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Comments by enfilade

The Nags Head, Walthamstow

A nice atmosphere with a good range of ales. Decent beer garden and above-average food. Only disappointment is the place is constantly short-staffed - I never go in without facing an interminable queue. This takes the edge off.

6 Jul 2016 11:38

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Lovely little gem of a boozer. Be prepared for some loud music that is hard to evade on some evenings, but provided you can handle that, it's well worth seeking out.

24 Feb 2016 18:24

The Fellow, Camden

Will be too gastro for some tastes, but given the paucity of options in the immediate area, this isn't bad. They aren't giving the food away but it's good stuff.

24 Feb 2016 18:21

The Duke of Wellington, Aldgate

This is a real hidden gem of a pub. No-nonsense atmosphere, friendly staff. Under threat from developers - let's hope it never changes.

16 Sep 2015 23:01

Ship, Monument

Visited for the first time yesterday as there are suprisingly few good pubs in the immediate vicinity. Nice interior, decent range of ales, and responsive bar staff. Very busy with the office crowd, but had a pretty good atmosphere. Recommended.

20 Feb 2015 15:22

The Trinity Arms, Brixton

Probably the best pub in the area - I go quite frequently before attending gigs at the Brixton Academy and never been disappointed.

One word of caution: went back for a Sunday roast recently and was deeply underwhelmed with the food. Rubbery mean portions, and tasteless veg.

16 Nov 2014 19:12

The Field, Mayfair

This pub is now CLOSED. It's a Burger and Lobster now

29 Aug 2014 18:07

The King and Queen, Fitzrovia

Bit of a hidden gem of a pub. Old school interior and a decent range of ales. They also offer a selection of gluten-free beers and although GF doesn't measure up to the real thing, you have to applaud the effort. Recommended.

9 Apr 2014 17:56

The Black Heart, Camden

One of Central Camden's better boozers - has a bit of character and personality (as long as metal, rock, or a touch of goth is your cup of tea). Decent pop-up food options. Good service and an acceptable range of beers, although the provision of ales is a bit patchy.

In the evenings they whack the music up super-loud which is a shame. I enjoy a more energetic ambience as much as the next man, but at club volume it kind of undermines the whole reason to go to the pub. This aside, a quality establishment.

28 Feb 2014 16:03

The Alwyne Castle, Islington

Not a bad boozer - decent beers and nice ambience.

However the food was very underwhelming on our visit. Over a tenner for a burger that was way below the standard you expect these days. Fish and chips similarly poor. Advise to stick to the drink!

28 Feb 2014 16:00

The Goose, Walthamstow

Inexplicably low rating for this place. Must be a hangover from a previous incarnation. From the outside it looks a bit mediocre but the interior is suprisingly OK - a good place to watch the football. Not brimming with character, but as far as football/station pubs go this is not bad at all.

21 Feb 2014 11:43

The Duncombe Arms, Hertford

A great pub. We were visiting from out of town and had an excellent Sunday lunch, promptly served, in the large beer garden. Only downside was the ales - just IPA and Abbot. Recommended.

29 Jul 2013 14:57

The NW1, Camden

This place closed in January 2012 - now being converted to a cafe. Fortunately there are plenty of superior alternatives in the vicinity.

23 Feb 2012 10:02

The Fentiman Arms, Kennington

Overall rating here seems rather harsh. Great interior and lovely beer garden. My first pint of Broadside had gone off but was replaced immediately and with a smile - all subsequent pints were good. Food was on the pricey side but pretty nice. Wouldn't be desperate to return but had a good experience.

24 Oct 2011 15:23

The Spread Eagle, Rayleigh

Used to be a great little boozer, now ruined by horrendous 'makeover'. Sad to see.

16 Jul 2011 20:41

The Oliver Conquest, Whitechapel

Friendly staff. Pride and Wherry on hand pump. Tried the Wherry and it proved superb. Muzak at a reasonable volume. Didn't try the food but looked good. Recommended.

24 Jun 2011 20:19

Edinboro Castle, Camden

This pub definitely isn't closed - it's a duplicate entry

14 Apr 2011 11:58

The Windmill, Lambeth

Stopped in for a drink - really friendly and efficient staff. Very quiet even after work.

Good atmosphere in a nice dog-eared way, and reasonably kept beer. Food was above average too and good value.

Unremarkable but a nice place off the beaten track.

14 Apr 2011 11:38

The Swan and Edgar, Marylebone

How disappointing - returned after a long break hoping previous review was a quirk, but all true. All ales gone. Surly staff and overpriced lager to boot. Interior booked from indeterminate time which left the punters huddled outside while the place was empty inside. A good place ruined

23 Sep 2010 18:50

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

A pleasant enough pub with an excellent range of world beers. However multiple visits have all been marred by comically slow service - even with barely anyone waiting, getting served takes forever.

12 Sep 2009 19:59

No.88 Bar and Grill, Kingston Upon Thames

Went past yesterday - windows whited out. Either it has closed down or is in the middle of a very major refurb.

17 Aug 2009 17:06

The Bree Louise, Euston

Called in yesterday for the first time - definitely intend to return.

Fantastic range of ales available. Lightning-fast service from friendly bar staff. Had a 5 pie which was great value. Good atmosphere, other punters have clearly sought this place out.

The interior lacks character but apart from that (and the ropey state of the gents toilets), this pub is approaching perfection.

18 Jun 2009 14:01

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