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The Holman Clavel Inn, Culmhead

Finally the Clavel is back in safe hands and bad memories fading fast. Decent beer, nice, warm atmosphere and look forward to sampling the grub. Great news going in to 2016

2 Jan 2016 07:10

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

Cracking pub I try to use whenever possible and always if travelling from the darkest South West to Portsmouth for a ferry. A simple divert off the M27 that will not unduly delay you. Excellent array of gravity delivered beers from the barrel, particularly the flowerpots range at very very reasonable prices and the food looked pretty good yesterday as well.

Log fire, friendly lot of locals. Well behaved dogs on leads welcome too.

A shame we had to leave and I was the driver this time!

24 Nov 2014 17:15

The York Inn, Churchinford

Good to see The York back on the map in safe pairs of hands after a number of years of ups and downs. The Otter range including Amber and Bitter on offer together with Cheddar Valley Cider from Thatchers with Tricky cider produced less than 25 metres away also on offer.

A pleasant sitting area that catches the sun at the back of the pub and a bench to watch the world and his wife pass by outside the front door. (Village Community shop and post Office 100 metres away offering local produce too!)

A simple "pub grub" style menu at pretty good prices, this looks to have returned to the village local it always used to be but being the Blackdown Hills and pretty rural "use it or lose it"!!

28 Apr 2014 08:30

The Vine Inn, Honiton

Pleased to report that the beer quality here is now excellent, avery ecelctic bunch or locals and the grub and lunchtime is proper "pub grub" of the highest quality at very very reasonable prices.

13 Dec 2012 13:45

The New Inn, Kilmington

Still very pleasant but "choked" at £3.80 for an admittedly brilliant pint of Tally Ho. good job it wasn't my round!

13 Dec 2012 13:43

Mountain Inn, Lutton

Still a cracking little village boozer but le tdown by the first pint of Bays which was "rank". The Jail Ale replacement was fine and will come back on a summers day as the place was pretty cold as indicated by the Landlady wrapped up in outdoor coat and looking pretty miserable!! Still; show promise.

13 Dec 2012 13:40

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Hadn't been in here for about 30 years and very pleased that the Dolphin is still it's irreverent old self. Bass straight for the barrel in first class order, the place packed on a cold and miserable Monday night with a right old mixture of "suits” and regulars and catching up with Billy the Landlord a great pleasure.

Long live The Dolphin!!

13 Dec 2012 13:36

Yarcombe Inn, Honiton

The beer is hit and miss and the place is freezing cold. With few notable exeptions The locals would not be out of place in Royston Vasey this pub is heading for the buffers at "train wreck central".

16 Aug 2012 17:11

The Volunteer Inn, Ilminster

Very different to the last time I was here a few years ago. Pleasant environment, decent beer brewed on the premises and Perry's Cider from just down the road on draft.

Food looked pretty good but the only downside was very young children being allowed to sit up at the bar. It was very busy and I blame the dozy parents for this rather than the very busy Bar Maid.

13 May 2012 12:29

The Greyhound Inn and Hotel, Honiton

The problem in getting landlords to stay here for very long was the repairing lease and enormous thatched roof which has needed to be replaced for many years.

As I write this the roof is being rethatched which is a significant investment and Bettesworths are inviting offers for the lease, mind you the turnover estimate at 480,000pa is a joke. I don't think they did that in 3 years!!

24 Jan 2011 13:45

Three Horseshoes Inn, Bridport

Went there recently to see what the new people had done and it was worse than the last lot. Expensive and very ordinary beer, a few out of town types eating from a pretty average looking menu. The bar staff were shambolic and soon shifted on to loders down the Valley.

Pity really, great location, prople with no idea running it.

16 Jan 2011 18:18

The Vine Inn, Honiton

Tucked away in a little alley way off the High Street near Boots. Friendly people and a bit like sitting in your front parlour. Beer can be a gamble but generally good

10 Aug 2010 18:44

The Heathfield Inn, Honiton

Should be, could be , isn't

3 Aug 2010 19:39

The Naval and Military, Taunton

Closed, probably for good and up for sale

31 Dec 2009 16:26

The Bottle Inn, Marshwood


26 Oct 2009 17:57

The Greyhound Inn and Hotel, Honiton

CLOSED and this time it looks to be for good as the place is rapidly falling to pieces

26 Oct 2009 17:45

The Candlelight Inn, Chard

Under new ownership with a good range of ales served straight from the cask and a real treat Sheppys cider on draught!!

Menu looked good but no time to eat and will visit again.

26 Oct 2009 17:44

The Drewe Arms, Broadhembury

Gave it the benefit of the doubt for a second visit and wish I hadn't bothered.

Truly awful. The beer still tastes of nothing, served too cold, a bit like the atmosphere.

Avoid at all costs

5 Oct 2009 09:27

The Blacksmith's Arms, Plymtree

Finally a decent village local in the Honiton/Cullompton/Broadhembury triangle serving a very well kept range of real ales in relaxing and pleasant surroundings.

The fof looked pretty good as well. Get there soon!!

5 Oct 2009 09:23

The Volunteer Inn, Ottery St. Mary

Under new Management and really making at effort at being a simple honest to goodness booze with decent Otter beers kept well and basic wholesome food.

19 Aug 2009 15:08

The Golden Lion Inn, Tipton St John

I really have tried with this place but a village local it isn't and the welcome is pretty luke warm. Beer over priced and the food is confusing. are you a pub or a restaurant

19 Aug 2009 15:06

The Greyhound Inn and Hotel, Honiton

Closed and rapidly falling to pieces

19 Aug 2009 14:53

The New Inn, Kilmington

Very nice pub, well run, clean and well kept range of Palmers beers. Wine range a bit limited but perfectly OK.

Good bunch of lacals and no riff raff tolerated. I like it a lot.

7 Aug 2009 17:07

Ashill Inn, Ashill

This is a real gem. A proper "old fashioned" village local with a modern twist run by a husband and wife team who keep things simple. Good beer with one regular and a couple of rotating guest beers/ales, quality food and a warm welcome.

Open all day on a Saturday if you happen to be driving up or down the M5 and want a pleasant 10 min divert to recharge the batteries and destress for a while!!

Give it a whirl

7 Aug 2009 17:02

The Drewe Arms, Broadhembury

The Drewe is now open again in the style of any pub, anywhere London "Wine Bar". The beer which is served far too cold is truly awful with no discerenable taste at all not to mention being over priced. We soon trotted off to the vastly superior Six Bells down the road in Payhembury for a warm welcome and suberbly presented pint of Otter Bitter. Avoid at all cost if you take your real ale seriously!!

5 Jul 2009 14:48

The Hare and Hounds, Waytown

Passed my ham, egg and chips test with flying colours i.e. how hard can it be to make decent ham, egg and chips as so many places bugger it up?

Palmers beers in first class order as well, very friendly "natives" as well

10 Dec 2008 15:20

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

Perfectly good pub but why do they have coolers on the real ale barrels in December making the drink to cold and lifeless.

Will go there again but only when the beer and weather warm up

10 Dec 2008 15:16

The Volunteer, Honiton

I just don't get the low rating on this pub. There are less and less real "boozers" these days and this is the real deal. Still the best pub in Honiton by some way and the prices are very competitive, especially during "happy hour". The Management are first class people who run a very tight ship.

12 Aug 2008 18:16

The Drewe Arms, Broadhembury

This pub is now closed

12 Aug 2008 18:12

The Red Cow, Honiton

A great pity that this pub is currently closed following difficulties in finding a buyer for the lease. I remain hopeful for 2008

6 Jan 2008 11:21

The Axminster Inn, Axminster

Centre of town "boozer" close to the cattle market with friendly and helpful staff. Range of Palmers beers kept in good order.
A true locals pub untouched by the need to become a restaurant with a bar attached

20 Mar 2006 17:23

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