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The Dog and Partridge, Staines

Scary place ! i agree with Tods comment - its definitely NOT for strangers !! massive pub but thoroughly underused by the management, sitting on a goldmine and doesnt seem to realise it ! they need to oust the kids drinking alcopops and generate a better atmosphere for a start

5 Jul 2008 09:40

The Punch Bowl, Colnbrook

hard to disagree with the guy who mentioned the barmaid !! or barmaids !! there isnt an ugly one !! worth the visit just to view them !!
a friendly pub with good beer, one criticism might be the plantation inside the pace which makes it a little dark, but overall a good little boozer

1 Jul 2008 00:31

The Hare and Hounds, Sunbury on Thames

in reply to largerlovers comments, what exactly is the problem with the kids ?? you condone taking children into what is essentially an adult environment ?? i go to pubs to get away from my children, to relax, its adult time being in a pub, children time is something totally different.
Shaun has a rule for kids, its totally fair in my humble opinion, in the past there were kids running all over place in the afternoon, some still in school uniform, thats disgusting again in my humble opinion, if people cant even be bothered to take the kids home to change before heading off for a drink then there is something sadly lacking there i,m afraid.
As for the lesbian nights i think its a much better atmosphere around the whole place since they seem to have taken their trade elsewhere, and gay men ?? havent seen any in there so cant possibly comment.
Shaun !! keep up the good work !!

1 Jul 2008 00:28

The Running Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Popped in this toilet last Thursday and instantly regretted it, after waiting 10 minutes to get served by some stroppy barmaid, i had to wait while she verbally abused a customer, i then discovered that the dregs that have been barred from the best pub in Sunbury, the Hare and Hounds, inhabit this sorry excuse for a pub.
Soulless is a word that can be used for it, its not one i,d use, toilet is better, such a shame to see all the benefit claimants spending their ill gotten gains in one sorry evening.
I wont be back

1 Jul 2008 00:20

The Running Horse, Sunbury on Thames

its a state, a pure state, there was a massive fight in there on 17th of april, causing whatever meat head that runs the place to close it completely for the evening, therefore impacting on the best pub in the area, the Hare and Hounds, all the meat heads from the runner came to our pub - not great

having had the "pleasure" of an evening with this crowd, i can understand now why i dont frequent the runner, what is the relevance of being asked my religion in a pub in the south east of england ???

runner regulars = meat heads

22 Apr 2007 09:19

The Red Lion, Greenford

Popped into this place by accident really on a friday night, what a collection of drunken losers frequent this dismal smelly hole

i agree with the previous comment about drunken girls and fights, thats exactly what i saw in there, i feared for my personal safety, added to that, fat old men chasing drunk young girls isnt what i want to witness on a friday night

22 Apr 2007 09:06

Golden Cross Heathrow, Colnbrook

the guvnor needs to cheer up a bit, miserable irish git !! he also needs to sort out the transient terminal 5 workers that hang around aimlessly, accompanied by the usual assortment of slappers that are attracted to that type of bloke

not the best pub or atmosphere in the world by a long way, not helped by the terminal 5 guys and their assorted groupies mind you, they create a bad ambience throughout the place

25 Dec 2006 03:32

The Hare and Hounds, Sunbury on Thames

Unbeleivable change in this place !! great gigs, carvery, spotless clean, you never have to wait for a drink, i was in there years ago and it was a drug ridden toilet - not these days, amzing changes in the place, so fair play to the current landlord for turning it round

i couldnt beleive the change in the place - if you heard about it before and were put off - try it again - its great

only downside is a group of local builders who appear to think they own the place - shame really

11 Dec 2006 21:58

The Wheatsheaf, Stanwell

if you aint a local dont bother !! fart in a space suit springs to mind - odd to see the local vicar in there having a pint though, but he didnt seem to friendly either, 1 pint and left

11 Dec 2006 21:53

The Crown Inn, Horton

whoever wrote its a gay pub is obviously a disgruntled barred person - weekdays in the evening theres normally a load of people having a pint after work, yes, quite a lot of scottish, all employed at terminal 5 mainly !!
Frankie and Phil have done a great job with the place and the sunday lunches are great value - yes it can get a bit boisterous at times with some of the younger locals but overall its a great little pub with loads of character and always a brilliant welcome

11 Dec 2006 21:44

The Happy Landing, Stanwell

the karaoke is a Thursady night - and in all honesty there are some great singers in there !! same as anywhere though you will get the wannabees who are crap, but if you can sit through them you will here good singing eventually - allowing the kids on the karaoke is a bit annoying though
beer wise i,ve never had a bad one in there - after the problems with the previous landlord Ron and Karen should be supported as much as possible - nice pub - nice people - niec prices

11 Dec 2006 21:38

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