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Comments by jimshoppenus

The Lion, Teddington

I haven't been in the Red Lion since it was the CAMRA London pub of the year back in the day, but was in the area last Sunday so looked the place up..
Oh dear....another one f**ked up by the Gastro pub make over crew and has succumbed to the usual sterile farrow & Ball pastel shades characterless make over. Also bad move to visit on Sunday as it was overrun by families whose parents are unable or have no interest in controlling their little brats who were running amok throughout the pub.
For the record there were three beers available and one of these was a decent pint from the Twickenham brewery, but it wasn't a pleasant experience drinking it here..
Sad, this used to be a great pub.

21 Mar 2017 16:33

The Red Cow, Cheshunt

So the Red Cow is under new management... Whoopee!!.
But so what if you have the same crap beer options as the previous management.
One beer only in the shape of the god awful GK IPA Smooth flow sadly outweighs any pub food, good staff or friendly visit as a reason not to bother to visit.
It may have escaped your notice New Red Cow Management, but this review site is called Beer in the evening..
So the beer is..... ????

4 Dec 2014 12:50

The Black Horse, Barnet

First time to visit since the refurb and yes a big change from the shit hole I remember a few years ago. Now a smart pub with a much better ale choice. Could do with more from their associated barnet Brewery, but only a small gripe and much better than the previous incarnation..

4 Nov 2014 18:05

The Boars Head, Brecon

Formerly the Tap pub for the Breconshire Brewery but taken over in Sept 2013 and re-opened in March 2014 free of any tie.
Now a smart 2 bar pub with a lovely enclosed riverside patio pub garden with its bench seating, large umbrellas and excellent views of the River Usk and the Brecon Beacons beyond.
Good Ales from local breweries were on and a good pint of Cwrw Haf from the Tomos Watkins brewery was had.

4 Nov 2014 17:37

The Plough and Furrow Inn, Smallfield

Is there some force field around Smallfield that stops the inhabitants leaving the village to visit other pubs ?
The last time I looked there are still 40,000+ available in the UK despite the current accelerated rate of closures.
But visitors to this pub seem only capable of posting one review.
Smallfields, more a case of Small Minds me thinks !

10 Oct 2014 12:53

The Chandlers Arms, Epwell

OK Nick, we get it , you were pleased... Enough Already !

1 Oct 2014 15:43

The William IV, Elmers End

WoW !!
An ex member of the Beach Boys has been convicted of harassment because you wouldn't let him sing on your karaoke evenings.

Well wonders will never cease...

21 Aug 2014 16:55

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Haven't been in for a while and paid a return visit to the Falcon last week.
Oh my GOD!!!!! What has happened to the beloved Falcon
The last time I was in there were 17 Ales to be had and the row of pumps on the back bar section was a sight to warm the cockles of a beer lovers heart..
Last week all the back pumps were unclipped and the front ones only had four ales on the go when we got there and then two of these went with no compunction from the bar staff to replace them from what we could see..
WHO is responsible for this travesty !!!

22 Apr 2014 12:23

The Kings Arms, Bethnal Green

Made my way down Bethnal Green High road to make an inaugrial first visit to this new Craft Ale pub last night after seeing some rave reviews for it posted on the far superior pub review website pubsgalore, and I have to say the reviewers there are spot on..
Some excellent Keg and Draft ales to be had including a couple of brews from the Earl of Essex.
yes agree, a good addition to the London pub scene

21 Mar 2014 16:00

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

No its not, the name has changed again...
Wonder how long it will remain under the new mantle..
I'm not going to tell you what it is it called now as I am running an experiment to see how many different places this professional web site will actually register against the TW1 3AB post code before realising they are all the same place..

26 Feb 2014 17:48

The Bearded Man, St Albans

Tattoed arms, Long facial hair, huge beer guts, and thats just the women..
Reminded me of a scene from Deliverance the first time I visited, but as long as you're not drinking Lager then they are, in general, a friendly bunch.
But got talking to a few who frequent this place and can't fault their knowledge about Ale.
What they don't know about a pint of Old Scrotums Scratchings from the Uncle Tom Cobley Brewery isn't worth knowing.
A definate 10 for me as well.

18 Feb 2014 17:03

The One Bell, Watford

Ah Sweet... Looks like the One bell has got a new member of the bar staff..
To add the missing content from the glowing one post reviewer below, standard draft selection available, with one lonesome hand pump which is usually more on than off and when on dispenses a very average pint of Courage Best in my experience.
But that experience has not been for more than a year as my description of this place is closer to David's below than Liz's and I tend to walk past to the One Crown or the Moon.
Perhaps its been made over since my last visit and now serves decent Ale's. I'm sure Liz can confirm when she next clocks on..

5 Dec 2013 16:55

The Pack Horse Inn, Beckingham

I visited this gem of a town centre pub last week and was blown away by the quality of the beer , food and service levels. The voluptuous duck breast with larks vomit mash I sampled was absolutely superb and the Chefs Cumberland sausage was very satisfying for my wife.
Four well kept ales available and my pint of Old Scrotum's Scratchings was the best I have experienced this side of Doncaster.
And the service offered by the landlady could not be faulted and the special service provided in the Gents toilet came as a pleasant surprise.
Hows that Tuna ?

3 Dec 2013 13:28

The Jamaica Wine House, Bank

First visit here for many a moon the other night, probably first since it was taken over by Sheps..
Seems to be better run and the Ale quality is certainly improved from remembrances, which is befitting a good old historic city boozer like this one.
Three Shep's ales on with the Spitfire in good nick, but also a decent guest in the shape of Whitstable breweries East India Pale Ale

2 Dec 2013 16:40

The Crown, Cookham

Gastro pub restaurant with poor service levels and clueless staff.. Poor pint of pride.
I was wearing my work wear and got served, but apparently I am the type of clientele they want as my work wear is a suit and apparently from reading below that makes a difference.
Anyway shit service and shit beer means they didn't get my custom for long..
Not sure about the White Oak, but can recommend the Swan Uppers a bit further up the road. Now there's a proper pub

2 Dec 2013 13:11

Wheatsheaf, Southwark

Provided BITE change the name on this page there should be no more confusion with the Wheatsheaf in Stoney Street...... :-)

I believe my cockney friends would refer to you as having a "bubbly bath", Jim.

29 Aug 2013 11:07

The Albany Arms, Brentford

I appreciate the sentiments of the review posted below, but feel I must correct a factual inaccuracy.
It is stated by the previous reviewer that the BITE ownership no longer cares for accuracy.
This is wrong. They have never cared for accuracy, which is why a lot of previous reviewers moved to one of the professionally managed sites you mention, and primarily the first one, a long time ago..

16 Aug 2013 14:39

Ye Olde Mitre Inne, Barnet

Strange that the premier pub in Barnet should attract the attentions of a troll.
We can all live in hope that the B.I.T.E. admin removes this type of homophobic rubbish, but I think Barnet F.C. have got more chance of eventually winning the premiership that that happening. Anyway the school holidays will be over soon and will restrict this morons keyboard time.
Six ales on the go again on Saturday night and the couple I tried were in good condition. The Black Horse is a welcome addition to the Barnet drinking scene , but the Old Mitre still remains the premier pub in town.

16 Aug 2013 10:53

The Green Dragon, Flaunden

The Green Dragon is an early 17th Century country Inn situated in the picturesque rural village of Flaunden, in the Chiltern Hills. This ancient rural pub is a free house and has been in the same family for over eighty years.
Four well kept beers on and a nice secluded beer garden out back.
A good one for the pub enthusiasts as it is included in the Heritage pub national inventory for the barely altered 19th century Tap Room which you can find back inside the main building on the front right hand side of the main bar area. And also has some interesting historical figures as former locals.. But to find out about all that you are better off going to more informative pub review sites like PubsGalore.

8 Aug 2013 11:48

The Railway, Kew Gardens

Give the guy a break !!
The right pub, just the wrong station....
All you had to day was "Dear Zap, I believe you are referring to Kew Gardens station, not Kew Bridge."
There, that wasn't difficult, was it !

30 Jul 2013 13:34

The Northcote, Clapham Junction

Now I am sure you are all aware that Geronimo was a prominent chief of the Apache Indians who fought against Mexico and the United States, and was famed for his speed and dexterity in battle..
Unfortunately they are not two adjectives that can be used in connection with the bar staff here.
Unless that is you consider it dexterity to rip punters off and make more bucks for the PubCo..
If you like to pay almost £4 for ridiculously short pulled pints , then this is your sort of place... And woe betide if you ask one of the surly bar staff to top up their woeful attempt at pulling a pint.

2 Jul 2013 13:08

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Its the Landlords own pub and he can do what he likes as far as I am concerned. Its our decision as punters if we visit or not.
And I will continue to as long as he keeps the fine ale range going..
However I would like to clarify one key point with Luke.
I distinctly remember one of the house rules on my last visit to Bristol being "No Stilettos"
Has this now been dropped as you do not refer to it below?. This would be great as I could now visit on my cross dressing evenings as well...

2 Jul 2013 10:36

The Old Kings Head, Borough

Another good session here the other night.. Same six beers on as reported by Blue Scrumpy and although they may not be the most exciting choice in the world, the quality is always spot on.

1 Jul 2013 16:05

Plough Inn, Little Dewchurch

I do hope the said evening was because one of the locals called Mike was putting it about a bit, I guess for cash donations..
But looking at CaryBoys posting I have got this horrible vision of black market surgeons operating and The Plough being involved in some dark human organ trafficking..

1 Jul 2013 15:57

Hedgehog Inn, Copthorne

At the time of the last review it was actually a Marstons Inn, which probably tells you all you need to know about the beer..
However, since then the pub has been sold by Marstons to an independent company, has undergone a major refurb, changed its name and has completely different beers to Marstons on offer..
However, you have to go to a more updated pub review website than this one to find all that out..

24 Jun 2013 16:45

The King Alfred, Winchester

I liked this one. I shouldn't have done as it is a GK house with a very plastic formulaic interior. But it had a bit of charm and the guest beer was TT Golden Best.. Lovely

7 Jun 2013 21:24

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Good range of beers, eclectic collection of locals and very dog friendly and the pub dog performs tricks with beer mats.
They don't do food (just as well as it would probably come with additional canine hairs) but you can bring your own and pay a small charge for plates and cuttlery

7 Jun 2013 21:20

The New Inn, Sutton

The ‘BEWARE OF THE DOG’ sign on one of the doors a bit unsettling, but actually that's the least of your concerns and what there should be is a beware of the beer sign if my pint of Pride was anything to go by..
And also a Beware of the gold chained, sovereign ringed locals who try to sell you everything from Bikinis to fake Rolex's..
Seriously, I bet the admin at Pubs Galore and FancyaPint dont put up with all this old shit !!
B.I.T.E. admin. Sort this out quick !!

7 Jun 2013 11:57

The Pembroke, Gravesend

Courage, Morland Original and Charles Wells Bombardier were available. Not the most inspiring beer choice in the world. And I'd rather have a pint without someone with a short skirt and multiple tattoo's trying to sell me a bikini.
What type of cross dresser do they take me for ??

7 Jun 2013 11:43

The Orange Tree, Winchmore Hill

Can't disagree with Ganns last comment on the beers. Four well kept ales and even if OSH and IPA are there for the locals the other two were interesting for the rest..
Good back street boozer with traditional old school charm as referred to below

7 Jun 2013 11:37

The Kings Head, Woodstock

Another nice looking pub outside with an uninspiring beer choice inside

6 Jun 2013 11:35

The Woodstock Arms, Woodstock

Nice stone pub Only GK available

6 Jun 2013 11:35

The Boat Inn, Thrupp

Nice location next to the Oxford Canal. What is not so nice is only GK brews with no guest ale policy

6 Jun 2013 11:33

The Rock of Gibraltar, Enslow

Nice stone pub with Wye Valley beers

6 Jun 2013 11:31

The Blacks Head, Bletchingdon

Keeps changing management. At the moment beer from Ramsbury is available

6 Jun 2013 11:30

Booth's Cafe Bar, Stoke Newington

Booth's Cafe bar and Pizzeria to give it its full name is a cafe bar and Pizzeria at 71-73 Stoke Newington Church St .
Oh sorry, Booth's Cafe bar and Pizzeria was a cafe bar and Pizzeria at 71-73 Stoke Newington Church St .
But not that you would know that from here..
One day it will be marked as closed....

6 Jun 2013 11:23

Bar 98, Stoke Newington

Not one of the best Islington bars, which is why it was turned into a Spanish restaurant some 4 years ago.. Therefore it would be nice if the site Admin ever got round to cleaning all this rubbish off that they actually update this one and show it as closed

6 Jun 2013 11:06

The Lion, Stoke Newington

Now bit of a trendy pub aimed at the young and trendy and lots of premium lagers to attract the target audience.
Fortunately Harvey's Best, London Pride and Deuchars IPA were available for the Ale drinker

6 Jun 2013 10:57

Defoe, Stoke Newington

The Defoe is a Charles Wells house and the beers were Bombardier, and Eagle and then a couple of others like Youngs Bitter and St Austell Tribute.
It's actually a decent pub for the area and doesn't deserve this type of garbage posted against its name..
So come on B.I.T.E. sort it out..
You have serious competition now from the likes of Pubs Galore and your lack of interest in maintaining this site almost feels like you don't care if people jump ship and go to other sites...

6 Jun 2013 10:53

Red Lion Inn, Exbourne

Top real ale pub. Doesn't serve lager

6 Jun 2013 00:11

The Green Man Inn, Little Snoring

Large road side pub. Certainly was a lot quiter in this village than the one just to the North

6 Jun 2013 00:09

The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough

The reason most of the previous reviewers have not made any mention to the beer here is because it is just dull Greene King IPA on draught..... nuff said

4 Jun 2013 10:51

The TreeHouse, Barnes

Yes , at least it does serve draught Greenwich Mean Time, although adding the correct number of e's did nothing to improve the temperature of my pint..
Fortunately the garden area here is an OK space to sit in whilst you wait for your pint to thaw out from frozen..
Greenwich beers are not bad for Keg Craft offerings but like a lot of craft beers get aimed at places that stick everything through the chiller...

4 Jun 2013 10:46

The Bull's Head, Barnes

Nice pint of Youngs Ordinary

4 Jun 2013 10:41

The Pembroke, Gravesend

Courage, Morland Original and Bombardier. Not the most inspiring beer choice in the world. And I'd rather have a pint without someone with atattoo trying to sell me a fake Rolex.

4 Jun 2013 10:38

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