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Comments by florisgriotte

The Pitcher and Piano, Taunton

Not bad but very bland. It strikes me as a bar that should do better but it was a Sunday I guess its hard to judge when its so quiet.

25 Nov 2013 12:12

Brazz, Taunton

Service was good if a little formal. Not to impressed with tribute but I did see them changing beers over so I may have got end of barrel. Not sure if this is a bar,restaurant or hair salon in terms of decor.
I would return here I think but not my style place.
I enjoyed the local lager, very nice to see the English producing lagered beers as well as ales. Being flemish I have a love for most styles of beer and find the English have a natural ability when it comes to beer to high standards.

25 Nov 2013 12:05

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Excellent ale & good selection of styles including an interesting dark lager. Very busy with huge band singing good renditions of Sinatra & co. Food was very good I enjoyed my English roast beef.I took photos of the band & dinner on my cell to show folks at home. Served by polite young women. Interesting to note this was by far the busiest pub on my taunton crawl but received the most attentive service (also quikest surprisingly)
I remomend to all.

25 Nov 2013 11:52

The Winchester Arms, Taunton

Ale was not good at all & the young woman who served me had cell plone in her hand. Not for me at all

25 Nov 2013 11:39

Ring of Bells, Taunton

Good ales & food looked good. Very quiet

25 Nov 2013 11:32

Coal Orchard, Taunton

No thanks

25 Nov 2013 11:28

The Ring of Bells, Norton Fitzwarren

I liked this place the food was excellent & Moore beer was perfect very quiet but after cross keys this was welcome. Taunton crawl pub #2

25 Nov 2013 11:26

The Cross Keys, Norton Fitzwarren

It's okay but to many children on sugar for me. beers very good, service pleasant if a little hurried just not my style of pub I guess

25 Nov 2013 11:20

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