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The White Horse, South Lopham

Great pub again. New landlord very friendly and accommodating, good range of beers and an enjoyable time to be had.

11 May 2018 16:59

The Duke of Marlborough, Hepworth

Long gone

11 May 2018 16:58

The Swan, Brome

Now a house.

6 Mar 2018 19:10

Two Brewers, Diss

Closed. Again.

6 Mar 2018 19:08

The Crown, Diss

No longer a pub.

6 Mar 2018 19:07

The White Horse, Diss


6 Mar 2018 19:06

The Jolly Porter, Diss


6 Mar 2018 19:05

The White Horse, Rickinghall

Sadly closed and turned in to a house 2 months ago. Well done to Linda for running a pro pub for the past 15 years you will be missed!

24 Nov 2016 13:48

Wellington Hotel, Cromer

dont know how its expensive- Vodka, lime & lemonade and a pint fosters �4.80 compaired to �6.20 where i live an hour away!! tell me that most places in Norfolk are cheaper than that for 2 drinks!

12 Dec 2011 15:17

The Rose, Norwich

2 years ago since i was in ere-nice pint of wolf and given a free go on a prize board........not that i won anything lol seemed a decent enough pub though

16 Nov 2011 13:38

The Kings Arms, Norwich

discovered this one as needs must rather than was lthe ord mayors precession 2008 and we were on the bus going into city centre the very long and slow way round as a result. I had already 'broke the seal' and as the bus approached this gaff i reached for the stop button and we piled off into the boozer. a good choice if i say so myself, a pub thats still a pub with a great atmosphere, and oranjeboom on tap!!! (didnt know they still made it!) a good find and will use again when in the area.

16 Nov 2011 13:21

The Coachmakers Arms, Norwich

good beer, good atmoshere, decent pub 8/10

16 Nov 2011 13:10

Albion, Thetford

probably the best pub in thetford, friendly atmosphere, pool table etc

3 Nov 2011 09:18

The Black Horse, Thetford

a proper pub. always busy which is a good sign!

3 Nov 2011 09:17

The Norfolk Terrier, Thetford

decent enough estate boozer.....better than most in Thetford!

3 Nov 2011 09:15

The Royal George, Barningham

this is a lovely pub- just a shame there opening hours arent longer or i would drink there more often!

2 Nov 2011 16:36

The Old Railway Tavern, Eccles

first of all.......GO TO THIS PUB!!!! just to say youve been there! this place beggars beleive as to how its still trading. nothing has been done to this gaff in probably 30 years (its like stepping back in time!!) no customers when we dropped in and no draught lager- i had to opt for a bud ice a year out of date! didnt bother complaining to the 70 odd year old broad norfolk landlady with beard and all. rare as people, rare as!!

2 Nov 2011 16:35

The Angel Inn, Larling

Larling beer fest is a real must! it aint no beer fest youve been to anywhere else!!! food wise-plenty of it at decent prices....nothing poncy just good pub grub. a proper country pub and recommended.

2 Nov 2011 16:30

The Nags Head, East Harling

only been in for a quick pint- pub has been refurbed tastefully. front bar has a real country feel to it- leather chairs, bookcases, pictures etc with the back bar now a restaurant nicely laid out. decent kegs/casks on offer, menu looked good albeit slightly pricey- but then again not so much if the food is as good as it looks and smells! defo be back!

2 Nov 2011 16:28

The White Horse, Kenninghall

still like a morgue if your going out for a few BUT i have to say its overtaken the Red Lion in terms of quality food and value for money.......

2 Nov 2011 16:20

The Fighting Cocks, Winfarthing

amen to that kevmac. amen

2 Nov 2011 16:14

The White Hart, Roydon

dropped in here for a quick pint, place was empty bar one other bloke but it was 6pm..........first visit since refurb and theyve done a tasteful job- beer garden has been sorted out and looks like a great choice for chilling out when summer comes round. menu looks good....will probably try at some point.

2 Nov 2011 16:10

The White Horse, South Lopham

currently closed.....rumoured to be being sold freehold!

2 Nov 2011 14:06

The Cross Keys, Redgrave

pub changed hands couple of months ago, BIG improvement! refurbed and a degree of atmosphere has returned.....the new licensees are more sociable and food seems to be good (not tried myself).......if you stopped coming here coz you lost the will to live- give it another go!

2 Nov 2011 14:05

The White Horse, Thelnetham

boarded up! has now been closed 9 months!

2 Nov 2011 14:03

The Bramley Inn, Bramley

sank a few in here when visiting family- decent size proper village boozer. chilled in the large beer garden which was complaints about beer although we did endure a couple of minging glasses during the sesh. landlord likes a bit of banter- which is what its all about, love the small footy memorabilia room to the side- good effort!! apparently the adjoining indian restaurant is rather good too! happily revisit when in the area!

2 Nov 2011 14:00

The Bakers, Basingstoke

swift one in here when visiting family.......its a 'ok but not one thats going to stick in your memory'. very busy as town sent pub- average.

2 Nov 2011 13:55

The Dun Cow, Bardwell

its okay...............nothing to shout home about!

2 Nov 2011 13:53

The Duke of Marlborough, Hepworth

had plenty of cash thrown at it................but the doors remain closed! up for lease......

2 Nov 2011 13:50

The Cock Inn, Stanton

its a better than average village pub- 3 dart boards, pool table, tv etc. place is modern by other pubs in the area but by no means doesnt feel like a pub.
food looks and smells good. wouldnt make a special trip but decent enough

2 Nov 2011 13:49

Six Bells Inn, Bardwell

anotherpintplease must have the wrong place- this place hasnt changed in 40 years (probably still the same lick of paint!)......its ok at best, very much a locals country pub.......not somewhere you would go for a lively one. darts, pool and juke box (not updated that often by the looks of it!), mainly GK beers as its a GK pub! if in Walsham......the Blue Boars a preferred choice.

2 Nov 2011 13:45

The Vine, Hopton

just changed hands, new landlady seems nice. well it cant get any worse.

1 Apr 2011 11:03

Dukes Head Inn, Stowmarket

its basically a wetherspoons, cheap drink, flat screens, contemp decor....but its gud enough 4 me 2 start a nite out!!

1 Apr 2011 10:51

Verandah Bar, Stowmarket

went in for lunch, bit of a dump inside, we sat out! decent enough new york chicken, beer ok.

1 Apr 2011 10:47

The Cock Inn, Diss

good, proper drinkin pub with a decent atmosphere.

31 Mar 2011 16:10

Crown Inn, Haddiscoe

lovely homemade burgers, decent service and a nice clean restaurant. love the fosters pool table as well-i want 1!!!

25 Feb 2011 12:59

The Crown Inn, Gissing

true village local, newly built smoking area looks gud, food smelt lovely and the guvnors a nice bloke. had a bad pint tasted vinegary but quick enough to change it and next was fine. all in all worth a visit!

25 Feb 2011 12:53

The Nags Head, East Harling

now re-opened as the george and dragon, not bin in yet but l/lord of the greyhound botesdale has bought it (good sign) so watch this space!

17 Feb 2011 12:59

The Nags Head, East Harling

now re-opened as the george and dragon, not bin in yet but l/lord of the greyhound botesdale has bought it (good sign) so watch this space!

17 Feb 2011 12:59

Queens Head, Wymondham

big old boozer, spot on 4 a few pints, watchin the footy and a few games of pool.

15 Feb 2011 13:53

The White Horse, South Lopham

new hosts are doing a superb job, gud beer, atmosphere and delightful homemade food. the ham tagliatelle cooked in white wine is a real must. watch out 4 beer fest pencilled in 4 the summer! dog friendly and large flat sreen tv in the bar. 9/10

15 Feb 2011 13:49

The George, New Buckenham


15 Feb 2011 13:31

The Ox and Plough, Attleborough

its a proper spit and saw dust pub, no food just decent beer and pool, nice landlord/llady

15 Feb 2011 13:31

Two Brewers, Diss

make that The nut bush not the bushel!

15 Feb 2011 13:26

The Fox and Hounds, Steeple Bumpstead

my dad ran this pub briefly in the early 80s! b4 i was about!

17 Jan 2011 15:05

The Queens Head, Long Stratton

decent boozer, nice landlord!

1 Dec 2010 16:58

Suffield Arms, Thorpe Market

food ok, only people eating when we went there (couldnt get in pub dow nthe road). bar was busy n beer choice ok. not bad but not somewhere id travel especially.

1 Dec 2010 16:57

The Victoria Inn, Deopham


1 Dec 2010 15:08

The Steam Packet, Norwich

bit strange! full of stuck up groups not reli where i fit in. was very busy tho and at least they did av the footy on.

23 Nov 2010 14:29

Kings, Norwich

decent enough boozer, agree with smorgasbord, landlords a luvly bloke, beers fine the bars nice but yea the outside areas a bit of a mess cud be a lovely courtyard n smokin area. does seem to lack atmosphere tho

23 Nov 2010 14:21

Take 5, Norwich

closed for a long time!!

23 Nov 2010 14:17

The Lawyer, Norwich

this is a decent enough pub dunno y the poor rating, never eaten here but decent beer, clean n fairly gud atmosphere

23 Nov 2010 14:17

The Ribs of Beef, Norwich

this is a crackin pub, quality choice of beer, nice layout inc. small balcony downstairs (luvly for chillin out with a beer by the river), and sky sports. what more cud you want!

23 Nov 2010 14:15

The Mischief, Norwich

propa pub as described before, geat atmosphere, and 1 of my fav pubs in norwich

23 Nov 2010 14:08

The Mischief, Norwich

propa pub as described before, geat atmosphere, and 1 of my fav pubs in norwich

23 Nov 2010 14:08

The Dolphin, Cromer

looks can deceive! mite look a tired old joint but beers gud n the foods lovely! mixed grills yummy!

19 Nov 2010 09:34

Kings Head, Cromer

ok boozer, wouldnt eat there!

19 Nov 2010 09:32

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

food has ALWAYS been very good here, 2nd best only to the courtyard.

19 Nov 2010 09:29

Yates's, Peterborough

not gr8 as yates never is....slightly betta than the college tho!

17 Nov 2010 12:55

College Arms, Peterborough

was a rite s***hole wen we used to go in here a few yrs ago, full of wierdos. food was ok...WHEN we finally got it, 1 1/4 hour wait for breakfst (lunch by the time we got it!!)

17 Nov 2010 12:54

The Brewery Tap, Peterborough

used to stay in peterbrough a bit and hads a lovely thai meal here.decent enough pub

17 Nov 2010 12:51

The Robert Kett Public House, Wymondham

ok pub very much like a wetherspoons!

17 Nov 2010 12:44

The Gamekeeper, Old Buckenham


17 Nov 2010 12:42

The Queens Head, Bury St Edmunds

decent pub, sky sports

17 Nov 2010 12:29

Kings Arms, Bury St Edmunds

always loved this pub...shame the happy hours gone 1 n 1/2 pints-superb!! always had gr8 food tho- their burgers r a mission!! nice court yard area in the summer

17 Nov 2010 12:24

The Grapes, Bury St Edmunds

crackin live music pub, had sum gr8 times in here...its a proper boozer!! if u want posh food go to a restaurant!

17 Nov 2010 12:20

The Blue Boar, Walsham le Willows

only been in for live music but always had a gud nite! decent boozer.

15 Nov 2010 16:35

The Duke of Marlborough, Hepworth

closed atm opening again soon.

15 Nov 2010 16:34

The Rose and Crown, Stanton

nowhere near what it was like 10 yrs ago!!!

15 Nov 2010 16:33

The Grafton Arms, Barnham

ok pub nothin special

15 Nov 2010 16:21

Zaks, Thetford

open again as the riverside. nice beer garden 4 chillin in the summer.

15 Nov 2010 16:20

The Railway Tavern, Thetford

decent boozer, sky sports. shame pool tables a quid tho!

15 Nov 2010 16:18

The Rose and Crown, Thetford

*rose and creche. if ur 25 ul feel old! railway round the corners a far beeta pub!

15 Nov 2010 16:17

The Kings Head, Thetford

if u like the dragon ul like this. nuff sed!

15 Nov 2010 16:16

The Angel, Thetford

10/10 coz its closed!! best way for it!

15 Nov 2010 16:13

The Red Lion, Thetford


15 Nov 2010 16:12

The Green Dragon, Thetford

bit of a dump tbh!!!

15 Nov 2010 16:12

The Ivy House, Stradbroke

had a company meal here in jan which i had booked myself . upon arrival we were told they had no knowledge of this. after a few minutes we were told they could cook 'certain meals' but nothing too involved as everything had been turned off, and generally made to feel like it was inconvinient. as we were considering leaving the FULL menu became available so we decided to stay put. my friend steak had to be sent back TWICE as she asked for w-d and it came out rare! the landlady was very short with us although i will say the majority of our 3 course meal was very nice. i was drinking vodka and coke whilst someone else on the table drank malibu n coke, and my second drink smelt of coconut (i can tell as i detest the stuff) but was told from across the pub it definatly wasnt and they couldnt smell it! after a bit of a fuss it was eventually changed! chatted with the lanlord after the meal, nice enough guy. in summery, nice pub, good food just a shame about the service! *not my fault someone didnt write our booking down!

15 Nov 2010 16:06

The Dickleburgh Crown, Dickleburgh

went in here when they had the cockney rebels playin!! it was heavin out the doors unsuprisingly, absolutely bangin nite!!

15 Nov 2010 15:34

The Half Moon Inn, Rushall

went here coz every1 raves about the half/full moon grill.....steak was cooked to cremation (i like m-r) and gammon wasnt the best. the rest was ok but ive had far betta mixed grills!

12 Nov 2010 16:21

The Fighting Cocks, Winfarthing

ps if u think this is expensive dont go to buston crown!

12 Nov 2010 16:15

The Burston Crown, Burston

ate here couple of years ago n the food was lovely but rediculously expensive! �11 for a burger?!! yea it was lush but no burgers worth that!

12 Nov 2010 16:14

The Fighting Cocks, Winfarthing

iv always had decent fresh cooked food here tbh n its not THAT much more expensive than most pub restuarants. it does lack atmosphere tho, pool bar needs sum backround tunes!!

12 Nov 2010 16:12

Two Brewers, Diss

just reopened as the bushel, been refurbed dunno wot its like but cant b worse than b4!

12 Nov 2010 16:08

The Waterfront, Diss

*used to be called the sun roger not swan. just been refurbed n not bin in yet, decent enuf pub, gud cheap food, n nice decking area at the back overlookin the mere spot on 4 chillin out on in the summer!

12 Nov 2010 16:06

The White Horse, Diss

ok if ur over 65

12 Nov 2010 16:02

The Crossways, Scole

ok pub, decent food n sky sports

12 Nov 2010 15:50

The Scole Inn, Scole

never eaten here but stayed n the rooms were lush! not bad choice 4 a few pints either

12 Nov 2010 15:49

The Horseshoes, Billingford

propa old skool landlord with very dry sense of humour, ok pub but food nothin 2 shout about considering how busy it is

12 Nov 2010 15:47

The Red Lion, Norwich

1 of my fav pubs in norwich, gr8 beer n are/were a nice couple runnin it (mot been in 4 couple of years now. always busy

12 Nov 2010 15:29

The Mustard Pot, Norwich

full of the mighty NCFC boys on a sat! not bad boozer

12 Nov 2010 15:25

The Rivergarden, Thorpe St Andrew

gud food, nice garden by the river perfect 4 chillin in the summer with a few bevvies!!

12 Nov 2010 15:24

The Gordon, Norwich

used to use this pub a few years ago with my ex girlfriend, always made to feel welcome by regulars and the luvly old skool landlady (wonder if she is still there?!) , propa community pub definatly worth a visit if near by!

12 Nov 2010 15:23

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

great spit n sawdust style pub full of the mighty green n yellows!! crackin beer from pubs own brewery n sky sports. top banana!!

12 Nov 2010 15:09

The Nags Head, East Harling


12 Nov 2010 15:07

The Kings Head, Woodton

went here a few months ago and i av 2 say i was really impressed! gud choice of draught beers inc guests, lovely food n a nice atmosphere! smokin shelters decent which is important in my book!

12 Nov 2010 14:11

Wellington Hotel, Cromer

this place is the best in cromer! lovely pub with bnb rooms. sky sports and bands in the summer, cant beat chillin in the courtyard out the back. the courtyard restuarant serves STUNNING food. a must visit.

12 Nov 2010 14:09

The Red Lion, Kenninghall

clickey! foods gud tho

12 Nov 2010 14:07

The White Horse, Kenninghall

the bangin gud nites av gone n its a lil strange in here now....not a patch on the atmosphere it used 2 av, not bad 4 food

12 Nov 2010 14:07

The White Elephant, Diss

this is a RARE pub! lol must visit just 2 say uv bin there!

12 Nov 2010 14:04

The Dolphin, Wortham

average. not a bad nite out but not like it used 2 b!

12 Nov 2010 14:03

The Saracens Head Hotel, Diss

great homemade food! and lots of it!

11 Nov 2010 16:16

The Greyhound, Diss

gud 4 footy!

11 Nov 2010 16:15

The Crown, Diss

betta than it used 2 b! cleaner smarter n a betta nite out

11 Nov 2010 16:14

The White Horse, South Lopham

dunno wot the last guy is on about, ive been using the horse 4 yrs and people who are 'visitors' to the area have always been made 2 feel very welcome by regulars and have been commended on the atmosphere, not making people feel 'intrusive'. as for the 10.30 situ that was a 'last admittance' time, which is no longer in place. always been a great pub 4 beer, music, food n chillin in the lovely big beer garden! new hosts taken over r a great couple and think they will do well!

11 Nov 2010 16:10

The White Horse, Rickinghall

luvly landlady, shame its very quiet now

11 Nov 2010 15:44

The White Horse, Thelnetham

had sum awesum nites in here ove the yrs, not bin in 4 a couple of yrs but not the pub it used 2 b!

11 Nov 2010 15:42

The Vine, Hopton

all i can say is dive!! and a rude landlady!

11 Nov 2010 15:41

The Kings Head Inn, North Lopham

quality pub. george n angie av turned this place bak into a great place 2 use-gud beer, luvly food. sausage n ale fest is highly recommended!

11 Nov 2010 15:39

The Greyhound, Botesdale

a propa pub! gud beer n top guvnor

11 Nov 2010 15:28

The Cross Keys, Redgrave

used to be a crackin pub, gone very foodie now n theres NO atmospere

11 Nov 2010 15:26

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