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The Lot, Richmond

Does anyone know if this used to be the Firkin?

10 Feb 2005 16:33

The George, Earley

Really nice place esp. in the summer. Like the food. Staff really friendly. Nice place with a good atmosphere. Old man pub decor..nice

10 Feb 2005 16:31

Santa Fe, Reading

Food here is quite nice. Really like the music. Yummy cocktails and nice wines on selection. Had a few really good nights with the girls here. A bit of a sex and the city wannabe place, but nevertheless quite cool really. Recommentthe strawberries and cream virgin cocktail. delicious.

10 Feb 2005 16:28

The Purple Turtle, Reading

Really cool place. Like the atmosphere, the prices and most def the music. A few moody grungy Readingites though. Grin...It wont hurt!

10 Feb 2005 16:27

Brannigans, Reading

Rubbish...avoid! Although if you like the Grease and Wham megamixes its a must! urgh!

10 Feb 2005 16:25

Bar 38, Reading

I liked it, my boyfriend hated it. Lots of gorgeous girls behind the bar though....dont know whats wrong with him! I think that its a good place to go for a couple before you really get going..poss pre pre club.

10 Feb 2005 16:23

Yates Wine Lodge, Blackpool

I only went in here for a drink but it really surprised me. I hate Yates normally but this one was alright really. Gets a bit rowdy later, but after you have had a few I'm not sure you really care!

10 Feb 2005 16:21

NTK, Blackpool

AVOID THE KAREOKE!!!!!!Surprisingly okay during the day. Too my dad and he seemed to like it...prob the soft porn in the toilets as mentioned above. You do want to strangle the DJ sometimes though!

10 Feb 2005 16:19

The Mere Park Hotel, Blackpool

Alright food. Cheap, very cheap drinks. Nice local atmosphere.

10 Feb 2005 16:18

The Voodoo Bar, Leamington Spa

I came here a couple of years ago when I was a first year at warwick uni. I loved it. A really interesting decor and lovely cocktails...yum!

10 Feb 2005 16:16

TJ's Bar and Bistro (Sports Bar Cocktail bar Venue), Leamington Spa

I have been in this place a few times and its been okay. It always seems fairly empty when we go. The staff are realy nice and the music is okay. I remember it being a little pricey though.

10 Feb 2005 16:14

The Royal Pug, Leamington Spa

This place is great. The sausages are just incredible. I recommend the Malibu Thai Sausage if they still do it. Great Veggie sausage selection. nice wines. Love the music, decor and atmosphere. The staff are really friendly. Upstairs has a really nice amsterdam feel. When I went with a big group from uni we ended up upstairs listening to great music whilst bizarre ult movies were playing on a projector. I really really like this place. Go and experience!

10 Feb 2005 16:12

Cuba, Leamington Spa

I like it. The food is fairly good and although the drinks are a little expensive its worth it. It normally has a good atmosphere, nice decor and generally very nice clientele. One to consider if you are out in Leam.

10 Feb 2005 16:09

The Famous Virgins and Castle, Kenilworth

Sorry...they serve Filipino and not Thai food...although def Sushi...I had it and it was gooood!

10 Feb 2005 16:07

The Famous Virgins and Castle, Kenilworth

I love this pub. We went around christmas time for my birthday and it was all you would want in a pub. Cosy atmosphere (although I know that in the summer its great outside too). Also they now serve Sushi and Thai foo in addition to the traditional pub menu. Really lovely feeling between the staff (expect its a family affair). Friendly,warm and generally a great pub. Nice clean everything!
I have to say that this pub is very much worth a visit.!

10 Feb 2005 16:05

The Toad at Two Rivers, Staines

I hate this place. Once again a load of Chavs. No atmosphere. sticky, unclean. Usual crap drinks. Load of rubbish!

10 Feb 2005 15:52

The Swan Hotel, Staines

Nice sandwiches and beers. Yum. Great for the summer with a nice view of the river. Not so great inside.

10 Feb 2005 15:50

The Misty Moon, Twickenham

Have to agree with alastair's comment. I have had some alright times in this pub. As Wetherspoons go this one is okay because not soooo many pikeys go here. Just the oldies.

10 Feb 2005 15:48

Filthy McNasty's II, Twickenham

Really like this pub for the Rugby...just avoid the Kareoke night...what a load of rubbish!
Feels quite homely...maybe Ive spent far too much time in this one! There is a bit of a pikey element - but not for the rugby.

10 Feb 2005 15:47

No.1 Kew Road, Richmond

Not so great...just another Edwards..with more of the types you'll get at a normal Edwards. The music is depressingly bad. I used to go here when i was younger (probably one of the girls the earlier posting by lsd was talking about). Its only good if you are that young frankly and cant get in anywhere else. Boys seem to be checked for id more than girls...surprisingly!

10 Feb 2005 15:43

Smiths Of Smithfield, Smithfield

If this is the bar next to Fabric..its really good. Loved the atmosphere and the warehouse/loft decor thing going on. Bit pricey. Bit trendy, but have had some seriously good times here.

10 Feb 2005 15:38

retoxbar, Covent Garden

Enjoyed the drinks with jelly babies etc... Staff quite up themselves, I think its some 'im working in central london' powertrip, although frankly i'd just like to be served cheers. Like the music. Look out for deals for special offers at this place on

10 Feb 2005 15:35

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

Very expensive, but a nice pub if you can afford it. I noticed that quite a lot of journalists actually work from the pub during the day. Nice chips!

10 Feb 2005 15:32

The Bok Bar, Covent Garden

Had a really crap time here. everyone is so mouthy and rude.

10 Feb 2005 15:31

Belushis, Covent Garden

Its a great bar! Have to disgree with that last comment! Its got great music, great clientele and the staff are really friendly. They have good deals if central London prices are getting to you. I have always had a good time here. Maybe if you dont like Rock or a laid back atmosphere...not for you.

10 Feb 2005 15:30

Blue Room, East Molesey

I like this place. You can rent it out too which is great. The music is good and there can be a good atmosphere in there.

10 Feb 2005 15:24

The Old Clarence, Coventry many better places to go! No atmosphere!

10 Feb 2005 15:22

Browns Cafe Bar, Coventry

I really like Browns. I have only been in for no idea about the door policy. The mix and match food idea is great for me. Ideal for veggies!
Really like the art installations they have and the music. Nice and trendy which is what Cov needs really. There are enough dodgy smelly pubs already. Good for Browns.

10 Feb 2005 15:20

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

Like this place in the summer outside on the benches. Good pub for a chat with mates, without being disturbed.

10 Feb 2005 15:14

Woody's, Kingston Upon Thames

This place is another one of those 'stylish' = soul less places. Good to avoid the wetherspoon massive if you catch my drift but overpriced and not very warm. Okay in the summer when you can escae onto the river outside

10 Feb 2005 15:12

The Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell

Really nice place. Has that old pub charm but somehow looks extremely trendy too.
The open Mic night was really good and had a great atmosphere. Liked the selection of drinks. Bar staff a bit surly at times, but thats what happens when you are too trendy it hurts (them not me obv.). Liked the idea of the smaller room for the open mic night which created an intimate feel. Really liked the decor. Nice place. One of my all time favorites.

10 Feb 2005 15:07

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

Dirty, smelly, overcrowded on a weekend, 16year olds. V. depressing..but then again its a wetherspoons and very whaddya expect ay?

10 Feb 2005 15:02

The Litten Tree, Kingston Upon Thames

CHAV CENTRAL!!!!!!! Do not go here unless evrything else in Kingston is closed and you are DYING for a beer. Rubbish music, rubbish drinks and rubbish atmosphere.

10 Feb 2005 15:00

The Kingston Mill, Kingston Upon Thames

Really like this place. Its cheap, good for students like me and plays good music. I like the booth seating at the back of the pub looking out onto the river. They really should invest in a late license.

10 Feb 2005 14:59

The Cricketers, Kingston Upon Thames

Lovely in the summer. A real english summer feeling pub. Worth a visit!

10 Feb 2005 14:57

The Artful Dodger, Kingston Upon Thames

Was sick outside here once. All that its good for really. Never again, never again.

10 Feb 2005 14:55

Bar Ha Ha, Kingston Upon Thames

I think this place is nicest in the summer as it can be hard to find a seat in the winter. When the sun is shining you can go outside into the nicely developed bit of Kingston on the river. The prices are high but the people that you get in there dont seem too rowdy.
They do some nice wines.

10 Feb 2005 14:54

Bar Eivissa, Kingston Upon Thames

Really enjoyed this place. A bit expensive, but seems to keep out the Chavs which is all good in my book. Had a great night with House music and a live saxophonist as I can remember. Very friendly staff. I agree that the door policy is a bit stupid. The whole system to get in having to queue in the cold was always a problem.

10 Feb 2005 14:52

A Bar 2 Far, Kingston Upon Thames

Really, really young crowd - I know I used to go here after school quite a few years ago. Its all still the same. I have to agree with Jane's comment on this one!

10 Feb 2005 14:49

The Railway, Putney

Agree with the fact its run down, and admittedly its Chav/ dirty old man central. However, good initial meeting place with wetherspoons prices. Toilets are disgusting. The whole place really smells. But a redeeming feature for me is the little train that goes around the top of the pub which you can stare at whilst your waiting for your mates, wishing you weren't there and gulping on your low quality dirt cheap, gag worthy wine.

10 Feb 2005 14:47

The Fez Bar, Putney

So overpriced. Bar staff slow. General staff rude. Bit of a hole. Music used to be okay but now absolute rubbish. Will never go here again, unless I get stupidly drunk and want to carry it on somewhere else...again.

10 Feb 2005 14:42

Walkabout, Wimbledon

s'alright...I guess. Pretty bog standard really.

10 Feb 2005 14:40

Footlights, Wimbledon

A really crap atmosphere. The waiters and barstaff are either sleazy or depressive. The idea they have of the roof terrace on the outside of a mall looking out on to, not so pretty Wimbledon high street is just foolish. The food is absolute rubbish for the amount you pay for it. Totally uninspiring. You can see what they are trying to do, but if I had money I'd invest it elsewhere. It also seems really grubby!

10 Feb 2005 14:37

Kelsey's Bar, Leamington Spa

I love this place. Full of students so really relaxed atmosphere. Good drum and bass played. You really start to see the regulars in ths pub after a while. Fairly cheap and good for pool.

10 Feb 2005 14:33

Lounge, Leamington Spa

Some nice wines and I liked the laid back atmosphere. Bit expensive though!

10 Feb 2005 14:32

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