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The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

The few occasions I have been here I have liked the character of this place and also the export lager on tap.

11 Jan 2008 13:02

RSVP, Woking

I am in my early 20s and feel like I am in my 40s when I come here.

11 Jul 2007 10:08

The Sovereigns, Woking

A victim of a town which seems to knock pubs down for housing without consideration for where the new residents will go drinking/eating etc.

This pub is my local, persay, and I have learned that it goes through phases. Sometimes the beer will be brilliant and the staff will be friendly and swift, other times your beer is horrible and the people serving you look like they couldn't be less interested. At the moment it is the latter and I've steered clear for a while.

There is an ultra friendly waitress who is a breath of fresh air from some of the other dross but it can be a little too much on occasions. Sure, I like a chat with bar staff from time to time but the conversation usually ends mutually after a while and you can get on with spending time with your friends/family.

I really hope the Sovereigns lives long and prospers as there is a helluva lot going for it and all in all it is one of Woking's finer pubs.

11 Jul 2007 10:02

The White Horse, Shere

That's a 4 by the way not a minus 4.

Disgruntled but not that disgruntled!

11 Jul 2007 09:52

The White Horse, Shere

I have two opinions for two very different pubs.
For drinks and meals during the week it is perfect. Relatively quiet and you get a really cosy, villagey atmosphere.

Sundays are a nightmare. Unless you are one of the first people to arrive, odds are you will spend ages waiting for a table. Obviously there is not a lot the pub can do about this (hire more staff?) but when finally seated it has taken close to an hour before we've even seen a waiter/waitress before and then it's been similar intervals between ordering drinks/courses. It seems there are so many people descending on The White Horse that the staff can get away with sketchy customer service knowing full well that for every person that doesn't return there will 3 more who didn't get a table the week before so they stand to lose very little. Add the fact that scenes from The Holiday were shot here and you have an endless supply of empty headed idiots who'll come just to see where Jude Law stood. Voila, business.

A group of friends and I used to come to The White Horse most Sundays for lunch during the winter period but several bad experiences with undue delay and lazy customer service has led to us looking elsewhere.

It's a lovely pub with well kept beer and the food is worth investigating on a weeknight but there are friendlier welcomes and more definite seats elsewhere in Surrey if you are looking at this place for a Sunday.

7 for weekdays
1 for weekends
Rating given - 4.

11 Jul 2007 09:51

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

I couldn't agree more with rampantwurzel.

This is a proper London boozer. Well kept ale and 'loveable rogue' atmosphere.

I remember coming here after a college field trip and getting smashed when I was 17. When I was at uni I always made a point of coming here for a swift London Pride on my way back from uni.

Anyone who dismisses this pub as a dive knows nothing about the spirit of proper boozers.

11 Jul 2007 09:29

The Fire Station, Waterloo

What a good place spend time in during those awful delays. Gets busy but has a suchlike busy, buzzing atmosphere. You will particularly like this place if your name is Hannah and you live in Guildford and you are going out with your mate for a couple of beers tomorrow night.

11 Jul 2007 09:24

The Jolly Sailor, Farnham

Stopped in here last night for a brief bottle of beer. Seemed nice enough! Small crowd of people watching the football and smiling barmaid.

5 Apr 2007 15:19

Plough, Farnham

Draught beer was horrendous. Interiors were horrendous. Really run down pub but hey it seems to suit the students! Nice garden out back but won't be going here again, since leaving uni my tastes have gone beyond badly kept lager and smoky, cramped air.

5 Apr 2007 15:18

The Paper Moon, Southwark

Great post work watering hole.

Especially good for the pizzas, the Peroni and when the football is on.

Nice relaxing atmosphere and interesting decor.

20 Mar 2007 11:44

Home, Lincoln

Hasten to disagree with the previous comments this place is far from a cess pool of scum and villiany I think worthy of competition for Ritzy's in terms of design and clientele. Don't think I've ever stayed til closing but have certainly found this place acts as a great go between on a good night out.

29 Apr 2005 19:34

The Falcon, Lincoln

Re-opened as a trendier watering hole, fantastic special offers and introduced me to the gorgeous but deadly triple vodka vimtos. Great garden out back and friendly bar staff.

29 Apr 2005 19:31

The Carholme, Lincoln

Once again I agree with Victor, went to this pub once back in July 03 when I was moving into the area from student halls. Terrible service and threatening environment, the look on the barmaid's face when we asked for a 4 pint pitcher of Fosters that was ADVERTISED NEXT TO HER was no short of confused. The pool table is all this place has got going for it.

29 Apr 2005 19:28

The Queen In The West, Lincoln

My dear old local when I'm staying in the Lincoln area. Run by fantastic people and a great selection of real on tap which features a guest every month. Victor's comments are spot on, this is one of the most cosy pubs I think I've ever been to in my life and even when I leave Lincoln for good in 2 or so months I will return to this pub for years to come (and the city of course!)

18 Mar 2005 15:09

Cafe en Seine, Dublin

Came here in October and it's got the July feel about it! Great atmosphere, fantastic architecture and even better memories. Look forward to returning!

18 Mar 2005 14:59

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