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Comments by jonnyg

The Peacock, Nottingham

This is an eclectic pub with a nice mix atmosphere and good music. But it really could do with a bit of hands-on management, a good clean and tidy up. As previously observed, the decor is a mixture of traditional pub and what can only be described as "camp" fixtures and fittings. But if the "front of house" cleaning and general house-keeping is not up to scratch, then customers will also question what is happening behind the scenes ie in terms of drink and food preparation. If that was all "spot on", I'd give the place a 9 out of 10!

18 Feb 2013 11:19

The Hand and Heart, Nottingham

Really nice bar. It has a very comfortable slightly more upmarket atmosphere. Its a couple of minutes walk up Derby Road from the Market Square, but well worth it. Yes, it can smell a little musty, but its not overpowering and it is partly built into the sandstone rock, so its to be expected! The food by the way is excellent and hearty. Highly recommended.

9 Dec 2010 13:38

The Castle, Nottingham

Excellent pub. Nice and lively in the evenings (especially at weekends) but with a quieter, more laid back atmosphere during the day and sunday afternoons. It has a superb position smack opposite Nottingham Castle.

9 Dec 2010 13:34

The Tin Angel, Coventry

Nice, relaxed, characterful venue just on Spon Street - makes a nice change from all the chain pubs - and it has a record shop as well

5 Jan 2010 11:25

The Millers Barn, Cinderhill

Hadn't been in this place for a long time. Seems very hit and miss - you sometimes get some dodgy clientelle in here and the bar staff seem to not give a stuff. Overall poor value and you are still better off going into town and finding a decent place to eat / drink

30 Dec 2009 15:34

The Royal Oak, Earlsdon

Perfectly decent pub that gets very busy Friday and Saturday nights - although there are times when it just lacks a certain something - maybe its the lack of background music, but then thats not to everyones taste. Handy seating area at the back

29 Dec 2009 14:09

The Sir John Borlase Warren, Nottingham

Excellent little pub - characterful decor, pleasant staff and punters. Certainly worth a visit.

29 Dec 2009 14:04

The Hand and Heart, Nottingham

Excellent little pub now re-opened. Seems more up market than it used to be. Built partly into a cave, its a pretty unique setting. Food is very good, and its located just on the edge of town its away from the hoi polloi. Enjoy.

21 Dec 2009 11:06

The Hawksley, Nottingham

Fine little pub on site of what used to be a lighting shop. Definitely recommended.

25 Nov 2009 13:57

Fade and The Hard to Find Cafe, Nottingham

This place is quite unusual - there are a number of rooms and an area with a glass roof that makes this a little different from the typical bar. Always seems to be a nice relaxed atmosphere and sometimes you even get decent music. Recommended

23 Mar 2009 16:42

Headstocks, Cinderhill

Avoid at all costs. The tram stop is opposite, so I'd recommend jumping on a tram into Nottingham city centre and finding somewhere that is not full of Jeremy Kyle show fodder.

3 Aug 2008 16:50

The Three Ponds, Nuthall

Recently refurbed - now much brighter. Bar staff still not up to much.

31 Jan 2008 15:49

The Absolut Ice Bar, Mayfair

Great fun - but wrap up well as (unbelievably) its bl**dy cold.

31 Jan 2008 15:45

The Living Room, Nottingham

Not a patch on the one in Birmingham - but a decent enough bar none the less

26 Sep 2007 14:46

The Early Bird, Nottingham

Pub not only closed, but now demolished !

11 Sep 2007 11:54

The Malt Cross, Nottingham

Excellent bar - usually fairly busy but not overly so - well worth a visit for the decor alone !

29 Jun 2007 11:56

Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd, Nottingham

Excellent little boozer - well worth a visit

27 Apr 2007 15:50

The Navigation Inn, Nottingham

Very nice to sit out on in summer by the Lock - and without all the rowdiness of the Waterfront area

27 Apr 2007 15:46

Via Bar and Restaurant, Nottingham

Note that this pub has now closed

16 Apr 2007 10:31

The Millers Barn, Cinderhill

MB has improved recently - not quite so many chavs in the bar area - and they are now open until mid-night

19 Mar 2007 11:55

Joseph Else, Nottingham

Worth it if you want a cheap night out in the centre of town

12 Mar 2007 15:36

The King John, Nottingham

A real rough hole - avoid at all costs

12 Mar 2007 13:24

The Broadway Cafe Bar, Nottingham

Bar now re-opened - refurb is OKish but seems like they tried to do it on the cheap - don't like the "canteen" style seating now in the main bar either

23 Jan 2007 15:28

Earlsdon Cottage, Coventry

Tried out the newly refurbed Earlsdon Cottage on Saturday - now totally transformed into a bright, modern bar, although its possibly lost some its character on the way - well worth a visit though

21 Dec 2006 16:43

The Early Bird, Nottingham

Pub now closed

5 Dec 2006 16:46

The Three Crowns, Nottingham

Tried to get in to this dump a few nights ago, but was told that because I was wearing a pair of reebok boots I could not get in - however, my friends (who DID get in) informed me that a group of asian lads were in there wearing trainers. Clearly, being a respectable white 40 year old I was going to go in there wreck the joint - I would like to ask the doormen why they are applying different dress standards to different people ? Or is it just that they are scared of being accused of racism ?

5 Dec 2006 16:30

The Royal Oak, Earlsdon

Nice pub - gets v.busy on Friday and Saturday nights - shame they stop serving at 11pm still

9 Jun 2006 15:19

Canal House, Nottingham

Used to really like this place, but it now seems to be going a bit down-market - went in there last weekend and the place was infested with chavs - maybe the warm weather brought them all out....

6 Jun 2006 09:33

The Old Angel Inn, Nottingham

Great character bar - makes a nice change from some of the other pretentious bars in the area. Recommended.

23 May 2006 09:13

Skin, Nottingham

Finally made it in to this bar on Sunday evening (with no bouncer on the door), it wasn't worth the wait I must say - this place totally lacks character - and the gents toilets are more reminiscent of a transport cafe than a "chic" bar. Avoid.

23 May 2006 09:12

The Broadway Cafe Bar, Nottingham

Easy going, relaxed Bar that sadly looks like its going to have its license temporarily revoked for a 6 week period for serving drinks to a 15year old (as part of a police sting) - nice to see the police concentrating on the real trouble spots in Nottingham......

18 May 2006 14:07

Browns Cafe Bar, Coventry

Myself and a friend have now started to play a little game with the doorman at Browns - make it look as though you are walking up to enter the bar then walk away at the last minute - the look of horror on the doormans face is a sight to behold

16 May 2006 10:27

The Cross Keys, Nottingham

DJ now back on saturday nights and the place is much more like its old self - still too expensive for a pint though

16 May 2006 10:14

Mayfields Wine Bar, Nottingham

Excellent little place

6 Mar 2006 12:43

Foremans Bar, Nottingham

Fantastic bar - just avoid using the toilet thats all

6 Mar 2006 12:42

Santa Fe, Nottingham

Seems to be going more down market - went in a few days ago and the place seemed to have a rougher edge than it used to

6 Mar 2006 12:40

Cuba, Leamington Spa

Decent bar - they need to turn the heating up abit though in winter

27 Feb 2006 16:48

The Clarendon, Leamington Spa

Nice bar, lively, good service

27 Feb 2006 16:47

Lounge, Leamington Spa

Nothing to write home about - this is a completely average bar

27 Feb 2006 16:46

The Forest Tavern, Nottingham

Now re-opened - thankfully, they've kept the pub decor as it was

11 Jan 2006 14:06

Eden, Coventry

Nice place, good service

29 Dec 2005 11:50

China China, Nottingham

Upmarket Chinese restaurant and bar

29 Dec 2005 11:48

Pitcher & Piano, Nottingham

Can't fault it- not too expensive - good music - and has some classy christmas decorations up this time of year

28 Dec 2005 16:07

The Wheelhouse, Wollaton

Just why does the Wheelhouse (and neighbouring pub The Willoughby) attract so many Chavs in an evening ? Shame, 'cos it spoils what could be a nice pub

28 Dec 2005 15:44

Company Inn, Nottingham

Not too bad at lunchtimes - but the clientelle are pretty chavvy at nights - best avoided

26 Oct 2005 13:29

Browns Cafe Bar, Coventry

Myself and a friend of mine (both very sober, very well dressed and in our thirties) have been turned away from here on more than one occasion for absolutely no apparent reason. Maybe it was because my friend shaves his head (due to thinning hair) ? What an insulting way to treat the public. Any business that treats its (potential) clientelle like this deserves to fail. The sooner this place goes, or gets a change of management, the better.

9 Jun 2005 16:57

The Willoughby Arms, Wollaton

Clienetelle has gone downhill in recent years - this is supposed to be a "family diner" type of bar, but it now just seems to be full of rowdy yobs

15 Mar 2005 15:47

The Old Portelet Inn, St Brelade

The Portelet Inn has a stunning setting at the top of the steps leading down to the glorious Portelet Bay - well worth a visit

3 Feb 2005 11:53

The Old Court House Inn, St Brelade

Fantastic setting - although, like most bars in Jersey, strangely expensive considering the low duty on alcohol on the Island

3 Feb 2005 11:45

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Excellent bar, non-smoking, but could do with some live Jazz to enhance the atmosphere

4 Jan 2005 12:48

The Beechdale, Wollaton

Have to say that this pub has one of the most efficient and courteous barmaids around - makes a pleasant change from the usual standard

30 Dec 2004 16:16

The Coach and Horses, Nottingham

Good old fashioned pub - great music - gets absolutely packed solid at weekends though, so avoid if claustrophobic

22 Dec 2004 13:52

The Early Bird, Nottingham

Local estate pub

14 Dec 2004 11:17

The Maudsley, Coventry

Decent pub - serves food - does quiz nights etc

10 Dec 2004 11:52

The Millers Barn, Cinderhill

Bar decor needs refurbing - restaurant v.poor value for money. My advice is to catch the tram into town and find somewhere decent instead.

10 Dec 2004 11:43

The Three Ponds, Nuthall

Really nice pub - food very good - bar staff can be v.slow though if it gets a little busy

9 Dec 2004 15:58

Broxtowe Inn, Cinderhill

Potentially a really nice pub - unfortunately, it is long overdue for a refurb

9 Dec 2004 15:57

The Broad Oak, Strelley

Just been refurbed - loads better than it was - now looking quite trendy - and, thankfully, the dartboard has gone so you can now go to the gents without fear of being hit by a stray dart

9 Dec 2004 11:11

Skin, Nottingham

Myself and a friend tried to get in here on Saturday night (4/12/04) - we were both very respectable and smartly dressed - we were told by the bouncer in no uncertain terms: "Sorry, tonight is for regulars only". I couldn't make up my mind whether this was (a) ageism (we are both in our 30's), (b) racism (he was black and we are white) or (c) a bar trying to commit commercial suicide by not allowing in respectable, affluent punters

9 Dec 2004 08:41

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