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BRB, Sutton

BRB ia really nice. The staff are really friendly, no problems with them!
the prices aren;t bad....
The music is dance/house could pre-club/bar drink kinda place, gets you in the mood to dance !

13 May 2006 21:43

The Old Explorer, Oxford Circus

This pub is really nice, happened to discovered it on a shopping trip.
Staff are helpful and prompt..
drinks are reasonabley priced
there is a upstairs and downstairs, comfy sofas!

Def worth a visit!!

13 May 2006 21:37

St. George's Tavern, Victoria


13 May 2006 21:21

The Ravensbury Arms, Mitcham

Been here a few times now. It's a nice pub, shame its in the middle of a main road. Not easy to get their if you don't drive.
HUGE beer garden gerat for the summers, really comfy non-smoking area, nice sofas etc. Some things need a few touch ups, but they just got a new manager, so maybe things will change for the better. Quiz nights on tues and sun are popular too!
Typical Ember decore and menu.

13 May 2006 21:19

The Frog and Parrot, Sheffield

This pub can be found in the inlay of the Arctic Monkey's Album cover!! *sad geeky spot!* - know!!

9 Apr 2006 21:30

The Victoria, Victoria

Huge pub! Huge pub very very busy... except to be walked into and pushed about. Otherthan that Young crowd...friendly people. Not too bad...

1 Apr 2006 12:22

St. George's Tavern, Victoria

cool pub young crowd.... drinks not badly priced!! would drink here again

1 Apr 2006 12:07

The Shakespeare, Victoria

Mixed crowd in here...drinks not badly priced. Was very packed. Mind you was Friday... and pay day.

1 Apr 2006 11:42

Kings Arms, Victoria

Small cosy pub, nice staff... had a good time in here. V. friendly drinking crowd! (check out their lights above the bar..they look like Lemon Squeezers!!)

1 Apr 2006 11:40

The Duke of York, Victoria

OOOOOOOOOOO the Grand Ol' Duke of York.... well this is what I was singing when I left.
REally nice pub, met some great fellow drinker on a friday payday in there. Staff are nice. Good Pub WOULD definatley drink here again

1 Apr 2006 11:39

The Bag O' Nails, Victoria

A small little pub and quiet cosy... Was only in here for a quick drink. Would prob go back!

1 Apr 2006 11:37

The Goose, Holborn

It's alrite for a cheap drink... all the city workers go there at lunch and after work.
Been there for food... was OK even though one time they had no salt!He he

30 Mar 2006 22:53

The White Lion, Warlingham

Nice pub... interesting style. It's kept the features of the old house/builsing.. low celings, fireplaces. There are lots of little areas makes it feel like your own private area. The staff are friendly too.

30 Mar 2006 22:50

The Alleyns Head, West Dulwich

Drank here quiet sometime ago. It is OK. An Ember Inn, so ember inn prices. The pub is huge!! Very Spacious and relaxed. Quiz nights are pretty cool

30 Mar 2006 22:48

The Kingswood Arms, Kingswood

Cute little pub with traditional feel, but quiet over price (9 for a burger!!). The staff were very friendly and very cute aussie (i think) made me smile!
Nice pub for a quiet drink.

30 Mar 2006 22:47

The Railway Hotel, West Wickham

This pub is alrite... standard Ember Inn prices etc. had a refurb recently.. can't say it's done much. The atomsphere I feel is awkward. You'll find chavs and metrosexual men and the girls come across very bitchy. I had a very uncomfortable experience here. Other than that usual Ember extra apply, such as quiz nights.

30 Mar 2006 22:45

Crown, Shirley

Hey been quiet a regular here. Quiz nights are usually quiet fun (won a few!!). Generally very friendly atmosphere (compared to another pub in the chain - The Railway, West Wickham) Drinks and food prices are Ok, had a few meals never needed to complain.
In the winter there are big cosy fires and in teh summer a huge beer garden.
Overall - Good Pub

30 Mar 2006 22:42

Yates's, Croydon

It's alrite here... had a make over... some good tunes and selection of drinks... Had a good night.

30 Mar 2006 22:39

Walkabout, Croydon

I Love this place!!! Always guaranteed a good night. If you love a mixture of music on a night out... don't mind having a laugh and being around like minded people. Saturday is the best night. In the main room its recent music followed by a live band who rock then cheesy classics! Can't go wrong with summer of 69 and queen when drunk! In the other room its dance/trance/RnB/House and Garage... Soemthing for everyone! No bad entrance fee.. drink prices could be cheaper. Staff are friendly and so is the crowd, the majority of the time.

30 Mar 2006 22:35

The Brief, Croydon

use to be alrite... now... can't stand it..., too expensive and a nightmare to get served!!

30 Mar 2006 22:29

Milan Bar, Croydon

Follows the cheapy trend of wetherspoons. Had some strange rule for a fri/sat night once. No guys unless in a couple. WEIRD! Don't know if it still applies. It's alrite music-wise for a boogie.... BEWARE of the sticky floors!

30 Mar 2006 22:28

The Goose on the Market, Croydon

Cheap and cheerful pub. Younger crowd in here. Doubles here are mega cheap, great place to drink if you strapped for cash and in the town centre.

30 Mar 2006 22:26

The Gipsy Moth, Croydon

Nice family pub. Have a good menu and for families a kids menu and play room and playground. Nice for a quiet mid-week drink, pool tables and quiz machines too.

30 Mar 2006 22:24

The George, Croydon

typical and cheerful. Bouncers on the doors thu, fri and sat nights. Pre- evening drinks kinda pub so expect it to be rammed on a fri and sat night. Overall good pub x

30 Mar 2006 22:23

The Black Sheep Bar, Croydon

Excellent bar, great music. Friendly staff and people!

30 Mar 2006 22:21

Bar Med, Croydon


30 Mar 2006 22:20

The Alma Tavern, Croydon

This pub has just been done up. Was a dive before. Definatley a local pub for local people! Quiet cheap and friendly staff though!

30 Mar 2006 22:20

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