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The Rosemary Branch, New Cross

I must say that localrebel and newcross lover have alot to say on this pub and not many more in the local area. whats going on guys?! Maybe there are afew staff issues that need to be sorted out?! i have not been in here much since Jack Beards sold it on and Sherry left (i was a regular 5 nights a week) but am quite disapointed in the place. Havnt drunk in the Wickham in a while, probably start going back! I must say though i was there saturday night just gone and it was very busy. People having a great time.
Seeing as there are lots of people on there lately does anybody know where Sherry is now as i have not seen her about much??

28 Apr 2008 12:57

The Rosemary Branch, New Cross

i just read the review below mine - its sooo true! the bar staff are so stupid its comical. i agree, bring Sherry back, she ran a well managed bar and staff. it WAS great fun, just the place u wanted to be on the odd day off and every evening!!! Not now. Dont know how this place will survive to be honest....

4 Apr 2008 22:22

The Rosemary Branch, New Cross

whats happened to this place? i went in just before new year and by the looks of it it has a new owner and bar staff. Heres little story about my experience for you...

I have not been in for a couple of months, but when i had been in i have enjoyed it, friendly staff, accomodating with food orders and decent beer but this time was a little strange... I ordered a brandy and coke, any normal order you might think!! NOT this time. I received the brandy in a shot glass and the coke in a half pint glass. Hmmmmm... the bar staff looked confused when i asked what was going on, i dont think he spoke much or if any English AT ALL. Admittedly thats what i wanted but mixed together!!! He didnt understand the conversation i was trying to have with him. Which left me to wonder, can anybody get a pub these days and will i be forced to comunicate through sign language next time i enter?!!

15 Jan 2008 19:20

The Goldsmiths Tavern, New Cross

went in there for the night as it was open till 5am, the music was ok, not great but the same tunes it plays every friday. could do with something new coz the crowd it pulls is not that great!! toilets flooded i think, but thats normal on a friday nite aswell. staff busy but friendly. manager not that friendly, somebody please give her a drink and cheer her up!!!

1 Oct 2007 13:02

The Hobgoblin, New Cross

This place is to review the pub NOT must i add Johnnys bloody flower stall! If thats all we have to go by then i think the place is doomed! The pubs ok, the beers alright and the staff could cheer up abit but all in all not a bad place. i'd rather walk an extra couple of minits down the road to this place then pop next door to the Tavern.

27 May 2007 16:44

The Marquis of Granby, New Cross

The staff are miserable and the beers even worse but we always end up meeting there. Why for heavens sake!!! The Rosie is much better...

27 May 2007 16:39

The Rosemary Branch, New Cross

The pub went mad for afew weeks with the bloke and 2 wives running the place, dont ask me were they came from but there gone now!! Sherry and the gang are back so theres a smiling faces behind the bar which is nice to see in new cross AND theres beer!! (they ran out for afew weeks when the mad man and wives were there)

The place is clean, theres decent beer and a friendly atmosphere. What more can you ask for?!

P.s The garden is great if you want to top up your tan!!

18 Apr 2007 20:14

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