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The Alexandra, Clapham

Good, friendly atmosphere, acceptable service, lots of seating any time but Friday/Saturday night. Very basic and a bit of a rough feel - I wouldn't take a date here - but good fun for a night out.

2 Feb 2011 13:04

The Boathouse, Putney

Very corporate, but pleasant enough. Nice on weeknights, with plenty of seating indoors and out. Perhaps a little too crowded on weekends, as you would expect given the great location, but that's just a matter of taste. Never had a problem with food, but nothing special. Standard London pricing on drinks. Pleasant, competent staff. All in all not much to criticize.

27 Aug 2010 13:51

The Hobgoblin, New Cross

Good pub, would be a great one if the ale was more reliable. As it is you have to take your first pint back to the bar every other visit because it's off.

27 Aug 2010 13:46

Thomas Becket, Canterbury

The previous reviewer has it spot-on. The TB is a lovely pub for a quiet pint, but the quality and service in the dining area has dropped in the past year to the point that every visit is now an exercise in annoyance and frustration.

25 Jul 2010 14:07

Bison & Bird, Clapham

Never had an overwhelmingly bad experience, as long as I'm not the one going to the bar to get a round in. Probably the slowest service I've encountered in Clapham.

11 Jul 2010 17:56

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