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The Prince Albert, Peckham

Refurbed. Redesigned. Reimagined.
Reduced customer base...dramatically !

16 Apr 2015 14:55

The Neptune, Somers Town

I believe the Neptune has served it's last pint, some time ago.

20 Jul 2012 16:20

The Victoria Inn, Peckham Rye

This is the old Wishing Well pub - refurnished, renamed.
Address shown is incorrect, it should be:

79, Choumert Rd, London, SE15 4AR

10 Dec 2011 16:00

The Montpelier, Peckham


Thanks for the reply earlier this year - yes it was noticed that more action was taken so thank you.

10 Dec 2011 15:58

The Montpelier, Peckham

They need to close the outside area earlier in the evening, as the Victoria does down the road. Seem to have forgotten they are in a neighbourhood. Get a grip owners - too noisy on warm evenings.

30 Jul 2011 01:06

The London Inn, Padstow

DEFINITELY! underflippinglined...

20 Jan 2011 22:22

The Dukes Head, Sunninghill

Have continued using the dukes - I might say if the photo of exterior seems 'normal as in drab' - IGNORE! Great place inside. Myself; I don't bother with the other pubs in Sunninghill now.

20 Jan 2011 22:11

Kensington Arms, Kensington

Sadly gone dark during this year. No signs of refurbishment. I wonder if this is the end of the Ken Arms?

21 Dec 2010 18:26

The Montpelier, Peckham

2nd ed telboy; I would make the distriction of traditional pub round here, so that's the Albert, and modernised- Mont. Both likedby locals and quite a few use both.
Good owners staff yes ale - Sambrooks a sth London brewery - and much better than afew months back.

15 Dec 2010 20:41

The Prince Albert, Peckham

Seems I will have to update here; the wonderful Geraldine has pulled the Albert into shape & it remains the South London boozer to frequent round here. Full of local character/s, banter, and yesfootball. Also a pub carpet. And a proper (battered) pool table. Joy.

15 Dec 2010 20:32

The Thatched Tavern, Ascot

Fantastic old style bar area - flagstones, low beams, big fireplace burning logs.
Also restaurant to the side. Well healed area but looked like a good locals place as well as the wider Ascot area. Coming across it on a dark lane it was the perfect travellers retreat at Christmas.

15 Dec 2010 19:42

The Dukes Head, Sunninghill

By the way the interior pic is out of date; now a more trad pub feel but pmas some clubbiness here and there. Good staff here - all locals it seems, & committed to the place.

9 Dec 2010 23:15

The Dukes Head, Sunninghill

What a great pub! Somewhere with character. My visit whilst in the area got me good food at a low price , rocking Rudolph beer and local banter galore. Certainly a 'real' feel to the place. Give them a try when passing - top marks.

9 Dec 2010 23:09

Dog & Partridge, Sunninghill

You have to go 1 street back from the high st to find the pub but well worthwhile to do so.
Well run and food led but the layout & vibe is not overly gastro -rather more a relaxed place with good food and drink. Good service too.
Seems they have good attention to detail. For the locals if Sunninghill it must be a great civilized local to have.
Music & decor both considered and well done- not trad pub sure, but NOT stiff and offputting.
Even on a v cold quiet night there were enough in to make a buzz.
A vv pleasant place.

2 Dec 2010 19:27

The Prince Albert, Peckham

Paul has suddenly gone - willl be missed I think... - The Albert the watering hole of the main drinking souls around here who like a personable pub.

13 Aug 2010 23:47

The Wishing Well, Peckham

Now the Victoria. Capital pub co - full redo. Crowd appeared on opening night - never seen here previous to that - and have kept up the tempo so far.
Central London pricing. Local chef doing an exotic menu - mostly liked it seems.
Meantime brewery on tap -2 of - and Sharps ' Cornish ' ale. Brooklyn beer in bottles are some of the drinks on the list.

4 Aug 2010 22:52

The Montpelier, Peckham

Seconded angie1 - very much the place with some character and for locals to drink in.

4 Aug 2010 22:44

Kensington Arms, Kensington

An update from 'in situ' at the ken arms, via the miracle of wifi phn.
Still the screens and all bar one ish interior, aleviated by Sharps beer. Certainly serving the young n funky clientele hereabouts. Could do without music videos however.
Well run and has it's moments for the older drinker.

15 Jan 2010 17:15

The Montpelier, Peckham

Great team behind the bar in the Mont these days - good service and atmosphere generally.

20 Dec 2009 08:43

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Full of 'barrow (type) boys, us included, and bankery types - so an appropriately named pub. Full up on a Friday night and a great noise it was too! This place is the epitome of big city location public house and one welcomes the space to get lost in and watch the world go by. Opposite London Bridge so an incredibly busy area,Good beers and wines. Expensive nuts. Actually quite a good menu too, with steak and ale pie as the stalwart and game, brandy and redcurrant on there for city blokes meeting their country uncles.
If visiting make sure you visit Southwark cathedral 2 minutes away beside Borough market. A gracious place.

21 Nov 2009 09:29

The Wishing Well, Peckham

Due to close and be refurbished I've heard - in new year? At least not going to be a 'lost pub' and closed altogether.

21 Nov 2009 09:12

The Masons Arms, Mayfair

Used the Masons in the 90's a fair bit at times, and is officially 'a pub I like'.
Pint of Spitfire and a chat with a fellow Sat aft Londoner drinker along the bar made for a good atmosphere. With the telly on quiet but so you can keep an eye on gloom and doom news and sport results and Proper service from Proper pub staff. Class

2 Aug 2009 10:58

The Windmill, Mayfair

always busy after office hours I've noticed but only wnadered in recently for first time in long time. Rich colours; reds and golds and wood, and quite dim lighting give a clubby type of feel, and there is a nod to classcicism in the theme of the prints on the walls. Elaborate cornicing and ceiling panel decoration are well kept up.
Noted re pies comments - I wasnt eating but they sound good. Youngs of course and Bombadier and firendly staff.
Have to say that depsite its proximity to Regent St, on a Saturday afternoon with a handfull of tourists in, it was somewhat dreary - in 'pure character pub' terms. For a while I kinda liked that.....

2 Aug 2009 10:48

The Wishing Well, Peckham

Really could do with some sorting out here and a consistant guvnor. Was a great local, now that job being taken on very well by The Albert.

19 Jul 2009 10:10

Kensington Arms, Kensington

Still in and out of the 'Ken Arms', and mostly for the Doom Bar and other Sharps beer. Certainly not a trad pub anymore, but a well run, mostly antipoedean staffed modern bar with a local feel. Back of the place mostly for eating - and the many customers doing so and quaffing vino show it must be good. Great for sport at the front of the bar with US style set-up of screens, usually turned to quiet. Miss the old pub, but at least the place has kept open & flourishing.

19 Jul 2009 10:05

The Chequers, St James's

Haven't reviewed here before, but a long time fan of The Chequers - always the one I use when in fancy St James's - certainly small, but in better weather at least the sense of space helped by the side passage and use of Masons Yd at the back to congregate in. Always some local workers of all types in, and visitors and shoppers. Interesting villageysense later in the weekday evenings when many have gorn home. Various beers, London Pride amongst them, and all the usual stuff; and usually good staff to serve them. Good grub as well and just the place to stop after organizing ones food delivery at Fortnums.....

19 Jul 2009 09:56

The Blue Posts, Fitzrovia

enjoyed a good evening upstairs on the 'Pure Brew'. Quite an elegant boozer - not much messed around with, and certainly a more erudite crowd over this side of Oxford St than that lot in Soho....

19 Jul 2009 09:46

The Green Man, Soho

Pretty big bar and seat section other side of divide, heaving on a Friday night, yelling, shouting, kissing, yakking - mostly young crowd, v Soho mix. The sport news on telly, cheapish beer - all the normal ones. Was fine for a coupla beers.

18 Jul 2009 17:58

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

ohh and food wise an interesting selection of tasty sausages - 4 types to choose from. sounded yum. Beer and bangers - pass not by!

5 Jul 2009 11:10

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

D'you know I'd never tried this one. Good atmosphere on a sunny day plus friendly service. Beer list; Doom Bar, Pride, Harviestoun blonde, Morrisey fox.
Wimbledon on TV, mix of tourists, shoppers and business folk as you mifght expect close to Bond St. All in all a good pub in traditional style.

5 Jul 2009 11:08

The Punch Bowl, Mayfair

Looked in as occasionally do, not much change - Duchars and bombadier on. Grandly dressed up wedding party from church along the way in, so a suilably Mayfair feel to the place. Dark wooden interior, not fancy smancy thourough enough service. Grub on. Beer expensive yes. mind you you're not likely to wander round here unless working or looking for odd pubs to frequent, so...

5 Jul 2009 11:02

The Guinea, Mayfair

Besiged nowadays by hedge fund people after office hours and lunch. The tartan carpet and drawings of Edwardian oddities and ladies and gents give it the old world air. The mews is upmarket these days - fancy restaurants and art galleries and dont let your ladies near Rupert Sanderson's shoes for fear of ruin!
Still a oddity in a grand corner of the town, so its very welcome. Try it whilst the ladies are bending plastic on Bond St

30 Jun 2009 15:53

The Hawley Arms, Camden

Was in just before fire - not me guv - and popped in sunday - no different in main bar. not a crowd to remark on.
For you beerers there was Tom Woods bomber County - nice Lancaster drawing on pump label, Abbott ale and Old Trip.
Posers, Sunday couples and groups, not trendy enough for the barkeepers who have quiet disdain for the weekend masses methinks. Me? Was drunk weekly in Camden before they were born - too old to care now - so there ha!

30 Jun 2009 15:46

The Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

Came in for 1 as passing - have drunk in here laast time round here. A friendly feel to the place, a touch of French brasserie to it in the main bar - but very pubish overall, and there are distinct 'areas' to try each time. I like the little 'library' bit with a window looking out into the greenery. Dark and bookish. Easily spend an afternoon reading with beer!
L Pride, Adnams and lagers of course. Always the local characters round the bar holdng court. a village pub - in one of London's 'villages'. Do try.

18 Jun 2009 23:55

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

Not in for a while - but passing by far too early one morning recently remebered to notice the 'display' of champers bottles in the window; nothing fancy about the RE inside, but no doubt these bubbles were bought and enjoyed here, on the back of a good day at the races, a deal done...maybe a decree fini! A boozer of the 1st class in London terms.

13 Jun 2009 15:48

The Prince Albert, Peckham

Lunches now on and good clear posters re what sports being shown. Not overwhelmingly loud though so you can enjoy a drink even if not engaged in 2020, rugby or footer. Believe new pumps going in from Fullers soon to add to the ale side. Welcoming, well run local pub nowadays.

13 Jun 2009 09:11

The Bar 190, Gore Hotel, Kensington

Long bar, all paneled interiors,with comfortable seating around. Dimmed lighting make this an elgant evening location and a certainly a bar not pub, but not overly 'done' up - just a good clubby feel. Very nice place to take the good lady wife to and a good place for drinks prior to the Albert Hall, but keep it to yourselves. The Gore is an old style of hotel with quite some history and gently upkept not stripped back and modernised. Quite trendy as it's off the beaten track (in London terms). Beer only in bottles, but good wine list including Cloudy Bay and with cocktails and sprits galore. Jazz on some nights.

12 Jun 2009 11:15

The Fountain Head, Thornton Heath

Yup - sad to see

1 Jun 2009 22:00

The Prince Albert, Peckham

New manager in. Doing well - nibbles on Sunday, London Pride now on - properly kept too and tasting v good. Coat of paint due I hear.
BTW Neenaw... by talking to em....or listening over shoulders !

29 May 2009 23:09

The Montpelier, Peckham

Harveys on - and tasting good!

17 May 2009 17:44

The Builders Arms, Kensington

I've known the Builders for donkeys years - in there regulary when it was a 'normal boozer in early 80's with currency notes all over the wall behind the bar- anyone remember Rosa''s cafe opposite? Not caf territory now - always was upmarket here but is very 'enclaved' nowadays. You really only come in this bit if you have business in a house, know someone or get lost down behind Barkers!
Builders well patronised since its smarten up a few years back - the American college being a mainstay of trade so quite a young, glamourous and well heeled crowd. I gave it a try again recently. Not overdone in decor dept - clubby feel but still bar standing and high tables to lean. Good beers - Tribute, London Pride, Sierra Navada 5% - it's a California beer - Gales HSB, Schnider Weisse (one of those fancy ceramic tap things) Aspalls and Addlestones ciders on tap, and Illy coffee too.
For the summer sangria and Pimms in jugs - sounds good huh.
Staff were very crisp and friendly - very good Aus manager on - and the food looked good and wasnt overpriced for this sort of pub. Blooming good sounding veriety of burgers - meat from the West Country & named. All in all a very good place, perfect for its area with a good 'local pub' feel to the place.

11 May 2009 18:38

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

Chelsea Arsenal FA cup day and lots of noise and plastic glass action - young crowd shouting in 20 different languages. Expensive booze. They have Doom Bar for the ale choice and every larger under the sun. Great for a sport day - large room at the back with huge screen and various other screens around. Baseball, tennis, cricket on in front of pub - head spinning with choice! Good atmosphere generally.

19 Apr 2009 12:59

Wheatsheaf, Southwark

Looked in Sat lunchtime - down the steps into vaulted room, big bar, beers as TMJ lists - Youngs Spec good. Bit too bright down here perhaps - bit of London gloom would be my call. Sofa area, dart board in its own vault. Most of the drinking trade going to the Southwark on the corner being a sunny day, so quietish. Good for evenings once it gets going I guess

19 Apr 2009 12:53

The Antelope, Belgravia

Used to be pretty much only a local for the house staff and associated workers around here, and had an old world feel - you could imagine Mr Hudson disapproving of Edward in here (UpstairsDownstairs) . Anyway its changed a lot since its uppydo and seems to be an enthusiastic management and staff and lots of different patrons wandering up from Sloane Sq.

18 Apr 2009 10:45

Hoopers Bar, Camberwell

Just missed the beer fest here -were loads on tap and 50 bottled -but still a lovely pint of Hammerpot from Sussex this eve - good crowd as eve drew on. V cilvilized people.. Rugby on mute on telly for those sport buffs - good local bar / boozer / pub . Do come along and join us. On E Dulwich and Peckham (nice bit ) borders - a real find if you like a pub thats not corporateised. Bar hangers, lots of couples, lugubrious barman, some grub. Nice beer.
Say no more.

17 Apr 2009 23:46

The Cornish Arms, St Merryn

Was here iin Feb and thought it must be a Stein operation now - wines not many could get easily and identifiably different food. Very good service and thankfully not changed too much. Popular on the Sunday we stopped by.

16 Apr 2009 18:39

Hoopers, Camberwell

This place is open and still called Hoopers - it was the Ivanhoe until ,ooo abt 4 years ago. Much improoved - the owners try hard and have a rnge of real ales and guest ones too.
Give em a go, loads of houses around here served by this pub - we dont want to loose another one!

14 Apr 2009 14:05

The Star and Garter, Soho

A soho pub that still has character, one of ones I'll use when in the area. Nice little bar - bit busy sometimes. Mix of regulars and passers by - usualy older drinkers, not kids. Good staff and beer. Always seems welcoming to step in to.

5 Apr 2009 14:15

The Oxenham Arms Inn, South Zeal

Went to call in about 4 weeks back - sadly shut. Guvnor credit crunched locals tell

5 Apr 2009 09:34

The Iron Duke, Victoria station

I vary between this one and Weatherspoons with the view and cheaper prices - but mostly here for the train wait pint. Not nice in any way, but gloomy - which gives some character, and with entrances from street and staion, so the people flow and hurlyburly is part of this place at rush hours - staion pubs should be. dont'cha think? London Pride on here, couple of TVs on news channel. City & commuter life all around.

5 Apr 2009 09:24

Maggies Bar, Kensal Green

Talk about a local - not my neck of the woods, but a Sat aft drink in here and it was all going on around you; chatty barmaid, the local golfers (builder style) getting ready for a trip off somewhere, plenty of local chatter from ladies and lads, darts, horses and other sport on telly. It looks grim from outside - a trad old Irish dive. Inside - decor is knocked about trad front room pub - and a good warm feeling of drinkers at home. Good beer choice - no cant remember actually. A real pub to escape the refinements of the gastrod one up the road (chamberlayne). No doubt gets shouty some nights. Quite a find in the new gentrified Chamberlayne rd.

27 Mar 2009 18:34

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Came in here couple of months ago - beer choice good and it was busy - lots of numedia youngsters talking loudly - but somewhat souless. Moved on into the Borough.

24 Mar 2009 14:51

The Wishing Well, Peckham

Still up and down here - another manager in here - looking promising though - the pool table is back, back bar in use again. And good - no really it is - pub food on the go, at normal prices, not gastro. Now get some ale in the place!

20 Mar 2009 22:33

The Orange Brewery, Belgravia

Went past the other day - work ongoing and sign being put in window; The Orange - Pimlico family pub, opening Autumn 09
Glad the site will remain a pub, of some sort anyway - I thought Daylesfords would get ANOTHER place along here!

20 Mar 2009 07:16

The Hedgehog and Pheasant, Pimlico

Had 1 big drink in this place before recent changes - and wish I hadnt, crikey it was pricy and the most unwelcoming barstaff.

16 Mar 2009 19:40

The Queens Arms, Pimlico

Havent been in since ultra smart updo - they had a sausage festival with beer though, last summer from the signs outside. The tidy couples destination in Pimlico.

16 Mar 2009 19:38

The Prince of Wales, Pimlico

I stop off in the POWales quite regularly - I like tired pubs, see review below, and yes the staff are pretty good here. Customers in non office turnout hours are mixed bunch in age,voices,swearing capability etc. Anyway usually a good pint of Pride to be had. Tables outside for better weather and to watch the bustle of people shopping and making their way to and from Victoria train & bus stations - quite a parade sometimes. And they do nobbys nuts.

16 Mar 2009 19:30

The Shortlands Tavern, Shortlands

Only been in here few times at quietish times for a couple, but seems to be ok - telly, music, carpet and various types of locals- def not gastroed!! good IPA & Broadside there, but mostly larger otherwise. cheerful staff, dogs...the avearge sort of place.

15 Mar 2009 13:32

The Prince Albert, Peckham

Prince A gaining in popularity around here lately - a good crowd of all backgrounds - writers to builders it seems. Good staff serving us the beer - not much in the way of ale though - Courage, Masterbrew and JSmiths and then its largerville. Carpet on floor, fruit machine, telly, regular crowd but open enough to passers by.

7 Mar 2009 20:48

The Oast House, London Bridge Station

Yes had a train wait pint in here recently - IPA I think. It was ok, pub...well a room really , overlit and lacking in atmosphere. The worst of the station bars / pubs that I know. Not even a sense of decrepitude - just mediocre. Somewhere to grab a pint whilst waiting...and then get the hell out.

20 Feb 2009 21:39

The Masons Arms, Marylebone

Stopped by and sampled a Badgers - v good. Quiet Sat aft - but a good pub to be sure.

14 Feb 2009 19:15

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

opps wrong beer - It was a Harveys in here, served by excellent barman. A v good pub for ale and trad pub atmosphere.

14 Feb 2009 19:13

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

quiet Sat afternoon passing by, so tried this boozer out for the 1st time, despite passing by many times over the years. Good pint of Badgers - other ales available and a typical off the track London pub clientele. Much busier in week evenings from the local workers, esp in summer.

14 Feb 2009 19:11

The Bull Inn, Great Milton

Wonderful location, open log fire, 2 bars to choose from, traditional village pub atmosphere. I had a very good pint of IPA and brought into a chat with the locals.

14 Feb 2009 08:30

The Endurance, Soho

Hadnt been in here since change from King of Corsica which was visited many; quite a difference to say the least. Utterly changed in look and feel and people - see review way back. Jolly young prof crowd, dark room made to feel plush, fancy drinks
Strange to still have the market outside without the King' to retreat to.

25 Jan 2009 08:28

The Duke Of Wellington, Portobello Road

Not bad for a revamped Youngs. Good and welcoming staff - what a gorgoeus barmaid. A cosy getaway from the cold evening.

20 Jan 2009 23:23

The Portobello Gold, Portobello Road

Early evening pint here, varied age and type locals pondering life and times together - good trad feel to the place. Horrible floor tiles though, and not wearing well - spoilt the place's feel somewhat. Floors give much to any place dontcha think? Great bar/pub to visit though. Beer was fine, what little I had.

20 Jan 2009 23:20

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Well poor experiences below I see - I call in here for 1 or 2 only every so often, a busy bustly pub, mostly home to many civil servants and other office bods, but others as well dotted about and therefore quite noisy - everyone having their fill before of to places north, south, east and west. Food on the go, but I have never botheres. The London Pride was good, and only 2.50 - hey its central London, it's good - and if not an exciting stop, then this is at least a traditional type place where its easy come easy go. My barman was sound by the way - they are kept busy of an evening.

14 Jan 2009 20:30

The Montpelier, Peckham

Very good Adnams on here - lovely couple of pints tonight. Also Duchars - Ive never tried that mind - any good? Upmarket largers and very good vino to boot - so good drinks to be had here. Young, mixed, serious (not raving) crowd mostly, but it varies, much like most of the places round here. Great part of London town that the Montpelier is getting to fit in just fine.

4 Jan 2009 21:03

The Orchard, Croydon

Quite a livley scene in here back in the late 70's when we lived over the way. Neil was the manager - great varied crowd of regulars. Been back since, not quite the same.

4 Jan 2009 17:54

The Wishing Well, Peckham

All beer 2.50 a pint on Weds, some food on now as well. Bout time

2 Jan 2009 17:23

The Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village

Thankfully a Youngs pub that is unchanged; this has a roaring fire, groups of regulars chating away, in well modulated tones mind, and good staff. Its a pub that knows its locals and fair enough. Perfectly civil to me too - my 1st time in -on NY eve lunchtime. A good pint of Youngs special to see the daylight hours of 2008 out. There was a good old style feel from this pub, suited to the gentrified area of SWLondon that it is part of.
I will be back whenever working in the area, cheers!

2 Jan 2009 14:46

The Greyhound, Kensington

big , buslty pub that great for youngsters and for football - glad its been taken in hand - might have gorn few years back. foro those who dont remember it used to have afull size snooker table in the back. Fine for lunch pint for everyone - better thean up on the high st., and Ken Sq is one of Londons oldest.

29 Dec 2008 17:31

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

Laid back 'decent boozer' feel about it, yes 'old man pub' - well not all have to be for sub-30 age group.
enjoyed my last visit here and will call in whenever back in CP

29 Dec 2008 17:20

The Ivy House, Nunhead

doesnt anyone visit the place and comment?? We have been a couple of times only, for the very good, left field events that are put on in the back function room. But the 2 bars are worth a visit as well - quite odd the main one, and then a pool table room with bar. Excellent south london crowd of all sorts and ages. Good luck to them here - it would have gorn the way of the dodo I think if not for the efforts put in to attract the art and events crowd.
- will keep getting in when pos.

28 Dec 2008 12:37

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

Definitely NOT a pub. Used to be a big place, good for families in summer with its garden. Still good for families, but wealthier ones. On our 1 attampted visit to see what was done with it, on a Sunday, the greeter stood in my way, asked what we wanted. when I said well maybe some lunch, the reply was, sorry we are full. It was - no exageration - one third full, with reserved signs on every table free. Ok, but then even going to the bar wasnt welcomed. We were looked at as if expected to leave. So we did. Never been back.
Get the number a book ahead for anyrthing to do with the place it seems.
PS Beer festival in garden - what a joke! For mini beer festivals try Hoopers in SE15.

28 Dec 2008 12:23

The Red Lion, Soho

Frankly one of the few pubs with interior character left in this corner of town - I was in over xmas - front bar; gloomy - cold fire flickering away, dirty leaded windows, a few souls drinking. Whiskey completed the scene for me. Loved it. a world away from the tourist / shopping maelstrom outside but only a few feet from it.
Plenty of tidied up pubs nearby for the main trade.

28 Dec 2008 12:14

The Devonshire Arms, Kensington

I visit the Dev occasionally when working in the area, and had quick lunch here in August; usually pretty quiet lunchtimes, but along with the odd passng tourist a few thespieish or writerish types passing the time. A quiet ambiance to the pub I find whenever here at lunch. Staff were laid back, but thennot that much to do - but I was served without problem and the snack I ordered was quick and fine. Livens up in the evenings I far as can see, when passing. Nice spot, I guess they all need to keep working at it to allay some of the discontent below!

14 Dec 2008 23:38

The Gowlett Arms, Peckham

Locals digging out their old 45s and spinning on the decks tonight - heard some rockabilly / bluesy stuff - great. Beers good - pint of Tiger for me and a good crowd around the bar.
Always great staff here - a great success in the area.

11 Dec 2008 23:39

The Woolpack, London Bridge

Yes staff good - have to be to keep the shouting hoards from getting restive. Garden is only choice for non bust eardrums of an evening, espec. in summer. Preferred it before the makeover, few years back. and then the post office went of course...
Tile lovers will take note of the walls of the ground floor.

8 Dec 2008 23:32

The Queen Adelaide, Shepherds Bush

Reopened - only passing by - looks very fancy, so a change of clientle form those mentioned below, and I doudt there will be many brawls; bouncers on door on Sat night 6.30.

8 Dec 2008 23:22

The Orange Brewery, Belgravia

Another loss of one Pimlico Road's old, varied collection of busineses. Nearly all gorn now.

8 Dec 2008 23:12

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

The people who are 'dissapointed' dont know a London pub of the old school when they're in it! Beers and spirits, horses on the telly, real bread sandwiches, made from the 'real food' you can see in the cooler and bread cut in front of you, and great pies made there holding warm and tempting you to eat. Made and served by a redoutable looking lady of the pub old school. A good mixed crowd as the bar leaners and chatters - of the Irish variety so a bit of banter with whoevers ready to say hi. Think Terry and Arfur (Minder) - theyd be at home in here, dontcha think?
A swift one for me last week, but a pleasure. Good looking barmaid too! Rating 10.

15 Nov 2008 20:33

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

EDT has changed their upstairs to a 'members bar' - oh dear. I wonder if it will manage to be even more expensive for a pint than the pub ??
Free trail for a month the sign said, should anyone be interested!

10 Nov 2008 18:06

The Prince Albert, Peckham

Horse brasses, horseshoe bar, pool table and locals conversation - with occassional shouting at the football! Just taken over so wondering if it will change? An unchanged local, and one of a good crawl to be had around here.

4 Nov 2008 22:02

The Oxenham Arms Inn, South Zeal

wonderful area, wonderful pub - a slice of old country England run by people who care.
Pints of Doom Bar and Cornish for the taste buds.

4 Nov 2008 21:52

The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough

visited on Saturaday early eve - half bar half pub really, quite good for all that. Patrons studiously watching Manu v WBA. Lots of wine to be had, fair selection of larger and beers. I had a pint of IPA - fine. Mix of people from Borough High St drifted in ready for the delights of Sat night...

21 Oct 2008 07:17

The Duke of Kendal, Marylebone

last went in to watch an England game...we hear its comingback into life. Tony and Cherie prob bang out a tune on the joanna over a swift half on a Sunday......
I'm going to visit soon -

20 Oct 2008 23:29

The Patch, East Dulwich

pub closed

6 Oct 2008 19:52

The Patch, East Dulwich

pub closed

6 Oct 2008 19:52

The Patch, East Dulwich

pub closed

6 Oct 2008 19:51

The Patch, East Dulwich

Pub closed

6 Oct 2008 19:51

The Patch, East Dulwich

rantings due to excess of beer, surprise. Feel free to remove !

6 Oct 2008 19:51

The Patch, East Dulwich


6 Oct 2008 00:32

The Patch, East Dulwich





6 Oct 2008 00:31

The Patch, East Dulwich


6 Oct 2008 00:28

The Patch, East Dulwich


6 Oct 2008 00:26

The Patch, East Dulwich


6 Oct 2008 00:24

The Patch, East Dulwich

Now closed and reopened as Magnolia - less screens, more character, better food.

5 Oct 2008 12:10

The London Inn, Padstow

The London Inn- pub lovers must go, even if only once.

8 Jun 2008 19:00

The Fox and Hounds, Belgravia

Called in for 1 on way through this evening - always a pleasure to visit this tiny backstreet amospheric place. The way central London locals used to be.

5 Jun 2008 23:12

The Albany, Great Portland Street

Big dark hole of a place with a lively crowd, last night anyway. Mostly 20 's and 30's ish types out for the night, not post office (not a suit in sight). Lots of drinks, but expensive well served by staff. Club downstairs had comedy on last night, good crowd in to see female stand ups and the excellent 'Slow Country' sketch duo.

31 May 2008 08:12

The Mash Tun, Victoria Station

Some Georgeous barmaids of late - and ordinary prices compared to the Iron d over on the other concourse - fewer suits - looser feel, tiny place. Come and try.

9 May 2008 22:33

The Lord Clyde, Borough

You'll love it!

9 May 2008 22:27

Kensington Arms, Kensington

Been associated with the Ken Arms for 40 years - knew John & Peggy - not so much regularly though but still pass through so have seen the refit... hmmm. Pleased it is mostly positive comments on here; support your local - not that many left!!

9 May 2008 22:25

The Montpelier, Peckham

Yes The Mont is pretty good these days too ( just to gt back on track) Beer - service - grub - mmm

9 May 2008 22:16

The Montpelier, Peckham

In fact the bookshops resident dog - Gus - was even mentioned in a piece in The Economist recently, local knowledge or what...!

9 May 2008 22:15

The Montpelier, Peckham

Shops! - What about wonderful Review bookshop oppositte the Wishing Well public house...and Fenton-Walsh boutique..both on Bellneden Rd, 30seconds from the Mont, cmon try harder!!

9 May 2008 22:13

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

dgriffen - a TRUE believer - quite agree with you....(repeat several times!)

1 May 2008 13:45

The Wishing Well, Peckham

An update due, as no-one else has put in their tuppence worth. Much better nowadays at the WW; keen young chap at the helm, hopfully for a while and lots of beer on tap, plus couple of ales too, Pride & Trojan.
Some music nights on the go to keep us locals entertained. Im rating it upwards.

25 Apr 2008 16:30

The Hare, Bethnal Green

Happened in here whilst killing time recently on a Saturday, and very glad I did - perfect place to make you feel at home when kicking your heels somewhere you dont know much. Football on telly, not too loud, good bunch of patrons, good bar service and a good flavour of the area. They obviously care - at the Hare.

24 Apr 2008 16:17

The White Horse, Croydon

Johnny Johnson an ex commando used to run it when it was my Mum n' Dads regular...coke and crisps for me (v young) lol

31 Mar 2008 19:06

The Cornish Arms, St Merryn

Wonderful pub in a lovely place. An old family friend used to own it long ago; my Grandfather helped get the money together for him, so I'm glad it is still going strong.
I always go in when down West - albeit rather infrequenty - and find good service, people and beer.

27 Mar 2008 08:25

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

aleKing below is prob way too young to remember 'under the arches' here at Charing x the way it was before it was tidied up, with pret etc moved into Villiers St so that nowadays it is pretty much sanitised. Still a few great oddities along the passage leading to the S&S and a mild flavour of an older, messier London.
The Ship & Shovel is doing a great job not being 'updated' but keeping its many after office hours crowd and others happy. Always look in when passing. Re mice; its right by the river - all along these parts the basements and cellars run deep. Mice are an ever present problem for all establishments with sub-level areas along here and always have been. Part of city life to deal with them on an ongoing basis.

25 Mar 2008 10:02

The Bell, Southwark

One of the classics... and the only alt to the long lost " General Abercrombie' aka 'The Abbey' on Webber St.

12 Mar 2008 16:25

The Zetland Arms, South Kensington

The Zetland is the good old regular of Sth Ken - many's the time I've popped in at the end of a hot summer day, or to watch some sport. Rather use the 'back' gloomier area of the bar than the brighter front part which gets busy with food orders.
Usually busy, pretty good staff as a rule and you can stand outside and use the ledge for your pint and watch the South Ken' life go by.
Not exceptional, just thorough. And in a good spot amid all the French shops and cafes of Bute St., the Post Office and Land Rover dealer opposite, and the hustle of Old Brompton Rd of an early evening. London life.

4 Mar 2008 18:39

The Cambridge, Norwood

Our crowds local when Marjela & Hubby ran it back in the early - mid 90's. Great old place, good old crowd. THE pub, along with the Alma in Crystal P in those days.

29 Feb 2008 15:40

The Horse and Groom, Great Portland Street

Can you still get a dram of Dalwhinnies?

29 Feb 2008 15:33

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Looked in whilst in working in the area, what a crashed out old place. You can see the locals love it and the pub loves them right back.
Mind you the pubs of old like this prided themselves on being clean and shipshape, even if beaten around the edges. Perhaps its the only way to keep the Hoxton new lot out? Doing well to stay put with all thats going on around it.

27 Feb 2008 10:35

The Chelsea Potter, Chelsea

Dont know how anyone can say this hasnt changed since the 70's? I know it from the early 80.s on and it had a great feel and brill jukebox. That went a long time ago, got smartened up and brightened up so wasnt the same at all. Does a sterling job for the Kings road visitors from near and far, but not the Potter of old.

26 Feb 2008 22:00

The Duke of Wellington, Aldgate

Whilst working on the area on and off last year I used the Duke for a couple occasionally. Quite quiet early eve. Smaller bar to the side where the main sport watching telly is, is quite packed, but main bar is spread out. Good pint of London Pride, served by some pretty barmaids. Gently worn out feel to decor, none the worse for that mind. Good old style local in amongst much change to the area.

26 Feb 2008 10:22

Bar Story, Peckham

Hey MarkMc1 the owner is miserable! And everyone mentions the bogs - which are a bog. Nevertheless its good place for a loose young crowd - the art student crowd who all thoroughly enjoy themselves. In one of the most unlikely streets in London this lively place has brought more variety to Peckham.

25 Feb 2008 18:35

The Asylum Tavern, Peckham

Just about the only pub left in this bit between the old Kent Rd and Peckham Rd - several have closed down in the last few years. The Albert site is now new flats. The Asylum was my mates local and we enjoyed it after work and weekends. Had couple of banging Christmas & NY eve nights down here. Decade or so on, its got new management I think and smart new paint job. Not down that bit nowadays much - but for all you lot round there - support your pub, theres not many left around there!

25 Feb 2008 18:26

The Clock House, East Dulwich

All Youngs pubs are undergoing this de-pubbing. I dont know why they have to be so bland.

25 Feb 2008 12:43

The Apple Tree, Clerkenwell

Dearth of atmosphere mid afternoon recently. agree with comments below from rogerB. Only passing in a rush so had a half (only lager, nothing special to note) but they served it in a stem glass...nothing worse - he changed it happily enough, but still ! PS I dont look like I drink from a wine glass !

25 Feb 2008 12:25

The Neptune, Somers Town

Full carpet pub - if you know what I mean. Good little place. Not for you if you like a ' modern vibe' or even 'olde worlde'. Clean and tidy, a local by the locals.
Good service, all the usual types of regulars at the bar. I was made to feel welcome amongst the banter and the Arsenal game. Couples and families meeting up - footie experts at the bar, old chap smatly dressed...and a pub dog too. Saturday afternoon complete. Beer fine too. My local living mate wasnt about, but will return again for longer session.

25 Feb 2008 12:13

The Oglander, Peckham

Closed down few weeks ago. Waiting to see what happens. Big corner site - should make a good place if brought back to life and locals taking into consideration - both as customers and neighbours.

24 Feb 2008 14:21

The Palmerston, East Dulwich

Lovely interior of the old place as was, but never visit these days as its a restaurant not a pub. Did try it out when first changed - yes food and wine v good. But you always have to book They never admit to having space - and we tried when there were 10 empty tables. They have plenty of fans though and is pretty much Clapham going on Fulham in there.
Just not a pub

24 Feb 2008 10:02

The Hartley, Bermondsey

Tower Bridge Rd has changed so much in a decade - people actually visit now!
I visit the Hartley occasionally - very good roasts on Sunday - usuallly charming service and fairly unpretentious, even if it isnt a boozer anymore. Transformed into something pretty good.

24 Feb 2008 09:54

The Alma, Crystal Palace

Back in the 90's this was my local - fabulous pub, run by big Brian and wife Mami - who was tiny! A wonderful deep red, dark, hard edged sort of place with many scenes of the battle (of the Alma) on the walls. Wonderfully old school run and populated by characters from a Brehct play.
Its good to hear theres a new era starting for my old favourite, will give it a visit when in the area.

24 Feb 2008 09:41

The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth

Hey Matt43 below....I think your fears are realised :(
I see the halfway house has been got at too - Not sure Youngs have it quite right. They are working though the chain it seems, 'revamping' !
My recent lunchtime visit had surfing on 2 TVs and house music (pretty loud) on the go. Wasnt really very well judged for the afternoon and seemed more like 'in waiting' for student crowd. Pleasant enough staff. What do you locals make of it?

23 Feb 2008 20:21

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

Always call in for 1 when working around Paddington. In amongst the quiet ' old' streets where there are few good little pubs. This is the best though. Cross section of people, great food, good beer. Lovely place.

23 Feb 2008 19:49

The Wishing Well, Peckham

The 'Well' has had some bad management of late - not enough pub experience or even interest from the new owners. Despite this it remains a lively and liked real pub, with types from all walks of life as regulars and in and outers; young and old, horserace watchers and football shouters, students to business men, muscians and moaners. There are beer and wine drinkers, builders and artists (often argueing), tradesmen alongside gents and ladies, loners and bon vivants. Come along if you're around Peckhams Bellenden road area. Almost every other pub has been altered away from 'a boozer' round here, mostly good, but not 'a boozer'. Anyone keen on taking on this place could; the owners have the 2 bars up for let to interested parties. They would keep the B&B rooms on above.
If you do - just run it well. Dont change too much.

23 Feb 2008 19:43

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