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Comments by asprilla69

The Tabard, Turnham Green

With the Duchess of Cambridge currently closed. This pub is an excellent alternative. Good choice of ales, well kept served by friendly bar staff

24 Jun 2014 11:19

The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

Sadly it looks as if the Duchess has served her last pint. Currently 'Closed until further notice'

24 Jun 2014 11:14

The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell

Definitely the best pub in the area. Excelent range of beers, superb food. A perfect 10

23 Mar 2013 13:30

The Skinners Arms, Kings Cross

Unremarkable pub but nethertheless usually a good choice of ales and reasonable food One of the better pubs in the area

28 Feb 2013 12:56

The White Lion, Clerkenwell

Pleasant back street local, tucked away off the main road. Two well kept real ales are served by friendly and welcoming bar staff

14 Sep 2012 13:33

The Farriers Arms, Worcester

Dropped in here when the Plough was shut. Choice of 3 or 4 well kept ales, friendly staff and good food

13 Jul 2012 13:57

Plough, Worcester

Tried to visit the the other day when rain stopped play at the cricket. Sadly the licensee couldn't be arsed to open the pub

13 Jul 2012 13:53

The George And Dragon, Acton

For a free house, the choice of ales is poor as, I'm afraid is the quality. Went through the card on a recent visit but sadly all the beers were well below par

13 Jul 2012 13:49

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

Excellent pub hidden away behind Holborn station. Good range of beers. Unfortunately, being small pub it gets very busy but the staff are on the ball

13 Jul 2012 13:41

The Hercules Pillars, Holborn

After reading the 2 most recent reviews i approached this pub with trepidation. only to find pleasnt, friendly and helpful staff, a good choice of well kept real ales. I'll be back

13 Jul 2012 13:35

The Bulls Head, Manchester

A real gem, in the shadow of Piccadilly Station. Excellent range of well kept beers from the Marston 'family'

3 Jun 2012 18:08

The Waterhouse, Manchester

A unsual Wetherspoons - lots of small interconnected rooms a much mor preferable drinking experience. One of the few Wetherspoons I would go back to

3 Jun 2012 18:02

The Salisbury, Manchester

A superb back street boozer with a good beer selection and knowledgable staff. Hidden away but well worth searching out

3 Jun 2012 17:55

The Tabard, Turnham Green

I went to the Tabard last night for the first time in some 5 years and was pleasantly surprised. Excellent rang of real ales. I'll be back soon!

25 May 2012 10:20

The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

Popped in last night to find that they no draught bitter - only mild. Definitely an own goal!

25 May 2012 10:15

The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

�3.50 for a pint in this area is about average. The discounted price of �3.00 is great value. Good beer selection, knowledgeable staff. Good food. However last Sunday lunch it was like drinking in a children's playground. Definitely a black mark

24 Jan 2012 23:14

The Bodega, Newcastle

An excellent pub, part of the ever reliable Fitzgerald estate. Always a good choice of beers. Gets mobbed on match days but the staff are always on the ball

21 Nov 2011 19:41

The Greyhound, Shepherds Bush

After being closed except for private functions for the past 12 months or so this pub seems to have returned to normal opening The trouble is that the bar seeems to be there mainly for patrons of the hostel that has opened upstairs. Shame really. It's well appointed and could make an excellent local boozer

18 Nov 2011 23:45

The Castle, Holland Park

This pub has improved so much under the current management. Beer selection and quality is top notch and the staff are quick & knowledgeable. If there's a criticism its that the music can at times be too loud

18 Nov 2011 23:36

The Kings Arms, Mayfair

Good beer selection ande well looked after, good service but I can only agree with Mayfairdandy. Seating is uncomfortable and skysports dominates from every wall

7 Aug 2011 13:21

The Rose and Crown, Mayfair

Visited this pub yesterday and won't rush back. Three handpumps but only one beer on - Bombadier was lifeless and barely drinkable. There are better pubs in the area

7 Aug 2011 13:10

The Eagle, Eastbourne

Choice of 3-4 ales good servive & good food (excellent sausages)

11 Jun 2011 16:30

The Castle, Holland Park

This pub has now got it spot on. Good and ever changing beer choice, well kept and served by staff who know what they are doing

29 May 2011 15:13

Cricketers, Worcester

Good range of beers. Pleasant traditional pub

21 May 2011 17:44

Plough, Worcester

Small, but perfectly formed. Good range of beers & ciders. Helpfull & knowledgeble staff

21 May 2011 17:42

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

A Real Ale paradise. Excellent!

21 May 2011 17:38

The Bree Louise, Euston

A cask ale heaven. Only drawback is it seems to be geeting too popular

27 Mar 2011 22:48

The Ladbroke Arms, Notting Hill

I visited this pub earlier this week and found the service to be first rate and the beer well kept if a little expensive. However it needs to decide whether its a pub or a restaurant

29 Jan 2011 15:50

The Castle, Holland Park

Good selection of beers (when they are all on)and well kept but be prepared to wait to be served by some of the worst bar staff in West London

29 Jan 2011 15:39

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

I agree with McRoyal It may be the best wine bar in the world but if it doesn't sell beer it has no right being included here. I suspect some maniulation

25 Jul 2010 17:02

The Swan, Hammersmith

Welcome back the Swan! Thank you Nicholsons for turning this back into a real pub again. GOOD BEER SELECTION, good service.Ba ckgr music can get too loud though

25 Jul 2010 00:29

The Bull, Shepherds Bush

Have visited twice since it opened. Nothing special, overpriced beer .Most staff tend to give short measure. Won't rush back

28 Mar 2010 17:45

The Stinging Nettle, Shepherds Bush

OK for a quick pint on the way home. somewhat pricey given the area. The beer is ok but not outstandnig. By no means the worst pub down the Goldhawk Rd but there are better

20 Mar 2010 14:10

The Kings Arms, Fitzrovia

A good honest pub. Friendly staff, decent ale. One of the betterpubs in the area

20 Mar 2010 14:03

The Green Man, Fitzrovia

Visited last Thursday. Very disappointing. All 3 real ales were 'off' by 8.30 as was most of the food menu. Bar staff off-hand bordering on rude

20 Mar 2010 14:00

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Excelent little pub tucked away behind Kings Cross selling local real ale (Brodies)

2 Jan 2010 14:24

The Magnesia Bank, North Shields

Another North Shields pub that appears to back to its best. Only one critisism - It still claims to be the 'Mordue Tap' but on my last 2 visits - no Mordue beers available

27 Nov 2009 00:14

The Oddfellows, North Shields

The ideal 'local' pub well kept reasonab ly priced beer and let's not forget the excellent free winter homemade soup .
Definitely a perfect '10'

27 Nov 2009 00:06

The Tap and Spile, North Shields

Good to see the Tap open again and serving good, well kept beer. Not to mention the hottest crisps in the world!

26 Nov 2009 23:58

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

An outstanding pub in an area blessed with good pubs. The full range of Shepherd Neame ales all served immaculately

26 Nov 2009 23:49

The Old Coffee House, Soho

Quite simply, a gem of a pub with local beer served buy knowledgeable staff

19 Nov 2009 23:48

The Ship, Soho

Good pub with plenty of character, well-kept beer and efficient friendly service

19 Nov 2009 23:45

The Griffin, Brentford

OK pub but charging �3.30 for a pint of so so Pride is definitely taking the p***

19 Nov 2009 23:40

The Hillgate, Notting Hill Gate

I read that this pub had improved of late. Sadly not much. Only one ale on - not well kept. Clientelle noisy and up their own a***s

4 Oct 2009 19:59

The Uxbridge Arms, Notting Hill

Still the best pub in Notting Hill Gate. 3 well kept ales, efficient and friendly service

4 Oct 2009 19:54

The Eagle, Shepherds Bush

over-priced, wannabe gastropub devoid of atmospere

26 Sep 2009 00:07

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