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Comments by Zod

New Inn, Hook

Nice "pub pub" with low beams and two roaring wood fires. Friendly staff and landlords. Fairly extensive pub menu and three ales on tap (plus several in bottles) guest ales though. Food was reasonably priced and value for the portion size. Youn need to get here by car though unless you want to risk the walk beside 60mph traffic with no path.

3 Jan 2009 22:47

The Park Lodge Hotel, Teddington

Huge barn of a pub with little atmosphere. Great if you just want a chan'n'laugh evening with friends.

28 May 2008 15:26

The Clock House, Teddington

yes it's a bit run down and very much an old-fashioned pub, but the bar staff (quite possibly the landlords) were very welcoming.

28 May 2008 15:15

The Anglers, Teddington

nicely decorated and great outside space. But if you don't facny drinking whilst a load of kids run around screaming, whilst their parents ignore them.....then don't come here.

28 May 2008 15:13

The Teddington Arms, Teddington

lacks any real 'soul' and just seems to be a space with chairs and tables.

28 May 2008 15:11

The Tide End Cottage, Teddington

went in here during a pub crawl....felt out of place with all the families having thier polite lunches....left swiflty.

28 May 2008 15:11

The Hogarth, Teddington

'gastropub' but nice selection of beers.

28 May 2008 15:09

The Hobgoblin, Staines

Used to be my favourite pub (in Staines), but the last visit has put me off. Wall-2-wall blokes with skin heads and a handful of goth students who had Megadeath playing their entire back catalogue on the jukebox....nice atmos!

Toilets are still a disgrace.

28 May 2008 15:08

The Centre Page, St Pauls

Found this on a Saturday lunchtime. Good sized portions and the food was of a good pub standard. Also the proces were very reasonable considering its City location.

19 Jan 2007 11:21

The Three Greyhounds, Soho

Very nice, traditionally decorated pub slap bang in the middle of Soho. Good vibrant atmosphere and not too difficult to get a drink.

15 Jan 2007 11:07

The Bear, Twickenham

Never thought I'd like this pub due to it always looking packed full of 'look-at-me' punters. However, spent a night in here last Friday and it was excellent. The tap beer is very reasonably priced for Twickenham (most are under 3) and the atmosphere laid back whilst not being horizontal. Very firendly staff, and relaxing decor help make you feel quickly comfortable in your new surroundings. Quite a few oldish geezers looking for ladys of low morals though!

15 Aug 2006 10:27

The George, Staines

errrm, if it "rebrands" as a Lloyds, surly it will attract the chavs?

The one in Twickenham certainly does.

25 Jul 2006 14:43

Diesel, Staines

It's now up for sale.

A while ago I saw a bayliffs (that can't be the right spelling!) sign on the front doors.

Good effort!

6 Jun 2006 14:17

The Anglers, Teddington

You know you've arrived at another 'Money Factory' as soon as you step in. Gastro Pub (obviously) which caters for families with its large childrens play area. Not the sort of place you'd go of an evening, and probably only would go for three reasons:
1: have kids
2: live next door
3: Work in Teddington Studios.

1 Jun 2006 13:21

The Teddington Arms, Teddington

Nice beers on tap. A bit more character than most of these generically decorated bars of the last 5 years, but still nothing out of the ordinary.

Kettle 'Chips'. Ho Hum

Couldn't complain about the pint though.

1 Jun 2006 13:00

The Park Lodge Hotel, Teddington

I was here on a Wednesday, but I'd hardly call what I heard "Jazz". At first I thought it was Karaoke as the singer was incredibly ordinary.

Nothing stands out about this place. Obligatory wooden floor. Sparse decor. Nothing you haven't seen in an All Bar One really.

1 Jun 2006 12:56

The Hogarth, Teddington

Nothing special to see here. Bog standard pine decor and flooring. Money making location only. No character.

Still....the pints were cold and tasted fine.

1 Jun 2006 12:54

The Pitcher and Piano, Fulham

a que forms here at 3pm on Sundays. And why so popular? Clearly a hunting ground for Aussies and city types, without their ties, to pick up some skimpily clad young ladies. I had the misfortune of standing next to a group of gobshites drinking champagne and smoking cigars. No room to move, and any trip to the bar or toilet is reminiscent of Run The Gauntlet. Basically, it's a meat market.

1 Jun 2006 12:52

Smollensky's, Twickenham

you need an atmosphere to pull of this sort of venuw, sadly, Smollenskys has none! Over-bearing music and people who think they are 'flash' but are actually the same clientele from The Sorting Room.


11 May 2006 16:19

The Up'n'Under, Twickenham

I like this place, don't think it's that 'chav' although does seem to attract younger drinkers of a Nickleson wearing persuasion.

Half price drinks on a Monday? Job Done!

11 May 2006 16:17

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

One side a place for playing pool, the other a place to grab some nice food. Bit pricey mind. And why no door between the two?

11 May 2006 16:15

The Albany, Twickenham

Bit odd to split a pub into a restaurant and bar in the way it has been done here, but still a nice venue. Bar staff seem pretty friendly....but 2 for a bowl of're having a laugh!

11 May 2006 16:14

The Blue Anchor, Staines

I know pubs in Staines where there are no fights as well. If anyone expects to see fights in their local, then they're clearly drinking in the wrong place. It's not 'the norm'.

10 Jan 2006 10:17

The Town Hall, Staines

In response:

"seeing as we're busy most of the time then i don't think we're doing much wrong"

McDonalds is always busy, would you say that was a good restaurant?

"so if all these individuals rate it a 10 beacuse they like it then it becomes highly rated. That's the nature of polls."

You are missing the point, the poll isn't a "good or bad" poll, it's on a scale of 0-10. If you give a pub a 10, then surely you are saying it's one of the best pubs you've ever been in, and it's PERFECT. Is it really? Sure it's lively, clean, in a lovely building - but it is a kit-pub. There's nothing original about it. It's there purely as a cash cow for the chain. As a Staine resident I was hpoing for something a bit different. Something that I thought Cocco would offer, but that has also been a let down.

9 Aug 2005 09:35

The Town Hall, Staines

Well, if you read my comment again, you will find that I used the plural term 'fans'. Implying that all of those that have posted used the 10 rating, not just one person repeatidly.

8 Aug 2005 16:21

The Town Hall, Staines

The only reason this pub is in the top 40 is because everytime a 'fan' posts a comment, it gets an obligatory "10" rating. If you are someone who gives this pub a PERFECT score, I would question not only your taste, but also suggest the theory that you've not set foot into another pub in your life.

8 Aug 2005 09:14

The Town Hall, Staines

I was in no way rude to any of the staff, so expected to be treated in the same way.

I've shown myself the door FOREVER on that place. Thanks for the offer though.

2 Aug 2005 12:08

The Town Hall, Staines

I was at the front of the bar for ten minutes, and there were three staff behind the relatively small upstairs bar. The bar was only one deep. The frankly foul look that I got from one member of staff made me wonder why I was bothering. Although the door staff were impressive (very polite when asking to search my bag).

As mentioned, this is a wonderful building, but it has been handed to a naff chain (Smith & Jones also own The Crown in Egham...hmmm).

This place could have been made into a lovely bar. Instead it's been made into a cash factory chain pub. Shame.

2 Aug 2005 10:23

Que Pasa, Staines

Ended up in here for the second time on Friday. Quite busy, and found myself paying 3 to get in (why?). Still an unpleasant, characterless, noise bar - full of young drinkers with attitude and fake gold chains.

Why oh why did I go. My mate owes me 3 - and some of my dignity.

1 Aug 2005 16:10

The Cock, Staines

The bar is usually adorned with men in high-visibility jackets and scruffy grey hair.

Lovely smelling drain outside.

1 Jun 2005 12:16

High Society Music Bar, Staines

Not a pub, but a seedy little night-hole that demands your avoidance. If you do venture in, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID. A few weeks ago, two friends of mine happened to be so desperate for a late night beer that they ended up at the door. The honest bouncer announced "I can let you in lads, but it's a gypsy's party".

Run, don't walk, from High Society.

23 May 2005 11:39

Que Pasa, Staines

Dear me.

I went in here a few weeks ago on a Saturday. It was nearly empty, but nice to see they've kept the Toads MTV screens and are still playing 10 year old house and Britney Spears whilst shinning lasers and over the top lighting in your eyes.

Dance pole made me laugh - I'm sure if the place picks up it'll be a good place to watch fights break out over some trailer park rotters who rub their crack up it.

This place is shat. AVOID.

18 May 2005 16:53

The Toad at Two Rivers, Staines

My apologies, I will revise my statement:



21 Feb 2005 11:17

The Toad at Two Rivers, Staines

You can all calm down now, the place has closed so there's not much point arguing about its staff/doormen/partons/food/music/beer.



21 Feb 2005 10:13

The Toad at Two Rivers, Staines

I can't see how anyone could call this their 'local'. It's a garish money making factory with zero personality, pumping out the most awful "garage" and "R'n'B" (I'm sure that used to mean Rhythm and Blues!). Lovely to walk past at closing time! The sooner it closes, the better.

1 Feb 2005 10:26

Cheekees Bar Brasserie, Staines

I've certainly never heard of this place being called a "Brasserie", but there is possibly "Brass" looking for clients in there! The only true 'nightclub' in Staines, which obviously means it's not going to attract the best clientele in the World (I'm not a snob, I like in Staines myself). 5 to get in, and the drinks aren't cheap. Plenty of TV screens which are a bit pointless during the evening (you can watch WWF if you want!)and a few pool tables to keep you entertained. It's nicely decorated with comfy seating in abundance, but the music is generally pop and old 'classics' (read ABBA and 'It's raining men') so not good if you have any all. If you NEED drinks until late though, this is your only option. Don't watch any footbally here. I saw Eng v Fra during Euro 2004 and the place was full of scum. Glasses were being thrown the screen was attempted to be ripped down.

2 Nov 2004 16:15

The Misty Moon, Twickenham

I'm not sure why anyone comments on Weatherspoons, they're all the bloody same. Move along, nothing NEW to see here.

21 Sep 2004 13:20

The Hook, Line and Sinker, Twickenham

Nice seating, but as the comment below says, it feels too pre-made. Very little atmosphere in here. Dull and lifeless.

21 Sep 2004 13:19

The George, Twickenham

AWOOOGA! AWOOOGA! CHARVER ALERT! Any pub that sells mocktails in oversized plastic tubing needs to be avoided. Full of nasty Fred Perry wearing teenie-thugs. The days of the old log fire and low ceilings are long gone. This place is bad, seriously, it's REALLY bad.

21 Sep 2004 13:17

Filthy McNasty's II, Twickenham

Make sure you eat a lot of carrots before a visit. If you're lucky, you might be able to see the bar. After 5mins your clothes will smell as if they are made from the nastiest of cigars. Only reason to visit: good sports venue.

21 Sep 2004 13:14

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

Lots of seats, some nice pool tables and Bud on tap (it taste so much better than a bottle, why?). After that, you can climb the stairs and into Twickenhams only late licence bar. Marvelous.

21 Sep 2004 13:11

The Bear, Twickenham

Yawn, Yawn, Yawn. I for one am fed up with chain pubs, no matter how 'classy' they claim to be. Zero atmosphere and student bar staff are the big minus points. Selling Leffe on tap is a plus, but first I have to see my bank manager about extending my overdraft. Naff.

21 Sep 2004 13:09

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

It's funny isn't. This pub has NO bouncers, yet it has one of the best atmosphere's in Twickenham, if not THE best. Treat the custmoer with respect, and it will be returned. Heaving on Friday and Saturday nights. The wooden floor can become a lake on particularly crowdy nights, but it's certainly a fun pub to be in. Large bar means service doens't take as long as it should.

21 Sep 2004 13:06

The Sorting Room, Twickenham

Oh sweet Jesus, what has Twickenham done to deserve this? I have to argue with the "relaxed and friendly atmosphere" comment. I got the feeling a fight was on the verge of breaking out at any moment. Gorilla doormen (they have to be because of the 'clientele'). Countless video screens showing either mute MTV or LSD induced adverts for promotions. Nasty colours, and an atmosphere that the KGBs old prisons would be proud of. Avoid.

21 Sep 2004 13:03

The Three Kings, Twickenham

On approach you'd be mistaken to think that this pub doesn't offer much. Larry, the landlord, will change your mind. Friday nights in there used to be superb. Sadly, there's no longer a band which has reduced the atmosphere. Very quick staff and I've never had a bad pint.

21 Sep 2004 12:59

The Almamata, Egham

Great when I was at college for lunch time drinks. Not the place to be on the weekends though.

21 Sep 2004 12:56

The Monkey's Forehead, Egham

This pub never quite managed to fulfill its potential. Possibly the most upmarket bar in Egham, and its location near the University offered a youngish clientele. However, every time I've been there on weekends, it's almost empty. Maybe I'm going out of term times!

21 Sep 2004 12:54

The Rose and Crown, Thorpe Green

This pub is in an old hunting lodge used by....some King or Queen of England a few hundred years ago (read the back of the menus, the details escape me). Lovely low beam ceilings offer a quaint venue slap bang in the middle of nowhere. Sadly, it's obviously part of a chain, and the staffs strict adherance to petty food serving rules (must know table number, no tabs allowed for tables outside!) and the high prices of food and beverages make this place tempting only if it's paid for on a company account. Still, very nice on a hot summers day.

21 Sep 2004 12:51

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

HELL. Don't even think of going within 100 yards in the summer, the bar will be 10 deep and your prize is a plastic cup which will be half empty after you've returned from the scrum. Try pole dancing near the bar, that got me some room last time!

16 Sep 2004 17:02

The Duke, Richmond

Superb Thai food, but eh bar is surprisingly expensive, even for Richmond.

16 Sep 2004 17:01

The Pitcher and Piano, Richmond

Nice in the summer with its patio over-looking the river, but the space at the bar is ridiculous for a place that holds so many people.

16 Sep 2004 17:00

O'Neills, Richmond

If you want to drink here at the weekend, get inside before 8. After that, you're looking at 45mins in the que. Poor design of the bar makes it inaccesable and it can take far too long to get served. Saying that, the music is pretty good and it offers a 1am licence. The atmosphere is also usually good and no trouble....unlike Edwards across the road.

16 Sep 2004 16:58

Henry's Cafe Bar, Richmond

I think too much consideration has been made on the decor whilst the service and drinks have been forgotten about. Don't have a cocktail, they aren't good. There's better to be found in Richmond.

16 Sep 2004 16:55

No.1 Kew Road, Richmond

Oh dear. Horrible club-pub with more luminescent paint than a road sign print shop. Typical no trainers door policy and a vast range of techno-coloured drinks. Reasons to go: Pick up a shag. Reasons not to go: Everything else.

16 Sep 2004 16:49

The Cricketers, Richmond

Lovely little traditonal pub by the green. At its best during the summer.

16 Sep 2004 16:41

All Bar One, Richmond

It's an All Bar One. Seen one, seen 'em all. YAWN! Souless atmosphere, but it does sell Leffe on tap, I'll give it that.

16 Sep 2004 16:40

Cafe Rez, Richmond

Archaic "no trainers" policy. Which seems to mean, nothing but leather shoes. This is inforced by the thugs on the door. If a Place as small as this needs 4 bouncers, you know it's not good. It may as well have a corridor connecting it to Edwards down the road. Avoid.

16 Sep 2004 16:37

[email protected] (Be At One), Richmond

Best drinks in a ten mile radius (or however far it is to the [email protected] in Clapham). Superb happy hour of 2-4-1 drinks and the best bar staff you are likely to find anywhere, taking orders two drinks ahead of the ones they are serving. Best Long Island Iced Tea I've ever had. If you've been out for a meal, try the ice cream ones for a dessert.

16 Sep 2004 11:42

Kandi, Richmond

Clearly looking for the higher end clientele with it's generous stocks of quality champagne, Cristal for 250 anyone? Small bar with limited seating that provides good music and atmosphere. Nice range of cocktails, but not to the extent of [email protected] across the road. Another great bar to add to the list in Richmond.

16 Sep 2004 11:38

The Hobgoblin, Staines

Now serving Thai food....and it's pretty good. A bastion of pubs that don't have stupid Hitler type bouncers. Service is usually on the ball, and a good place to watch football. The return of the eccletic juke-box has been welcomed.

10 Sep 2004 16:02

Royal Hart, Ashford

Fancy a fight? Come right in! Day-glow colours give any patron a headache, and it's not just the walls, but the drinks as well. Mate of mine was in his car at the lights outside....had a full pint thrown at him. Lovely people!

10 Sep 2004 15:58

Iguana, Egham

Offensive, in-your-face Club-Pub. All lights are switched off after 8 so that you can't see the beasts patrolling the dance floor. Poor selection of beers, HUGE selection of alco-pops. Only place in Egham with a late licence.

10 Sep 2004 15:57

North Star, Staines

If your train is late, then a great great for a swift half. Good pub grub during the day.

10 Sep 2004 15:50

The Garibaldi, Staines

Really could do with a bit of renovation. Position on the end of the high street means it is often forgotten. Expect heads to turn as you walk in.

10 Sep 2004 15:48

The Bells, Staines

Almost 3 for a pint of Stella? You're having a laugh! Very cliquey local pub. If you're not a regular, expect to be served after they have.

10 Sep 2004 15:45

The Blue Anchor, Staines

Terrible music, smelly floor, nasty clientele. Opens till 1am though, for last-chance ripper pulling.

19 Jul 2004 15:30

The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon, Staines

Food is not as good since it changed hands a few years back, but it's still a nice place for a few cheeky ones on the way home from work. Always full outside by 6pm on a Friday.

19 Jul 2004 15:18

Ha Ha Bar And Canteen, Staines

Lovely place to get nicely drunk by the river. Good selction of Belgian beers offers something different to Staines' usual two bottles of Hooch for a pound pubs. Nice food, gorgeous barmaids, no idiots and charvers can't afford the beer. Perfect!

19 Jul 2004 15:14

The Toad at Two Rivers, Staines

If you are an 18 year old school drop out that wears fake Moschino trousers and a poorly made market Burberry cap, and you just love So Solid Crew. Then this, my intelligence void friend, is the place for you!

19 Jul 2004 15:12

The George, Staines

99p drinks is just asking for trouble. As with all Wetherspoons, the place is poorly decorated, no atmosphere and attracts local (trailer park) residents. Poorly cooked microwaved food is the norm.

19 Jul 2004 15:08

The Litten Tree, Staines

first pub in Staines to obtain the then Holy Grail of a late licence - which combined with it's music and drink price policy, guarenteed a fight every night. Nasty mock-pub with disco lighting. Now as empty as Kate Moss' lunch box.

19 Jul 2004 15:06

Baroosh, Staines

Very laid back with sofas big enough to live in. High end prices keep the charvers away, and they also have a nice menu for lunch or bar snacks. Good for a social few, but not the venue to get hammered.

19 Jul 2004 15:04

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