly depressing place :(

18 Feb 2012 15:58

The Pudding and Pye, Wimborne

shame it shut :( Mike kept a good pub :(

18 Feb 2012 15:57

The Olive Branch, Wimborne

have never actually been to a place where you are generally ignored by the staff, have to wait (even when it is empty) for 15minutes to be served or even acknowledged that you are after food or a drink... couple of years ago it was wonderful, but now is sadly a shadow of what it was. Really sad :(

18 Feb 2012 15:56

The Crown and Anchor, Wimborne

real shame it shut - amazing food here :( is an import/export company now I think....

18 Feb 2012 15:54

The Kings Head, Wimborne

the place needs a good clean :( staff were lovely though - but looks like the ceiling is falling down and damp patches in certain places....

18 Feb 2012 15:53

The Cricketers Arms, Wimborne

lovely open fires, uncomfortable sofas though... difficult to get served as the bar staff were more concerned with chatting amongst themselves or to the regulars. Didn't feel particularly welcome to be honest. Beer quality was excellent though I have to say that, but unless you know the bar staff you'll probably be waiting for some time for a drink.

18 Feb 2012 15:51

The White Hart Inn, Wimborne

Not been here for some time, but they've started doing Thai Nights on Friday and Saturday - heard about it, went there, and it is absolutely wonderful! Fantastic food, prompt and big portions! Beer was lovely too while we waited!

Great atmosphere, friendly lovely staff and a real buzz. The locals were really nice too - had a few drinks in the 'public' bar, then ate in the 'lounge' bar :) was such a nice mix.

18 Feb 2012 15:47

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