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Comments by boblarkin

The Ash Tree, Ashton Under Lyne

Perfectly OK Wetherspoons pub. Called in one Saturday lunchtime.

Service fairly good (for a Spoons anyway).

Fair choice of local real ales.

Prices seemed a shade high compared with other parts of the country.

Not much competition from the neighbouring pubs which seemed pretty poor.

4 Nov 2019 17:53

Brunswick Hotel, Crewe

Went in here before a football match, so busy but not unpleasantly so.

Admittedly a touch basic but OK.

Now a Holts pub so beer should be OK and not expensive.

If you are not looking for too posh a pub it is perfectly OK.

3 Mar 2019 22:28

The Vine Inn, Nantwich

This is a very goog pub.

Busy, most people seemed to be eating. It was a Saturday lunchtime.

A bit difficult to get a seat but it was possible. The layout means that there are quite a few steps to negotiate.

Decent beer in good condition, mainly Hydes.

Definitely worth a visit.

3 Mar 2019 22:22

The Black Lion, Nantwich

Went in one recent Saturday lunchtime.

Historic interior (genuine I think).

Good staff and well kept beer (2 Weetwoods and a guest I think).

Altogether a good pub.

3 Mar 2019 22:14

The White Hart, Aylesbury

Went in there recently.

It is a typical Wetherspoons but of the glass and steel type and not the "converted bank" type.

Unfortunately the choice of beers was abysmal. Apart from the "usual suspects" there was Leighton Buzzard Black Buzzard (a good beer but not on a blazing hot July lunchtime) and two Tring beers: one was finished (unknown to the bar staff) and the other not on yet. So I adjourned to the nearby Bell, a better bet in the JDW stakes.

I then had a "deja vue" moment when I remembered that the last time I called in there were very few beers so I walked out.

25 Jul 2018 22:15

The Old Chapel, Darwen

Not sure why the ratings are so low.

OK its a Wetherspoons but a very nice building (chapel in classical style - one of the better buildings in town). Usual Spoons features, slow service etc. but at least all the handpumps were working (none of the "not ready" labels).

Definitely recommended.

4 Feb 2018 23:29

The Abington, Abington

The Abington has recently had a fairly costly makeover. In reality it is not really that changed. Different yes, but basically the same. There are fewer TV screens everywhere now.

One change is that it is now a Greene King pub which means that the beer range is much more restricted.

Overall a fairly pleasant pub well located at the corner of Abington Park.

31 Jul 2017 23:17

Post Of Stone, Stone

Right in the town centre, it is an old Post Office.

Really a typical Spoons, although the service was fairly good. Better than many.

22 Dec 2016 08:38

The Royal Exchange, Stone

Called in here one lunchtime just after opening, so fairly quiet.

Just off town centre, pleasant traditional decor. A lot or real ales on (9 I think) mainly Titanic. Mine was excellent. Bar staff friendly and knowledgeable.


22 Dec 2016 08:36

The Three Blackbirds, Flamstead

Not too many in on my lunchtime visit.

Quite a large pub with different rooms and a lot of beams etc.

Not impressed by a large TV screen with some unknown sports channel on. Nor the rather prominent pool table.

Only one real ale on which was OK but not cheap.

On this showing the Spotted Dog is probably better.

26 Aug 2016 20:14

The George, London Bridge

Not sure that a summer Saturday early evening is the best way to judge The George.

Packed out (more so out than in). Reasonable choice of real ales (not all Greene King) but at a price. Rather liked the off-sales place where you got served through a window.

It is an historic pub, I suppose we all ought to go there once.

17 Aug 2016 21:42

Pommelers Rest, Tower Bridge

Popped in here one Saturday lunchtime. Didn't stay as there weren't many real ales on and few staff and it was fairly crowded (usual Spoons criticism).

But it seemed OK, better than average JDW and I would go again.

17 Aug 2016 21:34

The Anchor Tap, Tower Bridge

OK Sam Smiths pub a bit off the beaten track (apparently the brewery tap for the nearby Courage brewery).

Quiet on a summer Saturday lunchtime. Only a handful of customers - tourists not locals.

Smallish multi-roomed pub which I am not sure suits the Smiths brown decor.

One draft beer of course (Bitter) which is rarely great.

Worth a visit.

17 Aug 2016 21:32

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

One of the better Wetherspoons (although choice of real ales rather smaller than some).

Convenient for New Street station.

31 Jul 2016 23:05

The Wellington, Birmingham

I went in here for the first time in several years.

Not much has changed (except that the screens showing the beers available seem smaller). So plenty of reasonably priced real ales (with rather a lot of Black Country).

One thing I discovered: the back entrance is very close to the back entrance to the Old Joint Stock.

31 Jul 2016 23:03

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Finally went here recently.

Much as I expected (like some of their London pubs) magnificent surroundings but expensive.

I had an Olivers Island which was very good.

I was amazed at the prices being asked for the boxed and bottle Vintage Ales. According to the knowledgeable barman these do sell.

Good experience but don't forget your wallet.

31 Jul 2016 22:59

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

I was a bit worried about the subterranean aspects of this place but on a Saturday afternoon it was not too crowded and OK. Beers seemed OK and not expensive.

One minor point. The entrance (especially the New Street one) is very easy to miss.

31 Jul 2016 22:53

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

Can't disagree with the comments.

It is a typical Nicholsons pub with interesting decor and fairly interesting well-kept beers.

On a summer Saturday not crowded and not trendy or noisy.
I would go their again.

31 Jul 2016 22:50

The Craven Arms, Birmingham

Good pub.

Nice old fashioned decor and plenty of really well kept real ales (11 I think) and ciders.

Landlord obviously knows a great deal about beer - so do the regulars.

One minor gripe: for an unfashionable site away from the city centre the prices could be cheaper.

31 Jul 2016 22:46

The Abington, Abington

I like this pub and go in a few times a month. Nice atmosphere and architecture. Patio good if weather is OK.

They usually sell 4 real ales (Adnams Bitter almost always on). It must be said, however, that the quality of these is falling off. It is not now rare to have a beer that is "iffy" or "tired". So much for "cask marque".

19 Jul 2016 13:33

Coach and Horses, Wellingborough

Good pub with patio outside. Nice choice of beers which seemed in good nick.

19 Jul 2016 13:28

Shipmans, Northampton

The pub has been closed for some time and nothing seems to have been done to it.

24 Jun 2016 16:47

The Enigma Tavern, Bletchley

Appears to be closed and undergoing major renovation.

23 Jun 2016 14:59

Wedgewood, Northampton

Changed its name and decor several times and closed.


20 Jun 2016 16:40

East Gate, Northampton

This has been closed for about a year.

It is destined to be a burger bar I think.

20 Jun 2016 16:36

Picture House, Sutton In Ashfield

I must counter the negative views.

This is a Wetherspoons but one of the better ones. Let's face it most pubs in the centre of Sutton are not good - this was definitely better. The usual type of clientele - which is to say mixed.

There were quite a few guest beers on (this was just after one of the beer festivals) The staff were friendly and very efficient - I was approached more than once before I even reached the bar. The manager found time for a chat. He said that most locals were conservative and didn't like new beers. This could explain why there are not always as many on as at other JDW pubs.

29 Mar 2016 16:13

The Railway Inn, Mansfield

Went here recently before a football match (as an away fan). Popular place, I don't think I've ever been in such a crowded pub. 4 varied real ales (I think) in good nick. Friendly (although very busy) staff.

Railwayania around the pub.

Definitely a good pub. But if it is a football day get there early.

29 Mar 2016 16:06

The Longbow, Stapleford

The Three Horseshoes is an excellent pub. We stopped off here returning from East Anglia.

Nice decor (if a bit basic-modern), excellent choice of beers in good condition and reasonable prices for the Cambridge area. Good service, staff knowledgeable and friendly.

Friendly atmosphere and room to find your own area (away from the TV or playing pub games).

Hard to fault.

20 Mar 2016 10:20

The Swan Hotel, Leighton Buzzard

I have been in this pub at intervals over over 4 years.

It has changed (for the worse).

On Burns Day this year the standard Haggis, Neeps and Tatties meal was not available - because they were out of tatties! I realise this may reflect as much on the JDW company as on the Swan.

A recent visit started well when I was asked what I wanted even before I had scanned the hand-pumps (very unusual in a JDW pub). After that however I found myself seated near a large group of middle aged regulars. I think they are always there but I have always been seated far enough away (like most JDW pubs it is fairly large). This group was dominated by a loud harridan who, with great restraint, limited the "f word" to once a sentence.

This pub is clearly poorly managed

Leighton Buzzard these days has some excellent pubs and micro pubs. Why go to the Swan? Are you that desperate to save 10p a pint?

11 Mar 2016 16:15

Leyton Orient Supporter's Club, Leyton

I have known about this place for ages and finally got round to going.

It lives up to its reputation. Friendly, busy, 8 real ales at £3 (3 Mighty Oak and 3 Goachers on my visit). Lots of Orient paraphernalia on the walls (if you can get close enough to see it).

One small question: who (apart from members) is allowed in? I went in after a match as an away fan (in plain clothes) and have read that a Camra card is acceptable for entry. It was, but nobody seemed too sure. On the other hand half an hour later anyone could have walked in.

14 Feb 2016 18:18

The Northcote, Leyton

Nice enough pub with a few real ales (I had Landlord which could have been better).

Quite big and spacious but I will never be a fan of pubs full of sofas. They take up a lot of space and are not really comfortable for drinking. Maybe I am old-fashioned.

Friendly enough . They have a wood-fired oven doing pizzas.

14 Feb 2016 18:12

The Birkbeck Tavern, Leyton

I went in before a football match - maybe a bit too long before as it was almost empty but it did start to fill up.
Pretty basic boozer with 2 real ales on in fair nick and TV screens showing live football.
No frills

14 Feb 2016 18:05

The Sixfields - Hungry Horse, Northampton

This pub burnt down on December 05 2015.

6 Dec 2015 10:03

The Regent, Walton on Thames

I was impressed by this pub.

Maybe I was a bit lucky with my timing, it was at about 6pm on a Saturday with the Rugby World Cup on TV. The pub was not crowded at all. It seems to be smaller than many JDW pubs.

All 12 (?) handpumps were on, with none of the irritating "beer settling in the cellar" signs that you usually get in a JDW pub. What's more the beers were all interesting ones from the Beer Festival or other guests - I don't think there was a single one of the usual Ruddles etc. Service was quick and pleasant.

Probably the best Weatherspoons I have been in.

29 Oct 2015 20:40

East Gate, Northampton

This pub ceased being a Wetherspoons at least a year ago or so.

It hasn't changed much.

15 May 2015 20:50

Wyldes, Bury

Reminded me of a Wetherspoons. Including being on more than one level with the loos upstairs - and very slow service.

Loads of TV screens showing two live football games.

Several "interesting characters" in the pub.

Holts beer OK, but it is not what it was.

There are better alternatives very close.

22 Mar 2015 21:21

The Staff of Life, Bury


Called in here before a match at Gigg Lane and no real ale (I understand hey have 2 normally).

Surely they know there will be a bigger crowd than normal and tap a few barrels.

22 Mar 2015 21:16

Swan And Cemetery, Bury

I must disagree with some of the comments.

I called in here one Saturday before a football match. Staff friendly and plenty of them.

Obviously a bit food orientated. Real ale Thwaites (not one of my favourites) but perfectly OK.
I would go there again.

22 Mar 2015 21:13

The Trackside, Bury

Excellent pub.

My second visit. Great atmosphere (unless you have an aversion to 1950s stations). Good selection of real ales (the house beer Pison Broke is good) and ciders and perries. All at fair prices.

Adequate selection of good value food.

What more do you want? Especially with passing vintage trains.

22 Mar 2015 21:05

The Clarence Hotel, Bury

Seems to be open now (March 2015)

22 Mar 2015 20:51

The White Lion, Wellington

Pretty good friendly pub in centre of town. Fairly basic but so what.

About four or five real ales (mainly local). Cheap too (£2.00 and £2.50 on our visit).

Well worth a visit.

1 Mar 2015 20:29

The Pheasant Inn, Wellington

Visited one Saturday lunchtime.

Good pub in centre of Wellington. Nice simple decor, mixed clientele, fairly busy but not crowded.

I think there were 6 real ales (mainly local plus Everards) in good nick and 3 ciders.

Food (I didn't try any) mainly rolls with trimmings etc.


1 Mar 2015 20:26

Brooklands Hotel, Shrewsbury

Called in here one Saturday lunchtime as an away football supporter. Segregation was the policy - no complaint, possibly at police insistence.

What I objected to was that away fans were directed to a rather bleak bar where only low quality fizz was available. I understand the real bar has about 4 real ales.

Not very hospitable. I feel unable to rate the pub.

1 Mar 2015 20:20

The Market Cross, Dunstable

New pub opened in April 2014. I understand it is similar to many other pubs across the country - built to an identical pattern.

Despite the name it is over half a mile from the market (town centre) and its sign depicts not an ancient market cross but a millennium one from 2000. The pub is in fact in an old industrial area on the site of a former scrapyard.

I visited on its official opening night. It was busy for a Monday night (probably with curious people like me). There were 4 real ales from the Marston range available, the one I tried was perfectly acceptable.

The pub is clearly aimed at the food market (at the cheaper end of the market)- it describes itself as a restaurant bar I think. I was met by several greeters who almost implied that I needed to book a table to enter (I blagged past that). I have spoken to other people who were actually refused entry on the basis that they were not eating. I understand that even gastro-pubs usually make provision for drinkers.

Being generous I might say that this was over-reaction on the opening night, but maybe not.

There are better pubs in Dunstable for food (at whatever price), beer, or both.

I doubt if I will visit the Market Cross again.

13 Apr 2014 22:29

The County Tavern, Northampton

After a short closure the County has re-opened after a facelift. There is actually a sign outside now and a name on the wall.

Lot of re-decoration, new furniture, new lights, new bars etc. Lighting still at low level.

TV screens now concentrated in games area which is retained.

4 beers on handpump in good condition (maybe less in future?).

The pub is to do food, although not in time for re-opening night which was much more crowded than usual. Remains to be seen how much the new popularity affects the "unique atmosphere" of the old place.

29 Jan 2014 18:37

The Mulberry Bush, Dunstable

Went in this pub one lunchtime recently. First visit in its current guise.

I was impressed. Nice decor, good service, very good loos, food seemed OK (I just had toasted sandwiches).

Only real ale was the unexciting Greene King IPA bt it was well kept - and only 2.55 a pint.

Nice place

4 Oct 2012 23:04

The New Inn, Buckby Wharf

Pub noted as closed (October 2012).

4 Oct 2012 23:02

The Victoria Hotel, Durham

A recent lunchtime visit proved a bit disappointing, maybe it is better when crowded.

The barman (who didn't sound like a local) was affable and knowledgeable. The locals did not seem too welcoming to outsiders.

Choice of about 5 real ales. I had the Big Lamp Bitter at 3.20 which was not in the best nick.

The pub is on the Camra National Inventory of Historic Pubs and I have noticed it before when going to the nearby Durham Beer Festival. But overall I was rather disappointed - still a decent pub but maybe not up to expectations.

30 Aug 2012 13:01

The Half Moon, Durham

Too wet for the garden when I went, so I stayed inside. Choice of about 5 real ales, I had Durham White Gold at 2.90 which was pretty good. Interesting pictures of Durham Galas on the wall.

What I didn't like was two (not one) TVs showing Sky rolling news. Now I dislike this in reception areas of office buildings, let alone a pub. (It might be OK on Saturday teatime with football results coming in).

If it had stimulated discussion amongst the locals (there was some hot breaking sports news) it might have been OK, but no.

So for this somewhat personal reason I am unlikely to visit again, given that there are many other choices nearby.

30 Aug 2012 12:51

Dun Cow, Durham

Popped in one recent wet lunchtime, so quiet. Staff and customers friendly. OK choice of beers - I had Copper Dragon Golden Pippin at 3.20 which was pretty good. Didn't have food but it looked OK. Apparently gets hot - there was a fan behind the bar even though it was a coolish day.

So overall a pretty good pub. Probbaly the best I went in Durham which I found rather disappointing for pubs.

30 Aug 2012 12:43

The Borough Arms, Dunstable

After a priod as Goffs.

Closed again.

26 Feb 2012 23:13

The White Elephant, Northampton

Has this pub had a change of landlord?

It seems to have gone down.

26 Feb 2012 23:11

The Jolly Crispin, Northampton

According to the local press this pub has been closed on police orders in Feb 2012.

26 Feb 2012 23:08

The Lattice House, Kings Lynn

Went in here for a lunchtime pint recently and liked it a lot.

Much smaller and "traditional" than most JDW pubs. Small bar not the usual long thing (maybe there was another one on the other side of the pub?).

All genuine wood beams and intimate atmosphere. Good pint of Wolf Straw Dog at 225p.

I can only say that it was not really like a Weatherspoons - make of that what you will.


10 Aug 2011 19:08

The Swan Hotel, Leighton Buzzard

Went there on opening day (as a Spoons) at lunchtime.

Pretty crowded (market day) mainly with seniors.

Usual faults with a JDW - like clips up for beers that were not on (on opning day!) so apart from the usuals there was very little choice.

But it is a revamped pub (like the one not far away in Aylesbury) rather than the usual converted bank so it does have an OK atmosphere.

Too early to judge I suppose but I liked it.

7 Aug 2011 23:12

Euston Tap, Euston

I'd heard a lot about this pub, spoken to people who had been there but finally got to visit it last week.

It was bigger inside than seemed possible. The service was good, the beer was good and not too badly priced. The venue itself is obviously unique.

Excellent pub.

Mind you this was on a summer evening with no problems in going outside. I imagine that a winter's day could be different.

7 Aug 2011 23:05

The White Hart, Aylesbury

Went in at lunchtime, so rather quiet. Still took time to get served (it is a Wetherspoons) but then both staff wanted to serve me. Guest beer (Burton Porter) was pretty good and pretty cheap.

On this limited experience I would say one of the better 'Spoons.

24 Jun 2011 20:41

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

I went in here one lunchtime recently.

Nice old building (of course).

Very nice pint of Chiltern Ale at reasonable price.

Bar staff friendly and efficient - even asked if I wanted a straight glass or handle.

I didn't eat but food looked intersting, don't know about prices.

Yes I will be going again when in Aylesbury, recommended.

24 Jun 2011 20:38

The Dykes End, Reach

Called in there on recent Saturday lunchtime. The house brew was nice and reasonably priced, there were alternatives such as Woodfordes Wherry.
Lady behind the bar friendly.

Usual problem about no real space for drinkers who are not eating. As it had rained the outside seats were not really an option. Fortunately the pub was not too crowded and all the tables had just a candle - not a candle and place settings as in the past which does rather put you in your place.

17 Oct 2010 21:47

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

Blimey. I thought BITE was a site for comments on pubs, however strange.

Apparently it is now a stand-off between Phil Mitchell and his brother Grant.

I actually have been to this pub, many years ago. Then ago it was decidedly posh and sold (if I recall correctly) Bass No.1 barley wine from a barrel on the bar.

Things were different then, or maybe my memory is flawed.

22 Aug 2010 23:57

The White Elephant, Northampton

Interesting evening recently.

There were 5 fairly varied real ales on. On asking about one the young new barman said something about "the barrel being a bit off" or suchlike and warned me off it. I suggested in that case the clip ought to be turned round, but no. I must have been lucky, the next punter might have got some dodgy beer.

A bit later the pony-tailed landlord manhandled a middle-aged woman from the rather empty pub (I don't know what her crime was, she must have been out in the garden). As a layman I would have thought his actions would amount to assault.

Five minutes later a cop appeared to see what had happened. Then another. Then they both left.

Yes, you never know what surprises a visit to the White Elephant will bring.

15 Aug 2010 13:30

The Boot Inn, Earls Barton

This pub is now closed.

Being converted to flats or similar.

27 Jul 2010 21:43

The Kings Head Hotel, St Neots

I have a suspicion this pub/hotel is closed.

It used to be a pleasant Paines pub just off the Market Square. I think it had a small stage in the courtyard.

24 Jun 2010 23:50

The Half Moon, Hitchin

Nice pub.

Reasonable range of real ales. Food reputed to be good.

Friendly and competent bar staff. Nice clientele, maybe just far enough from town centre to be a bit "special".

Two beer festivals a year.


24 Jun 2010 23:46

The Gary Cooper, Dunstable

Typical 'Spoons with all that means - cheap but corners cut.

But one of the better ones.

Modern place, high ceilings and huge windows looking over small park on one side.

24 Jun 2010 23:36

The Heart of England, Weedon

Seemed OK to me on my one visit.

Usual sort of meals, quite a choice, 2 for 1 offers etc. but fairly good.

Reasonable choice of real ales .

Seemed pretty crowded with all sorts (mainly eating) on a Saturday night.

24 Jun 2010 23:26

The Abington, Abington

Quite a nice pub.

About five real ales, nothing out of the ordinary, although they did try a small beer festival at Easter time. Prices OK.

Clientele mainly regulars in evening. Lunchtimes cricket fans.

I would say, others may disagree, that there are a lot of similarities with the White Elephant. Both are victorian hotels of interesting design, similar decor, one on the corner of Abington Park the other corner of the Racecourse, both have large outdoor patio, both have reasonable range of real ales and the usual events (groups, kareoke, live music etc. etc.)

24 Jun 2010 23:21

Duke Of York, Wellingborough

This pub has been closed for some time and seems unlikely to re-open.

24 Jun 2010 23:02

The County Tavern, Northampton

My views haven't changed much.

It is a funny place, dark, dingey, an ancient banner outside describing it as "newly refurbished" (or similar), which was some years ago, and no pub sign (missing for a few years).

But it is strangely OK. You don't exactly feel welcome, but certainly not unwelcome.

TV screens show 2 different sports channels (which doesn't exactly encourage conversation).

New "aquarium" is very minimalist.

1 to 3 real ales on. Always the same but a decent range and usually well kept and not expensive.

(When Australia were playing at the adjacent cricket ground they somehow managed to run out of real ale! But got it on for the next day).

20 Sep 2009 23:00

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Spacious and rather pleasant.

Much better than most weatherspoons.

20 Sep 2009 22:45

The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

Went in here a couple of months ago. About 2pm so it was fairly quiet.

Very good.

Not your average Weatherspoons.

20 Sep 2009 22:43

The White Elephant, Northampton

I quite like this pub, but it can change a lot from day to day. Fortunately it is quite big so you can escape from karioke even if it means going out into garden.

Usually have real ales on, vary in number. I've been there with just 2 on, but both dark beers which are not to everybody's taste.

Can't comment on the food, but pizzas seem to be the big thing.

20 Sep 2009 22:38

The Bold Dragoon, Weston Favell

Good pub.

The two bars are very different. Part of small chain, the landlords change fairly regularly (18 months the current one).

The chain is now more flexible with real ale choice so micros (particularly local ones) usually now available.

Guest beers can be a bit ill-chosen (e.g. all dark, or all strong).

20 Sep 2009 22:28

The Trumpet, Weston Favell

This pub seems to have realised that it makes its money with cheap meals so has largely done away with entertainment. So it is fairly quiet later.

Usually have unexciting real ales, but well kept and not expensive.

20 Sep 2009 22:23

The Road To Morocco, Northampton

Good estate pub.

Not many cask beers, but always an interesting selection.

Keen landlord.

20 Sep 2009 22:18

The Racehorse, Northampton

Went in here the other week. First time for years.

All (yes all) of the handpumps had their clips turned round, not available. This was confirmed by bar staff, but no explanation.

The carpet was decidely sticky.

(A friend tells me that a recent visit had customers' dogs defeacating there with no concern being shown).

20 Sep 2009 22:07

East Gate, Northampton

This pub is now known as The Eastgate.

The change has been an improvement.

20 Sep 2009 22:03

Ainsworth Arms, Radcliffe

Went in here the other lunchtime.

Typical food pub, neither good nor bad. One of the group thought that the trimmings with the meal were rather minimal.

Only one cask beer on (Bombadier) which wasn't at its best.

The other line was "down for cleaning" or similar.

20 Sep 2009 22:00

The Griffin, Pitsford

Shouldn't this pub be under Pitsford rather than Northampton?

20 Sep 2009 21:57

The County Tavern, Northampton

An adequate pub, but not more.

Away from weekends quiet non-threatening atmosphere, friendly with pleasant clientele.

Real ale unfortunately the "usual suspects" and not too well kept.

Pstairs was where county cricketers had their lunch before new pavilion was built in 70s (?).

17 Feb 2006 00:30

The Dykes End, Reach

I like the pub but it is not what it was before it closed (I understand it is run by villagers now).

My visits are always on Saturday lunchtime in Autumn en route to Newmarket. It is physically the same (and very attractive) but now food seems to be king. I am not keen going into a pub where every table is set for diners (you can stand!). (Yes I know it's economics). Also the beer is less interesting - they always used to have some from small local micros like Three Chimneys.

So a good pub, and good that it is still open, but could be better.

17 Feb 2006 00:07

The Bold Dragoon, Weston Favell

Good Pub.

Usually 7 real ales, well kept if a bit unexciting in choice.

Public bar (rather basic) has pool table and TV which (regrettably) is nearly always on. It didn't use to be. Also can be very smokey. Too many stools round the bar can impede service. Clientele are rugby fans (the Saints).

Saloon quieter and posher, but also pleasant.

Restaurant in conservatory at back (fairly good) and patio for the summer.

Landlord very helpful and good.

Seems nothing like the review of the Three Fyshes Turvey which is run by the same small chain.

16 Feb 2006 23:59

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