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The Broomwood, St Pauls Cray

destroy the residential neighourhood....i agree blow the whole fucking area up and all the low life scum who infest it.

17 May 2012 07:39

Tiger Tiger, Croydon

just read the previous posts,as a father of a son on active duty,i too hope they go bust,shame on them.

29 Sep 2011 20:33

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

love it.....

15 Sep 2011 06:41

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

by the way,i would have asked the forth stooge to take his domestic home with him.

14 Sep 2011 17:29

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

not at all fullbelly,just that if a large group of people turn up they are not welcome.i only made the posting after reading the previous review by 180,who for reasons of his own did not like the pub/staff on his first visit,once again we came here because of the ale....shame there was too many of us,and for some reason the landlord was not happy with that there were many strangers in his pub....we were very well behaved...we all run pubs....we are all in our 50s....not yobs,once again shame,but if hes doing well in these bad times...good luck (i wish i could turn away 60 pound rounds) love rating given

14 Sep 2011 17:25

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

was here two years ago with a few friends and was made very uneasy by the landlord who for reasons of his own did not want us in his pub,shame really the ales were first class, service very slow,but that might have been that he didnt want us there,but after taking our money and putting in his till, he then decided we should arguments on our behalf apart from why dint you say before you served us,and a shrug of the shoulders from the landlord,we were 12 publicans and our wives,who had just come from a funeral in brighton and went out of our way on the way back to have a toilet break,and try some of the good ale we have all heard about.we were not drunk,loud or in anyway upsetting any other rating given.

13 Sep 2011 15:37

The Crown, Sheringham

what a shame,this has enough going for it to be the best pub in the area,my wife comes from stiffkey just up the road,but we always avoid this pub when in sheringham,dont know why...just dosent seem right...perhaps a good chef might turn it rating given

13 Sep 2011 14:59

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

what a load of old bollocks from shihan/landlord..

10 Sep 2011 15:03

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

very sorry to hear about steve,a great guy....

9 Sep 2011 11:40

The City Barge, Chiswick rating given

7 Sep 2011 09:27

The Railway, Finsbury Park

obvious false bad must this pub be????

5 Sep 2011 01:45

The Bell Inn, Outwood

any so called review that is a one off posting starting with wow has to be a load of old bollocks,read the review below and make your own mind up.

29 Aug 2011 07:48

The Sun Inn, Dunsfold

hes mine.

27 Aug 2011 13:15

The Old Thatch, Stapehill

look at all the false reviews below,does this person/persons think bite readers are stupid a big fat zero for trying to con people.

25 Aug 2011 10:04

The Red Lion, Teddington

what... no potj or red lion chef leaping to the defend the honour of there pub....its gone quiet,very quiet...

17 Aug 2011 02:08

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon

i think its still part of the spirit group....that would explain a lot

13 Aug 2011 15:28

The Crown, Chiddingfold

called in yesterday 4 ales on,was surprised to see a larkins brew cant remember the name but it went down very well.

13 Aug 2011 06:00

The Anglers, Teddington

what a very nice nice comment from the landlord....please see below

11 Aug 2011 20:14

The Corner Pin, Tottenham

d59 have you been anywhere in the last few years?????

10 Aug 2011 05:14

The Ship, Reedham

spent a great afternoon here yesterday,ale,food and service spot on.

10 Aug 2011 05:10

Kings Head, Holt

as always top notch ale food and service,we return every year and have never been let down.

8 Aug 2011 07:17

The Dolphin, Cromer

three good pints of nelsons revenge yesterday,didnt eat but the food did look good.

8 Aug 2011 07:14

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

all norfolk ales on yesterday,good selection in good condition.

8 Aug 2011 07:11

The Ship Inn, Weybourne

sorry john,back at kelling heath and just a great good must have cought them on a bad day...mind you no excuse.

5 Aug 2011 19:48

The Friary Arms, Bognor Regis

cheers,am down there next wed. will pop in.

5 Aug 2011 16:14

The Rose, Bexleyheath

so madelle why a factory?do you think that people who work in factories have no people skills?where do you work madelle?do you in fact even have full time gainfull employment?or are you receiving benefits madelle?are you really mad elle?your rant in capital letters makes you seem mad elle...are you getting help??...go and say sorry to the blonde lady behind the bar,it will help you get better oh and stay off the drugs or buy better quality.

4 Aug 2011 14:22

The Black Horse, Climping

thats just gone to 5.3 from 5.6.

4 Aug 2011 05:57

The Black Horse, Climping

very easy to spot that the last two posts are by managment/staff etc,just click on the user names,i would recomend looking at the previous posts before going there,a big fat zero for trying to con people out of hard earned cash with lies...

4 Aug 2011 05:56

The Nelson Hotel, Littlehampton

ice cold pint of san miguel,good service with a smile on the hotest day of the year and great fish and chips around the corner.

4 Aug 2011 05:48

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

well no more false posts since the bishop got bashed.

4 Aug 2011 05:45

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

perhaps the dog is called steve.

4 Aug 2011 05:40

The Dysart, Petersham

lol guv2.

30 Jul 2011 18:40

Silent Woman, Slaithwaite

oops that just knocked the rating down to 3.00.

30 Jul 2011 17:02

Silent Woman, Slaithwaite

what a fantastic review of this pub by the landlord....does he/she think bite users cannot see a false posting........bite users please see previous posts and then click on the user name to see when he/she joined the site...a big fat zero for trying to con would be customers.

30 Jul 2011 17:01

The Dysart, Petersham

dougie59 a very interesting and well formed observation thank you for sharing it with everybody.

30 Jul 2011 08:02

The Three Horseshoes, Warham

what a good visit....and greeted like old friends...although it was six months since we last called.

29 Jul 2011 07:36

The Red Lion, Stiffkey

good to be back..usual high standards...would highly recommend.

29 Jul 2011 07:33

Pig and Whistle, Cartmel

what a very good review by the landlord...see below

29 Jul 2011 06:46

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

hi,i used to work with steve as well and he lived just up the road from this pub but i dont believe the poster randolf is on about would be steve,but agree with kevin {who i also know}steve was a very nice bloke and still is no doubt.

27 Jul 2011 11:40

Janets Bar, South Kensington

wow that has just got it down to 4.6.

27 Jul 2011 11:27

Janets Bar, South Kensington

agree with guv and kev,obvious false posts by managment/staff,a very big fat 0 from me as well.

27 Jul 2011 11:26

The Royal Oak, West Molesey

think he died....shame.

23 Jul 2011 16:22

The Bell, East Molesey


23 Jul 2011 16:19

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

oh dear a drop from 7.7 down to 7.2 all in a few hours,come monday it will be 0.0 not worth it was it...

23 Jul 2011 12:52

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

that just knocked it down by two points.

23 Jul 2011 10:18

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

why oh why do thet do this,paulabath,theboyfrombath,debbiestar,joshster,tonyright,bathbabes,bashthebishop etc.all one off postings ie.landlord,manager,staff,friends of....ever never been here but im going to give a zero for trying to con people.

23 Jul 2011 10:17

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

what a good review by the landlord....see below

20 Jul 2011 03:44

The Stepping Stones, Westhumble

now on the market.

19 Jul 2011 05:31

The Five Bells, Streatham

good pub,good ale......nuff said.

11 Jul 2011 16:04

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

click on to adamfs user name,one time user...nuff said.....smell a roland???

11 Jul 2011 14:58

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

resident??????owner/ do the pub no favours with false rating .

11 Jul 2011 14:54

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

ps coggit,what boycott??????nothing on any other sites?????

5 Jul 2011 15:09

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

was in sunday pm,good visit...nuff said

5 Jul 2011 15:06

The Plough, Coldharbour

good comment e.r a good pub but ignore the landlady.

30 Jun 2011 19:02

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

pat always like your comments,but i think you are a tad to harsh on this rating given,not been in for six months,but will soon.

30 Jun 2011 15:08

The Earl Ferrers, Streatham

always has been the hidden gem of streatham....keep it quiet...we dont want to ruin it...

21 Jun 2011 15:13

The Greyhound, Streatham

used to run this in the 70s,three ground level bars(fanny by gaslight,inside out and the eel pie bar i think),two downstairs bars(guilded cage and buggsy bar(that had coffins for tables)....great fun,and when you think it was rammed to the rafters every night,just goes to show what has happened to the pubs over the years...anybody who remembers those days...put a post....

21 Jun 2011 15:08

The King's Arms, Blakeney

have to agree with the previous post,spoilt our day as well,shame,we visit norfolk twice a year(my wife comes from stiffkey)we have always used this pub for food and drink,often with family and friends,but the owners must realise we are not there too put up with the foul langauge from his regulars,i in fact own three pub/resturants and if any of my staff/managers allowed that sort of carry on they would be looking for another job...will not return.

19 Jun 2011 16:07

The Crown, Chiddingfold

good visit.....would use again

16 Jun 2011 17:13

The Evening Star, Brighton

the best pub in brighton,,,,,,,,,,,,,sorry the world

7 Jun 2011 18:25

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