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The Ship Inn, Pitch Place

Another of Paul Thomas's pubs which has died........ AND he's STILL employed by Punch Taverns!!

28 Jan 2013 16:32

The White Hart, Haverhill

Saw this advertised for Lease (FRI) at a more realistic rent of £25k PA (originally £40k with a concession), but why buy a tied lease when there are plenty of free-of-tie properties where you can actually make a profit!!

14 Jan 2013 14:55

Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough

Is this yet another one of Paul Thomas's pubs to die a death like the Prince of Wales in Aldershot, Wyvern in Church Crookham etc ....... Perhaps Punch should get better Business Relationship Managers - ones that have a clue about building the business and not knocking off £20k of annual rent for........

13 Nov 2012 00:35

The White Hart, Chessington

30 years ago it was my Dad's local - he often recounted fond memories from the time!

23 Jun 2011 09:45

The Fox Inn, Bisley

Think this one has gone to the wall as well - Traditional tinned-up windows which indicate the PubCo has churned another licencee! Shame as there are far too many closing - when will it all end?

14 May 2011 11:58

The Albion, Farnham

What poor sucker is going to run this? This site is testament to the support they will get from GK (none at all then)! Six Bells it is then...

7 Dec 2010 18:02

The Catherine of Aragon, West Byfleet

An awful lot of comments by people with only 1 or 2 posts - Normally means management trying to drum up business! That said, they need to - went in the other day from the Wine Bar (which was too busy) and it was dead! I won't be going back until it gets some atmosphere, I'll get on the train to Surbiton or Woking instead next time I stay up there

7 Dec 2010 17:47

The White Hart, Chessington

Demolished - Shame really as 30 years ago it wasn't bad, blame the Pubco and they ruined it

16 Oct 2010 23:56

The Prince of Wales, Aldershot

Closed again - another one of Punch Taverns estate which has sufferred from under-investment and a bad BRM. When will the Pubco's learn????

1 Jul 2010 17:30

The Catherine of Aragon, West Byfleet

Ian never had a problem with white lines, he BARRED anyone he caught using it, we saw him physically kicking a dealer out one day - must have landed a good thirty blows before he pushed the scum out the door!

20 Jun 2010 10:07

The Catherine of Aragon, West Byfleet

One of my work colleagues lives in Station Rd and even though I don't visit her often enough, visited this pub last year and the Beer tasted like cough mixture, could pop back soon as it appears to have changed.....
The last Landlord reckoned they had a problem with the beer lines (could have been an excuse I suppose) - have they sorted it yet I wonder?

18 Jun 2010 13:10

The Bricklayers Arms, Ash

One of my exes used to run this place - now he's gone its right down the drain kx

5 Jan 2008 16:01

The Oatsheaf, Fleet

At last, an Ember Inn which is well run and well supported. The Oatsheaf is a great meeting place for early evenings - food does Mitchells + Butlers proud, especially the Satay sticks, Mmmm. Beer not bad and garden is superb in the sun. Shal return for sure - especially if the same bar staff are working

1 Aug 2007 16:46

The Goose, Aldershot

I had to laugh when I read the review by Anonymous on 27 Jun, the food (or good if you have dyslexia or finger trouble) is worse now than when I moved to Aldershot. My last bloke ended up with a furball of ginger hair in his burger!

1 Aug 2007 16:36

The Goose, Aldershot

I got drunk for a fiver - and still got a lift home! This place is tops for a young girl on the pull, but watch out for the older jealous types. Just be very careful when you get served! Kx

1 Mar 2007 00:10

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