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The Telegraph, Newcastle

Cheap trebles (from what I remember) and I recall being impressed with the roof garden despite it being the middle of November! Nice jukebox aswell.

26 May 2006 10:08

The Vineyard, Newcastle

One of my favourite drinking haunts ever! Love the music, the wine and the ice cold Duvel (always expertly poured with not too much head). Try the cigars too!

26 May 2006 10:05

The Forth Hotel, Newcastle

GOod selection of ales and continental biers on draugh, as well as a worthy bottled selection. Good jukebox too.

26 May 2006 10:02

Barluga, Newcastle

Overpriced and pretentious, and the Amstel gave me darting stomach pains. Won't be going back.

26 May 2006 10:00

The Lonsdale, Jesmond

Nice Barras pub, decent food, footie on, near Metro Station, student friendly but not full of the posers and southern students all the other Jesmond bars are full of. Worth checking out.

26 May 2006 09:59

The Centenary, Norton

Went in for the first time a couple of weeks ago - was wary of its estate chain pub pint of Stella I've had in ages! Give it a try!!!

25 May 2006 20:07

Hogans, Darlington

Not as rough as I thought it was going to be as I'd heard all the tales. Still, you won't find Middle Eastern politics or the downfall of the Iron Curtain being discussed at the bar. Very cheap though! Bar staff were most pleasant.

16 Apr 2006 13:33

The Green Dragon, Stockton On Tees

Great jukebox and that Ayingerbrau is lethal stuff. Fond memories of a drunken friend setting his hand on fire after too many Ayingerbraus then me throwing up outside. Essential place to visit on a tour of Stockton.

16 Apr 2006 13:30

Connections, Norton on Tees

Wants to be seen as a classy wine bar - try selling some decent wines and beers, different than the ones I can get in any other pub and I might consider you a classy wine bar :-)

16 Apr 2006 13:26

The Thomas Sheraton, Stockton On Tees

Good selection of reasonably priced ales. Slow service though, and of course the obligatory Stockton losers can be found propping up the bar 24/7. Good place to start a night out though.

16 Apr 2006 13:24

The Teal Arms, Ingleby Barwick

See the Myton House Farm...exactly the same atmosphere, clientelle.

16 Apr 2006 13:23

Vane Arms, Long Newton

First pub I ever drank in...15yrs old proudly wearing my dads coat and sporting a bumfluff tache and a 10 pack of Hamlet...happy days! Nice village pub, friendly locals and decent beer and food.

16 Apr 2006 13:22

The Wobbly Goblin, Stockton On Tees

Interesting place - never thought I'd fit in and was kinda expecting trouble but was all good, with great music and friendly people!

16 Apr 2006 13:20

Myton House Farm, Ingleby Barwick

Crap estate pub full of Chris's & James's in middle management driving ford mondeo's discussing the recent Boro FC form. Avoid if you have taste.

16 Apr 2006 13:19

Doctor Browns, Middlesbrough

Cool live music, warm and friendly atmosphere. Good place for a few ales before the match.

14 Dec 2005 14:55

Chicago Rock Cafe, Middlesbrough

Awful. Not sure if it was a one off or not, but it appears the place doesn't have a proper music license, so a great song will start then just as it is about to hit the chorus it changes to the next. That went on all night when I was in there.

As for the patrons - leery old men and fat middle ages lasses. Typical bland beer/lager selection, nothing for the conoisseur sadly.

14 Dec 2005 14:54

The Corner House, Middlesbrough

Decent offers on a Thursday, however 99% of patrons 17/18 sporting "trendy" mullet and suit jacket/jeans combo. Lasses all a bit "look at me" and caked in tonnes of make-up. False and pretentious sums it up.

14 Dec 2005 14:51

Flares Reflex, Middlesbrough

I think you can judge what the place is like by the way "BoroPartyLass" appears to rave about it in Chav-speak. Avoid at all costs if you have any taste.

14 Dec 2005 14:49

The Ketton Ox, Yarm

Before the refit the bar was in a stupid place. After the refit the bar has been moved - to an equally stupid place. Can be horrendously busy on weekends with places to stand without being barged into or have your drink spilt very rare. Food is very good though and has Sky Sports so a lot of live sport in there. Good place to start a tour of Yarm if you can't be arsed with the walk over the bridge from the Blue Bell.

8 Dec 2005 11:49

The George and Dragon, Yarm

Good laugh on Boro match days, gets a bit rammed at weekends as its one of the only pubs that any out of town visitors have heard of before a visit to Yarm. Very good jukebox though! Nice beer garden for the summer months and now open til 12am through the week (i think).

8 Dec 2005 11:47

The Blue Bell, Yarm

Immensely slow service on busy nights. Good in summer to sit outside next to the river. Menu is good pub food and they got a pool table too. As for beer - stella recently added to selection, not bad.

8 Dec 2005 11:44

The Sportsman, Eaglescliffe

Nice local pub, next to the P&E social club so you can nip in there afterwards or before.

Pool table and great jukebox!

16 Jun 2005 20:08

The Maltings, York

Brilliant beer, I was like a kid in a candy shop with the choices on offer...

Nice paraphernalia all over, friendly staff and most importantly a huge and cultured selection of fine beers from around the world.

16 Jun 2005 20:07

Bar Mondo, Stockton on Tees

This week it is called Goldies, who knows what awaits it next week?

16 Jun 2005 20:00

Brad's Bar, Stockton on Tees

Quite possibly the most awful bar I have ever set foot in in my life. The people have a combined IQ of 2.7 and only know the clothing brands Burberry, Stone Island and Nickelson, and the hobbies fighting, swearing and getting pregnant at 14.

The beer was flat and within 30 seconds of me walking in there I saw 2 patrons being ejected (one a snarling spitting 16yr old lass). Another great ambassador for Stockton-on-Tees.

16 Jun 2005 19:58

The Masham, Stockton On Tees

Very nice little pub, however not being local (I live 3 miles away, may as well be from Zambia in the locals eyes), I feel slightly uncomfortable as the bar descends into silence and the locals suspiciously eye me...

But a nice pint of Black Sheep sat in the beer garden in the sun quashes that feeling.

16 Jun 2005 19:56

Ibiza Bar, Stockton On Tees

Ibiza Bar hey? Well I've actually been to Ibiza, and it wasn't full of gold-wearing fat lasses and Burberry clad males, nor did they play the same song 56 times a night.

And to top it all off the view in Ibiza was of the sun-kissed Mediterranean, not the frontage to the Castlegate Shopping centre where one can observe a tramp being sick on his own shoes.

16 Jun 2005 19:53

Moby Grape, Stockton on Tees

Yes, it is the "classiest" pub in Stockton but there's not exactly any competition.

Full of pretentious wannabes wearing wristbands "for charity" of course not fashion purposes at all, who care more about looking cool and what they are wearing than having a good time, in reality they spent their clothes shop wages on a new Prada top so that bottle of Bud they clutch will last all night.

Does a nice pint of Kronenbourg Blanc, however the �3.50 charge for it is ridiculous.

16 Jun 2005 19:51

The Black Bull, Yarm

Lovely pub - definitely the best in Yarm. People may knock the fact you sometimes have to queue, but once you're in its not totally rammed and 15 deep at the bar like all the other pubs in the high street. Other pubs should take note.

Lovely beer garden, friendly staff and good offers for my double JD and coke.

I'm off there now actually...

11 Jun 2005 17:13

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