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Comments by blindguardian

The Dark Horse, Moseley

Never been in the place, having regualrly walked past the outside bit, and seen the type of clientele it attracts on a Friday night.

27 Jul 2010 13:15

The Village Inn, Moseley

Fine pub. Reasonable prices, plenty of rock available on the jukebox and tellys showing Sky.

27 Jul 2010 13:12

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Reasonable city centre pub with good selection of beer. Seems a bit dearer than some of the nearby pubs, so less riff raff in there.

27 Jul 2010 13:09

The Wellington, Birmingham

Pub full of pretentious tickers. Doesn't sell session lager or Guinness. Not a patch on the real ale pubs in Digbeth such as The Anchor, The White Swan and Lamp tavern.

27 Jul 2010 13:07

Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham

Beer is reasonably priced for a city centre pub and Guinness is usually drinkable. Has improved on a Saturday night since they moved the classic rock to the bigger room upstairs, and put free bands on downstairs.
Be very careful in the gents, the floor can be very slippy. Bouncers react very quickly to fights.

27 Jul 2010 12:58

Pear Tree, Kings Heath

To get in, you have to squeeze past the chavs, chain smoking in the doorway. Once inside the place resembles a decaying bingo hall. Beer is fine. Not as clean as Wetherspoons usually are.

27 Jul 2010 12:53

The Fox and Hounds, West Burton

Traditional village pub. Outside looking over 6th biggest village green in England. Beer was good. Does good reasonably priced food in both the bar and restaurant, portions are massive, though the mains arrived whilst we were just finishing starter (lose a point for this).
Dogs allowed in the bar.

27 Jul 2010 12:46

, Digbeth

Great pub with excellent staff, but can get a bit too busy when before Blues games.
Brilliant jukebox which the rock loving regulars feed generously, so always plenty of AC DC etc blasting out.
The place does attract a few undesirables, namely the real ale tickers, an unfortunate side effect of selling a wide variety of ales. It also
attracts the occasional celebrity, personally I've seen a TV newsreader, a Swedish Guitar God and a TV historian amongst others.

21 Jul 2010 15:00

The Devonshire Arms, Beeley

More of a restaurant than a pub. OK in the summer when when you can sit outside, but inside they seem to prefer diners to drinkers, particularly some of the tip chasing staff. Food good but pricey. Service is often very slow.

21 Jul 2010 13:34

The Costermonger, Birmingham

This used to be a great pub even if the gents were a "little" bit tatty (no cubicle around the sit down toilet - very open plan). I believe this is now shut as the whole area is being demolished and the regulars now seem to have migrated to Scruffy Murphys.

21 Jul 2010 13:21

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