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Sycamore Inn, Parwich

just returned from a week long stay in Parwich and a few very cosy nights in the Sycamore. Very friendly, welcoming village and locals always ready to chat. Beers all good from the Robinson's. Double Hop, Unicorn and Young Tom all well kept and served expertly. ( tried all 3!) Food is good home cooked style too and great value.Bice outside area of lawn. Try it after a tramp in the hills. Perfect.

17 Sep 2011 19:34

The Golden Lion, Northam

A few weeks ago, I went to the re-opening of this pub. A 'bit of a do' advertised and put on for the big occasion. I'd never been inside before and won't again. Shame is, it should be a good old traditional boozer as it hasn't really been altered that much since god knows when. Real old pub charm. Big central open bar, cosy room and side street location. Trouble is, the bar staff / new owners were totally out of their depth and could not cope with the sudden surge of curious new customers attracted by the advertised free buffet and live entertainment,and so they served the familiar faces first and ignored everybody else.The beer. when you could get some, was awful. Just the usual vile slection of lagers with the added attraction of flat, boxed 'real ale' that was anything but. Can only wish them luck and hope that it improves but will probably go on appealing to the local chav element who wouldn't know a good pub from one like this.You're much better off at the Kinglsey, at least until the imminent departure of the current licensee anyway.

14 Mar 2011 13:39

The White Hart Inn, Bideford

This is real pub.Great and varied ever changing selection of locally brewed excellent quality ales, real open fire when it's required, efficient, genuinely friendly service and an accommodating landlord. Proper atmosphere and real people.

14 Mar 2011 13:18

The Victory Inn, St Mawes

Can't understand any of the negative views on this place.Stayed in St Mawes for 2 nights and didn't see any need to go 'crawling' after the first night. The beer and the atmosphere was first class. Went through the pumps and didn't have a complaint. The Betty Stoggs and Doom Bar were as good as anywhere else I've drank it and the Cornish Shag, although a little on the opaque side was eminently drinkable and was not at fault, just distinctive. Roseland are perfecting a number of beers and improving all the time so try it anyway. Didn't eat here as were we were half board at our hotel but if what we saw and smelt was anything to go by, I'd say it would be worth dining here.The staff and in the landlord in particular were very sociable and welcoming and were always ready with an amusing anecdote for all types from the hoity toity yachting set or the local lads, who appear to frequent this pub as a local.Highly recommended. Just one word of warning, approach the wasabi nuts with caution!

14 Mar 2011 12:55

The Patch And Parrot, Bideford

A dump.

5 Aug 2010 16:55

The Appledore Inn, Bideford

Went in for the first time last weekend. Nice friendly clean pub and staff very welcoming. Fair selection of beers and 2 or 3 real ales. Unfortunately had a pint of one of my favouirites in the area, Old Appledore, which was served at arctic temperature and completely tasteless.Shame, but will go back to make sure it wasn't a one off.

5 Aug 2010 16:54

Ye Champion Of Wales, Appledore

Gave this pub another try a few weeks ago and it's got even worse than before! Beer foul with hardly any choice from the pumps, one beer, usually my favourite was being served from a BOX on the bar. Unbelievable! The management had allowed customers to bring in Fish and chips from the shop next door which stank the place out.The live duo were so loud the windows as rattling in the frames.This place has had 3 owners within the last 12 months or so which provides a clue and the only decent member of staff has moved to the Heavitree as she was embarrassed having to regularly tell customers that most of the taps had ran out. Avoid!!

5 Aug 2010 16:37

The Seagate Hotel, Appledore

This a great pub.I use it regularly and particularly on Friday evenings as there is great entertainment to be had from the resident folkie type band along with visiting players who sit in from time to time. Always good musicians and a variety of styles.The beer is well kept and served with local beers including Old Appledore and Golden Pig from Country Life.The staff are friendly and efficient toward locals and visitors alike and always have a ready smile.The food is good too and there's a separate restaurant at the rear which specialises in fresh fish dishes. One niggle I have is that a number of locals regularly save seats by putting coats on them while waiting for friends to appear, which is a shame as there are always people standing, clogging up the limited space at the bar, while there are numerous seats empty. Shouldn't be allowed in my opinion.Don't let this puit you odd though. There's space outside to drink and eat al fresco and enjoy the view.

5 Aug 2010 16:14

Ye Champion Of Wales, Appledore

'The Champ', a great liitle boozer? Your'e kidding right? Sez who? Whewn I went in a few weeks back there was a band setting up which looked as if they would actually take up half the pub! There were the band, 2 other customers, and a teen at the bar ( jeans at half mast, de riguer bum crack on show ) mooning at the girl behind the bar who looked as if she would have been too young to get served had she been a customer.

Stayed for a pint of lager, as there was no other choice, and left disappointed. This is not a pub, I've given it a 1 just for being open on a rainy night..

6 Apr 2010 20:58

The Kingsley Inn, Northam

This is actually a good, no nonsense pub.The staff and the locals are really friendly and the beer is well kept. Being a free house, it's nice to get a change of taps now and again.I've had good reports on the food too, which is apparently good value and well cooked, in a homely kind of way. There is live music on some nights as well, or a DJ and I've had some great nights in there.

18 Jan 2010 16:59

The Blue Peter, Polperro

First time in this pub on 10th May. Great beer and the food looked and smelt delicious. Regret eating elsewhere before we went! Quite friendly but did resent a 'local' who had followed me in being served over my shoulder as if I wasn't there.No matter will definitely go back.

13 May 2009 13:56

The Duke Of York, Iddesleigh

Can only agree with everything that's been said about this absolute gem of a pub. Went yesterday for the first time after a walk in the local area and was met with the friendliest welcome from staff and locals that we've ever experienced anywhere in the country.The barmaid immedietely asked for our first names and used them all through our visit and meal.The cask ale and food was suberbly presented and served and was excellent value. Only downside......not enough time to spend there as we live an hour's drive away!! This will become a regular with us.

27 Apr 2009 10:33

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