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Comments by delrich

Chaplins, Rowley Regis

Now recently re-opened, seems to have the same "people" in as before.....

15 Sep 2009 14:03

The Perry Hill Tavern, Oldbury

Since last message , a further lot of changes:- Out goes the old in in comes the new?????? Beer crap but I think that they may use the let overs to clean you car ...... Seem to spent more time on the car cleaning side than the pub....

15 Sep 2009 13:58

Two Brewers, Smethwick Warley

final nail in coffin ,after all these years .Planning permission now gained for flats/appartments.............Good bye

15 Sep 2009 13:52

The Wheatsheaf, Rowley Regis

Flattened and now a housing estate

1 Sep 2008 15:39

Two Brewers, Smethwick Warley

Thank Gaud pub is closed .

1 Sep 2008 15:36

The Thorns Inn, Brierley Hill

Still great for a carvery and food ,with a large sized car park on the way to Merry Hell its better value to eat in their whilst 'er is shopping

1 Sep 2008 15:34

The Swan Inn, Halesowen

Has had it's moments with trouble.A small carpark at front and a little garden for the kiddies.Serves food(nowt special)and usual keg beers.
Would not break a sweat to go for a special night out drink.
It's allright if you want a pee and are passing

1 Sep 2008 15:32

The Swallows Nest, Halesowen

Just up the road from the Sun at Romsley and a lot better.The place has been changed but not lost all its old charm.
Food well served and staff quite friendly.Beer like all these chain pubs is of secondly value.(Drinkable)But mainly a food house.Good sized car park but not well served by local buses.
Nice views over the black county

1 Sep 2008 15:29

The Sun Inn, Romsley

A pity this pub was altered,No atmosphere,nothing special to go for a drink for.Food over priced (and under portioned).
Great area but spoiled by this changed pub.
Gordon Ramsey could even fail with this one.

1 Sep 2008 15:26

The Sir Robert Peel, Rowley Regis

Little has moved on with the Robert Peel.A lovely little pub with most of the original features.Two small drinking rooms and the passage (witch serves as another)
Little if any food(snacks mainly)but a good draught beer pub.
No car park so you can park in the street
(no restrictions)
Well worth a visit ,just a short walk out of Blackheath towards top church (Dudley)

1 Sep 2008 15:23

The Shelton Inn, Halesowen


1 Sep 2008 15:19

The Perry Hill Tavern, Oldbury

Alot has happened with the Perry Hill... Now a very busy pub.... Food and music in plentful supply.
a large car park and a good sized beer garden makes this a nice estae pub....Well worth the visit

1 Sep 2008 15:15

The Monarch, Quinton

Yuo must be joking......Safety helmet/flack jacket and a paid up insurance policy required for this pub.this is the only pub where you can light up /fight your corner/drink and still have change from your last drug deal

1 Sep 2008 15:09

Lutley Oak, Halesowen

Has had a major re-fit(for the better)Mainly an eating house with all the usual facilities .
Large screen TV/food all day(2 for the price of one)gets them in early.Nothing special from the chain pub.
OK to take the kiddiewinkes for the food.A large carpark and a larger umbrella for the smokers.

1 Sep 2008 15:05

The Loyal Lodge, Halesowen

A little of the beaten track.Large size rooms for the Saturday night singsong. Staffs are normally on the ball ,with little if any waiting.Keg ciders/lager and a reasonable food menu.
Gaffer pleasant and a clean well run little pub

1 Sep 2008 15:02

The Lighthouse, Halesowen

Clean and re-furb since it was torched by a member of staff a few years ago.
Good sized car park and a nice sized rear garden for the smokers.Enville is best option for the dranght drinkers and the usual amount of keg stuff available.
New tennant in charge and hopefully can change the boring menu (which has been for sometime)and perhaps get the pub back to what it was a few years ago.Saturday nights must have the slowest/ignorant staff in the west Midlands.

1 Sep 2008 14:59

The Jolly Sailor, West Bromwich

Seen better days,With the closing of most of the local factories it is suffering from lack of investment.
Was a good little pub many/many years ago.
Dont be upset if you miss this one.
Good size front car park.

1 Sep 2008 14:51

The Island Inn, West Bromwich

It is a good basic curry/beer pub.Was many years ago the WMTA social club and was sold off to some Indians who specialise in curries etc...dont go if you want class and an evening to remember as it is a estate drinking facility and dont go when the local football team are at home.

1 Sep 2008 14:48

Hollybush, Smethwick

Old pub by the side of old Church. As yet brewery has not made a pigs ear out the refurbs.
Only hope that they can leave well alone.Quaint pub with a limited selection of draughts ales.
part of the Mitchells stable.
Nice/cheap food on lunchtime and worth poping in for a lunchtime

1 Sep 2008 14:45

The Hawne Tavern, Halesowen

Great little old fashioned pub.Good selection of ever changing draught beer.Has changed a lot since the Non-Smoking ban..Was like an opium den,but now a pleasant out of the way local.
Food available at lunch time and with two rooms and a nice rear garden area.
Plenty of street parking outside the pub.Well worth a pint

1 Sep 2008 14:41

The George, Oldbury

Old 30's pub and has had many guises over it's lifetime.
currently a mixture of an eating and drinking house.
Food ok and priced competativly and drinks are much of a muchness.
Nothing special to make a out of the way visit .

1 Sep 2008 14:36

Forge, Halesowen

Small pub trying to make a living.One room which leads on to main road and a small garden on the side.
Was an old Ansells pub many years ago and has been "modernised" sometime ago into what is their today.
Have been in many times but the licencee changes frequently as the brewery(Brains)try to recoup a bad investment from a pub in this beer drinking area.A little side carpark on the lefthand side.
A bit of draught beers mainly Brains.

1 Sep 2008 14:31

The Dog, Smethwick

What a pity.... from one of the last remaining coaching inn type with ALL the old world charms to a usual bland food/bland draught beers/bland atmosphere.
OK for a drink on the way home (out of Birmingham) otherwise carry on elsewhere.

1 Sep 2008 14:23

The Crown, Old Hill

A nice little old pub... Still retaining alot of the old pub.Two small bar areas,serving draught Banks Mild/Bitter as well as the usual keg.
Some times a quiz on fridays but a nice little pub to pop into.
Large off street car park

1 Sep 2008 14:19

Coombs Wood Sports and Social Club, Halesowen

Great little club.... part of a cricket club set up so its a good Saturday afternnon out watching a bit of cricket and drinking a good selection of draught ales from this small bar area.
During the winter entrance by Lodgefield road only.
Worth a visit in the summer
you might get a game)

1 Sep 2008 14:15

Chaplins, Rowley Regis

Can confirm pub is still shut

1 Sep 2008 14:12

The Black Horse, Halesowen

A nice pub to pop in on the way home off the M5 motorway.Standard chain decor and standard pub food
(not all that cheap and nothing different)
a bit of draught beer (expensive for the area)and have quizzes on etc...sit outside in the sun and get a mouth full of carbon monoxide as the rushing cars whizzby.
Pity to spend more on the carpark than of the outside facitlites.

1 Sep 2008 14:07

The Beech Tree, Blackheath

Pity to agree with the above comments. Having used that pub many years ago (Have kept a wide birth since)Pass the pub daily and A pity but it must change managers more time than any other pub i've seen
It has no car park and well worth a visit (if you want your head punched)

1 Sep 2008 14:00

The Neptune, Cradley Heath


12 Jun 2008 14:03

Chaplins, Rowley Regis

Since a recent murder in the same road ,this pub has been shut for many months.

12 Jun 2008 14:02

The Hailstone, Rowley Regis

This Bank's Pub has been closed down for some time and is awaiting a person to purchase the lease.
Closed for 2/3 months and boarded up

12 Jun 2008 14:00

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