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Comments by fester54

The Manchester, Blackpool

OK if your on the lash with lads but keep the wife away from there at all costs, she`ll clock on what a good time you have with the lads there.

15 Apr 2007 18:47

The George Inn, Wednesbury

Empty all the week at night full at weekends. Attracts the all day hardened Wednesbury drinking fraternity from 9.00am onwards.

They alternate between here and W.spoons over the way although W.spoons price rises are keeping them away from there. We were told they put the prices up at W.spoons to keep the all dayers out.

15 Apr 2007 18:37

The Hamstead, Hamstead

Good place out off the beaten track if you are cheating on the wife. Architecture on this place was done by my dear old Uncle Norman years ago.

15 Apr 2007 18:33

Old Court House, Walsall

Grossly overated and overpriced,bar staff think they are on the catwalk not working behind a bar.
Service is worse than The Imperial, full of Chavs.

15 Apr 2007 18:30

Fiesta World Buffet and Bar, Walsall

If you don`t pull in here there is something wrong with you. Good night out and not to dear.

15 Apr 2007 18:28

Yates's, Walsall

Good atmosphere and every so often they drop all the drinks to 1.75 for an hour.

15 Apr 2007 18:27

Imperial, Walsall

Service is shite..........students behind bar serving their fellow students before regulars, blatantly and taking their time over doing it.
They only work at one pace............slow.
Avoid at weekends the queue to get served is sometimes four deep at the bar.

15 Apr 2007 18:23

Golden Lion, Walsall

Gay venue

15 Apr 2007 18:20

The Hallbridge Arms, Great Bridge

Now called The Comedy and changed into a theatre type place. No smoking ban introduced early last year 2006.

15 Apr 2007 18:19

The Pie Factory, Tipton

Overpriced food. Not as good as it used to be.

Needs a theme change / makeover

15 Apr 2007 18:18

The Queens Head, West Bromwich

Service abysmal when busy.

Bottled supermarket mutipack beer (BUD) small bottles being sold as pub size Bud and mixed up in the fridge with bigger bottles all at the same price last time I visited.

15 Apr 2007 18:15

The Golden Lion, West Bromwich

Closed..........sold for housing

15 Apr 2007 18:10

The George, West Bromwich

Closed a fortnight ago for good

15 Apr 2007 18:10

The Cross Keys, West Bromwich a betting shop

15 Apr 2007 18:09

The Fallings Heath Tavern, Darlaston

Been closed since before Xmas 2006 for a refurb.
Purchased by Suki from The Vine at West Bromwich it aims to be a bar / indian eatery.
If the foods as good as the Vine the rest of the pubs in this area will have to buck their ideas up.

15 Apr 2007 18:08

Moxley Arms, Darlaston

Closed. Ripe land for housing.

15 Apr 2007 18:06

The Myvod, Wednesbury

Closed yesterday 14/4/07 much to the locals disgust to be turned into an eatery.

Not the thing to do with an estate pub in Wednesbury.

15 Apr 2007 18:05

Boat, Darlaston

Closed down recently / invaded by travellers for 3 weeks till evicted last week. Burnt down last night 14/4/07.

15 Apr 2007 18:03

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