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The Beehive, Droylsden

The Beehive fly's the flag for real ale in the town. Shame that enough isn't sold for an extra handpump. Like the beers particularly from local breweries.

28 May 2014 22:50

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Thanks for that realalerules1983. Am still mystified but changing my password may do the trick. Whoever is going on using my name should really be deleted from here as they are being very underhand. Shame on him/her.

3 Oct 2012 08:54

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

I have been on this site since 2002 but on 30.8.12, some sad disgruntled person set up an account perpetrating to be me and made a comment that I have no wish to be associated with on this page. Constructive comments I am all for, criticisms too but setting up as someone else is pathetic. I agree that the Globe beers are not as they were when High Peak Branch selected the pub (not myself-a branch meeting of some 20+ people of which I am one). I am glosopowl on here and always have been. Shame on you if you aren't man enough to come on here as yourself instead of pinching someone elses identity.
Frank Wood (glossopowl)

27 Sep 2012 08:21

Nags Head, Glossop

No longer a pub.

24 Sep 2012 22:07

Hare and Hounds, Glossop

Most recent visit was yesterday. etlys Bitter and Black Sheep Ale seem the reguar beers but there are always 2 guest beers at weekend. Tried a prit of each, oe from Adnams and one from HookNorton, both excellent at �2.75.

24 Sep 2012 22:01

Bulls Head, Glossop

Curries as excellent as ever and the Robinsons beers are usually fine too. Been in several times recently and stll rate it as good to very good.

24 Sep 2012 21:58

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

"Charles" comments are extremely misleading. He has his own agenda for the comments he makes, which are not fair to the licensees and the efforts they put in. Testament to them, the beers sell very well and the pub is always busy, probably one of the busiest in the town. The beer is NOT generally as he says. I go in there regularly and have had an occasional beer that is not right, but they will always offer to change it for another brand. In the past 6 months the beers have been of good quality.

9 Jan 2012 19:41

The Q Bar, Stalybridge

Automatic pub to call at after the Buffet Bar. Beer usually ok and live music from mid evening at weekends, add to the attraction.

9 Jan 2012 19:29

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

Excellent establishment, well run and with an ever changing array of beers to cater for every taste. Great friendly staff too. Its a shame that the "Ale Trail" has got so popular now, as its plastic glasses on Saturdays. I fully understand the reasons however, after being on the way back from Yorkshire recently and abused and threatened by a drunken lout, and seeing drunken women with stemmed wine glasses falling around the train. Spent 4 1/2 happy hours there last Saturday and will be back soon!!

9 Jan 2012 19:26

The Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

Takes you back in time-a proper ale house, selling mainly the Abbeydale range from Sheffield. Flagged floors, dogs lounging around on the seats and floor, characterful landlord. Only opens at weekends. Its on a bend in the road, so if you are driving too fast, its easy to miss. Pull up in the small car park across the road, but beware of the spped of the vehicles passing, !!

18 May 2011 22:04

The Plough Inn, Glossop

Not been a pub now for some years-is now the offices for a local cleaning firm.

18 May 2011 21:58

Junction Inn, Glossop

No longer a pub-was converted into offices and flats in 2010.

18 May 2011 21:57

Bulls Head, Glossop

Great local pub in an old part of the town, with some original features. Handy for a pint when you have descended off Bleaklow and they do curries as well that are highly regarded. The Robinsons beers are always in good nick. The tap room is a good place to watch Premiership football on the weekend.

18 May 2011 21:56

The Crown, Glossop

Still a fine pub, now in CAMRA's National Inventory of pubs. Only sells Sam Smiths OBB as thats all the brewery produces real ale wise, but its always good. Some of the local characters are not for the timid or retiring but great fun to either sit in the snugs and listen to their conversation or mull around the bar area.

18 May 2011 21:52

The Moon and Sixpence, Glossop

Friday & Saturday, the Moon hosts local bands, and sometimes bands passing through the country, from bigger dates. Good atmosphere, late drinking on band nights-not sure of its opening hours in the week, as it is sometimes shut. Well worth taking a band in - real ale normally available.

18 May 2011 21:46

The Old Gloveworks, Glossop

The Gloveworks was a great place and thoroughly deserving of its years in the CAMRA Good beer Guide. However, @ 4 years ago, a fire in the adjoining building moved over into the Gloveworks via the roof and it was badly smoke damaged. ....since then, the owner of the building has died, and the place is currently in a poor state. Looks doubtful if it will be used again as a pub or anything else for that matter.

18 May 2011 21:43

Drovers Arms, Glossop

No longer a pub. It closed some 2 years ago and is now being converted to flats.

18 May 2011 21:40

The Cheshire Ring, Hyde

Great pub, pleasant licensee (who makes excellent curries!) and a good selection of beartown beer |+ guests + cider and fporeign beers. Something for everyone then.... some interesting bands on upstairs at the weekends too, top names too.

21 Dec 2010 21:11

The Sportsman, Hyde

I love this pub, its wacky characters, excitable cuban staff, there's always something going on, the beers are usually fine-try the recent new beer, HALO, named after the modern illuminated monument high above the brewery in Haslingden.If you can catch Geoff the landlord, introduce yourself as he is something of a character himself.

21 Dec 2010 21:08

Cotton Bale, Hyde

I visit the Cotton Bale usually an average of once a week. Always a good selection of beers available, in good form and I have no issues to grind. One of the more consistant Spoons pubs in Greater M/CR.

21 Dec 2010 21:03

Little John Hotel, Hathersage

Always find the Little John to be good, certainly the best in the village. The beer has always been good on my occasional visits, no idea about the food though.

1 Aug 2010 09:59

The Crown, Glossop

I have been using the Crown regularly since 1981, the year that Sam Smiths aquired it from the now defunct Wilsons brewery. Never get fed up of it, beer great, good banter, quiet (no music), locals from all walks of life. An easy place for a stranger to strike up conversation. Back snug great when the fire is lit on a Winters night.

30 Dec 2009 15:26

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Beers brewed in-house, are interesting. Comet & Blondie are my usual favourites. Staff are great as are Ron & Diane the licencees. Guest beers are usually limited to 'beer swops' these days.

2 Nov 2009 21:26

Friendship Inn, Glossop

Sporty pub too....the landlord promotes local cricket and football. Glossop Cricket & Football Clubs are both within a couple of minutes walk away and fans of both use the pub.

19 Mar 2009 20:59

The Moon and Sixpence, Glossop

Local Howardtown beers are on the third handpump at weekends these days. Music gets better & its free. Try a night when Atlanta Roots or Currugh Sons are on..Great atmosphere.

25 Oct 2007 23:24

The Last Orders (The Trap), Glossop

Probably the "Last Resort" is a more accurate description than Last Orders. Formerly a Chesters pub up to the seventies, then "The Trap" until the turn of the century, then continued downhill and still going down.Final Last Orders predicted soon, maybe to be bought by a regionalbrewery (local rumour)????

25 Oct 2007 23:22

The Old Gloveworks, Glossop

temp. closed due to a fire in adjoining unit that caused smoke damage. To reopen in New year 08, I believe.

25 Oct 2007 23:17

The Waterhouse, Manchester

I ate there yesterday and, like three weeks ago, the choices we had were fine, considering the prices. There are always decent guest beers on, to suit most tastes, dark or light.I find it the best of the bunch of five WSpooons in Manchester, with the Moon under Water and the Paramount also acceptable. The other two I just do not like due to ignorant staff, beer clips advertising beers that are not on and staff who say they are not allowed to turn the clip round. Where is the sense here?

20 Mar 2007 18:31

The Maltings, York

Great place,I always make it my first stop on a weekend in the the ales and the food...though found it unfriendly on a couple of occasions,once when a 72 year old ukraine friend of mine was refused service(1st drink of the day too!) by the landlord as"he talks as if he is drunk and is slurring his words"...he still talks with an accent..he has lived here for 60 years, fought for us in ww2 & is a better man than the landlord will ever be! Otherwise, the best pub in York, the landlord owes a longterm apology,I tried to explain at the time but he was adamant.From Long standing High Peak CAMRA member & officer.

10 Mar 2007 01:11

The Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

Do not dare to ask for lager at the bar or Geoff the landlord will get really insulting!!!!

14 Dec 2006 10:27

The Manchester and County, Manchester

Always been disappointed here, often handpumps are showing but when you ask for the beer, the staff say it isn't on. When challenged why then, is the pumpclip not turned round, staff say that "The policy is that only the manager is allowed to do it -- and he isn't here at te moment". Best walk over to Waterhouses, at the side of the Town Hall, te best of the 5 Wetherspoons by far in Manchester.

2 Nov 2006 09:29

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

As stated earlier, knock on the side door on matchdays, as they will only let regulars and non football custom in. Usually, however, show football in the pub.

2 Nov 2006 09:18

Bar Fringe, Manchester

Still as good as ever in here..I often call towards the end of a walkabout of the Northern Quarter, to drink the raspberry beer as a treat. Have met some characters in here at weekends such as "Hairy Mick" and "Boz" who frequent the place.

2 Nov 2006 09:15

The Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

On a bend on the A623,opposite a filling station, it only opens Friday evening, Saturday & all day Sunday. At a point in the road where most are travelling at 50mph, easily missed. Flag floors, dogs running loose and a stuffed cat on the fireplace with its hair standing on end. Eccentric landlord who is offended if asked for lager.Completely free of tie.Abbeydale beers on the bar includes the 11% Last Rites, rebadged as Black lurcher after the landlords dogs.Food can include what the local gamekeepers and farmers have caught, served in the landlords own pottery (in the week he has a potters workshop at the rear). To be seen to be believed.

2 Nov 2006 09:09

The Maltings, York

Only managed 3 visits this year, but each time the food and beer was top class. The chilli is strong and reccommend you enjoy a couple of pints first, if you have a third with the chilli, you may as well be drinking smoothflow as you won't taste it......

2 Nov 2006 08:58

The Moon and Sixpence, Glossop

Some really good live music on Friday & Saturday evenings and often other times too. The Deuchers and 80 shillings ar fine but what about a third handpump with something more interesting on?

2 Nov 2006 08:45

Norfolk Arms, Glossop

The best news about this karioke/fruit machine/young peoples haven, that has gone to the dogs since the days up till the seventies, when ballroom dancing was the rage in here at weekends --- is that--- wait for it -- Holts has just purchased it. They wilkl be doing their sympathetic gutting and refurbishing that they have done so successfully in the Greater manchester area and will no doubt restore the Norfolk back to its former glory -- with good beer too!!!

2 Nov 2006 08:43

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Opened their own micro brewery in the rear buildings in Summer 2006. Often however, now at the expense of the beers from other micros, with usually 4 Globe beers and 2 guests, often Howardtown, Abbeydale or Kelham Island. The veggie food is still very nice & the price is good.

2 Nov 2006 08:37

The Lord Clyde, Borough

Agree with other comments, a truly great pub. Went in whilst in London at the GBBF. a couple of weeks ago, on my afternoon off. Very impressed.Would recommend it, all that a friendly corner local should be, the beer is good too!!

20 Aug 2006 09:39

The Warrington Hotel, Maida Vale

This pub used to be the famous John otways local when he lived nearby.Another plus!!!!

27 Jul 2006 23:23

The Bodega, Newcastle

Brilliant place, good beer, love watching Toon matches in here...on the many 'tellies'.Th Mordue & Durham beers are always in fine fettle!!

15 May 2006 23:25

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

Beats the trendy bars down the river in city centre any day....this is a great pub with great people and great beer, if a little dear for the area and surroundings. Great views downriver.

15 May 2006 23:19

The Tyne, Newcastle

Real Ale drinkers mecca, with a scenic walk around the Ouseburn to get there. What a gem of a beer garden under the arch!!!!

15 May 2006 23:16

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

Great place this, a must on any visit to the Toon for a real ale drinker. Handy for the football... 3 visits so far in 2006 - and I come from Greater Mcr!!

15 May 2006 23:15

Crown Posada, Newcastle

A frequent visitor to the Toon, I always pay a visit to this superb pub in a superb city of pubs.Friendly landlord, great ambiance, everyone whoI have taken in here, always remembers the pub, if they don't remember amything else of the night out!!!

15 May 2006 23:11

The Drunken Duck Inn, Barngates

Cannot disagree with comments about the location,ambiance,quality of thebeers (Barngate Brewery in the back yard) but the food is only affordable to the upper crust!!

19 Aug 2005 20:33

Bar Fringe, Manchester

I am a CAMRA member and always call in the Fringe when in town because contrary to other comments,I think the beer is fine. If there was a problem, I would take it back anyway.

15 Jan 2005 14:33

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

Ever changing beers from all over the Country. Popular with CAMRA members and beer tickers.Try the black peas!

26 Dec 2003 13:32

The Lathkil Hotel, Over Haddon

Agree with superowl. Great views of Lathkill Dale, if superowl would contact me, I am glossopowl & also a CAMRA member(presume we support the same club!
May have a little bit in common!!

26 Dec 2003 12:53

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