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The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Good views, bit touristy but always was. Nice spot in the week for some lunch by the water.

29 Mar 2006 22:14

Spinnakers Bar, Calshot

Great views if always bloody freezing in the winter as its part of the old hangar. Cheap food and you can sit by the sea and watch everthing from liners to sail boats go past. Worth a visit. they serve krony no stella.

29 Mar 2006 22:12

The Fleur de Lys, Pilley

Way too expensive, totally agree. London prices for a chintzy pub??? Try the crown in everton thats what it should be like. A poor effort.

29 Mar 2006 22:04

The Hobbit, Southampton

A legendary pub/festival. terraced garden used to be tricky if very pissed.

29 Mar 2006 21:54

The Avenue, Southampton

Spent many years in there. Superb local. Staggering distance of the chinky and pizza place. good boozy bar not many like left.

29 Mar 2006 21:51

The Grapes, Southampton

Used to be great, yes its been polished up which has lost some of its charm.

29 Mar 2006 21:49

The Frog and Frigate, Southampton

Dancing on the tables

Dancing on the bar

wow what a pub. Not made like this anymore.

29 Mar 2006 21:47

Clowns, Southampton

Do they still sell Juicy lucys! 4 quid and green with enough booze to kill a donkey. fond memories .

29 Mar 2006 21:46

Monty's, Beaulieu

Pub/wine bar, open fires tourists etc etc

29 Mar 2006 21:43

The Crown, Everton

I agree its a restaurant not a pub. one of the few that pulls it off. The road is a shame but well worth the visit. Not cheap.

29 Mar 2006 21:41

The Kings Head Inn, Lymington

A great pub if a little cramped, got stuck in front the fire for about an hour, face like a smacked bottom.
nuff said.

p.s. good fodder...

29 Mar 2006 21:37

The Stanwell House Hotel, Lymington

they are refitting it. can be good when its not jam packed.

29 Mar 2006 21:34

The Thomas Tripp, Lymington

Urchins hangout saw oliver in there and tiny tim. If your over 18 forget it you have to be going through puberty.

29 Mar 2006 21:31

The Fusion Inn, Lymington

Black Cat it will always be. Legend. Bit odd these days. Doesnt know if its a bistro or a pub. probably just biased as I have fond memories of it being BC.

BC forever.

29 Mar 2006 21:27

The Mill at Gordleton, Sway

It was great then poor then great then poor, changed hands a few times and now is great again. hope it stays as it is.

29 Mar 2006 21:25

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

Great food and really friendly, had abit of a wobble about 18 months ago but seems to have recovered its crown as one of the best places to eat and drink in the forest.

29 Mar 2006 21:24

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

Its always been good and when the previous landlord was there it won pub of the year and deserved it. Too many nasily american tourists in there now and arrogant young barmen who dress like gordon gecco.still blinding when youve sat by the fire drinking stella all afternoon. I know the school desks look good but come on! I could barley fit in one when I was at bloody school for christsakes. p.s. the sausages and mustard on the bar are fab.

29 Mar 2006 21:19

Moloko, Winchester

molokos?. nuff said....

29 Mar 2006 21:13

County Arms, Winchester

legendary rep as a local boozer, nicknamed the mutiny. not been in there for ages. will try it again.

29 Mar 2006 21:11

The Slug and Lettuce, Winchester

Good fodder and good location, but full of what i term boys and girls. more of a place to be seen at than a serious boozer.

29 Mar 2006 21:10

The Green Man, Winchester

pretty good pub.

29 Mar 2006 21:07

The Black Boy, Winchester

Great pub really surprised. even the dog has character. good garden one of winchesters finest. now has more character than the wickham.
Black boy 1 Wickham 0

29 Mar 2006 21:06

Limpets, Lymington

A fitting end to limpets. Replaced by bar blaze or something. Annoying american bar staff and trendy people who look about 12 make me think I am too old at 30. Not good if you have claustrophobia either.

29 Mar 2006 21:00

The Haven Bar and Bistro, Lymington

Not normally put off by people but whenever I have gone there its been really unfriendly. The landlord is a character but peers through his half moons at you like your at school being glared at by the head teacher. All the ingredients of a great bar just too cliquee.

29 Mar 2006 20:56

The Bosuns Chair, Lymington

tried it again latley, good local if your within staggering distance. Odd seating with a 3pc suite and tables? Bit quiet which is nice when your in the mood.

29 Mar 2006 20:53

The Mayflower, Lymington

Nice staff nice food, good bbq in summer shame its it lacks character and parking is a bummer in the summer.

29 Mar 2006 20:51

The Fisherman's Rest, Lymington

Great food and friendly staff make it one of the best to eat in the forest. Some of the tables are a little close together but I suppose this makes it feel more cosy. Pretty good all in all.
p.s. the fishcakes are good and the steak and kidney chefs special is great.

29 Mar 2006 20:48

Chequers Inn, Lymington

There aren't many pubs like this left, no its not all contemporary and bland like many others, its full of character and character's. yes its very boozy with the sports events and you could cut the smoke with a knife but hey enjoy it whilst it lasts.
p.s. the food is great and so is the landlord ST.

29 Mar 2006 20:46

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