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Comments by jonrodge

The Pandora Inn, Restronguet

lovely pub, homely atmosphere inside and out, the view is quite superb, wide selection of ales, although i had a shandie last time after feeling alittle the worse the wear from the day before, food is excellent, just a short 10 mins drive from falmouth, worth it!

18 Jul 2006 11:41

The Sloop Inn, St Ives

mmm.. incredibly over priced, sunday roast was below par and drink selection was pritty poor, a lovely location and sitting outside makes it alitlle better, inside lacks any real atmosphere partly due to layout, a lot of tables hidden in there alcoves, clearly been done up but for the better?. Go and sit outside with a pint won't be bad, dont ever eat food outside the pub or anywhere in St Ives though, the seagulls are more than vicious with anyones food (no joke).

14 Jul 2005 16:32

The York, Islington

Went in last week for first time while in the area, busy yes but got a seat outside, quick service at the bar and a good pint of pride aswell. Friendly staff, top boozer will be going back.

13 Jul 2005 18:35

The Cardinal, Victoria

Lovely pub in a nice quite area just away form the mahem of Victoria station and the main roads surrounding it. Nicely done inside with a good selection of ales. Never had a problem with the staff myself but have only been four or five times when in London, looking forward to going back again soon.

13 Jul 2005 18:18

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

lovely pub, great slection of home cooked food and guest ales. Comes Highly recommended

12 Jul 2005 20:16

The Walkabout, Brighton

West Street for a night out is generally awful, The Walkabout isn't that bad actually, a large bar with comfy sofas and a large main area by the big tv screen. A good pre gig or night out kinda place, certainly wouldnt want to stay there to long in the evening, full of lager louts early evening onwards if thats your thing be there for 8 or 9 onwards. Food is pritty average, slight inprovement on nearby witherspoons (is that saying anything?) drink wise as you would expect from a bar like this no ales, just bitters usually tetleys or john smiths. Not bad for a west street dive, generally average if you have any sense go to ship street or middle street nearby for a nicer establishment.

12 Jul 2005 16:33

The Freebutt, Brighton

good chance of seeing some of the best and worst new bands in here, nice intimate venue and fair seletion of drinks, worth a trip

12 Jul 2005 16:10

The Hobgoblin, Brighton

not bad, forced in there by mates mainly, a pint of hobgoblin is pritty bad and wouldnt touch the food, a trip to A&E the result. Guests ales make it slightly better, big rear garden (not technically a garden, cement hole really but not bad) quite friendly pub, late licence makes it a little more appealing.

12 Jul 2005 16:07

Watermans, Falmouth

A good pub for watching the football, cricket or rugby. Very well kepted and clean, only small seating area inside, gets a fairly good crowd in on match days. Ale selection consists of Doom Bar.

12 Jul 2005 12:36

The Kings Head, Falmouth

a real local, quite pleasant inside, bar staff very friendly. Not the greatest selection of drinks, only bitters really. Sunday roast quite nice. Gets really busy after nine most nights with the pre club crowd and many locals alike.

12 Jul 2005 12:33

Five Degrees West, Falmouth

been done up in last couple of years nice sofas and wooden floors. only one real ale avaialble when I have been in, Cornish tribute on three pumps but a fantastic pint it is. This is more of a place for eating and the food is great though bring a fair bit of cash, a tenner will get you a pint and ciabatta, main meals are hefty but worth it. Ocaasional live music, usual on a friday. Lovely front patio in summer.

12 Jul 2005 12:29

The Bright Helm, Brighton

Horrible pub, worst street for going out in Brighton and the busiest, says nothing about Brighton, soulless pub, yes cheap drinks so what spend 50p more and there are plenty of better places within reach, avoid like the plaque.

12 Jul 2005 12:22

Royal Castle Hotel, Dartmouth

split into two bars, the one on the left thinking its a london bar, ends up looking like an aiport waiting room, the main bar is fairly pleasant, food is good, ale selection is quite poor though, for a main centre piece to the lovely town of Dartmouth the Royal Castle is a bittle of a let down. Still worth going for a drink just to admire the view of dartmouth harbour.

12 Jul 2005 01:26

The Bridge, Topsham

a pub which has never changed one bit, very proud of its heritage aswell. Ale selection is second to none and the lunches are delicious. Best pub in Devon for me.

12 Jul 2005 01:19

The Masons Arms, Falmouth

does Cornish Cream on tap, a quality pint you have to try. Deadpan atmosphere great place for a quiet pint away from the horrors of witherspoons or nearby remedies, recommended.

12 Jul 2005 01:13

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

busy pub? yes for a good reason a traditional ale mans pub full of atmosphere, always a nice mixed crowd and the harveys full range on offer, big screen tv for sport in left hand side of the pub away from those who dont want to watch. Nice back patio aswell. great local, definitely worth the short trip down from Brighton station for visitors, will not be dissapointed.

12 Jul 2005 01:09

The Hare & Hounds, Brighton

avoid, in desperate need of an overhaul, god knows how many different owners it has had in the last few years, still the same liveless pub, company never great.

12 Jul 2005 01:03

Jacobs Ladder, Falmouth

A traditional pub but also quite a dirty one, the pub seems to thrive on a kind of organic likeness, does not work, overpiced in my view aswell, needs an overhaul and an eviction for the football table would also make some sense. Nearby seaview is more pleasant,relaxing and clean.

12 Jul 2005 00:55

The Chainlocker and Shipwrights, Falmouth

Completely agree with Howard and Sue. A regular of mine The Chainlocker provides a great selection of ales, normally skinners Cornish Knocker,Blonde, Heligan Honey along with guest ales including Lizard Point, food is well priced, Great live music and good mix of students and locals alike. In the nicer end of the high street aswell.

12 Jul 2005 00:42

The Fountain, Ashurst

Good pub in a great location, only real letdown for me was the wait just to order a pint, particulary in summer see yourself waiting for a good twenty-thirty mins! (queing outside of the pub sometimes), everyone was buying doubles and triples in a hope of never returning to the bar again!. Not enough staff for the small bar in a large pub, on a recent visit I only had to wait 5 mins for a pint of Harveys so I picked a lucky day, I guess avoid weekends, evenings and holidays and you'll get good service. Service aside great ale selection, well kepted.

12 Jul 2005 00:29

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

In a word Superb, one of the best pubs in Brighton for me, great atmosphere, varied ale selction with regular guests and good food (if alittle pricey) a very cosy pub (always busy)

12 Jul 2005 00:18

The Hogshead, Brighton

Good friendly pub though now under new ownership, London Pride is now off (replaced by IPA)and the menus have changed abit, trying to be a bit more upmarket
though food still tastes like its microwaved, still always good for a few jars before you go on into town, a decent local in the London Road area, only
the nearby Rosehill is a better propositon in my view.

12 Jul 2005 00:07

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

Superb pub, my faviourite in London by far and I always make the tube trip out there.
Great selction of ales, all well kept, clean, nice atmosphere and no games machines or music.
Couldn't ask for much more.

11 Jul 2005 23:58

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