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Comments by alan508

The Boot Inn, Chester

Bad experience here walked in and it was dead so me and my friend asked for a beer and a cider, The cider was getting tested as it didnt look too healthy but anyway my friend is in his 60's but wears a baseball cap and the girl behind the bar asked him to remove it ... So he said to me should we just have this one and leave to which the barmaid said well i am not going to serve you now because i dont like your attitude !! No wonder there was hardly anyone in there !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wont be back in future !!!!

7 Feb 2011 19:36

The Black Horse, Wallasey

Now called Sheridans and was much improved when re-opened with good ale but was in here about 3 weeks ago and to be honest I just wanted to drink up and get out of there as it was full of ''What are you look at's'' Worth a visit maybe if you are passing and the bar staff are friendly enough.

24 Oct 2010 18:50

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Great pub with quite a few characters ..The bar staff are all friendly and the landlady is very down to earth and friendly. The selection of real ale is very good and you never get any trouble in here. Great pub and allways worth visiting.

24 Oct 2010 18:43

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Looks smart on the inside since being re-opened and re-named as said below , The staff are friendly and the ale is pretty good well worth a visit.

24 Oct 2010 18:37

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

Have to say that this is a great wetherspoons the staff are friendly and there are quite a few characters in here . Have drank in here for many years and have never really had any problems.

24 Oct 2010 18:34

Mill On The Exe, Exeter

Love this pub every time that I have visited the staff have been friendly and welcoming and the view over the river exe is great. Nice ale on offer here aswell enjoyed a nice refreshing pint of rattler cider.

24 Oct 2010 18:30

The Jolly Porter, Exeter

I was in the jolly porter a few weeks ago and it has a reasonable selection of ale's ,it is a friendly pub with friendly fellow drinkers. It has a pool table and jukebox with a good selection it also includes a dartboard and has recently refurbished one part and now serves chinese/thai food.

24 Oct 2010 18:20

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Stay here quite a bit and the bar is very nice and welcoming with a great railway theme attached.. Had a nice little stay behind a couple of weeks ago on the friday with a friendly barman and friendly other hotel guests. The ale is pretty good and I enjoyed quite a few pints of the lovely Symonds Cider.

24 Oct 2010 18:11

The Exeter Inn, Dawlish

Happend to notice that bar staff change between this pub and the railway across the way , Again one time was great playing pool with a friendly barman no rush to finish your drink but a couple of weeks ago the barmaid had us drinking up by 11pm even though there were a few locals in there and then we had about an hour to wait for the last train to exeter. Nice little local pub though with friendly locals and ale is pretty good too.

24 Oct 2010 18:07

The Railway Inn, Dawlish

Have had a couple of visits to this pub one time was pleasant with a very friendly landlady the other was a bad experience with a rude barmaid. Basically after getting settled in and then deciding to play pool me and a friend decided to put a few tunes on the jukebox ..Well they must not have been to the barmaid's taste as she turned it down which to me is rude because I was a paying customer. Certainly does not encourage you to visit again.

24 Oct 2010 18:02

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

Great pub with Great beer and friendly staff. It has a very big blackboard containing all of the beers/ciders that are on that day , And the last time I visited there was about 23 real alesand 2 or 3 ciders one of which was 7.4% Top pub !!.

26 Sep 2010 21:32

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