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The Crooked Chimney, Welwyn Garden City

This is a place that looks quite nice from the outside, and from their website but in reality is very different inside. The food is worse than awful,half raw or completely burnt, overpriced and takes up to an hour to arrive. The flies were all over our table and the toilets were dirty.

The waiting staff ignore you until you actually have to seek them out and are surly and unsmiling.

This is not the place to go for a pleasant experience.

12 Oct 2011 22:14

The Green Dragon, London Colney

Average pub that sells itself as a riverside pub, that's an ambitious idea. The river is actually across a busy main road, and the pub instead overlooks a grassy area near a very small culvert and tiny almost waterless pond!

Very few spaces to park, only worth going if you can walk there.

6 Aug 2011 14:17

The Colney Fox, St Albans

It looks nice inside, but that's where it ends. Service is terrible from vacant looking staff. We went here for a highly advertised Burns supper, and were served Haggis covered in thick Bisto style gravy...acccccchhh Burns would be spinning in his grave!

6 Aug 2011 14:12

George & Dragon, Watton at Stone

This pub is the brewery version of M&S.

Once good, but still hanging onto a faded reputation! The food used to be good quality and value for money, not any more.!

6 Aug 2011 13:58

The Silver Fox, Hertford Heath

Good grief, this pub beggars belief.

6 Aug 2011 13:55

The Five Horseshoes, Little Berkhamsted

Could a pub getting any worse than this? I doubt it!

6 Aug 2011 13:52

The Ram Inn, Hertford


6 Aug 2011 13:50

The Lord Louis, Stanstead Abbotts

Absolutely nothing going for it, least of all the cheerless bar staff and the beer is poorly kept, and the constant sport loudly shown on TV makes for a big swerve. The Jolly fisherman a Macmullen' pub at least sits on the river giving a lovely view of the narrowboats ..not a vote for Macs but at least it's a step better than the drab and dingy and cheerless Lord Louis.

6 Aug 2011 13:48

The Crooked Billet, Colney Heath

We went to this pub after passing it hundreds of times over the years and always promising to visit.
The beer was good, not special but acceptable. The bar staff were surley, there was a huge sign begging for chefs and kitchen staff, not surprised they might have walked out. This is not a pretty village , it's a cut through to the M25 at London Colney and therefore attracts a very high amount of chav customers, young and middle aged.

The rear garden and eating area is grim to say the least

There was 5 of us and we sat in the sparse snug (no room in the cramped bar area , and 2 couples who were obviously regulars, and loudly debating the merits of the Sweeney, were clearly attempting to smoke without being spotted by the bar staff. Sadly this is as interesting as it gets. By all means try a's not bad but don't expect a welcome from the bar staff or the regulars.

6 Aug 2011 11:40

The Inn on the Green, Harpenden

This pub has large advertising boards outside stating they serve afternoon cream teas. We called in here yesterday afternoon around 4pm , it was entirely empty and we were told by the one member of staff that he had no idea how to make a cream tea and the landlord was over drinking at 'Billys' .

We were visitors to the area and we discovered later that 'Billys' is a wine bar. It would seem the landlord/manager would prefer to be elsewhere than to train his staff to meet the customers' requests .
We didn't get our cream tea, and I wasn't in the least surprised that there was no customers. We were charged over 6, for a small coke and a pint . We left and went to the Old Bell instead and had a superb meal served by very cheerful and willing staff who couldn't do enough for us..

8 Jul 2011 17:20

The Coy Carp, Uxbridge

Sits by the river, spoiling a good view! Staff surly, food awful go anywhere else but here!

17 Jul 2009 22:19

The Robin Hood and Little John, Rabley Heath

Stopped here yesterday evening (thursday). Beautifully authentic olde style character pub complete with black beams and thick carpetting. Very small bar area, but lovely none the less. Friendly young Kiwi couple managing the bar & kitchen. Bar was empty when we arrived around 6.30pm , we asked for a menu , the landlord looked out of the kitchen and scowled...hmmm, oh well no matter, still couldn't spoil a lovely atmospheric lounge bar. Menu however was a little on the pricy side, with ham egg & chips around the 9 mark. We settled for a brie & ham sandwich instead at around 5. Homemade ham no plastic supermarket rubbish, and brie kept at room temp, meant that the toasted sandwich was very tasty, albeit quite a small portion for the money!
We sat in the garden, bunch of locals at the next table ignored us, so not too friendly, and the garden area could do with a good tidy up and the flowers watered to bring a little life back.

Macs pub sadly, but with some great guest ales, make this pub overall a lovely little hideaway!

17 Jul 2009 21:49

The Snug Bar, Hertford

The Duncombe arms was not renamed the Snug Bar, you have the wrong pub. The Snug Bar is a couple of doors along from the Duncombe arms and 2 very different places. The Duncombe is a large comfortable town centre Greene King pub, while the Snug bar which has previously called several names...O'Neills being one, has gone through many changes and at this moment in time is a small bar desperate for a a refurb, and not recommended.

15 Jul 2009 01:12

The Salisbury Arms Hotel, Hertford

Gods Waiting room with a G&T thrown in. Dark, Dingy, smells of old people, musty and depressing. Would fit into the storyline of an old agatha christie plot!

15 Jul 2009 01:06

Prince of Wales, Herftord

Grubby with matching regulars!!

15 Jul 2009 01:01

The Sun Inn, Welwyn Garden City

Went to this pub last night, 1 small rioja, 1 small diet eye watering 7.20!! The place was empty at 9pm not in the least surprised at those prices, we won't be back !!

15 Jul 2009 00:40

The Town Inn, Hatfield


15 Jul 2009 00:29

The Colney Fox, St Albans

No problems here, food is the usual overpriced plastic corporate Vintage Inn standard fayre, but the setting is lovely inside and out if you just want to drink!

15 Jul 2009 00:24

The Bull, London Colney

Looks like it needs a lot of tender care!

15 Jul 2009 00:20

The Green Dragon, London Colney

The young lad behind the bar couldn't have been more pleasant, the pub seems clean and the location is very nice by the waterside. Open all day &
we got there at around 5pm looking for food, but we were told when we asked, that they don't do any food on a Monday! Would have been helpful if they had that written on the huge blackboard outside.

Very little space outside the pub for parking so it's best to park in the free car park on the other side of the bridge and walk over, however after we'd been there about 15 minutes the place was suddenly filled up by workmen who'd finished for the day, and people with children who let them run around unchecked. They parked their cars 2 and 3 abreast blocking people in so it was like whacky races with people attempting to get out!

Didn't drink the beer so can't give a critique on it, but overall, the pub was clean, comfortable, the barman was very pleasant & polite, we'd recommend it for a drink if you're passing, but anything more, then the Colney Fox is a better bet!

15 Jul 2009 00:16

The Three Horseshoes, St Albans

Been beautifully decorated since I was last here a good few years ago. Very cosy & welcoming feel, all high back wing chairs and carpeting. The staff are very friendly and accomodating. Ther pub is beautifully set out on 2 floors and a big garden although as the garden is shared by the large car park I'd be worried if I was a parent of small children, because there's no fencing to guard against accidents.

Sadly this place is now a Vintage inn, don't get me wrong I like SOME VI's , but the drawback with these corporate places is the overpriced plastic food. We ordered toad in the hole, and we were given something that looked like a cross between an omelette and a custard tart. When we pointed out that this didn't resemble t-I-H at all, we were politely but firmly told that, that was how it comes in from the catering company!! We won't eat there again, too expensive for what amounts too poor quality food!

Not a bad pub but not good enough to make a specific journey to!!

15 Jul 2009 00:00

The Cock, Colney Heath

Beautifully tended flower garden adds to the lovely welcome from the friendly regs & locals in this tiny village pub. Situated in a chocolate box situ, we stopped just for one drink on the way through, but we'll definitely be back!

14 Jul 2009 23:50

The Waggon and Horses, Elstree

We stopped at this pub during our lunch break as the car park was empty and we thought we'd get served fairly quickly. The pub was empty except for an elderly couple in the garden. We ordered the 2 meals for 10 deal.. something quick we thought..a pizza & scampi & chips! After 40 minutes with no sign of the food, we reminded them thinking they must have forgotten, after all there was no other customers so they couldn't be making more food. We were told by the very young barmaid that ''the food was on it's way'', we presumed she meant it was coming from a take-away in the high street, it was taking so long! Finally after an hour and 10 minutes the food turned up with a mumbled apology. We asked why it had taken so long and were simply told..''they are slow in the kitchen today''!

If we were expecting something half decent after all that time we were wrong, it wasn't even was revolting! The pizza was slimy and overcooked with rubber cheese, and the scampi was stone cold, the potato wedges were burnt & cold, and the tiny pot of garden peas were the only things to have seen a cooker in the last hour!

I have to admit to blaming myself a little, because I had noticed as we sat down just how dirty the tables and surrounds were, and the ladies toilet is such a disgrace they even have a notice to the effect that they will one day get around to ''making it gorgeous''. I should have about turned and left there and then, but were very hungry and time was not on our side!

Shame on you wagon & horse kitchen staff & cleaners...there are 1001 better pubs and I'd walk on my knees to every one before stepping inside this one again!!

6 Jul 2009 22:28

The Bridge House, Hertford

Absolutely dreadful, needs a thorough good clean.

6 Jul 2009 22:16

Doctors Tonic, Welwyn Garden City

if you are 18 years old or more then you're too old for this pub. It's full of 15 year old tatooed single mothers & their gruesome unemployed male partners. YUKKKKK!!! Stay well clear

22 Mar 2009 23:24

Highwayman, Gravely

Filthy, filthy, filthy!!!!. Be ashamed landlord, be very ashamed!!

22 Mar 2009 23:09

The Lord Louis, Stanstead Abbotts

very dark & dreary pub which would benefit from a good scrub & lick of paint.

Not a family pub, it's geared more to chav like football fans. Stay well clear if you like a pint in convivial surroundings

Try the jolly fisherman further up the high street for a clean well laid out bar, good food and views of the narrowboats on the canal!!

22 Mar 2009 23:04

The Plough, Datchworth

The plough is a tiny little village pub exactly how you would wish pubs were still these days. Very pleasant & friendly landlord and regulars. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit recently where we sat in the little bay window for an hour surveying the whole of this one street chocolate box village.

Toilets are clean if needing updated , and the whole pub could do with a lick of paint, but if I were to choose between this fab pub as it is, or a clinical chain pub, the plough at datchworth would win hands down.

22 Mar 2009 18:17

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