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The Reliance, Old Street

Quite a nice pub, with a few different seating sections within it. It's bustling at the weekend, but not rammed - it's possible to get a table and be served at the bar within a minute, which are the main things really. The menu looks quite appealing and I was sorry to have arrived just a few minutes after the kitchen closed.

3 May 2008 15:33

The Noble, Crouch Hill

A decent local option with comfortable seating and a good range of drinks. The food is reasonable, if a little on the expensive side.

20 Apr 2008 17:00

The Worlds End, Finsbury Park

A VASTLY improved pub. A group of 4 of us were walking straight past last night - as we usually do, as the pub is known locally as a dive - when we noticed a band playing, so decided to risk it. The music was very good, the crowd was lively and pleasant - not one person there looked as if they might stab you! No dealers in the loos anymore, either.

The World's End is back on the list of local pubs to visit, I was very pleasantly surprised!

20 Apr 2008 16:56

The Ship, Soho

A good option for anyone looking for an alternative pub in the Soho area. Although a bit too old-fashioned too be truly comfortable (with pretty poor loos), there's a friendly atmosphere.

24 Feb 2008 19:41

The Garden Ladder, Harringay

Although I was sad to see the Indian restaurant disappear (as Green Lanes is sorely lacking in non-Turkish eateries), The Garden Ladder is a worthy replacement. The pub has a pleasant atmosphere and decent wine, served by friendly staff. I haven't eaten here, but friends tell me that it's very good for Sunday luncheon. The only criticism I have is that the pub could do with some comfortable seating, as I prefer sofas and the like to upright chairs at tables.

13 Jan 2008 21:18

Quinn's, Camden

A spacious pub where drinkers have a good chance of getting a seat. Despite the hype, I found the pub to be average at best. It's reasonably comfortable and serves slightly-better-than-pub-average wine, but the service was slow and indifferent. Although not unpleasant at all, there are places I prefer in Camden, with warmer atmospheres.

13 Jan 2008 21:13

The Salisbury Arms, Winchmore Hill

This is large pub with attractive décor and some comfortable seating - although unfortunately I found it so busy last night that I couldn't enjoy the seating! The pub was a bit crowded for my liking, but it's clearly popular with its clientèle, who tend to be quite young, in their 20s. There's a wide range of drinks available, as well as an extensive food menu. I'll probably return when next in the area.

13 Jan 2008 20:59

The Pride of Paddington, Paddington

A reasonable place to escape the rain and wait for someone. The staff were quite friendly and efficient. I enjoyed my sandwich, but felt that the food was generally terribly overpriced.

12 Jan 2008 02:49

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

The most striking thing about this pub is its interior, especially the snob screens. That alone sets it apart from other pubs in the locality, making it worth meeting here for a drink rather than somewhere else.

Once one has managed to get a table in this bustling pub, it's worth staying for the duration. The food is reasonable: solid, if unexciting, pub grub.

22 Apr 2007 20:46

Nell of Old Drury, Covent Garden

I met a couple of friends here early yesterday evening for a quick drink - and ended up staying until closing time! Downstairs is a small bar with limited seating, packed with friendly people having a good time and plenty of banter with the efficient, cheerful bar staff. The atmosphere was great and I got into random conversations with various other drinkers; always the mark of a good pub, in my opinion.

I like pubs where I have a good chance of getting a comfortable seat and was not disappointed by the upstairs bar. The atmosphere was calmer and quieter, allowing myself and my friends to catch up over a few decent bottles of wine. One of our party was starving, but we still couldn't tear ourselves away to find somewhere that served food - happily, drinkers are welcome to bring food in from elsewhere and eat.

A great pub - I am glad to have found it - and I'll certainly be returning.

22 Apr 2007 13:14

Marquis of Cornwallis, Bloomsbury

We stumbled across this pub last night while searching for a place with seats on a Saturday night and were pleased to get a table. It was busy enough, but there's a great feeling of space in this pub - the tables are not crammed together and conversations can be kept private. I really like the interior, it has character. I will definitely be visiting again!

25 Mar 2007 17:23

The Coat and Badge, Putney

A decent pub with prompt and friendly service.

1 Oct 2006 19:26

The Jolly Gardners, Putney

I agree with all of the negative comments regarding the service in this pub. It took my husband 20 minutes to get served last night, despite the fact that he was right next to the bar. Although he is 6'5", he was seemingly invisible as the bar staff served the pushy queue-jumpers that frequent this pub.

1 Oct 2006 19:25

The Eagle, Shepherds Bush

Nice decor, good service and a lovely beer garden. However, the food was a bit disappointing when a large group of us ate and drank there yesterday.

16 Jul 2006 17:34

The George and Dragon, Epping

Stopped for lunch while passing through Epping. This pub has a reasonable beer garden, which is a welcome thing on a sunny day. The service was prompt, friendly and helpful. However, my greatest praise is saved for the food: an extensive menu, and the dishes we tried were really good - a cut above the usual pub grub!

16 Jul 2006 17:29

The Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Tower Hill

A rare and welcome thing: a pub near Fenchurch Street station that is open at the weekend!

Had a reasonable glass of wine (although not chilled quite to my liking) in here yesterday and thought that the service was very pleasant - I'd pop in again if in the area.

14 May 2006 18:50

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

It's historic, interesting and laid-out beautifully: an ideal resting-place after a walk on the heath, or at Kenwood. The food is reasonable and I enjoyed the pint of prawns I had there earlier today (even if they were pricey and I had to ask for a bowl of water - which I would assume is a standard accompaniment! - and wait quite a while for it to arrive!).

The service is disappointing, unfortunately. Our table was filthy and clearly hadn't been cleared for a long time - the ice in the bucket left on the table had melted completely.

The Spaniard's Inn has the potential to be a fantastic pub, one of the best in London; it's a shame that it currently falls far short of this.

29 Apr 2006 20:52

The Beaconsfield, Harringay

A terrific local; very friendly, comfortably laid-out, great quiz. I only wish some attention would be paid to the quality of the dry white wine, which spoils my evenings there!

29 Apr 2006 20:42

The Kings Arms, Clerkenwell

A great vibe in this pub. The food looked good, too. But, best of all, Triv on the games machine!

13 Jun 2005 22:57

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Pleasant enough. Very American, although I enjoyed the conversation I had with an elderly Floridian couple with whom I got chatting in there last Friday night. I'd recommend this pub for people who want to be close to the bright lights for a late supper, but have no time for noisy, crowded places.

13 Jun 2005 22:56

The Duke (of York), Holborn

A decent pub - I tried it out last weekend. The decor is good, although I was sorry not to be able to enjoy it more, as there was only seating left outside. I'm a bit of a sucker for anything Art Deco, so I loved the design of the sign.

13 Jun 2005 22:51

The Duke's Head, Highgate

Totally brilliant: great service, great jukebox and there's always a seat. An oasis for locals in sometimes-poncey Highgate.

3 May 2005 23:02

The Spread Eagle, Camden

My favourite pub in Camden, quiet and comfortable. I don't think it's as good as the heady 90s, though, when the atmosphere was always terrific and it was run by the inimitable John and Doreen.

3 May 2005 22:54

The Dublin Castle, Camden

A rare thing: a pub I still enjoy a drink in after a decade! Usually very crowded, which can be annoying when too sober.

3 May 2005 22:49

The Shaftesbury, Holloway

The Thursday night quiz was brilliant, but I think they ditched it when they went up-market! :(

3 May 2005 22:45

The Wishing Well, Crouch End

A proper local and probably my no.1 drinking destination on that road.

3 May 2005 22:42

The Queens Hotel, Crouch End

Beautiful interior, but it lacks atmosphere.

3 May 2005 22:40

The Princess Alexandra, Crouch End

Not a bad pub and seems to serve until 12, which is a boon on a Saturday night when everywhere else is closing.

I did see a mouse in there, which made me scream in an attention-grabbing fashion. This was the same night I saw Minty from Eastenders. I think his was one of the attentions I grabbed :-/

3 May 2005 22:39

The Harringay Arms, Crouch End

A great pub with a really difficult quiz. The staff are friendly and efficient and it's easy to relax there. I also like the variety of age groups who drink side by side.

This is also a good place for spotting the stars: I've seen Eastenders' Minty, Sean Hughes and Sgt Boyden from The Bill (although not all together) there! Primetimetastic!

3 May 2005 22:35

The Worlds End, Finsbury Park

Terrible service and the staff can barely follow the instructions for their own special offers, namely the Vodka Red Bull pitchers: yes, you might have served it in a pitcher, but that doesn't mean it *is* a pitcher! Trade Descriptions Act!

Other than that, the seating is comfortable and plentiful and the pub's proximity to the station makes it a reasonable place to meet for a few drinks before heading off somewhere better.

3 May 2005 22:28

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

Pretty dire really - standard Wetherspoons fare: cheap, full of drunks, with too-bright lights.

3 May 2005 22:25

The T-Bird, Finsbury Park

An original place and a terrific location to meet up with a group of friends (if you can get there early enough to get a table). The jukebox is great, but the DJ can be a bit too loud at times, rendering conversation impossible.

3 May 2005 22:23

The Railway, Finsbury Park

Great little place, tucked away. Totally unpretentious with efficient, unobtrusive service. It does actually remind me of pubs in Ireland, which is a bit of a rare thing.

3 May 2005 22:19

The Stapleton Tavern, Finsbury Park

A bit uninspiring, but a safe venue for a civilised drink. I think they could do with turning the lights down a bit.

3 May 2005 22:17

The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury Park

Can be over-crowded, but that's the price paid for a good atmosphere. The jukebox is cracking, but unfortunately your choices often cannot be heard in the aircraft hangar attached to the main pub. The Thai food is generally good. On balance, I like it as it's a good place to meet friends (particularly in the garden on a summer's evening) and looks like a magic pub from the outside.

3 May 2005 22:15

The Old Dairy, Finsbury Park

A decent local pub. I particularly like the furniture; when you're with a few friends it can feel like you're curled up in your front room.

3 May 2005 22:12

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