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Comments by andy99

The New Inn, Woodmancote

Great pub. There are always some excellent real ales on offer. Think wye valley brewery. Friendly staff and locals. Occasionally good for a late pint!

11 Sep 2014 20:21

The Bakers Vaults, Stockport

Great pub. Remember juke boxes? Well they've got a brilliant one here. Place was buzzing on a sat night with a good well behaved crowd.

11 Sep 2014 20:11

The Arden Arms, Stockport

More of a restaraunt than a pub. It's a real pity. This used to be a great place.

11 Sep 2014 20:07

The Queens Hotel, Hyde

busy pub. Friendly staff. Good beer.

24 Mar 2013 10:42

The Sportsman, Hyde

I think Sat 23rd March wasn't the best evening for a couple of old blokes to visit this pub in search of good beer. There was a very loud disco going on. mostly youngsters and a few shell shocked oldsters trying to enjoy the beer. i was surprised at the general tattiness of the place. Beer ok though.

24 Mar 2013 10:41

The Cheshire Ring, Hyde

good selection of beer but totally dead on a saturday night at 8.30. i was surprised the beer was in such good nick considering the apparent lack of turnover. Maybe it gets busy on monday nights.

24 Mar 2013 10:37

Ship Inn, Lyme Regis

The worst pub in Lyme Regis.
The most expensive pint i've ever had outside London.
Unfriendly staff who don't take kindly to tourists.
The landlord picked an argument with me. Not satisfied with result he ripped me off for �10 through short changing. A v.unpleasant experience and avoid like the plague.

9 Mar 2011 05:53

The New Inn, Woodmancote

A big effort has been made to smarten up this pub. Shame about some of the locals. Beer generally in good nick.

21 Jul 2010 06:14

The Old Bell Hotel, Dursley

As rough as it gets.

21 Jul 2010 06:13

Lord John, Stroud

Desperate pub, desperate customers. They could give the stuff away and i still wouldn't be going in there again.

20 Oct 2009 20:07

Golden Fleece, Stroud

Did a pub crawl round Stroud last Friday and this is the best of the lot. A little reminiscent of the Old Spot in Dursley. No complaints.

20 Oct 2009 20:06

Clothiers Arms, Stroud

A proper local. Good beer. Good mix of people.

20 Oct 2009 20:04

The Old Spot, Dursley

A good pub and they serve good food but i get really annoyed to see one half of the pub completely empty (lunchtime today) because there are reserved signs on every table. After 2 hours noone had shown up to fill these tables. The landlord should sort this out.

16 Jan 2009 19:46

The Berkeley Arms, Cam

I had a quick pint in here recently - it felt and looked a bit run-down. Friendly enough and the pint ok but i wont be rushing back.

6 Sep 2008 10:34

The Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth

If you want a decent pint in Tamworth come to this place. I was here for a pre-match pint on a very hot day - the beer was in perfect nick, just right temp. Could have stayed all afternoon but for the kick-off. A freindly pub as well, just outside the town centre.

4 Aug 2008 08:25

The Oldstone Cross, Tamworth

Awful beer. The pub has a run down feel. Barmaid friendly enough - otherwise i'd have rated it 1 out of 10.

4 Aug 2008 08:23

The Herschel Arms, Slough

A good pub for a late drink - preferably the Guinness as the real ale not up to much. Friendly place, good atmosphere and when i was in there a few weeks before xmas the landlord came round with free sausage rolls and the like later in the evening.

25 Feb 2008 18:33

The Pilot Boat Inn, Lyme Regis

If you are just out for a pint then avoid this place, it is pretty much geared strictly for eating out. Food pretty functional. Could be so much better.

29 Jan 2008 20:55

The Arden Arms, Stockport

Can't really add any more than the last review other than to reiterate it really is a classic pub.

29 Jan 2008 20:50

The White Lion, Hyde

Used to be a classic pub, bustling with locals - all pretty much on the OAP side but that was a great part of its charm - at lunchtime and evening. Last time I was in there recently was a Friday night and there was hardly a soul in the place. Beer was in good fettle, Robbies, I hope it can make a come back.

29 Jan 2008 20:48

The Lammastide Inn, Berkeley

Had Sunday lunch in this place a few weeks back. Food was pretty good and well priced. London Pride on tap in good condition, pretty friendly place all round.

29 Jan 2008 20:46

The New Inn, Waterley Bottom

Had many trips to this pub in the last 12 months with family for lunch time meals and my mates for an evening drink. The beer is varied and in excellent condition. Last time i was there in the evening my taxi was late pushing me way past closing but the barmaid was fine to let me wait in the pub till it showed up. A real out of the way pub and well worth the effort.

29 Jan 2008 20:43

The Old Spot, Dursley

Top notch pub, very friendly, always busy but never a problem to get served. Great choice of beer and well kept.

27 Jan 2008 17:58

The Grapes, Hazel Grove

Nice pub. Friendly bar staff, pretty calm atmosphere - especially after my previous experience in the Cock Inn just down the road. Definitely go here again for a pint - well kept Robinsons.

27 Jan 2008 17:55

The Grove Inn, Hazel Grove

Pub appeared to be on its last legs. The seating in the lounge area had been slashed and the place had a slightly ransacked feel to it. Having said that the Robinsons was a good pint and the bar staff were more than happy to arrange a cab for us.

27 Jan 2008 17:54

The Bird in Hand, Hazel Grove

We visited this pub on a pub crawl through Hazel Grove and must say it was the best visited. Staff and locals all freindly, good warm atmosphere and the Robinsons excellent.

27 Jan 2008 17:52

The Cock Hotel, Hazel Grove

If you like pulsating music reverberating in every corner of the pub then this is the place to go on a Sat night. We went out the back for respite and the locals out there were even more scary than the music inside, lots of shaved heads, utter drunkenness and accompanying bull terrier - at least it was muzzled. The Robinsons was ok - Maybe we just picked a bad night but i'll not be going back.

27 Jan 2008 17:50

The Horse and Jockey, Hazel Grove

Early on a Saturday night and it was pandemonium in this pub. People shouting, whistling, jostling - a pretty edgy atmosphere. Also Holts beer was awful. We couldn't get out of here fast enough - avoid.

27 Jan 2008 17:46

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