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The Kings Head, Holmbury St Mary

Had a couple of pints in here on the afternoon a few saturdays ago. I didn't have a lot of cash on me so was fairly shocked by the beer prices. Selection was good enough, but the beer was a touch too warm for my taste. The beer garden could also do with a serious prune, and though it's no fault of the pub's, the afternoon was further marred by two people failling to keep control of their desperately unruly hounds while I was trying to have a quiet drink.

5 May 2011 15:30

The Royal Oak, Holmbury St Mary

Spent a couple of nights drinking here recently. On the first night they managed to accommodate 18 for dinner though the barman looked like he was going to have a heart attack when we booked the table. Food fine in the main, though two of our party were ill after, but I can't put it down to the food for definite. The beer was decent, and actually better kept than the pub up the road where the selection was better. It is certainly rough around the edges, especially considering the moneyed rural idyll it is a part of. I can sympathise with the people who weren't made to feel welcome, but I was in Surrey as part of a big group of friends so we didn't really experience this. Having said this, on the second night we had a great time with some of the locals, though that had less to do with the pub itself and more to do with a substantial amount of alcohol.

5 May 2011 15:27

The Woodend Tavern, Mossley

Changed ownership and is now Relish. A US-style diner but still with the big garden and children's play area. No real ale on any more, but reports are that the food is decent.

31 May 2010 09:44

Hanging Gate, Diggle

Just recently changed hands again (May 2009). I have heard that it is generally as good as it always was but I haven't been able to go in myself yet. Will post again once I've tried it out over the summer.

25 May 2009 17:10

The Church Inn, Uppermill

Right so my third review of the Church in just over four years. Having read the array of polarised opinions that have been posted since I first gave it a slightly mixed review at the end of 2004, I thought I should weigh back in with my two penn'orth.

First up, all my family and friends descended on the Church last year for my wedding and in the few hours they spent there everyone seemed happy with the service and the beer so a big plus for it from my point of view.

Second I had a go up there last week for the first time in some time to give it another go as I love the location and the pub itself, it's just the variable beer quality that's put me off in the past. It seemed better than it has done over the last few years, the hopsmacker was ok if not great, but all the happy families eating the food suggested that that is either sorted out or on its way there.

I like it and I'll not stop going, it's just that the pub as it currently is doesn't inspire me to go out of my way to make a visit.

8 Apr 2009 09:35

Wellington, Greenfield

Scratch my review of 10 Apr 2008 - I was sure I'd posted that review for the Clarence up the road, which is a great pub! The Welli is an odd one, I tend to pass through it on the way to eslewhere, and there is a lack of cask on the bar. Having said that it's not terrible, it's just not great in comparison to some of the other pubs in Greenfield and in the wider area.

8 Apr 2009 09:08

The Psalter, Sheffield

Had our work christmas party here last December and it was my first time there. It was heaving as one would expect just shy of christmas, but there wasn't any significant wait at the bar and the food they served for our p[arty was great. I was impressed with the beers (sampled the Abbeydale Mooonshine and Matins which I'm a fan of anyway) which seemed very well kept. Good pub.

8 Apr 2009 09:02

The Dolphin, Whitby

Quick pint in here a few weeks ago. Little bit shabby, but the pint of shandy I had (it was 11.30am, forgive me) was spot on. Not one of the more salubrious pubs in Whitby but it's friendly and has a certain strange charm.

8 Apr 2009 08:57

The Brayford Wharf, Lincoln

Student pub - that's what it's aimed at and that's what it seems to do well. We're not too far removed from being students so we quite enjoyed it. Drinks selection mainly based around the bottled continental and weird cider end of the market but not to be sniffed at. It started to get busy on Saturday night but I used to frequent scream bars in Newcastle as a student, and in comparison this was a a good way. Will go back when next in Lincoln probably.

15 Dec 2008 16:16

The Golden Eagle, Lincoln

Cracking beer! Real no-nonsense drinking pub by the looks of things - the owner of our guesthouse was saying that it was one of those 'part-owned by Camra" places an it really shows in the qulaity of the ale. Mainly Castle Rock with guests. The chinese just up the road is good for working up a thirst too.

15 Dec 2008 16:13

The Boot Inn, Eskdale

I live near a Robinson's pub and I cannot stand Robinson's beer. No matter how many times I try it or how many of my frriends like it, it just always tastes of detergent to me. So imagine my horror when away for a weekend in the Lakes, eagerly approaching what I'd been told used to be fantastic little pub (though the reccommender hadn't been in quite a while), and I rounded the corner to see "Robinson's" writ large above the door. Thank the lord for guest ales is all I can say! The guest ale was great, the food was fantastic. It very much looks to cater for the walking family market (guess it's good business sense out there), which is a shame in a way as I was in the mood for some kind of cross between a quiet Old Dungeon Ghyll (if such a beast exists) and a noisy Clachaig Inn (which definitely does). Still considering it's a Robinson's, I loved it!

24 Nov 2008 17:03

The Woolpack Inn, Boot

Weird one this. Fantastic location (as you could say about the majority of Lakeland pubs if I'm being honest), the beer was well kept and delicious. I didn't eat but I was told that the food was frankly bizarre by those of our party who did eat. I was thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere in here too, thinking how nice it was to be in a crowded Lakeland pub with bit of a buzz about it, then I realised that if you took everyone in our party out of the pub (we'd hired the whole Youth Hostel) the pub would have been empty except for the pleasant, though slightly odd barman. Overall it is not a bad pub and the beer was really great, just a touch odd.

24 Nov 2008 16:57

The Roaches Lock, Mossley

I live locally and, after a brief renaissance under some new owners, the Roaches is once again closed. A shame as it's a prime location and on a sunny summer's day it's one of the nicest pubs in the area. I'll review again once some new owners take over.

16 Oct 2008 10:36

The Old Original, Scouthead

We live in the area, and have heard mixed reviews about the Old Original, mainly along the "if it's bad, it's terrible, but if it's good then it's fantastic" lines. Unfortunately we must have landed on a bad day.

Booked a table, got seated reasonably quickly but the prepubescent bar girl forgot our drinks order completely and we had to ask twice. The landlord was strolling around in what appeared to be a drunken stupor and causing mini-scenes with customers and staff.

I have to say the beer, when it arrived was of good quality, though the food was decidedly ropey and had the air of microwave cuisine about it. Shame cos I know friends who've had a great experience here, but I don't think we'll be going back.

16 Oct 2008 10:30

The Snooty Fox, East Heslerton

Ok, so I arrived having booked by the (misleadingly pictured) website and very nearly turned around and drove away as the phrase "Bates Motel" flashed through my brain.

However I braved the motel and thank god for my mother telling me to never judge a book by its cover. Whilst it is like sitting in someone's living room when it's quiet, and there's no handpull on tap, the bar is cosy, warm (log fire) and friendly (so very friendly). Bed was comfy and warm, food was basic pub grub but very tasty for all that and I really can't stress enough how friendly and accommodating the owners are.

I almost hope they don't refurbish it as then it wouldn't be a surprise what a superb little place to stay this is.

16 Oct 2008 10:20

The Horseshoe Inn, Levisham

Currently staying in the village due to working in the area. We've been in the pub every night and it's a real little cracker. Two handpulls on (Black Sheep and Landlord) which are both really well kept. We haven't eaten in here but the food looks and smells fantastic and the staff are really friendly.

Seriously, give it a go!

16 Oct 2008 10:07

Kings Head, Ulverston

Friendly Jennings pub right in the town centre. Four Jennings ales and a guest when we went in there, with the Cocker Hoop that I had being very nicely kept indeed. It was quiet (it was a monday eevning) and whilst I enjoy a go on the odd quiz machine or pool table, this pub has neither and that was a nice rest from the other pubs in town.

17 Sep 2008 12:50

Piel Castle, Ulverston

Nice enough little pub. The decor and layout is a little unusual and this is really what makes it stand out in the mind. We had a few drinks in here mainly as it was the only late-opening pub we could find in Ulverston on a week night. No cask ales when we were there but the draft beers were fine.

17 Sep 2008 12:46

Firebug, Leicester

Spent a very jolly saturday night in here on my first trip to see the sights of Leicester. Loved this pub. Two good guest ales on pump and a good selection of continental beers on tap and bottled, food was good and the cocktails were good too (if you fancy that sort of thing). One of the things that really struck em was how friendly and good the bar staff were - every time i was being served at the bar (no matter how busy it seemed to be) I was asked by another member of the bar staff if I was being served. They were fast and knew their jobs well, really can make a difference. I was there during summer holidays and it struck me as he kind of place that students would flock to in term time, but I can't say that'd be a bad thing as this seems like a pub where the atmosphere just gets better the more people are in it.

4 Aug 2008 09:32

The George Hotel, Tideswell

Took shelter in here from the traditional late June deluge that washed out our 'fun' Saturday at the Well Dressing. Beer was enjoyable if a touch limited in range considering the fantastic local breweries that can be called upon. The food is definitely recommended, with the main course good and the home-made desserts absolutely wonderful. Talk to the barmaid, she makes the desserts and she'll tell you which ones are freshest.

23 Jun 2008 14:11

The Tyne, Newcastle

Used to love this pub when I lived in Newcastle so went back for my stag weekend recently. Still brilliant. Good selection of well-kept beers. Friendly staff and locals. Glad to say it's still one of my favourite pubs in the city, and along with Free Trade, Ship, Cluny and Tanners, makes the Ouseburn one of the best places for a night out.

18 Jun 2008 12:45

The Cumberland Inn, Townfoot

Thought the quality and range of the real ale was excellent. Despite needing a lick of paint, it was recommended as best pub in Alston for ale and that certainly seemed right.

18 Jun 2008 12:42

Turks Head, Alston

Nipped in here last weekend while on my stag weekend. Was recommended for a quick pint or two in the afternoon and wasn't disappointed. Beer was very well kept and landlord friendly. Will go back next time in the North Pennines certainly.

18 Jun 2008 12:41

The Sun Hotel, Coniston

Used and abused for post-walking beer and food recently on a very wet bank holiday sunday. Friendly folk, very pleasant beer (two hand-pulls on when we were there) and the food was just what we were after (steak and ale pie, scampi and chips that kind of thing). Service was great despite the place being packed out. Will use again.

27 May 2008 13:12

The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Langdale

Landed for some food and beer on a scorching bank holiday saturday evening after descending from the Langdale Pikes. Haven't been in for a few years now and realised that some things never change. Good beer, good portions of pub grub, and rammed with walkers (the good kind). It's one of those pubs that everyone professes to love but can't quite quantify why it's so good. Phrases like 'great walkers' pub', 'spit and sawdust' or 'proper pub like pubs should be' don't quite capture it. Just go there and see for yourself.

7 May 2008 13:56

The Black Bull Hotel, Coniston

Landed in here soaking wet after a hard day's being rained on on Coniston Old Man. The beer always tastes good when you're in that sort of state but it was especially good here. Picked it out because it's the brewery tap for Coniston Brewing Co. and had a fantastic couple of rounds of their Light Ale. It was packed so we didn't eat but seemed pleasant enough. Everyone was friendly, even the misguided eejit at the bar who claimed that Led Zeppelin's first album is "pretty terrible really". Honestly, some people.

6 May 2008 17:18

The Woodend Tavern, Mossley

Ok so it's a big old pub geared towards bringing in the Sunday lunchtime family trade. I'm not in that target audience so I can't comment on the quality of the food or the children's play area (though it does look good). However I can say that despite there only being 2-3 pumps on, the beer is always really well kept and a joy to drink. We'll always have one if we're in Mossley of an evening.

10 Apr 2008 17:06

Wellington, Greenfield

Really welcoming pub. The beer has always been well kept when I've been in. Not eaten here but heard very good reports.

10 Apr 2008 17:02

The Navigation Inn, Dobcross

While I do drink in here occasionally, mainly due to the good beer and decent food, a couple of times I've been cold-shouldered at the bar and left standing around for a good ten minutes while the bar lady serves her mates first. Despite the fact that we are local, we joke about it being a 'local pub for local people' sometimes. Not enough to stop us going in, but it's little things like that that can get a puba reputation

10 Apr 2008 16:57

All Bar One, Sheffield

Good enough for a meeting place. The selection of beers you'd expect from an All Bar One. Continental beers in the main but all of a decent quality. Weekend nights it can get rammed with suits but mid week it's perfectly pleasant.

10 Apr 2008 16:51

The Bankers Draft, Sheffield

Ended up in here for Christmas drinks this year and was pleasantly surprised. It is most definitely a busy inner city pub, but the beer was of good quality and it worked very well for a group of people to have a good time in.

30 Dec 2007 10:09

The Britannia Inn, Mossley

Just started really using this pub after a move to Mossley, and it's pretty much the best alround pub in Bottom Mossley. Beer is normally excellent (range and condition), and the food is decent pub grub at very good prices. Friendly owners too.

31 Oct 2007 15:59

The Endeavour, Whitby

I was enticed in by the afternoon of folk advertised on the poster - unfortunately it had finished. The beer was reasonable, but the atmosphere was a touch "Working Men's Club", which is fantastic for a Working Men's Club but not what I was expecting having been told that it was a great place for live music and lively atmosphere. Will give it another go though.

16 Apr 2007 16:52

The Jolly Sailors Inn, Whitby

Having grown up in Yorkshire I love the sight of a Sam Smiths pub - you know exactly what you're going to get. Cheap beer that fluctuates from reasonable to excellent, and often a friendly atmosphere. Some can be a little bit "local pub for local people", but the Jolly Sailors didn't seem to suffer from that. Nice pub all in all - always pop in when I'm in Whitby

16 Apr 2007 16:49

Duke of York, Whitby

I echo the most recent commentators on this pub - the views and food are excellent - though the beer is in decline from when I last had an evening here a few years ago. I have to say that considering it was a bank holiday weekend though, the staff were politeness personified.

16 Apr 2007 16:46

The Fat Cat, Norwich

All I can do is add to the already glowing praise for this fantastic boozer. Was blown away by the selection and quality of the beers. I shall return, and hopefully soon.

16 Apr 2007 16:43

Eaton Cottage, Norwich

On a recent trip to Norwich I whiled away a very satisfactory afternoon watching an underperforming England side struggle against Bangladesh. The cricket was poor but the beer and atmosphere were top drawer. Good rack of well kept ales at very reasonable prices.

16 Apr 2007 16:42

The Alexandra Tavern, Norwich

Popped in here for a pint on my maiden voyage to Norwich - really enjoyed it. Great atmosphere and great beer - will return.

16 Apr 2007 16:38

The Eagle Inn, Ross-on-Wye

On the same visit as we spent an evening in the Horse and Jockey in Ross, me and my fiance also had an afternoon's worth of beers in the Eagle. While the beers were not of the highest calibre in range or quality, the pool table was excellent and the pub seemed friendly enough with a large area for food.

6 Mar 2007 16:55

The Newcastle Hotel, Rothbury

Popped in early doors on a saturday a few weeks ago. I may be biassed as I love this part of the country, but even with full ash trays from the night before on the tables, this was a pleasurable place to have a pint and read the paper. I'll definitely call back in next time i'm in the Rothbury area.

12 Dec 2006 16:39

The Apple Inn, Lucker

One of the nicest quiet country pubs in the county. No hand-pull unfortunately but the beer is excellent quality considering it's on smooth flow style taps.

6 Nov 2006 10:35

The Bleeding Wolf, Scholar Green

Was working near here and ensured that we knocked off early on the final day of the job so we could have a pint here. Truly impressive from the exterior with the biggest thatched roof I've ever seen and the interior is curious and full of beams and brass and little cubby holes. Beer was of good quality if not the largest variety. Would go back if I'm in the area again certainly

18 Oct 2006 13:55

Fagan's, Sheffield

I love Fagans. Last time i was in there we walked in the front door, got a perfectly kept pint and a funny story from Tom in thirty seconds. Yes it's smoky, yes it could do with a lick of paint, but the beer's good the atmosphere's great and the live music is untamed folk heaven.

8 Sep 2006 13:54

The Church Inn, Uppermill

Great pub with it's own beers. Can be a bit hit and miss with the cheaper own beers, but when they're good they're excellent. Go in a big group and each get a differnet pint - that way you can figure out which pump needs the lines cleaning that week and you can avoid that beer safe in the knowledge that you'll have a great night.

24 Jul 2006 15:52

Jinty McGuinty's, Glasgow

Have to agree with the other reviews - great pub but Saturday night was not the best time to be introduced to it. Managed to listen to most of the Best of the Pogues while I was waiting at the bar, but that was only cos of how busy it was, the bar staff were excellent, and far more polite than in any other pub I went into in Glasgow. I'd love to go back when it's quieter to really enjoy it

24 Jul 2006 15:48

Crystal Palace, Glasgow

Just spent a weekend in Glasgow and went in quite a few bars, this being one of them. It was round the corner from where we stayed so we went in a few times and to be honest you can't say a lot more than the other reviews - it's a Wetherspoons. Slow and surly service though - which i found in a lot of places over the weekend unfortunately. Beer wasn't great either but certainly better than some Wetherspoons I've been in.

24 Jul 2006 15:44

The Grove Hotel, St Davids

This was one of the nearest pubs to the camp site we just spent a week at. Really enjoyed the atmosphere, and the locals were very friendly. Not the best beer in the world maybe, but it was so hot last week that I was drinking cider anyway. Great pub.

17 Jul 2006 10:11

The Kings Arms, Grains Bar

Pleasant and warm, especially after a round on the pitch and putt (which is fun but never warm). Beer is well kept if not a huge variety, and the food is hearty if a touch expensive despite the big portions. All in all not a bad pub

31 May 2006 16:38

The Crown and Crossed Swords, Consett

I've spent a couple of nights here over the last few weeks with work and I've really enjoyed it. It's very basic inside with a single ale on handpull and a rack of usual lagers/ciders etc. The b&b is really cheap and the breakfasts are certainly a good size. The restaurant is reasonably priced too for the size of portions and i didn't have a bad meal there in two weeks. Chirpy locals help the atmosphere and though it may not be to everyone's taste, I loved it.

22 May 2006 12:32

The Riverhead Brewery Tap, Marsden

My first time drinking in Marsden was a couple of weeks ago and we spent the whole night in here at a folk gathering (something to do with a Cuckoo). We'll certainly be back - uneven floorboards, huge selection of own beers, curios on the walls, but still spacious and friendly. Great pub.

3 May 2006 14:43

The Lantern Pike Inn, Little Hayfield

Although I drive past the Lantern Pike on my way to work every day I've never been in until last weekend. A big group of us had a meal there and they catered for a party of 13 without blinking. Food was good and came quickly, and the beer was very pleasant too. I'll certainly go back.

3 May 2006 14:32

The Hotspur, Newcastle

This used to be the meeting place when we I was at Newcastle University (and it's worth mentioning how tolerant the locals were of us drunken students). I get back to Newcastle with work now and again and I'm glad to say the place is as good as it used to be - with well kept beer, standard byt good pubby food and a great mix of customers. Watching England games in here is an experience that shouldn't be missed.

21 Apr 2006 13:42

The Golden Bee, Stratford Upon Avon

Visited Stratford last weekend and opted for cheap Wetherspoons lunch at this place. Can't complain really - as bluestringpudding says, it's a Wetherspoons. Food was average but fairly quick and the beer was well kept with the kind of decent selection that Wetherspoons does. The only downer we found was the state of some of the tables - some of the waiting staff seemed like they'd rather hang around at the end of the bar smoking than actually do any work.

21 Apr 2006 13:30

The Diggle Hotel, Diggle

Very traditional looking 'horse-brassey' pub with a permanent rack of well kept real ales. Cheap but good food and a quiz on Thursdays.

5 Apr 2006 15:54

The Black Bull Hotel, Wooler

The 'Secret Kingdom' bitter is served better here than anywhere else except maybe the Ship in Seahouses. Great place to relax at the end of a day's work.

5 Apr 2006 15:50

The Olde Ship Hotel, Seahouses

Absoulutely fantastic place. We use it a lot when working in Northumberland and it is real ale heaven as well as being a welcoming place to go at the end of a day's work.

5 Apr 2006 15:48

Hanging Gate, Diggle

This is my local and has just changed hands (April 2006). The previous publicans did wonders with the place and made it a really welcoming boozer with decent beer, jukebox, darts, pool, quiz machine and live music, but still kept the food fantastic. The new owners look to be carrying on this tradition and I'd really recommend it as a great place to drink or eat no matter what you're after.

5 Apr 2006 15:46

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