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Comments by godson

The Walkabout, Embankment

Highly recommended. Never any trouble, good selection of drinks, still cheaper then most other places, polite bouncers, good crowd, 50/50 male to female ratio. Good music, mixture of chart, hiphop and cheese. Always have sport on the big screens and if there is a major tennis/golf tournament on, they will often leave the screens on throughout the evening. Also play MOTD on saturday. and Tvs in the toilets. Basically it is a sportsbar that turns into a night club. Sportscafe in Haymarket should take note!

Only downside it it used to be really cheap (1.50 for vodka/redbull) but prices have doubled in the last 2 years. This is a pity because it used to be a cheap place with a great atmosphere, away from the bright lights of picadilly/mayfair/leicster SQ. But now its expensive, the edge has been taken off. Guess this is a perfect example of the recession. Have shut down a few bards (leicster sq, islington) and doubles the prices in their popular ones.

Very average cover bands, who sometimes kill the atmosphere.

Cheap(ish) drinks + good DJ + MOTD + girls = WIN

4 Sep 2011 15:52

The Rose and Crown, Walthamstow

The bar staff look down at you in this pub. Parents bought the pub for daughter, and she swans round like she is the Queen. Was in their over the winter, a disabled guy left so their friends held the door open. regulars and barstaff then proceeded to shout and scream at them for keeping the door open and being slow!

Expensive drink, walls, carpets, tables, not been cleaned since they bought the place.

Might now serve a selection of ales and attract the pretentious village crowd, but its still one to avoid, unless you like a pretentious crowd who pretend thye are not from walhamstow...

29 Jun 2011 21:43

The Goose, Walthamstow

Been my local for a couple years now. Yes, it doesnt always attract the finest people, but the finest of people dont live in Walthamstow! Cheap, quick service time, good bar staff, now has Sky (and rumour is soon to have 3d TC), it is becoming the Stows premier pub.

29 Jun 2011 21:40

The Bell, Walthamstow

I just wish a housing developer would put the beautiful building out of if misery and refurb it into some flats!

29 Jun 2011 21:36

The Quays, Holloway

Decent pub. Full of filth on the dancefloor, ladies out number guys by about 4 to 1, so you will have a high chance of getting a bit of filth. Drinks are expensive (2 beers, 1 G&T, 2 shots came to 20) but the staff and doorman are friendly. Place doesnt get swining till after 11, so dont get here too early

Will defo go back again, with a bit more money in me pocket!

22 Feb 2009 20:26

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