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The Sugar Hut Village, Brentwood

We all hated our trip here and couldn't get out quickly enough to laugh about it and shake-off its commically moody atmosphere. It's truly ridiculously tacky in every sense and it could quite easily be the subject of a p**s-taking TV 'mockumentary'.

24 Sep 2008 14:56

The Slug and Lettuce, Brentwood

Nice range of beers and food. The clientele is 20-40's and is fairly mixed but it unfortunately on some nights it suffers from a noticeable element of plastic people with Osmund-white teeth, orange skin and/or delusions of gangsterism - the majority of whom thankfully head across the road to the Sugar Hut eventually.

24 Sep 2008 14:36

The Robin Hood and Little John, Brentwood

Avoid it as it's the place you're most likely to bump into the Costed Manor estates most notorious family of volatile and violent scumbags (when they're not banged-up).

24 Sep 2008 14:27

The Litten Tree, Brentwood

Locally known as "The Litter Tray", this "pub" has the layout & atmosphere of an airport departure lounge & probably some of the rudest & most sullen bar staff in town. The drinks are extremely expensive & the majority of the clientele are barely legal - which is amazing given that the bouncers would scare off anyone who is even vaguely street-wise. Walk past this pub and go to any other in town.

20 Feb 2006 00:16

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