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Comments by georgey48

The Seahorse, Shalford

A long way from terrible but not that close to great either. Pleasant enough pub, clean and well presented with attentive staff. Food was generally ok but I felt it was priced at the top end of what they could get away with (there's absolutely nothing special about it). My meal was cold which I didn't feel was acceptable which is why i've marked it down but the other courses were reasonably ok.

15 Dec 2013 20:43

The Yew Tree, Lower Wield

I’m not sure what to make of meurglys iv review because I’ve had a very different experience. I must admit I’m not a regular visitor but have eaten in the Yew tree maybe 6 or seven times in the last couple of years; most recently being beginning of October. It may be that peoples’ expectations are different or that they have difficulty mixing with people they perceive to be of “different class”. I’ve always been treated very well and found all of the staff extremely friendly and accommodating. The food isn’t Michelin star but it’s very nice and, let’s be honest: this is just a country pub !
I would happily recommend anybody to try this place and I’m confident they wouldn’t be disappointed.

31 Oct 2013 11:42

The Railway Arms, Alton

Worth mentioning that Thursday nights are open mike night. Always a friendly crowd, never any trouble. Best priced beer in Alton and although I'm not an ale connoisseur, the pride is quite drinkable; in fact, all the beer is quite drinkable ! Top marks Adam.

2 Aug 2013 11:09

The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield

Nice pub with a large garden; very busy at the weekend with a good atmosphere. I would echo some of the other comments but would say the food isn't that bad; we ate from the outside grill and found it very quick too. Price and service.... this is what unfortunately lets it down: they serve very short measures ie. unlined glasses with an inch of head; wine is served from measures but only filled to 4 mm from top. When you're paying nearly seven pounds a glass for something you'd expect to pay £4.00 per bottle in the supermarket, it's just really, really greedy !

21 Jul 2013 11:21

The Greyfriar, Chawton

Nice country pub in quiet village. It has a good bar with two guest ales and serves food. I visited with some “out of towners” and we tried a selection of drinks, including both of the ales. We had food in the garden; both food and service was very good. I would recommend anyone to visit.

17 Jul 2013 13:30

The French Horn, Alton

Nice pub and reasonable restaurant too. I stop in from time to time for a quiet drink or two; Clive and Debbie are really nice people, as are the regulars. Situated on the outskirts of town means that it never gets full of idiots too.

25 Jun 2013 12:55

The Rose and Crown, Upper Farringdon

Lovely pub in a quiet village; you'd never find it if you didn't know it was there. Garden out back with a few tables and seating inside for food. I've been here a few times; not yet had any food but I here It's quite good.
Only let down by the soft drinks from the snake being £4 per pint. This of course procludes bringing any kids or designated drivers. I guess the target audience is: ale drinkers, living in Upper Farringdon who don't have any kids.

3 Jun 2013 08:12

The Yew Tree, Lower Wield

Lovely tranquil pub with nice staff and nice customers. I've visited on a few occasions in the past and not been disappointed yet. We had had a fair sized lunch and so only ordered a selection of starters. Very nice food, very reasonably priced. Thoroughly recommend.

27 May 2013 11:06

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