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Comments by lambesh

The Red Lion, Petersfield

Good pub, service is good but can get a bit slow on the weekends. I met George Best here early last year. Nice place to hang around for a game of pool.

29 Nov 2006 07:57

The Market Inn, Petersfield

Special pub of Petersfield, there is always something happening here. Regulars are friendly, so are the staff. Lot of characters in regulars and also frequently visited by those big guys (Well, they think) so better to avoid it on weekends.

29 Nov 2006 07:56

The Royal Oak, Petersfield

Friendly staff (Chris, Jenny, Landlord and Landlady). I used to play pool for this pub. It is kinda one of the local pubs. Gets crowded on weekends with few characters you would not like to meet after a long hard week at work.

29 Nov 2006 07:54

Square Brewery, Petersfield

Don't know if Jon (Irish Landlor) is still around, funny guy and a real character. I like this place for the people coming there to watch Liverpool

29 Nov 2006 07:52

Foggys, Petersfield

Good one with friendly staff. Not much happening in the daytime though. One of the safer places to have a pint.

29 Nov 2006 07:50

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