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Comments by hebbesy

The Tickled Trout, Wye

Picturesque pub situated just outside of Wye station, nice atmosphere to it in the Summer.

14 May 2008 13:06

Undecided, Ashford

This bar has changed names more times than I can list and seems to have settled for undecided. Again a weird bar which has karaoke every night pretty much but has managed to pick up a chav / pikey element to it.
Again I wouldnt advise going here unless you really really feel the urge to listen to karaoke or cant find anywhere else to go.

14 May 2008 13:04

The Swan, Ashford

Much improved now the management has changed, still lacking in decent comfy seats but the changes that I have noticed are improved customer service and a better jukebox with friendlier atmosphere to the bar already.

The management who were previously running it seemed to think by introducing a chav culture / club 18 - 30 style would attract customers and didnt seem to worry about the reputation the pub was getting.

The swan when I was a regular used to have a great mix of people who would feel content to sit around chat and listen to music all night everyone knew everyone and new people were always made to feel welcome.

I have started to return to the place now the pub is showing signs of recovering to where it was when I was a regular.

14 May 2008 13:01

The Phoenix, Ashford

Good food, atmosphere is generally ok although it does tend to be packed on Friday, Saturday nights. Beer pricing has gone up in there but Ashford is quite expensive to drink in anyway.

As someone said there is a weird layout but they have improved the number of screens now so this layout doesnt effect anything if you like to watch sport.

One of the better bars in town but there is not a jukebox and there isnt a pool table which I feel would have added to the pub as the music is strangely balanced and I feel if they could get a decent jukebox in there with wide range of music would improve the score no end.

14 May 2008 12:54

County Hotel, Ashford

Ignore the other review, everytime I have been in weatherspoons the tables are never cleared, there are kids everywhere, beer prices have crept up to normal bar pricing. Also the food is generally terrible and they never have what you require. Beer is generally ok and I dont recall having a dodgy pint.

My score would have been higher but is dragged down by the poor food and cleanliness in the pub.

14 May 2008 12:50

British Volunteer, Ashford

Cheapest pool table in town and not bad jukebox still a bit of a rough pub, seem to be saying this a lot about Ashford's pubs at the moment. Beer is ok priced not sure about food.

14 May 2008 12:47

The Blacksmiths Arms, Willesborough

Good food but very expensive pint prices, more restaurant feel than pub though, and a very reasonable su

14 May 2008 12:46

The Beaver Inn, Ashford

Not been in this pub since summer 2007 was still a very rough feel to it with lots of arrogance when playing pool, wouldnt advise going in here as didnt impress me very much.

14 May 2008 12:44

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