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The Langley, Covent Garden

Smells of urine and vomit.
Can't wash your own hands in the toilet.
Music too loud to talk

11 Feb 2008 16:15

The Wishing Well, Pondwell

Someone clearly has a problem with this place and the landlady in particular - 3 negative reviews in under 10mins! Just co-incidence I'm sure!!! If you are going to post negative reviews, at least put your name to them. You aren't going back to the place by the sounds of it so don't whats the harm???

16 Nov 2007 17:21

The Old Monkey, Manchester

Quick pint in here on Friday night was pretty enjoyable. Interesting mix of people, from tramps to theatre goers. 3 pints of lager for less than 6 quid. Toilets stunk though, worse than any other pub loos I've been in - sort it out

15 Oct 2007 11:36

The Old Grapes, Manchester

Was in for lunch and then a few pints watching the England footie match on Saturday. Only a handful of people in there when we arrived, so got a good seat right in front of the telly. Ordered some lunch, but they had clearly had a problem ordering stock - half the menu wasn't available. My lasagne was average and service not great - my mates meal arrived 10mins after mine. That aside, beer was good and is a pleasant enough place to spend a few hours, as long as you don't mind Duckworths face staring back at you everywhere you look

15 Oct 2007 11:30

The Trent Bridge Inn, West Bridgford

Not a bad place and the reviews below seem a little over critical. In on Saturday evening and enjoyed a good few pints watching the Scottish rugby side march on to the RWC QF. Big place with quick and friendly service at the bar despite it being pretty busy. 4 pints for under 9 quid which is good value. Good mix of punters too, though they need to sort out the Gents loo - smelt appalling.

1 Oct 2007 09:50

The Funky End, Aldershot

Had one brief pint in here on a Saturday lunchtime waiting for a train. Was dead - we were the only ones in there. Lacked character I thought, but better than standing on the station platform I suppose. Beer was fine

19 Sep 2007 13:49

In de Wildeman, Amsterdam

Had a quick beer in here a couple of years ago at the end of a long weekedn in Amsterdam. Could have spent hours in here. Brilliant place and will without fail return when I am next in town

6 Sep 2007 12:18

The Three Tuns, Marylebone

Pleasant enough place. Had a few pints here on a Saturday afternoon. Decent club sandwich as well at a reasonable place. Perhaps a little soulless and a lot of passing tourist trade but not bad for a quiet pint

3 Sep 2007 14:12

The Pickering Arms, Thelwall


31 Aug 2007 12:25

The White House, Guildford

Was in here for a couple of mid afternoon pints on Saturday. Weather was good so place was busy with people sat by the river. However, service was slow - 10 minutes at the bar for 2 pints. Funny thing was that there seemed to be loads of staff knocking about - couple more of them serving at the bar would have helped. Its a nice place though, comfortable and good facilities

28 Aug 2007 09:04

The Black Swan, Martyr's Green

Dropped in for Sunday lunch yesterday whilst visiting family in the area. Food was okay, though way overpriced for what it was. Beer the same - 6.75 for a Guinness and Staropramen seemed a bit much to a northern lad like me. Lovely setting, pub area is nice too

23 Jul 2007 09:47

Molly Malones, Glasgow

Found this place on a recent trip to Glasgow - liked it. Nice Friday night atmosphere, quite busy but got a good table by the bar. Service very quick and beer was decent. Only downside was very pushy bouncers trying to kick us out the door 5 minutes after last orders - really gets on my nerves - whatever happened to 20 minutes drinking up time???

10 Jul 2007 13:42

Sir John Moore, Glasgow

Not a bad wetherspoons. Quick service, though tennents was off last friday night. Friendly enough door staff, been in worse 'spoons pubs

10 Jul 2007 10:57

[email protected], Clapham

Decent enough - was in one Thursday night a couple of weeks ago for a quick pint. Service okay, lager was good, music sufficiently quiet to speak easily enough, decor okay. Nothing wrong with this place, just more characterful and interesting places to drink in Clapham

26 Jun 2007 09:38

The Bierodrome, Clapham

Pretty average, non-descript place.
Popped in Thursday evening about 10pm for a couple of beers before closing. Beer was decent but just a little soulless I thought

19 Jun 2007 12:27

The Rampant Lion, Manchester

Decent - popped in for a few beers on a trip to Manchester this weekend for the WI test match. Very quiet actually, students have all gone home presumably, but a very pleasant place. Beer was okay and bar staff pretty helpful. Brilliant beer garden and their was decent music playing in the pub itself as well. Better than a lot of student boozers i've been in

11 Jun 2007 14:17

The Jolly Potter, Castle Donington

One of the better pubs in Castle D

7 Jun 2007 12:24

The Hautboy Inn, Ockham

Beautiful pub in a beautiful spot. Only spent an hour there but the Guinness was good and the service was decent too. Food looked excellent by the way, worth a look in

6 Jun 2007 12:23

The George, Balham

Dropped in again a couple of weeks ago for a late afternoon pint. Once again, pretty decent. Not busy so you'd expect good service and thats what we got. Two good pints of Guinness served by a good looking blonde - lovely stuff.

21 May 2007 16:50

The Theodore Bullfrog, Charing Cross

Strange place - dropped in for the first time in 3/4 years and won't be goign back. Anywhere that plays non stop Red Hot Chilli Pepper album tracks is worth avoiding for that reason alone. Add to that horriblly smokey air, bland interior and average beer and you've got a pretty average pub. One plus point was the very small running shorts being worn by the atractive bar maid - lovely stuff

14 May 2007 16:12

The Hawley Arms, Camden

Was in on Saturday afternoon for a a couple of pints. Interesting place worth a visit. Decent beer and interesting decor and good music. Very pleasant female doorman. Staff were pretty attentive and plenty of them. Despite the pub being very busy there was very little wait at the bar - always a good thing

14 May 2007 16:05

Ice Wharf, Camden

Rubbish - having dodged the drug dealers on the walk to the pub you then face having to empty your pockets on the way in and getting frisked airport style.
Full of Camdens undesirables and a poor pint of lager meant we only stayed for one. On a plus point, toilets are very good. Wetherspoons do deserve recognition for the consistently high standard of facilities across the chain - have been my salvation on a number of occassions!

14 May 2007 12:26

The Lemon Tree, Covent Garden

Popped in for a couple of pints on Saturday afternoon. Quite a pleasant little place with a good mix of people. Barmaids grasp of English was limited - par for the course in London I know - but meant getting served was rather more drawn out that it needed to be. Still, found the Guinness to be good - she couldn't pronounce it, but poured it well! Didn't sample the food, but seemed good value. Worth a visit

14 May 2007 12:20

The Cask, Pimlico

Been a few years since I've been in but have fond memories. Honest

20 Apr 2007 14:01

The Deansgate, Deansgate

Popped in here on Saturday for the first time - liked it. Quite a big place with a few different rooms. Nice decor, interesting features and pretty efficient staff, though have to say it was the night of Englands heroic 0-0 draw with Israel, and not showing the game meant that the place was pretty quite.
Worth a visit if you're passing

28 Mar 2007 17:02

Dogma, Lincoln

Smart place, but gets too packed to move on the weekend to be enjoyable

9 Mar 2007 14:03

The London Bridge, Appleton

Nice place in a canal side location. Good beer garden/patio which is lovely in the summer. Smart interior and good atmosphere

2 Mar 2007 12:20

The Belle Vue, Clapham Common

Was in here on Saturday afternoon for the rugby - seeing England get a tonking brought a smile to my face after the earlier Scotland result. Thought this place was okay - was packed, yet the service was still good - enough bar staff so the wait at the bar was never more than a couple of minutes.
Guinness was pretty good and we had a lovely spot by the fire with a good view of the telly.

26 Feb 2007 12:18

My Place Hotel, Earls Court

Went once to a weekday club night. Quality Northern Soul music. Worth a try

21 Feb 2007 14:28

The Whipping Stocks, Over Peover

as you'd expect from Sammy Smiths - cheap ale which I find pretty agreeable.
Food is worth a mention - good value and very good quality.
Nice location

13 Feb 2007 15:53

The Ferry Inn, Wilford

Lovely place - so the service may be a little leisurely, but if its a relaxed evening with great food and well served ale that you're after you won't be disappointed. Eaten here in two occassions and both times it was very good - recommended

9 Feb 2007 16:20

The Cranley Hotel, Cranleigh

Been here once, on drum'n'bass night I'm sorry to say. The place itself seems okay - nice location, pleasant decor and darts board etc. However, on the night I went in it was full of the local yoof making a nuisance of themselves and crap music at a volume which made conversation a no-no.
Seemed to have potential, but I can't recommend it on this showing

7 Feb 2007 17:06

The Thai Terrace, Guildford

Pretty undignified entrance to this place - up several floors to the top of a multi storey in an unglamourous lift.
Not a place to come drinking, but would recommend for a meal. As the name suggests, this is a Thai restaurant and the food is some of the best I've had - WORD OF WARNING - if you get an innocuous looking red chilli on top of your meal, don't act like Jack the Peanut and eat it in one. I made that mistake and it was the hottest thing I have ever eaten, and I like hot food. Rather took the shine off the rest of the meal.
As a restaurant its top notch, wouldn't come drinking here. Lovely views across the town - one to take the missus to if you're after some brownie points, but seeing as this is a drinking site, and this ain't a drinking establishment, I have to rate it low

7 Feb 2007 16:55

The Kings Head, Earls Court

Top place - away from the busy Earls Court Road so bit quiet and more relaxed than some of the other pubs in the area

2 Feb 2007 09:24

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

Well worth a look - enjoyed three pints of Belfast Ale on a recent trip to the city. I guess I was one of those tourists so hated by the reviewers below but it really is a must see.
Stunning interior and the bar staff were great - very attentive and efficient. Really good beer and at mid afternoon, not at all crowded. Sat comfortably at the bar chatting to the folk who came and went. First class

18 Jan 2007 12:28

The Pyewipe Inn, Lincoln

Yeah okay so it ain't right on the main road and takes a bit of effort to get to but thats the point. Lovely peaceful spot to get a couple of beers and watch the boats go by.
Food is also good

5 Jan 2007 17:00

Pitcher & Piano, Nottingham

Impressive building and they are happy to accommodate decent sized parties given notice which is good.
Toilets are a bit of a mission though and the crowd you get in there can be pretentious.

5 Jan 2007 16:43

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

The largest pub I have ever been in and after a few too many its all too easy to get lost in there. Add to that aggressive door staff and high prices (to be expected I suppose) and it ain't that great.
On the plus side there is a huge range of drinks so good for fans of fruit beer etc and there is a good buzz out the front in the summer

2 Jan 2007 16:59

The White Horse, Shere

Went in for a few beers last week. No complaints myself though did overhear management giving two of the waiting on staff a bollocking outside the gents for something service related so perhaps those issues haven't been resolved.
From my point of view its a lovely looking pub, non-smoking and good beer. Also, service we received from the barman was decent, nice chap happy to share a joke

2 Jan 2007 12:43

The Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

Mixed reviews for this place I see.
I've been in twice in the past 6 months or so, once for an evenings drinking, once for a meal with a large family party.
Impressed on both occassions. Yes its a little on the pricey side but the atmosphere is good, food is tasty and beer very nice.
Lovely location - I would recommend it for a spot of lunch and couple of pints

2 Jan 2007 11:43

The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore

Food is exceptional and good beer too. Well worth a visit, pricey but you get what you pay for

21 Dec 2006 16:29

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

Can get heaving in peak times but cool little place and good music.

20 Dec 2006 16:12

Callaghan's Irish Bar, Piccadilly

Dreadful hotel, even worse pub

20 Dec 2006 15:38

Little Manor, Thelwall

Pub for eating, not for drinking
However, does what it does very well. Decent food, well priced. Does a good pint of Boddies as well.

20 Dec 2006 15:29

The Northern Whig, Belfast

Great Bar - went on a quiet Sunday evening for a few drinks. Decor is great and staff were good, cocktail menu is extensive and they are well made.
Not sure what it would be like on a boozy Friday night but certainly liked what I saw

20 Dec 2006 15:26

The George, Balham

Only been in a couple of times but enjoyed it. Nice place

20 Dec 2006 15:10

The Malt Shovel, Shardlow

Warm, welcoming pub. Good beer, real homemade food and nice canalside seating area is great in the summer

19 Dec 2006 14:57

The Coco Lounge, Nottingham

Expensive, no salt for tequilas (was presented with a Sol instead!) and one of those annoying chaps peddling aftershave in the toilets.

18 Dec 2006 16:56

The Old Crown, Bloomsbury

Not been for a while but doesn't sound like its changed much. Trendy place, serving good drinks. Good in the summer for people watching, though I'd prefer to watch the barmaids - seem to remember they were all blonde, Scandinavian and very easy on the eye.

15 Dec 2006 14:11

The Stage Door, Victoria

Backing this place, good atmosphere and nice beer.
Worth a visit

15 Dec 2006 14:01

The Q Lounge, Nottingham

Good for some mid afternoon pool, otherwise its crap

14 Dec 2006 16:22

The Grove, Nottingham

Decent studenty boozer
Cheapish ale, big screen telly, cheap food, nice crowd and bar billiards - what a great game

14 Dec 2006 16:17

The Bentinck Hotel, Nottingham

Suprpisingly likeable place

14 Dec 2006 16:03

The Orange Tree, Nottingham

Chilled place, good cocktails, good food, good music.

14 Dec 2006 15:59

The Newcastle Arms, Nottingham

Good for a few frames of pool and some afternoon pints

14 Dec 2006 14:43

The Swanholme Tavern, Lincoln

Eating pub with really good grub. Not one to go drinking at but beer is good nonetheless.
Lovely beer garden for the summer.

14 Dec 2006 12:41

The Templars Bar, Nottingham

This place is an absolute griefhole. Disgusting interior, horrible beer and full of 17 year olds.
Despite all that I absolutely love it - good thing is everyone clears out by about 10pm to go to clubs/nicer bars, so its actually pretty decent for a group of you getting messed up on their cheap jugs.
The end of term '16 hours of sin' has to be seen to be believed

11 Dec 2006 17:31

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham

Definately not a scream. Good meeting point but seriously wouldn't stay for more than a pint. Far better places around

11 Dec 2006 17:27

The Peacock, Nottingham

Like stepping back in time, nice quiet boozer with table service.
Ideal for a quiet pint reading the paper in front of the fire - lovely stuff

11 Dec 2006 17:22

The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham

Used to drop in during my student days. Interesting pub with a good sized beer garden. Worth a go

11 Dec 2006 17:12

The Chestnut Tree, Sherwood

Cheap food, big screen sport, average

11 Dec 2006 17:05

The Golden Fleece, Nottingham

Decent boozer
Nice food, good ale and some pretty good live music from time to time too. Worth dropping in if you're passing, there are far worse boozers on Mansfield Road

11 Dec 2006 17:03

The Dublin Castle, Camden

Great jukebox - 5 songs for a quid!
Ale isn't great but cracking atmosphere - gets busy later on, so get there before sixish for a seat.
Odd decent band in the back room too

11 Dec 2006 16:57

The White Horse, Soho

Decent place - from memory the 'man in a box' lager is headache juice so be warned.
Nice atmosphere, would recommend

11 Dec 2006 16:51

The Fox and Crown, Basford

Great pub, used to be a student at the halls round the corner and was in here all the time. I take it Dave and Tammie are still running the place?
Alcazar ales are great and the food was first class. A must visit boozer

8 Dec 2006 17:27

The Spaniard, Belfast

Smashing place - spent a very ahppy evening in here on a recent visit to Belfast.
Tiny place and can get crowded but excellent Guinness, great decor and decent music at a volume which doesn't drown out talking.
Loved it, well worth a visit

8 Dec 2006 14:05

The Dirty Duck, Holywood

Outstanding food in a lovely location

8 Dec 2006 13:55

The Cross Keys, Knutsford

Great old fashioned pub which doesn't attract the nobs that some of the local pubs and bars do. Great for a quiet beer

7 Dec 2006 14:04

The Bear, Horsham

Only been a couple of times but what a great pub - well recommended

7 Dec 2006 14:01

The Earls Court Tavern, Earls Court

relaxed place for winding down on a Sunday evening after a boozy weekend

7 Dec 2006 13:52

Rosie O Briens, Carrington

Another one of my locals when I was at uni.
Cracking place, top ale and really top notch food at dirt cheap prices. Was 2 quid for a quality burger and chips, can't say fairer than that.
Staff were great but locals didn't take to kindly to students, since joining the working world I can kind of see why!!!

7 Dec 2006 13:38

The Grosvenor, Nottingham

Used to be my local when I was at uni. All round a pretty decent pub. Always had a good beer there, particularly decent pint of guinness if i remember rightly.
Food is alright - serves its purpose as quick pub grub but mostly microwaved - not the place to go especially to eat.
Good relaxed atmosphere, very pleasant place to while away an afternoon - my 2.2 is testament to that!

7 Dec 2006 13:33

The Crescent, Salford

The most honest boozer I've been in for a long while, proper drinkers pub.
Big range of lesser known ales which were very good. Clearly not been decorated in years and all the better for it - beer 'garden' is also quality.
Food looked excellent, though I didn't have more than a couple of the excellent sandwiches on the bar.
Would recommend this place as a top boozer to while away a couple of hours

7 Dec 2006 12:34

The Punchbowl, Oakwoodhill

Was in this weekend for some lunch on saturday.
Well kept guinness and excellent food - would recommend

6 Dec 2006 14:45

The Harrington Arms, Sawley

Great little boozer. Excellent food and never had a bad pint here

29 Nov 2006 13:41

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