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The Shambles, Whitby

Revisited this pub over the Easter holiday. I quite enjoyed sitting in the conservatory, watching the boats go by and getting quietly drunk on tasty beers. Oh, how an opinion can change!

26 Apr 2010 21:21

The Granby, Whitby

After over a year of not popping in to the Granby, I popped in over the Easter holidays. What a smashing pub this is now. Beer choice was wider, but not vast, but well kept and not massively expensive. Food was delicious and portions were very generous. Went in a few times. Highly recommended.

26 Apr 2010 21:15

The Endeavour, Whitby

I have visited Whitby many times, but I have never been in the Endeavour before. What a smashing little place! I tried a beer called Endeavour which was delicious. The pub had a great atmosphere. Tried to get in again on Halloween Night and it was rammed. I ended up perched on a window ledge. The beer was fantastic though.

24 Nov 2009 20:45

The Elsinore, Whitby

Yet another great pint of Cameron's Strongarm. But I only managed to get in once this year. The place was packed out!

24 Nov 2009 20:38

The Shambles, Whitby

Spotted this pub in the afternoon over the October Half-Term, so I went in with my wife. The bar was not busy and the range of ales looked fair. However, I stood at the bar for what seemed ages and watched the most miserable staff walking around behind the bar. My wife eventually joined me at the bar, said, 'I don't like this place' so we left and visited the Endeavour instead.

24 Nov 2009 20:36

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Another couple of visits to this pub over my now annual October Half-Term jaunts to Whitby, confirms this as a smashing little pub. It got packed with a nice mix of locals and Goths, but it was worth it for the banter with the punters and the excellent beer. The Hobgoblin and the Rhatas were on form. Smashing!

24 Nov 2009 20:31

The Turks Head, Rothbury

I spent 1-8 August in Rothbury and popped in here for a pint.

The Turks Head is indeed a 'proper pub' and I enjoyed my pint of Tetley's Cask, the only one served in the village during my week there.

The pub is friendly and the barmaid was extremely pleasant - there was much banter going on with the customers.

The Turks serves food, but I didn't have any.

A pretty nice place for a pint.

8 Aug 2009 16:57

The Queens Head, Rothbury

Having spent a week in Rothbury 1-8 August, my wife and I ate in the Queens Head once, and I came back for a pint on my own.

The Queens Head seems to be more 'up-market' and 'restauranty' than a local pub. The food was extremely nice and of a high standard, but was of a 'restaurant' portion - more geared to the customer having two or three courses. But is was delicious.

The beer was excellent. I had a beer called 'Gold', but I can't remember the brewer. Pedigree was also on. On my second visit, I had an excellent pint of Black Sheep Bitter.

This is a very good pub/restaurant.

8 Aug 2009 16:53

The Newcastle Hotel, Rothbury

Spent a week in Rothbury, 1-8 August and my wife and I ate in the Newcastle Hotel every night except one.

We found the food here consistently excellent. Big portions and delicious. The staff were also accommodating about making modifications to the menu. The menu was extensive and would have taken a fortnight to try most of it. The food was always piping hot.

The staff were extremely friendly. They have started doing a quiz night on a Monday which we tried. It was great fun and well attended.

Now for the beer, which was consistently of a very high standard. I tried, Wadworth 6X, Cameron's Strongarm, Burton Ale, Black Sheep Bitter and Adnam's Bitter while I was there. The range changed about three times over the week. All the beer was extremely good.

In all an excellent place to eat and drink. Highly recommended.

8 Aug 2009 16:45

The Green Man, Middleton

I visited this pub on a Saturday evening, 11 July 2009. The pub was busy. The bar staff and waiting staff were attentive and courteous. There were three real ale taps, but the Everard Tiger had just gone off, so I tried the Pedigree and Kew Ales. Both were delicious! My wife and I ordered food, which was utterly delicious. The Seafood Pie was crammed with big chunks of fish and the Mediterranean Lamb Casserole had generous portions of Lamb and Chorizo. The Cheese Platter for one had enough for two, so we shared one.

The gardens looked great, but it was pouring with rain, so we sat inside.

To sum up - lovely beer, lovely food, very nice staff, nice building and a nice location. Highly recommended!

12 Jul 2009 10:08

The Clarendon Arms, Kenilworth

Visited this pub toward the end of June. Couple of real ales. Was driving though so could only have half, which was delicious and well-kept. The pub was lovely and the food delicious. Highly recommended!

5 Jul 2009 10:39

The Famous Virgins and Castle, Kenilworth

This is a massive old fashioned pub which had a range of Real Ales on, mainly Everard's, which was no bad thing. I don't think I've ever had Everard's before and all three pints were really tasty. Loved them. We ate a spot of lunch, I had the Ploughman's and the wife had the Club Sandwich. Utterly delicious! And big portions. It was a bit quiet when we went in, but it was 3:00 on a Tuesday after a Bank Holiday. The staff were friendly. I would only say that the place could do with a thorough dusting. It was clean, but dusty.

We really liked the place and would return!

27 May 2009 12:27

Dog Inn, Whittington

Rumour has it that the Dog has closed down. Can anyone confirm this?

29 Apr 2009 22:01

The Bull, Birmingham

Popped in here after a day shopping in the City Centre. Was as lovely as it was six months ago! The Bitter was brilliant. We ate a meal here. I had the Steak and Kidney Pie and the missus had Chicken and Chips. Huge portions and delicious food. I am increasing my rating!

18 Apr 2009 21:45

The King William IV, Sedgeford

I have discussed my last entry with my good lady wife. She loved the place as much as me, but disagrees with my comment about this not having a 'village' pub feel. She felt it did. She would also have liked to come back for more if we had the time.

A definite must if we are in the area again.

16 Apr 2009 09:50

Station, Sutton Coldfield

This was the final pub on my Sutton crawl on 4 April 2009. Unfortunately, I chose to drink a bottle of wine (I shared two with a mate). I say unfortunately because mixing it with the quatities of beer I'd had earlier that day was a fatal error and my time in the Station on this occasion remains a blur.

15 Apr 2009 12:34

The Three Tuns, Sutton Coldfield

I popped in here on my Sutton crawl on 4 April 2009. This was my second visit. I wasn't struck on the pub the first time I came in. This time, I couldn't finish my pint. It was vile. I had a Shepherd's Pie. It was cheap and 'plastic'. I ate it 'cause I was starving. I really won't be coming back!

15 Apr 2009 12:32

The The Gate Inn, Sutton Coldfield

Popped in here for one during a pub crawl on 4 April 2009. Nice, friendly pub on a split level. Very small. The Black Sheep was delicious. I will be popping in here again.

15 Apr 2009 12:29

The Duke, Sutton Coldfield

Brought a mate here on 4 April 2009. Still a brilliant place to drink. The Deuchars was great!

15 Apr 2009 12:27

Fountain, Walsall

This is an extremely good pub. The staff are friendly, beer is excellent, building traditionally Victorian - cannot really add anything to the other reviews. A spot on pub!

14 Apr 2009 19:31

The Black Country Arms, Walsall

This is a simply brilliant pub! The many ales are superb and the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. There is also traditional Black Country food, which looks and smells wonderful, but I have not yet tried it. The staff are really friendly. I cannot recommend this pub highly enough - I used to come into Walsall for a pub crawl, but instead can easily sit in here for hours.

14 Apr 2009 19:27

The King William IV, Sedgeford

This pub had been extensively refurbished when I visited over the Easter Holidays 2009. It has not got a 'village' pub feel. However, the food was absolutely delicious and there were four ales on, two of which I drank - the Woodforde's Wherry and a drink called Nemesis (I forget the brewery!). Unfortunately, I cannot remember the other ales. The staff were brilliant. We ate and drank in the new restaurant extension at the back and watched the sunset over the hills in the distance. A very lovely evening. It was pity we only stayed in the area for a couple of nights, or we would have been back!

14 Apr 2009 19:22

The Gin Trap Inn, Ringstead

Visited this pub over the Easter Holidays 2009. The food was very tasty and the ale, Woodforde's Wherry, was really nice. They had another ale on, and it was either Abbot's or Adnam's, I can't remember which. The pub itself was beautiful - a very traditional country pub built of stone with an old fashioned latched wooden door. There is a 'modern' restaurant extension at the rear. The staff were attentive, but not intrusive. I would visit again for food and drink.

14 Apr 2009 19:14

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

I brought the in-laws in here for a meal on Saturday after a disappointing Blues match. The food was absolutely delicious and the beer, as ever, was brilliant.

We left feeling very satisfied!

23 Mar 2009 17:54

The Cock Inn, Wishaw

My wife and I took our mothers here for a meal on Mother's Day. While I concede that this isn't really a pub, the beer and wine were really good, TT Landlord and Adnam's Bitter were on. The food was delicious and the service very good.

I have been visiting the Cock Inn on and off for years, it was the first place I brought my wife (or girlfriend as she was then) for a meal in the 1980s and it has always given good service and good food.

Well done!

23 Mar 2009 17:34

The Red Lion, Hockley,jewellry quarter

I brought my wife here on 3 Jan 2009 after a 'spending spree' in the Jewellery Quarter. She loved the place. We ate some splendid food and the beer was magnificent! It is really characterful, has a friendly atmosphere and maintains its Victorian charm. A lovely pub!

I had visited before on a 'crawl' with mates, and on my own after buying Christmas presents. I knew my wife would like it here!

4 Jan 2009 15:58

Cloisters, Salisbury

Popped in here for a bite to eat before the carol concert in the cathedral. I only had a half 'cause I didn't want to get caught short during the service. I had a half of one of the real ales on offer, can't remember which, but it was very nice. We all had the carvery. Food was lovely and the service was excellent. I'd recommend it!

23 Dec 2008 16:36

The Chough, Salisbury

Popped in for a swift pint on 21 December. The Chough had a Beer Festival on but I was in a rush. I had a pint of Hidden Porter, can't remember the exact name of the ale. It was delicious. I would have stayed longer and sampled more beer, but the wife and the mother-in-law were hovering over my shoulder like harpies!

23 Dec 2008 16:33

Antrobus Arms, Amesbury

Went back for the mid-Winter Solstice. This is a lovely place to relax and have a pint and eat. Still the usual mix of locals and residents and the Guest Ale changed while I was there. On Saturday, I had a number of pints of Yeovil Ruby Ale which was delicious. On the Sunday night, this had changed to a seasonal ale called the Christmas Fairy. Can't remember the brewer. But it was gorgeous.

We did a proper 'crawl' around Amesbury on the Saturday afternoon and the Antrobus Arms is the most relaxed 'pub' with the best ale! Roll on next year!

23 Dec 2008 16:29

The Duke, Sutton Coldfield

What is Slowfoot talking about? I popped into the Duke on 8 November. Its the first time in a couple of months since I've been in. It was as friendly as ever. My wife and I were made extremely welcome. And they do Theakston's Mild now. The tap faces out into the corridor so I've never seen it before. I'm increasing my rating.

10 Nov 2008 19:01

The Bull, Birmingham

This is a beautiful pub which serves some excellent beer. It has a good, 'pubby' feel to it and the landlady clearly has a good relationship with the clientele.

2 Nov 2008 14:44

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

This is a very 'cool' pub. Does some very nice beer and has a relaxed atmosphere. I would like to return to drink again. However, it is very 'trendy' and upmarket. It is not a 'pubby' pub - if that makes sense.

2 Nov 2008 14:29

The Red Lion, Hockley,jewellry quarter

A lovely, comfortable pub with an interesting blend of Victorian and modern. The beer is highly drinkable. A very handy pub when visiting Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. It has a good atmosphere and seems to be frequented by a very friendly crowd.

2 Nov 2008 14:21

Rose Villa Tavern, Birmingham

This is a beautiful old Victorian pub with the old tiling throughout and some lovely stained glass. I had a nice pint of M&B Mild and good pint of Wychwood Hobgoblin. I found the bar staff very friendly. A good pub and one to definitely return to,

2 Nov 2008 14:16

The Jewellers Arms, Hockley

The beer in this pub is good - the Highgate Mild is very drinkable. Serves food which looks good, but I didn't try any. Its a fair pub, I would come back again.

2 Nov 2008 14:13

The Church Inn, Hockley

Popped in on Saturday during a 'crawl' around Hockley. The Shepherd's Pie was delicious and the beer was lovely. I must also comment on the very friendly bar staff. All in all, a very nice pub.

2 Nov 2008 14:10

The Black Eagle, Hockley

I agree with Roy22's review, except food wasn't being served when I visited. The pub is a beacon in this area and contrasts to the grim Soho Tavern I had to walk past to get here. The beer is excellent with a good range of real ales. Check the opening times before you come. On Saturday, the pub closed at 3:00 and reopened at 7:00ish.

2 Nov 2008 14:06

The Station Inn, Whitby

My previous review was too brief! The beer is excellent, that goes without saying. But the building is interesting, full of railway memorabilia. Stayed for the regular pub quiz on Wednesday, and as this was the day before Halloween, all the questions had a supernatural theme. It was good fun and the crowd seemed to have a good time too. A very lovely pub.

2 Nov 2008 14:01

The Little Angel, Whitby

I forgot to say exactly what I liked about this pub - like the Elsinore across the road, it is like a pub from the 1970s and I mean that in a positive way. It gives the pub a quirky charm.

2 Nov 2008 13:58

The Elsinore, Whitby

Rereading this review, I missed out saying anything about the building itself. It is like stepping back into the 1970s, but in a good way. The Little Angel over the road is the same. It adds to the quirkiness and good atmosphere of the place.

2 Nov 2008 13:56

The Birch Hall Inn, Beck Hole

THIS IS A BRILLIANT PUB! I shouldn't say this too loudly because if too many people visit it, it will be spoiled.

It is a tiny little village pub which does 'traditional' beers - Black Sheep etc and traditional food - pork pies, cheese sandwiches etc. But it is quaint, unspoiled etc. There was a lovely open fire when I visited.

Many of the punters seemed to be walkers. Visit it. Walk round the hamlet of Beck Hole. It is beautiful.

1 Nov 2008 22:24

Duke of York, Whitby

This pub is for families. It is full of little kids. It is really hard to get a seat in the evenining. OK if you like this, but I walked in and left immediately on this visit. Have been in before at lunchtime. Food is ok and beer is good. But it is not what I would call a 'great' pub. It all depends on what you want.

1 Nov 2008 22:16

The Granby, Whitby

Cameron's Strongarm and Wychwood Hobgoblin served too cold to taste. Not the best pub in Whitby but needs patronage. Visit it!

1 Nov 2008 22:10

The Station Inn, Whitby

This pub is brilliant! Good beer and friendly bar staff. I loved it! A well deserved good reputation.

1 Nov 2008 22:08

The Little Angel, Whitby

Another good Whitby pub. A Goth meeting place during the Halloween Weekend, but a friendly pub with great beer. One to return to, and I am not a Goth.

1 Nov 2008 22:06

The Elsinore, Whitby

I visited this pub very recently. The beer is lovely. How can anyone worry if a pub serves Cameron's Strongarm or Tetley's Imperial? This is a great pub. Full of Goths when I visited it. But, during the Halloween Goth Weekend, what could I expect? A brilliant, friendly, interesting pub. I loved it. And I am not not a Goth.

1 Nov 2008 22:04

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

This is a glorious pub. Small, but perfectly formed. Beer is great, and interesting 'tapas' offered. Interesting conversation had when I visited . I would definitely return.

1 Nov 2008 21:58

The Inn At Farnborough, Farnborough

Nice pub, with good mild. But I expect a pub like this to have real ale. And it had none. Am in no rush to go back.

12 Oct 2008 20:26

The Nottingham Arms, Tewkesbury

Why is this pub rated so low? I was in there again on a trip down from Birmingham. The beer is brilliant and the atmosphere is good. It should be much more highly rated!

22 Sep 2008 22:03

The Albion Inn, Tewkesbury

Popped in for a couple during an evening jaunt down to Tewkesbury from Birmingham. There were no real ales, but I found a really friendly pub with friendly locals and bar staff who engaged me and my wife in conversation almost immediately. I loved it and would happily go back.

22 Sep 2008 21:55

The White Horse, Chilham

This is a brilliant pub! The pub is fresh, clean, friendly and does brilliant food and drink. While I was there, I tried all three real ales, Hopdaemon Skrimshander, Harvey's Best and Shepherd Neame's Kentish Best. All three were well kept and delicious. The food was wonderful, especially the Fish Pie and Chicken in Cumberland Sauce. Although they do a roast on Sunday afternoon, there is no food derved on a Sunday evening - but food is served every other evening.

There are two pubs in Chilham, and the White Horse is the best pub in the village.

9/10 - Highly recommended!

25 Aug 2008 20:01

The Rose and Crown, Selling

This pub is extremely hard to find, but is well worth the effort! It is a traditional country pub with a range of customers, locals as well as holidaymakers. It has a good atmosphere, with very friendly bar staff. The food is delicious and the beer is very good. There was a beer festival on while I was there which gave me the opportunity to sample 14 real ales.

No Goacher's Mild though! Sorry to disappoint Wittenden.

9/10 - Highly recommended.

24 Aug 2008 07:27

The Woolpack Inn, Chilham

I ate and drank in the Woolpack twice during my holiday, based in Chilham. The food is ok and the beer is ok. The staff are friendly enough. But there is no atmosphere. The second time I came in here was only because the White Horse on the Square in Chilham does not do food on a Sunday night. So I ate in the Woolpack and walked back up to drink in the White Horse which has much more atmosphere.

So, to sum up, the Woolpack is an ok pub, but isn't the best in the village.

24 Aug 2008 07:19

George, Tewkesbury

I found it difficult to rate this pub accurately because I don't believe I saw the pub as it really is and need to visit it again, or see what others have put.

I went in late on a Monday lunchtime. The pub has clearly been refurbished and has a small 'restaurant' section upstairs, but I do not know if it is yet in use. But the pub seemed clean and well kept.

The pub was really quiet, just me and on other punter to start with, although others came and went during my hour in there. The young guy behind the bar was very friendly.

The sign outside advertised real local ales. But there was only one on tap, Gloucester Glory, which was really nice. If I hadn't been meeting the missus, I would have had a couple more.

So, to sum up, nice clean friendly pub, but very quiet, hence no atmosphere on my visit, no choice of real ales, but what was there was delicious.

Will go in again next time I'm in Tewkesbury and re-rate it. I gave it 7/10.

14 Aug 2008 09:23

The Nottingham Arms, Tewkesbury

Why is this pub rated 4.8/10? Its a really nice pub. Very friendly atmosphere. Beautiful old building. My wife and I went in for a lunchtime sandwich, but it was Thai Monday so we had a Thai meal each instead and it was lovely.

I had a pint of the guest ale, Copper Dragon 1816 which was very well kept, as was a local beer called 'Bob' which I just had to try.

Both of us liked the Nottingham a lot. I would give it 8/10.

11 Aug 2008 19:17

The Captains Cabin, Weston Super Mare

Unfortunately, I was driving when we visited this pub, so I couldn't sample the beer. However, it seemed nice enough and the real ale selection was fair, but limited. We did eat on the terrace overlooking the small bay at Anchor Head, and the views were good. I had a crab baguette and it had plenty of tasty crab on it. My wife's prawn baguette was also stuffed with prawns. So, we liked the food we ate.

I would like to come back for a beer!

10 Aug 2008 16:50

Watering Trough, Walsall

I had to write a second review of this pub. I make a point of visiting this pub whenever I drink in Walsall. The Mild is consistently excellent. And I love the quirky feel of the place. I can understand that, maybe, this pub might not be to everyone's taste. However, the Rising Sun is fast becoming one of my favourite stopping off places in Walsall. And I have increased my rating!

10 Aug 2008 09:21

The Walsall Arms, Walsall

I had read good reviews of the Walsall Arms and had missed it on my last visits to Walsall. So, for my first visit, my hopes were high. I have to say that the pub was not as good as I was expecting, but, as I have said, my expectations were very high. The pub itself was lovely. The beer was good. I was just expecting something more. I was glad I went and I will be returning. I would recommend it!

10 Aug 2008 09:16

The Spring Cottage, Walsall

I popped into this pub on my latest visit to Walsall with the Archivist and JB. There is no Real Ale on here, but the Banks's Mild is tasty and well kept. My companions had platefulls of cheap and cheerful pub food and the atmosphere was really nice. The pub was pretty full with a genuine mixture of ages and races. There were snooker tables in the back. The landlord and the other bar staff were really friendly. I will be back!

10 Aug 2008 09:11

The Castle Tavern, Weston Super Mare

I have to say I have never been in the Castle personally. I visit the area a couple of times a year. I think the Castle building is very nice, an example of Victorian Gothick rather than Medieval Gothic.

My in-laws have eaten and drunk in the Castle and reported back to us that the food and drink were very nice.

You really have to try things and see. I have tried pubs with some really mixed reviews and found them delightful.

One man's pleasure is another man's poison, and vice versa, so they say.

6 Aug 2008 22:47

Pant Yr Ochain, Gresford

The location of this pub is superb. The grounds are immaculate, with a beautiful garden overlooking a lake.

I tried a pint of Midnight Stout, Thwaites and Old Dog Bitter, and all three were delicious.

My wife and I ate a three course meal and it was utterly wonderful. The portions were of a good size. The pie that arrived on the table next to us was huge. And it was real pie!

I could think of nothing better than sitting in the grounds all afternoon, reading the newspaper, reading a book, or enjoying the converstion of friends, watching the wildlife on the lake, drinking beer, then eating a fabulous meal in this well-kept pub.

Not a local pub, but definitely one for special occasions, and perhaps, a more discerning customer.


6 Aug 2008 20:48

The Bottle of Sack, Sutton Coldfield

What do people expect? This is a Wetherspoons. The Real Ales are cheap, but good. I cannot comment on the other drinks, 'cause I don't drink them, but I assume they are also cheap. The food is relatively inexpensive and tastes good. It attracts a range of customers because it is cheap and it allows children in. I will drink here, because the ale is good and cheap.

However, as a pub, I prefer the Duke down the road. But I have no objection to drinking with a real cross-section of society. If you do not like seeing chavs, OAPs, families, people on benefit, Mr and Mrs Bog-Standard Average, or people like me, do not drink here!

2 Aug 2008 21:21

The Deer's Leap, Queslett

I have walked past this pub a number of times when wandering up to Barr Beacon. I tried it today, a Friday afternoon. It was very quiet, but friendly. The 'locals' were of mixed ages. The Banks's Mild was good, but there was absolutely no sign of any real ales at all. The food on the menu looked good, but I didn't try any. I will be popping in again on my way to the Queslett.

1 Aug 2008 15:52

Plough Inn, Charfield

The Plough is a small pub, but it is very friendly. The real ales seem nice, the Doom Bar is very good. Does food, but did not try it. A good, local pub. Try it

1 Aug 2008 15:47

The Why Not inn, Essington

I thought this was a quirky little pub. It has a nice atmosphere, friendly bar staff, and serves a nice pint of Mild. No real ales mind you, but the quality of the Mild pushes my rating up.

31 Jul 2008 12:53

The Railway, Charfield

Popped in for a pint on the way back to the M5. Great pint of Flowers was served. And the food was delicious too! Nice atmosphere, friendly bar staff.

31 Jul 2008 12:40

The Water Poet, Gloucester

I'd had a few pints of warm, flat beer in Gloucester until I happened upon this air conditioned pub. Whether it was the air con or not, I can't tell, but I had a lovely, cool, buttery tasting pint of Brain's in here. Loved it!

28 Jul 2008 19:53

The Union, Gloucester

Nice pub. But very hot given that it was a very hot day. Had the Doom Bar. It was warm and flat. Like most of the beer I'd had in Gloucester up till then!

28 Jul 2008 19:50

The Lower George Inn, Gloucester

I have been in here before and had a good pint of Hobgoblin. Today was an exceptionally hot day and I found the Hob flat and warm. Come on Pig, you're a good pub - don't let the weather get you down!

28 Jul 2008 19:48

The New Inn, Gloucester

Did a pub crawl in Gloucester today while the wife researched her family history in the archive office. Popped into the New Inn and had a smashing pint of Hobgoblin. Nice beer - probably the joint best in Gloucester today. The rest of the pubs served beer that was quite warm. The pint at the New Inn was delightful!

28 Jul 2008 19:46

Dick Whittington, Gloucester

Went in the Dick today. Tremendously hot day. Found the Pedigree too warm and flat. A common problem in Gloucester pubs today. Can't they cope with the heat? The pub itself was pleasant, but quiet. Well it was a Monday afternoon!

28 Jul 2008 19:43

The Wheatsheaf, Walsall

I liked this pub. Had a pint of Hazy Daze, a refreshing wheat beer which just hit the spot on a hot day. The barmaid was lovely and the garden chess in the backyard was a nice way to spend a little time.

25 Jul 2008 08:26

The Red Lion, Walsall

Been in here twice. Excellent mild! The chilli was excellent. Nice old pub with a friendly atmosphere. Pop in for a snack and a pint!

25 Jul 2008 08:22

Lyndon House Hotel, Walsall

The Lyndon House attracts a mixed crowd in terms of age. Its a very nice, friendly place which, I am told gets very busy on a Friday and Saturday evening. I visited on Saturday 19 July with my good friend the Archivist and his mate JB. The real ales were superb!

22 Jul 2008 09:45

The Victoria, Walsall

A second visit to this pub yesterday with my friend the Archivist and the boy JB. They have a superb dark ale on - Tuck's Tipple! Brings to mind Copper Dragon's Black Gold. Lovely pint!

20 Jul 2008 12:33

The Prince, Walsall

Popped in for one on 19 July with my most excellent friend Archivist and his sidekick, JB. A most excellent pint of Altar Ale was dunk. Nice beer. Well worth a visit for pint.

20 Jul 2008 12:30

White Lion, Walsall

I specifically wanted to visit this pub on my 4 July night out with the Archivist. Why? 'cause I'd read it did Hobgoblin and that seems to be rare on tap anywhere. However, when we went in, there was no Hobgoblin! So, what did I think of this pub? The Highgate Dark Mild was the very best we tasted during our evening. The Doom Bar was majestic. The pub has an excellent atmosphere and the building is fantastic. So, despite my initial disappointment, I give this pub a 9/10 rating. I will be back!

6 Jul 2008 10:54

The Victoria, Walsall

Another port of call for the Archivist and me on 4 July's night out. The final pub we visited. I didn't like the look of it from the outside. But I was persuaded to go in. And its very nice! No 'dark' ales, but the ales I tried were delicious. The barmaid was very friendly. It was a quiet pub, but very relaxed. Recommended!

6 Jul 2008 10:48

Watering Trough, Walsall

Visited this pub as part of a most excellent night out with my good friend, the Archivist, on Friday 4 July. Very good Highgate Dark Mild. A relaxed, friendly atmosphere and a very nice barmaid. Recommended!

6 Jul 2008 10:45

Dog Inn, Whittington

Just had my Sunday lunch in the Dog. Brilliant! Doctor Okell's Eastern Spice ale was superb with just the right level of heat on the back of the throat. And the Ansell's Mild was excellent. A pub that serves excellent food rather than a restaurant that serves ale.

Well done! Highly recommended.

29 Jun 2008 18:28

The Beggars Bush Inn, New Oscott

The Beggars is a nice pub. Large, busy but not crowded. Only one thing stops me from calling in more often - I like real ale and the Beggars doesn't have any. Its a shame 'cause I really like the atmosphere in there.

28 Jun 2008 10:08

The Three Tuns, Sutton Coldfield

Thwaites was good. But I just didn't like the pub. Can't put my finger on why. Won't be hurrying back.

28 Jun 2008 10:05

The Racehorses, Kettlewell

The Racehorses is a 'hotel' in Kettlewell. The bar is nicely laid out and looks homely. Its a Timothy Taylor's pub and makes a good contrast to the Blue Bell across the road. The ale is good and well-kept and the food is delicious with good, but not oversized portions. Of the three pubs in Kettlewell, I would put it second behind the Blue Bell, which is livelier and with a better atmosphere. The Racehorses is a little quiet. However, I would recommend it.

27 Jun 2008 18:29

Antrobus Arms, Amesbury

We stayed in this pub over the mid-Summer solstice weekend. I say pub, but its really a hotel. However, the bar is really pubby and lively with a mix of locals and those staying there. The staff are really friendly and the real ales were brilliant! There were three Wadworths on and I tried all three. Each was really well kept. The food is delicious and the waiting staff are very helpful - but don't expect to get the meal quickly, service is slow when it comes to food, but is worth the wait. We had two rooms while we stayed as we were a party of four, and both rooms were clean and well-presented and very comfortable.

We aim to return for the mid-Winter Solstice!

25 Jun 2008 18:10

The New Inn, Amesbury

I popped into this pub over the solstice weekend in June 2008 with my wife and the in-laws. Warm beer and the pub seemed a little worse for wear. It was very quiet for a Saturday night. We left rapidly!

25 Jun 2008 18:02

The Feathers, Helmsley

I have been to the Feathers a number of times as the North York Moors is one of my favourite places. I really like this pub. I have always found the beer to be never less than satisfactory and the food to be excellent, with huge portions and a side order of chips given with almost everything. I would recomend it.

23 Jun 2008 07:04

The Red Lion, Avebury

I visited the pub with my family on 22 June 2008. Beer was nice, but served in plastic glasses because it was Solstice Weekend. Greene King - ok - just not too good in plastic. Waited ages for our food. Had the pie and mash and it was really nice. Pub seemed a bit dishevelled though. Should have tried the Waggon and Horses in Beckhampton!

23 Jun 2008 06:35

The New Inn, Salisbury

Nice beer and good building. Very busy on the Saturday in June 2008 that I visited it with my father-in-law while the girls went shopping. I liked it. The beer was nice. The father-in-law did not. He thought it was more restauranty than pubby. And he was right. Unfortunately, our next stop was the Old Ale House...

23 Jun 2008 06:31

The Old Ale House, Salisbury

Ales are nice, but no atmosphere. Nearly a fight at the back of the pub when I went in. Over a t-shirt! I ask you. Won't be going there again.

23 Jun 2008 06:28

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

I liked the quirkiness of this pub. Interesting building. Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. I enjoyed the ales. Had to go earlier than I'd have liked 'cause the girls finished shopping and found me and the father-in-law!

23 Jun 2008 06:26

Wig and Quill, Salisbury

What a great pub! Fantastic ales and nice food. Maybe not the cheapest food, but it was nice. The building has charm and the staff were very friendly. Recommended!

23 Jun 2008 06:23

The Crown, Pateley Bridge

Had an amusing hour or so in here during my stay in Pateley Bridge. Again, beer was fine but the old guy singing to his backing track was hilarious. Brought back memories of my childhood in Midlands working men's clubs!

17 Jun 2008 21:50

The Royal Oak, Pateley Bridge

Very odd pub. Quite quiet. Beer was ok but the fish with the fish and chips was almost raw. Go to the Bridge Inn on the Low Wath Road.

17 Jun 2008 21:47

The Bridge Inn, Pateley Bridge

Spent a week in Pateley Bridge last year. This was the pub for me. Unpretentious pub food. Fabulous Black Sheep Riggwelter. Friendly waitress. It isn't a 'pretty pub'. But I really liked it. Best pub near Pateley.

17 Jun 2008 21:45

The Queslett, Streetly

Having popped into the Queslett a couple more times on quiet Sunday afternoons, I like this pub and its selection of real ales. Yes it is an eatery, but there is space to relax and enjoy a pint.

11 Jun 2008 18:13

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

I agree with the other reviewers. Great little boozer with great beer. Well worth a visit!

3 Jun 2008 21:43

The Prince of Wales, Birmingham

If you haven't been to the Prince of Wales, then make sure you make the time to visit it. Lovely pub, lovely beer and brilliant bar staff!

3 Jun 2008 21:40

The Bull Ring Tavern, Digbeth

Popped in for one (or two) at the end of May. It was like stepping into the 1970s. Full of 'proper' Brummies and a mean pint of Chestnut Mild. I liked it!

3 Jun 2008 21:37

The Duke, Sutton Coldfield

I love the Duke. A friendly locals' pub with a great atmosphere and friendly staff. The real ales are well kept and very tasty. No hot food, but they do a mean filled roll!

The best pub in Sutton, but not one if you're under 30. And long may it stay that way.

25 May 2008 19:24

Station, Sutton Coldfield

The real ales, when I went in, were really nice. But the bar staff, although friendly, have no idea about the ales. The food is really nice, but a bit pricey.

I liked the quirkyness of the pub and will visit it again, but I'll just try the ales out rather than asking for advice.

25 May 2008 19:20

The Bottle of Sack, Sutton Coldfield

Real ales were nice, but this isn't a pub. Its a family eatery.

25 May 2008 19:17

The Cup Inn, Sutton Coldfield

I was lured into this pub by the sign outside saying it had Cask Ales. Well, it had one - Lancaster Bomber. It was a nice pint, but the pub seemed a bit tired. The covers were coming off the seats and the foam was being picked out.

OK for a pint, but I quickly moved on.

25 May 2008 19:15

Arbor Lights, Walsall

The real ale here is superb! The food is delicious, but not cheap. If you want to eat, book. Don't just turn up as this place is very popular. But pop in for a pint.

6 May 2008 23:08

The Queslett, Streetly

I popped in to the Queslett for a pint on the hot Bank Holiday in May. Real Ales were good. Again, a nice pint of Mild. And the beers were cheap. The place is really an eatery, but worth popping in for a beer. And the bar staff are very friendly.

6 May 2008 22:55

The White Swan, Digbeth

I love the White Swan! Not such a huge selection of real ales as the Anchor up the road, but this pub feels much more relaxed. The ales are great and the mild is excellent. Nice to unwind there after 90 minutes at St. Andrews. The clientele and bar staff are really friendly.

6 May 2008 21:15

, Digbeth

I really like the beer in the pub and the huge, ever changing selection of real ales. Its a very nice, traditional, Victorian boozer. The traditional pub food looks nice too. Its certainly popular, but I have not tried it yet. Yet somehow, the fact that its divided into 'small' rooms and is popular, I find this pub a bit dark and claustrophobic. But that's just me. Go in and try the beer!

6 May 2008 21:10

The Kings Head, Kettlewell

I popped in for a pint after a walk over the Easter Holidays in 2008. The building is nice and the real ales are good, but there was no atmosphere and there were absolutely no bar snacks. No crisps, nuts - nothing at all. And the pub was more or less deserted. Its a shame because it should be wonderful. Its just not!

4 May 2008 22:26

The Blue Bell Inn, Kettlewell

I spent a week in Kettlewell over the Easter Holidays in 2008 and the Blue Bell is by far the best pub in the village. The Copper Dragon ales are brilliant, my favourite being the the Black Gold, and I tried them all! The food was brilliant and the service, very friendly. The quiz night was fun and the pub has a very nice, friendly atmosphere. I'd recommend it.

4 May 2008 22:23

The Crown and Sceptre, Kensington

I visited Kensington in May for an event at Olympia. I spent a very pleasant Saturday night at the Crown and Sceptre. The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed. The clientele was mixed in terms of age and everyone was very mellow. The Hog's Back TEA was absolutely fantastic and the food was superb and very, very reasonably priced. I would definitely return. Highly recommended.

4 May 2008 22:18

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