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The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Very eccentric place. Worth a visit if in Bristol

5 Feb 2017 18:50

Project Orange, Battersea

Love places like this, open fire, friendly punters, great staff, pool table. Will now be my meeting place of choice when arriving in Clapham Junction.

5 Feb 2017 18:48

Shinner and Sudtone, Sutton

Discovered this place on New Year's Day and it's a gem. I said I'd say it so I will, the staff were excellent and I love the decor in places like this.

5 Feb 2017 18:46

The Vinols Cross, West Hoathly

Incidentally - it's now called 'The Fox' and it is very 'Fox' themed. Seemed popular yesterday with friendly locals. Saved this pub 'til last in my 5 year Weald pub challenge so was a bit disappointed they'd dropped 'Intrepid' from their name. 127 pubs completed inside the M23, M25 and A21 without using a car. Thanks girls for celebrating with me.

10 Aug 2014 12:09

The Red Lion, Turners Hill

Wonderful pub. Only Harvey's but full range. Lovely feel inside, at least 4 different 'outside' options and a special mention to the friendly 'regular' who pointed out that I'd missed Rowfant House off my pub challenge. Completion assured (although did have to cycle up Turner's Hill three times in one day!!). Thanks mate. A very strong 9/10

10 Aug 2014 12:04

The Hop and Berry, Islington

Typically pretentious menu with overpriced dishes of 'Little Chef' quality. Very disappointing. Pub was ok and drinks were fine though

27 Oct 2013 11:47

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Marsh Green

Chav + chav dog and loud East London accents probably marred our visit. Whole pub stopped when my mate walked in. Interesting interior though and drinks were fine.

1 Sep 2013 20:25

The Grasshopper Inn, Moorhouse

Much better than it was in the '90's, and seemingly better than it was in 2011. Constantly improving then, but a shame you can't sneak out through the back of the garden anymore and reenact Blake 7 in the nearby quarry.

1 Sep 2013 20:15

The Carpenters Arms, Limpsfield Chart

Whole experience ruined by screaming, grisly children. This is otherwise a good pub.
As a smoker, I can sit downwind from you so as to courteously not affect your visit. I can't sit 'downsound' of the snivelling wretch you elected to bring to the pub as you believe your lifestyle choices shouldn't be affected by having kids. Leave your progeny at home if they don't know how to or are too young to know how to behave.

1 Sep 2013 20:13

The Royal Oak, Crockham Hill

Very pleasant experience last weekend and a great ploughman's lunch. Small but enjoyable beer garden, swapping seats to stay in the few beams of sunlight that get through. Wanted to stay longer

1 Sep 2013 20:06

The Sportsman, East grinstead

Two visits, one bad pint and one good. Characterful and would like to see places like this stay open, but I'm not hopeful. Maybe in 10 years but not 20. Like a previous comment, never knew this place was here until I stumbled upon it one day. That's probably part of its charm.

1 Sep 2013 20:03

The Foresters Arms, Forest Row

Worst pub in the area (for some considerable distance in all directions I would imagine) however I've been to many worse pubs than this one. This would score higher than a 2.2 if locals weren't so spoiled for choice. One ale which my mate didn't dare try as we doubt it gets requested very often.
Unfortunately, it's the pub in the area that probably attracts the grimy end of the local residents but we were at least given a cheery, "Thank you" as we left which is at least what many other BITEees deem the basic bare minimum

1 Sep 2013 19:54

The Hatch Inn, Colemans Hatch

The best pub I've been to this year based on my visit yesterday. Barmaid was very chatty and welcoming, telling me about the pub and the current landlord. 4 ales on offer which is nothing exceptional but well kept. We didn't eat or even peruse the menu so can't comment on the food or prices. It's the gardens (and the previously mentioned toilets) that score this place extra points. Truly lovely.

1 Sep 2013 19:47

The Gallipot Inn, Hartfield

Very pleasant experience. Good view, pints went down very quickly, no complaints about the food, beautiful interior and friendly locals. Strongly recommended.

1 Sep 2013 19:44

Bull Inn, Brasted

Needs to be removed from BITE as no longer exists

25 Aug 2013 01:45

The Kings Head, Bessels Green

Restaurant empty, saloon bar can only fit about 5 people, public bar was a creche/nursery for the day I visited, 4 yr olds running amok behind the bar.
Lovely Eucalyptus tree in the garden though for a bonus point

25 Aug 2013 01:40

The Bulls Head, Pratt's Bottom

Happy to say that this pub is still run as well as the previous comments suggest.

25 Aug 2013 01:30

The Jolly Brickmakers, Redhill

Great place and worthy of its high score. Pool, bar billiards, darts and table football to keep one amused and entertained. Four real ales plus outside seating area with TV. No kitchen so take away menus provided which you can order to the pub and they'll provide crockery and cutlery. Friendly punters and very welcoming landlord and landlady. Free snacks if you stay for a while, clean toilets and runs its own occasional beer festivals. It's just a shame about the long walk to get there. Clear 8/10 in my opinion

28 Jun 2012 19:12

The Hatch, Shaws Corner

Another absolute gem in Redhill (if you just move out of the centre there are some crackers to be found). Landlord is so enthusiastic about this place after taking over, to the point of informing us how regularly he cleans his pipes, local charities and how rare some of his beers are! Also turns out this place was supposed to be in the 2011 Good Beer Guide apart from an administrative error. Supermarine Spitfire themed pub with much memorabilia and what's not to like about that. I like a lager, especially on a hot summers day after work and we walk from Reigate just for the fabulously delivered Asahi. Usually 6 to 7 real ales (including rare ones - Old Smokey, Jubilee Ale, etc. - but they don't last long) on offer and a large array of whiskeys. Just need to try the food and get rid of the traffic on the main road. Clean toilets, darts & pool table in a separate room, seating outside at front and back, there really is every reason to give this place a very strong 9/10 and get it in the GBG straight away.

28 May 2012 21:47

The Skimmington Castle, Reigate Heath

Very welcoming despite being so busy/popular. Worth going the extra mile for.

13 May 2012 19:19

The Admiral, Reigate

ok, I've been here twice now as I couldn't believe how bad it was the first time. Two visits and two undrinkable pints (my mate's Youngs physically made me wretch - nasty little vinegar 'bits' in the bottom to go with my sulphurous lager from the week before). Children not quite running amok but hardly behaving. Generally unsavoury feel.

13 May 2012 19:15

The Prince of Wales, Reigate

Moderately above average......for a railway station pub. Table tennis in the garden is the best thing going for it.

7 May 2012 22:13

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

Very average. Nothing good to say; nothing particularly bad either.

7 May 2012 22:09

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

Enjoyable little pub. Drinks are well looked after. Toilets were clean last Friday. Nice place to escape to.

7 May 2012 22:06

The White Lion, Redhill

Previous reviewer has got it spot on. Best pub I've been to in a long time (didn't think Redhill could provide another quality establishment after The Garland). Excellent layout, nice garden, good range of real ales + others and very friendly staff.

9 Apr 2012 13:09

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Randolf7, I believe to 'rate' a pub you have to select a score out of 10 when posting your comment (see below). It is this I have reserved for later. I didn't say this was a great pub, but the Dog and Duck in Redhill currently has a higher score. At least we seem to agree that there is a bad place! I can only speak from my experiences and I've had no trouble getting served or the choice on offer. Please re-read my post where I do not, "advise" what to, or not to comment on (my words were, "I'll choose.....").

18 Mar 2012 20:18

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Been here half a dozen times or so since I started working in Reigate. I'll choose to ignore the pathetic ramblings of those that seem only able to comment on other punters in the pub that they don't like because of where they sit. I will not rate this place until summer arrives and I can experience the venue in its entirety (inluding upstairs and the garden). Staff are ok, decor is ok; this is not a 3/10 boozer!

18 Mar 2012 01:24

The Surrey Cricketers, Croydon

One to include on a Croydon crawl. Staff have always been friendly, pool, darts and smoking area. Triangular shaped pub, 'Jokes Blackboard' in the gents. Nice to sit in the 'bow' of the pub (so to speak). Harvey's had run out yesterday but others available so no complaints. All in all, another excuse not to go to one of the appalling establishments elsewhere in CR0.

18 Mar 2012 01:14

Red Lion, Redhill

A very 'mixed bag' of reviews but I'll rate this as a pretty decent pub. Reasonably comfortable interior with televised sport when it's on. It's my 'post gym pub', all drinks are well kept and although I haven't yet tried the food, it looks and smells very agreeable with a regular 'specials' board. When you see the chef leave the pub to let the smokers know their food is ready, then you know the staff are prepared to go the 'extra mile'. The 'regulars' can make or break a pub and an establishment with no regulars is rarely a fun place with no need to maintain any standards. In this case they do neither of the above but the staff cope admirably with their needs, passing trade and the overflow from Donyngs Gym. 7/10 based on almost a dozen visits now

15 Mar 2012 22:53

The Sussex Arms, Tunbridge Wells

Suprised not to see a review for 4 1/2 years. Not as much character as the Duke of York but more entertainment on offer.

12 Mar 2012 01:25

The Imperial, Southborough

Will echo the previous comment as my mate described his Masterbrew as 'excellently kept'. Small garden area and the internal redecoration works due to the amount of light able to enter through the glass doorway. Unobtrusive TV on offer for games without annoying those that aren't interested.

12 Mar 2012 01:22

TN4, Tunbridge Wells

Having suffered the terrible Bar CR0 and CR0Bar in Croydon I would generally advise people to give 'Postcode named bars' a thorough wide berth. This place is nothing like the aforementioned holes. This is an example of how to do a trendy town centre bar properly.

12 Mar 2012 01:13

Sankey's, Tunbridge Wells

Have to say, I was very impressed by this place. Very friendly staff on our visit, 14 draft ales and lagers (and I'd only heard of 4 of them previously), TV was turned off the moment the rugby finished, music played at just the right volume, lovely outside area, door staff were inconspicuous. The best place I've been to so far this year. Only criticism was the smoke from the fireplace does pervade the entire pub. Just needs to invest in a more effective fireplace hood.

12 Mar 2012 01:07

The Fox on the Hill, Denmark Hill

One of the better Wetherspoons but it's unforgiveable to only cook half your food order!

4 Mar 2012 15:54

The Dacre Arms, Lee

Previous comments are justly complimentary. Fabulous 'old man' pub. Very safe 7/10

4 Mar 2012 15:50

The Hermits Cave, Camberwell

Pleasant enough pub, made better by beinag able to commandeer one of the comfy seating areas. Couple of ales available on Saturday.

4 Mar 2012 15:46

The Park Tavern, Eltham

Seven real ales, wonderfully welcoming staff, far too busy. I'm not criticising, it's clearly the best pub in quite a wide area.

4 Mar 2012 15:42

The Bear Free House, Camberwell

It's not a good sign when the toilets smell better than the pub. Bad drains a could have just been a one off.

4 Mar 2012 15:39

The Abbot, Redhill

Now, this place isn't great by any stretch of the imagination but on my visit it also isn't as tragic as portrayed. Admittedly we may have been lucky with the suprisingly good live band

26 Feb 2012 23:56

The William IV, Bletchingley

...and I'm glad I did. Lovely little place

26 Feb 2012 23:31

The Prince Albert, Bletchingley

It did re-open and it's fine. Nice feel to the place and worth a visit.

26 Feb 2012 23:30

The Globe, Covent Garden

Suprised by these comments as the staff were very helpful and accommodating on our visit. Sweet smoking area upstairs too. Can only rate on the basis of our visit.

26 Feb 2012 23:20

The Old Ale Emporium, Harringay

Agree with Tanis5 and Firky1, quality boozer. Not the largest selection but enough to tempt us to stay for more than a couple (which is almost unheard of with us). Lovely/Friendly barmaid too, who spotted us and was already asking us what we'd like before we'd seen her. Toilets - clean enough, and noted a concerted effort/focus towards welcoming the disabled. Good music (at the right volume), bookshelf, darts and unobtrusive TV in case you need something to focus on while your mates are getting in the next round.

8 Jan 2012 23:49

The Duchess of Kent, Barnsbury

Have now visited for the third time with a variety of friends on all three visits as I didn't want to post a negative review without others' opinions. When the barman has to apologise for serving you a cold 3 sausage roll with the words, "Don't shoot the messenger" you can tell which way this is going. My pint was on the turn and to forbid drinkers from sitting at empty unreserved dining tables (which constitute 2/3rds of the pub) is unforgiveable. Zero enjoyable experiences from three attempts; I'm just glad my pubcollecting friend has now visited this 'disappointment' so we won't have to return for a fourth time.

8 Jan 2012 23:35

The Hemingford Arms, Barnsbury

Lovely interior, wide selection of ales, unobtrusive live music. Stayed for a lot more than just one.

18 Dec 2011 19:57

Paxtons Head, Knightsbridge

Interior reminiscent of the Argyll Arms in Oxford Circus (best thing going for it). Staff really could do better.

29 Nov 2011 21:35

The Tower, Redhill

I've frequented pubs that have served me a worse pint, that have a poorer standard of decor, have more disagreeable punters or fewer drinks on offer; however they have all had at least one redeeming feature. This place doesn't based on our visit last month and I didn't even venture into the toilets or try any food if indeed they were serving. Certainly a candidate for worst pub in Surrey although I am yet to visit the Gipsy Tavern in West Croydon.

29 Nov 2011 20:59

The Victoria, Lincoln

Perfectly acceptable, but 17 for 5 pints is steep for anywhere outside London

6 Nov 2011 20:33

Treaty of Commerce, Lincoln

Went here twice at the weekend as the pies were so good the first time.

6 Nov 2011 20:24

The Royal Standard, Croydon

One of the best in Croydon. Very easy to lose a few hours tucked away in the darkwood snugs.

31 Oct 2011 02:54

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Better than average pub in a less than average town. Worth a visit.

31 Oct 2011 02:49

The Junction Inn, Groombridge

Really warmed to this place. Own newsletter/events. Range of games/entertainment. The Crown is arguably the better pub but this place shouldn't be overlooked if in the area.

31 Oct 2011 02:12

The High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells

Having visited in September and seen comments from both extremes of the spectrum I will just say that this place could be so much better. Must try harder

31 Oct 2011 02:09

The George and Dragon, Speldhurst

Very attractive interior and exterior. Visit slightly marred by the 10 minute wait to buy 2 pints

31 Oct 2011 02:05

The Garland, Redhill

Very friendly staff and locals (mate struck up a conversation with a local straight away). Good beer and bar billiards (which always scores an extra point with me). Complimentary sandwiches and amiable atmosphere. A tad distressed that the first pub I visit in Redhill may have been the best (is it only downhill from here?). Didn't need to hear the Counting Crows album twice however. I have never unfavourably commented on another BITE user but this 'slerpy' (having perused other comments of his) is either deliberately antagonistic/impolite, or has his experiences of particular establishments marred by his own personality rather than that of others. Personally, I can't justify giving this less than an 8 based on first impressions.

31 Oct 2011 01:37

The William IV, Bletchingley

As with some of the better pubs, this is closed on Saturday afternoons. Shame, as I now have to come back all the way from Croydon to sample it.

31 Oct 2011 01:13

The Red Lion, Bletchingley

Never seen so many muskets, rifles and shotguns adorning the walls of a pub (should this place be renamed The Huntsman' or something similar?). Exceptional sausage and mash. Fine enough.

31 Oct 2011 01:05

Whyte Harte Hotel, Bletchingley

Lovely feel to this place. Good beers. Smell of woodsmoke in the main bar. Many small snugs.

31 Oct 2011 01:01

The Prince Albert, Bletchingley

Arrived yesterday to find it re-opens tomorrow. Hope it's up to the Whyte Hart's standard by the time I revisit.

31 Oct 2011 00:59

The Plough, Bletchingley

Didn't try the food (luckily). Was unoffensive early on a Saturday. Doubt it gets better later. There are child friendly pubs that allow middle class parents to meet over a latte and a ciabatta and then there are child friendly pubs for inducting your 6 year old to their first taste of their inevitable life with booze. I'm no fan of either but this falls into the second category.

31 Oct 2011 00:56

The Hare and Hounds, Godstone

No chavs at midday on a Saturday. My pint was fine but some 'floaters' in my mate's. Plethora of antique gubbins adorning the walls, friendly staff and separate pool room (which I always approve of). Best of the three on the green.

31 Oct 2011 00:48

White Hart, Godstone

Had a fabulous steak here in July. Revisited at the weekend for just a pint. Nothing bad about the place but I prefer the Hare and Hounds as it actually has an atmosphere about it.

31 Oct 2011 00:42

The Bell Inn, Godstone

Truly awful pint (bordering on the undrinkable). Clearly a focus on dining but recent comments are less than complementary re that issue anyway.

31 Oct 2011 00:39

Departure Bar and Restaurant, Aldgate/Tower Hill

Clearly a 'front' for money laundering

11 Sep 2011 23:07

The Ship, Tower Hill

Great City boozer. Good selection and well kept beer, great staff, monthly quiz, always busy. The best things come in small packages (including the landlady Kira) - 8/10 for maintaining its character

11 Sep 2011 23:04

The Cheshire Cheese, Tower Hill

This is the pub I all too regularly used whilst working in the immediate vicinity. Great prices for the City. Many an hour spent on the pool tables so as they've now re-opened after a refit and replaced two good tables with one naff one I'll dock it 2 points and give it a 5

11 Sep 2011 22:50

The Old Tea Warehouse, Aldgate

Average and losing what character it had

11 Sep 2011 22:46

Chafford Arms, Fordcombe

Not impressed by the food. Very impressive view though

11 Sep 2011 22:39

The Old Cage, Lingfield

Went here more than anywhere else in the 90's. Points of note: London prices, great log fire in winter, mind your head if you're tall and worth a visit to the pub and its namesake the village gaol

11 Sep 2011 22:35

The Hare and Hounds, Lingfield

Really comfortable/relaxing feel to this place if you like bohemian cushions and dream catchers. Good food is the focus with very pleasant garden at the back.

11 Sep 2011 22:27

Greyhound Inn, Lingfield

Better than it used to be, and deserves better than 4.8/10 so I'll give it a 5

11 Sep 2011 22:24

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

Visited as was #2 in BITE's overall list. Pleasant enough and maybe the second best pub in the Edenbridge area (after the Queens Arms) but not the country.

11 Sep 2011 22:21

The George, Old Oxted

Visited recently and enjoyed the best pub Sunday roast I have ever had.

11 Sep 2011 22:09

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