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The Olde Vic, Stockport

Visited on a Friday night after much hype from friends. The beer selection available that evening didn't blow me away as expected from the hype. Good, decent real ale but a bit of a disappointment to find I believe it was 4 casks compared to what's available in the Crown.

The Bollington ale was good quality but that was the only brewery available I hold in regard. It was definitely interesting to visit as the inside is far better that the front visually and if you include the outside area at the back a much bigger place than suggested from the front.

I wouldn't be against going back in but we aren't ones who like to sit at the bar and chat to strangers and therefore felt a little awkward and we didn't want to stay for more than one. Also we did get a bit of a scolding from the landlord upon leaving, because we had not taken our glasses back to the bar.

Will be a while before we go back.

20 Dec 2014 00:45

The Cross Keys, Knutsford

Nice, traditionally presented pub. Good atmosphere inside. Had a pint of Jennings Cumberland. This was a nice pub.

14 Dec 2014 16:38

The Magnet, Stockport

I've visited The Magnet several times over the last few months. I really enjoy it in there. Fantastic range of beers every time. Had quality offerings from Magic Rock, Redwillow, Buxton etc as well as slightly less common bottles of some of our favourite American breweries like Brooklyn, Anchor and Flying Dog. it's a bit more expensive than the Crown but still reasonable. I've always found the atmosphere to be good when we have visited, usually a Friday night but the most recent time was a Sunday. It gets quite busy. Some people might not like that there is no music, but I find that adds to the atmosphere - people enjoying good beer. The Crown is great, but I think The Magnet just edges it for me, because the Crown doesn't have a good selection of bottled beers.

30 Nov 2014 21:53

The Horse and Farrier, Gatley

Very lively Hydes pub visited quite late on a Friday night. Good enough local boozer, not enough to attract us to go back to Gatley any time soon though.

4 Nov 2014 17:22

The Bar, Chorlton cum Hardy

Lively bar on a Saturday night. Had a Brooklyn Weisse beer which I have never seen anywhere else. However, felt this came at a hefty cost. Couldn't spend too long in here, but what's there is a good selection.

4 Nov 2014 17:20

The Marble Beer House, Chorlton cum Hardy

Enjoyable, as all the Marble bars are. Here I enjoyed a Tickety Brew Pale Ale and then a Marble Pint. Really enjoyed the Marble Pint, very nice beer.

2 Nov 2014 13:05

Sedge Lynn, Chorlton Cum Hardy

Quite compact, very busy when we visited. Whole place reeked of cannabis. Enjoyed a Brightside beer and a Goose Island IPA. Nice building.

2 Nov 2014 02:42

Costellos, Altrincham

Very nice pub we visited in Altrincham. The Dark Mild there was one of the best Mild's we had during Mild Magic this year. We plan to go back some time in the future to try the other Dunham Massey beers.

1 Nov 2014 22:08

The Quarry Bank Inn, Timperley

Decent Hydes pub. Enjoyed a pint of the Owd Oak Dark. Nice surrounding and outside seating by the bowling green.

1 Nov 2014 22:06

The Griffin Hotel, Heaton Mersey

One of the least inspired pubs I've been in. Never been a big fan of Holt's pubs, but some of them provide a good atmosphere and a good range of drinks. This place was dead and didn't feel like our trade was particularly welcome. Also despite clearly displaying 2 taps that says Mild at the bar, we were told they don't do the Mild. Unusual.

27 Oct 2014 12:53

The Royal Oak Hotel, Stockport

The Royal oak was ok. Had a Bank's Mild one Saturday afternoon. Dog friendly too, which is always nice.

27 Oct 2014 12:47

The Crown, Stockport

Popped in for a quick drink. Felt it could do with a slight tidying up. Also got the impression not many non locals come in on weekdays. However, much better than the nearby Griffin. Had one of the Robinsons Hartley's range which was surprising to find.

27 Oct 2014 10:39

The Nursery Inn, Heaton Norris

Interesting location, don't think I would want a pub right no my doorstep like this if I lived here. Was chucking it down when we arrived so good to get out the rain. Hydes pub, good selection of ales. Seemed busy even for 4:30pm on a Thursday.

If any of the below posters are still interested there is also a bowling green at the Quarry Bank in Timperley, as well as the already mentioned Red Lion.

27 Oct 2014 10:27

Kings Hall, Cheadle Hulme

Another Spoons. Decent layout inside, been here twice but only once since I started drinking ales. Enjoyed a nice oatmeal stout courtesy of Peerless Brewing.

27 Oct 2014 10:20

The Church Inn, Cheadle Hulme

Robinsons pub. Seemed nice place to have a meal. Nice building with outside seating. Just had the mild again.

27 Oct 2014 10:20

Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle Hulme

One of the few Holt's that also has the Bootleg brewery beers on as well, so we had a mild. Nice, but no plans to go back here.

25 Oct 2014 20:24

The Milson Rhodes, Didsbury

Typical Wetherspoons. Better for a group visit than particularly to enjoy beers - though they have an alright selection.

25 Oct 2014 19:13

The Railway, Didsbury

Enjoyed a decent pint of Holt's black. Decent location and one of the better quality Holt's we've visited.

25 Oct 2014 19:11

Great Central, Fallowfield

The few times I have been in here it has always seemed a pretty chilled out place. Last time I had a Ilkley Fireside porter which was nice. Been some years since I stayed here for an entire evening though - too many places to visit!

25 Oct 2014 02:02

The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield

I have a lot of time for the Friendship, having been there a few times. The best pub of it's type in the immediate area. I did once attend some years back during an England game though, where they lost to Russia. The place was packed and this caused a bit of mayhem involving glass smashing in anger. I would suggest to avoid these sort of match days here if football is not your thing.

I do recommend it though, there's a real testament to it's staying power. The outside seating is also nice.

25 Oct 2014 01:18

The Ford Madox Brown, Rusholme

Second stop on a crawl from Manchester to Didsbury, and second Wetherspoons. Had a quick Doom Bar before moving on - we were meeting other people at the next location. Probably not a Spoons I would rush back too since there is so many about these days.

24 Oct 2014 17:18

The Paramount, Manchester

I liked the atmosphere in this Weatherspoons. It was pretty busy on a Sunday afternoon but thankfully the queue at the bar did not take long and there was plenty of seating. We started here on a crawl back down towards Didsbury and enjoyed a pint of Titanic Mild. Decent.

24 Oct 2014 17:12

White House, Stalybridge

Decent Hydes pub although I've been in better. Had one called the Retired which was alright. Also had a nice chat with another couple who were participating in this years Mild Magic.

11 Oct 2014 18:55

Society Rooms, Stalybridge

Nice little Wetherspoons. Wasn't very busy when we visited on a Saturday afternoon. nicely decorated. Enjoyed a George Wright Mild. better than expected.

11 Oct 2014 18:20

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

Unlike most people we did not visit here whilst waiting for a train or as part of an ale trail. We started here on a visit to several pubs in Stalybridge and this was the most memorable experience. Very packed on a Saturday afternoon, sat outside to enjoy a pint of Lancashire Mild before moving on...A must visit pub if in the area.

10 Oct 2014 19:10

The Fiveways Hotel, Stockport

Decent enough Holt's pub. Feels a bit more up market than most I've been in. Makes a bit of a difference between how the beers on tap are presented. Didn't stop for food though it looked like it could be alright. Location is a bit inconvenient for us so don't think will be going back.

6 Oct 2014 16:34

The Grapes, Hazel Grove

Stopped in here for a quick Mild before moving on to Blossoms down the road which I found to be more vibrant and a better selection of drinks. For some reason can't find that one on here though!

5 Oct 2014 15:54

The New Soldier Dick, Furness Vale

Nice little pub easily located on the A6 corridor. We had a Thwaites Nutty Black which was good. The place looked like it would be good for food, but we weren't stopping for food. In fact it felt more a place you would go for food rather than just for a drink, as there was a slight restaurant vibe to the set up and lay out of the place. Would go back again if the occasion called for it. Recommended if you're stopping in the area.

30 Sep 2014 23:08

Shepherd's Arms, Whaley Bridge

Decent location in the middle of Whaley Bridge. Fairly nice day, but we sat inside. Nobody else was sat inside. We had Jennings Dark Mild. Decent pint. Didn't feel like they get many non-locals, and decided to move on fairly quickly.

30 Sep 2014 16:38

Swan With Two Necks, Stockport

Sorry below should say 1892!

28 Sep 2014 17:33

The Fletcher Moss, Didsbury

Been to the Fletcher Moss loads of times. Always a good place to visit, and a very popular place. As others have said it's location as a back street boozer helps to keep out most of the idiots.

The Hydes beers are generally decent, and more recently they a Beer Studio tap too.

One of the best pubs in the area and I've had many good nights there and also a good starter before heading on into town - or at least it was when I was younger!

28 Sep 2014 16:50

Swan With Two Necks, Stockport

The Swan With 2 Necks is an interesting Robinsons pub. The d├ęcor and room layout is different to most other pubs I've visited. I've never been in whilst it's been really busy, but it's always felt warm and welcoming.

Old Tom on tap is always a bonus with Robinsons pubs. I must point out though that in the two times I have been in here they had run out of the 1862 the first time and the second time they ran out of the Unicorn. This is probably a coincidence but it does not reflect well.

28 Sep 2014 16:43

Micro Bar, Manchester

I love the Micro Bar. Who would have thought such a place existed in the Arndale?

They have a nice selection of local beers on tap and a fantastic array of bottled beers and glasses you can buy to take home.

They also have Anchor beers on tap which is nice, we tried the Anchor Summer Ale last time we went there.

When we've been here it's usually at the start of a bar crawl throughout Manchester, and is a good starting point. I've only been once specifically to get some bottled beers to take home, as it's not convenient to carry them around all day!.

28 Sep 2014 16:39

Jacksons Wharf, Castlefield

Visited here on a busy bank holiday which unfortunately meant the place was heaving. I guess this is a sign of a good pub, but it took 15 minutes or more to get to the front of the bar and get served.

I had a Brightside beer which was classed as a mild. It was good quality, but the price was a bit disappointing. I get that it's based on the quality of the beer, but a below 4% beer should not cost the same as the other beers on tap, which also generally were higher than you would pay elsewhere.

Overall it was too busy to really enjoy the place, and also because of it's location I don't think we will be returning.

28 Sep 2014 16:32

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

Standard city centre Holts pub. Had the Mild, which was ok. Place was dead around 5ish.

Visited as they were part of the Mild Magic this year but have no reason to return here again.

28 Sep 2014 16:26

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

I really enjoy the Knott. We've been here twice. The first time we had food which was delicious and washed down with a Monkeytown Mild. The second time I had a Blackjack beer, which was also good.

It's always nice to have a range of top quality local beers on tap, and a large selection of bottled imports. The price is a bit steep though, but it's worth it every once in a while.

28 Sep 2014 16:25

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

Visited the Castle a few times, always found it a decent enjoyable little place. Nice to have the full range of Robinson's as well as a selection of other brewers and bottles which you don't always find in Robinsons.

It was nice to find Brooklyn Lager on tap here once, and also Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat in bottle.

Every time I have been here we end up sitting upstairs as there is better seating arrangements.

I've not been when there has been an event on, I can imagine what is normally a cosy little place becomes extremely cramped.

I'll always have fond memories of the times I have been here.

28 Sep 2014 16:19

The Old Monkey, Manchester

One of the better Holt's in the city centre which we visited during Mild Magic earlier this year. They didn't have the Mild on, so instead I had a pint of Crystal. This was ok. There felt a better atmosphere in here than in the Ape & Apple or Crown & Anchor which we had visited earlier in the day. Not bad for a Holt pub.

28 Sep 2014 12:36

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