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The Star, Hoddesdon

This pub is now open again and has been for about two years. It is under the JD Spooners banner, but it is not the usual lager joint. The old Salisbury Arms has been renamed as the Star. The old features have been retained and wall paintings discovered when renovation under way. As usual beers are OK though most seem to be coming soon. The place is very tidy and well organized. The food is very good, the best Spooners I have eaten in.

30 Dec 2016 11:57

The Cock Inn, Bishop's Stortford

The Cock Inn is back open and seems to be doing well. I did like the room to the left just for darts, so no chance of anyone getting in the way of play. Aiming for the TV football crowd. Three beers on and I'm including the corporate brown stuff called Doom Bar, now made in a chemical works in Burton I believe. It is certainly not Cornish. Apart from the Ghost Ship there was Bombardier English Glory at £3.70 a pint. It was OK but not worth that much. Place was cold but it had just opened. I know it has struggled to keep open with health and safety saying no one is allowed to live on site. Shame about the location with the busy X road here, but it was quiet, traffic wise, inside. I may come back but not in a hurry.

15 Dec 2016 15:24

The Black Lion, Bishop's Stortford

Lovely looking pub from the outside, but inside its a huge TV screen set up for pop videos or an aerobics club and a pool table. All rather bare and rough. Only beer on was Adnam's Ghost Ship, so I left.

15 Dec 2016 15:19

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

Reasonably looking place, and it was nice and warm the winter night I was in. The bar area was fine, but it appeared only the public one as such was being used. Could do with some work on it, like starting with the music which was aimed for a group a lot younger than who use the place. Three real ales on and that included London pride, so naturally with this being deepest Hertfordshire I avoided. I had the Black Sheep winter dark ale, named after one of those reindeers without the shiny nose, and it was great. Had two it was so good, but £3.85 a pint was pushing it. Only food served it appears is at lunch time. Good loos.

15 Dec 2016 15:17

The Star, Bishops Stortford

While the place looks great inside and out the beer is not the best. Only two real ales of which I think is poor for a Camra rated place. Should also be serving food, but when I tried at 6pm there was no service except for a small office Xmas group at the back. Disappointed.

15 Dec 2016 15:12

The Boars Head, Bishops Stortford

Sorry to report that this lovely looking pub across from the parish church is closed.

15 Dec 2016 15:09

Jolly Fisherman, Stanstead St Margarets

This pub is in a great location on the tow path of the R. Lee. Big garden and plenty of space inside, plus patio area. For these reasons it caters for the family and not the beer drinker. It is a McMullin's place and so the real ale sticker is over used. It is not a free house and no respecting CAMRA person would turn up here unless desperate. I am a CAMRA chap and turned up as a friend liked the look of the place and we both wanted the loo. Beer was not even a good tasting AK, unlike at the Lion at Eastwick. Nice staff. Its a food place as stated and was busy. But it is corporate joint.

10 Jun 2016 10:20

The Saracens Head, Ware

This pub was massively refurbished in 2015, but is still a concrete horror by the river. Much better inside and all the TVs have gone, so not a premier football hole anymore. Patio seating and all very nice inside with good loos. The beer is much better than the McMullen's rubbish, as they now serve Camden brewery's IPA and Porter, but take a lot of cash as its £4.70 a pint. Music was too loud and so people retreated to the nippy patio. Staff very good and food cooked on site was very eatable.
But as a beer place it is not, its a family with kids joint. My score is a lot higher than it was for the old set up.

24 Mar 2016 16:49

Sandford Park Ale House, Cheltenham

This is clearly the best place for beer in Cheltenham, which does have a fine selection of pubs. It was packed but there was a continual turn over of punter and the service was very good. Toilets well clean. Plenty of local ales which is nice and a good spread of golden to best to stout, with a continual change over during the night. I did like the electronic board which showed the beers available and the price clearly marked before you got to the bar. So cheap as well, some pints of ale were at £2.90. There was some of that Yanky craft beer on as well, which I naturally avoided.

5 Dec 2015 15:08

Our Mutual Friend, Stevenage

I have no idea how Stevenage got such a great pub, its not fair. A good sized estate pub stuck next to a petrol station. Inside it is big with two bars and looks like a country pub with old wood look. Shame about the carpets, get rid of them. Excellent beer, changing through out the afternoon and evening. I was there for the local class between Luton and the local trash around the corner. But the supporters mixed happily here. The left hand lounge and no TV bar was best. Good service on a busy day.

5 Dec 2015 15:02

Green Man, Ware

This looks a great country pub from the outside, including ornamental old medal cycle over the entrance. Good size car park but a shame there is no barrier fence between it and the garden area. The little nipper with us was off towards the road the whole time. Inside just like the previous reviewer. Odd shape to bar, it should be two separate areas, one for ale and one for games. TV was on Friday lunchtime with some rubbish buying junk and flogging it again show. Really killed any atmosphere. Beer was Adnam's Southwold and Green King IPA. Two typical corporate brown stuff. Mind you if this place was closed there is no other public location as such. Not a shop in sight, no wonder villages become dead and just a spot for commuters. Will not be back.

5 Oct 2015 09:29

The Hollybush, Redbourn

I was here a couple of weeks back on a baking hot Friday lunch time. Place was quiet but then it is at Church End rather than the main village centre. Lovely looking and clean pub on the outside and in. Nice friendly staff as well. Looks like a proper country pub as well, not a false look. 2 bars knocked into one I'm guessing as I could make out what seemed to be the former 'Off Sale' spot which now links the bars. 3 Brakspear ales on, so I had the best and went down well and only £3.20 which is cheap for Hertfordshire. I did not eat but others were and all seemed happy with their large portions. The only thing missing was a large Hollybush out front.

26 Jul 2015 11:33

The Coach and Horses, Newgate Street

What an excellent pub. Really old inside and not ruined by carpets. Stone floors were so nice to see. Proper village place. Small main bar with fire place and a second bar area more for sitting and eating. A newer restaurant room was also pleasant. Outside sitting area in front was blocked by the cars parked in front from the road, and the traffic was light when I was there on a Saturday lunch time so fine to sit there. The beer was a bit of a disappointment with the standard Green King IPA and Doom Bar and Southwold. But I had the Southwold and must say it was the best I have ever tasted. They do look after the ale well. Lovely friendly bar girl. Must go back.

26 Jul 2015 11:24

The Trafalgar Arms, Fratton

A nice friendly place and good size inside. It looks great from the outside but in need of a brush up inside but nothing too dramatic. A couple of real ales on which were good, with one being a strangely out of season summer one but went down well. Some free crisp nibbles was a nice touch. Plenty of seating and I do like the raised area apart from the dart board lane being where the seats are.

20 Mar 2015 11:30

The Rose in June, Portsmouth

This was my first time back to the Rose since moving from Portsmouth last century. It looks great from the outside and just as good inside. A proper community pub, without carpets, with a wide selection of proper beer and ciders. Had a lovely pint of Jurassic and then a mild before moving onto the Tom Brown, all excellent. Good size garden at the back, bit cold when we were there, but handy to watch the trains go by. We were down there for the footy match between my no.2 team Pompey and no.1 Luton so no colours as this is a proper Pompey place. After the game joined in the free food put out while watching England beat the Jocks. Good day out apart from the football score.

20 Mar 2015 11:25

Cricketers, Emsworth

I have used this pub a number of occasions as it is close to my parents, and so thought it was about time I did a review. What a shock when I found it was not on this site. So six months later an entry has appeared. I added the photo. So this review is a tad out of date. Situated at the north sleepy end of the village, the Cricketers over looks the car park across the road and fields. An L shaped place looking older outside than in. Too open planned for my liking and it has carpets. But the ale is fine and local. No Gales HSB any more. Beer garden at the side. Friendly and no trouble. Good beer, one was from Sussex and another from Ringwood, and thirdly Southwick Brewery from confusingly Fareham. Its worth a visit.

25 Jan 2015 11:32

The Black Horse, Hertford

By far the best pub in Hertford, and I travel up from Hoddesdon to visit. Off the beaten track on the way to the often flooded football ground. But a quiet street and a great looking pub. A two room pub with an upstairs garden area which is great in the summer. I think it was five bitter types on tap with English lager and proper cider as well. Plus the usual corporal stuff and the black stuff which according to my cousin is really good as the owner is Irish and looks after it well. Anyway a good traditional pub look from the outside and in. Not large but plenty of seating, fairly good loos, and the best asset of all the staff. A real friendly bunch. The food is a bit on the game side, but the venison lasagne was brilliant. All the food is made here. Discount for CAMRA people. The only draw back is the TV is on all the time. Fine for the footy and rugby (when the place gets packed) but please switch it off when there is no sport worth showing.

12 Nov 2014 12:07

The Lion and Unicorn, Kentish Town

I bagged this pub as I was going to the theatre upstairs. Good location off the main drag, which is awful, on a corner and a posh residential area. Nice spot I'm sure for a sit outside on a sunny day with an ale. I was there when the big wind hit London. Big pub but now as one large bar area, though its run as a pub side and an eating zone. Food was a bit dry, well the chips were, but presented well and good service. Note the water at the table was free and there is a water dispenser on the bar. Brilliant as help yourself. Decor was a bit lacking but maybe the local swells like that. It was a rather Friends place, with some boy going on about Fashion, which I gather was a place of work. Anyway the beer was great, yes really good. Five proper ales and cider on. Service was very quick and pleasant. The place was very busy with half the people there going to the show. I had a couple of Sambrook's and it was great, also tried the Young's Best which went down well. £3.90 a pint they were. No idea if that is good for this area as I pay £3.40 in Hertford. I will go back. Only let down was the chips.

23 Oct 2014 12:05

The Lion, Eastwick

Had a stop here while on a long walk on a lovely sunny autumn Sunday. For a pub in such a tiny village it was doing a good trade. best describe it as a proper old pub, two bars, huge garden area and a great very friendly landlord to a stranger like me. Its a McMullins place so not my favourite drink but the AK was kept well and nice and cheap. TV for the football but the sound was off in the smaller bar I was in so not too bad. My only negative point was the carpeting, no need, its not my living room. Will certainly visit again.

13 Oct 2014 10:37

The Old Crown, Much Hadham

Closed and being converted to housing.

8 Oct 2014 11:45

Great Eastern Tavern, Hertford

A proper old fashioned pub away from the heaving centre of Hertford. Two bars with separate doors, which is so rare these days. I'm not great fan of Mcmullen's beers but I drank them here and the AK was smashing. The lounge bar, as such, has a heap of train memorabilia and worth nipping in to view. Beer garden as well and friendly people. All very nice. Just one thing ruins it and that is the view of crappy 1960/70 housing outside. Shame as from the station its all proper workers cottages until just before the pub.

7 Sep 2014 11:38

Good Intent, Westbourne

This ex-pub now converted to flats. Surprised it is still listed on this site.

26 Aug 2014 10:15

The Farmhouse Inn, Dunmow

After passing on the way to friends I have finally stopped for a drink here. Off the main road, but well signed, and so a proper country pub. Not sure though if it is primary a pub, restaurant or hotel, maybe all three. The pub side is a proper countryside looking place. Plenty of local pictures on the walls but not overly crowded with them. Beam, low ceiling, proper bar and proper beer. Two on, Daisy May and Maldon Gold, both summer golden type but both looked after well and tasty. There was also Green King IPA flooding another part of Essex. The carpet said restaurant rather than pub, but it brings the money in to keep the place going. Bar lady was so cheerful and helpful. I got a free glass which I was after and willing to pay for. Lady chum with me said the loo was fine and clean. result. Certainly worth a visit. There is a big car park.

22 Aug 2014 11:01

The Eight Bells, Old Hatfield

Visited during lunch time so apart from a few locals it was a small tourist invasion. Lovely looking place, a clear mixture of a couple of buildings knocked into one. Old beams and wooden floors, really liked the tables with huge metal bolts sticking up. Not one large open space but a proper bar area with alcoves, all very nice. Staff were excellent, very friendly. Three ales on, but one was DoonBar all the way from Cornishland. An Oxford and Young's Best were the others. Both summer light/golden types. For some strange reason the brewer had John Smith's there as well. WHY. Thatcher's Gold cider also on tap. Food was not the standard menu though there were favourites on it. had the fish and chips and it was good and a fair price. A smashing PH, do visit.

6 Aug 2014 09:26

The Crown, Rochester

Excellent location at the end of the High Street with a huge fish and chip shop across the road. Good looking old pub from the outside only ruined by the cheap cafe seats. No benches or anything that said pub to me.
Inside its just one huge bar, apparently another upstairs, but let's be clear this is just like so many others along the High Street that have turned into 'Spooner' type places. The staff (young woman and very nice looking as well) was quick and chatty. Three 'beers' on but they were the usual Doom Bar from Cornwall, a Courage beer and Bombardier, which I had and tasted thin. No local beers from Kent. Too tidy, ordered and bland for the building. TVs for sport which is OK but it was just like others up and down the road. Also considering the foot traffic why is the beer dearer than the small back street pubs.

22 Jul 2014 12:34

The Coopers Arms, Rochester

Lovely looking old pub from the outside, and very much the same on the inside. No carpets, old wood and cosy. The only thing wrong was the excess amount of new brass hanging down from the beams. Tall people beware. Three real ales on and very tasty too, as well as being better and cheaper by 10p than the average beers in the High Street. Food for me was just a stuffed jacket spud, but it arrived quickly and tasted good. Busy while I was there with the lunch time local crowd but I got a seat OK. A must visit for beer lovers and the tourist.

22 Jul 2014 12:26

The Crown and Mitre, Kings Lynn

Not the greatest of rivers to look over but at least its a view. Popped in just as the heavens opened with plenty of thunder and lightning, so something to look at from the eating area which looks over the river. As to the pub it is off the beaten track. Please go by the Spooners at the top of the road by Saturday Sq and head here. Its a smashing place, dark and old with the feel of a museum with beer. Excellent selection of proper ale about, which I limited myself to a couple pints of Navigators. Blimey they were good. Food also excellent, none of your plastic reheated factory stuff here. The lady doing the food was cheerful and lovely, shame about the old man behind the bar, who would switch from great barman to rude sod in a few seconds. All in all this is a great pub.

2 Jul 2014 11:47

The Maypole, Thaxted

I'm the first to review this PH having informed beer of its existence. It is the other pub in the village, and more of a working class place. Looks like a proper pub from the outside, good size car park and its on the south side of the village as you enter. It has been upgraded inside and so its a bit tidy but also cosy. Plenty of seating, entrance area ruined by the pool table to the left of entrance, but being not the largest place it was here or the back yard for it. I popped in while exploring the village/small town on a baking hot Friday. had a pint of the Moorelands and very nice to. There was a rolling selection of beers and a proper cider, and the usual lager rubbish about. Much better than the Swan up the road by the church. Staff very friendly and good service.

2 Jul 2014 11:40

Swan Hotel, Thaxted

Hard to miss this place as its on a tight right turn and opposite the local church which has a tower and spire with the look of a huge space rocket. Big car park as well. From the out side The Swan, no hotel text appears on the sign, looks like a huge lovely country pub. Seats out the front facing the church, its great apart from the continual stream of traffic. Blimey its busy along this 'B' road.
Inside I'm afraid its the Green King corporate brand all the way. What a shame. Carpets all the way, super clean but awful electric plug points straight from Homebase and at eye level. There is no excuse for sloppiness like that. Beer was mainly Abbots which was fine, a good cider was available but otherwise it was the usual lager and black stuff from Dublin way. Food was the corporate menu type. It was a baking hot day so I went for the ploughman's, which was OK, but the mixed fruit desert was a right rip off. The fish platter was also fine, but I must say the burgers that went past us did look far better value. Typical Tory country manor place, no locals of the working type. Service was very good and cheerful.

24 Jun 2014 11:40

The King William IV, Hampstead

Here Saturday evening. Its location up a quiet street must be keeping the local riff raff out. Not busy, plenty of seating, nice and neat and a good selection of ales. Not just corporate Fullers but a couple from the fine Gales stable and more besides. Courtyard out back nice and cozy. Worth a visit or two.

28 Apr 2014 12:06

The Garden Gate, Hampstead Heath

Let's be honest its not a great name for a pub. But apart from that no problems. Handy being so close to the local station, so this was my meet up point on Saturday evening. Not too crowded just after 6pm, beer selection very good, samples freely offered, and the service was great.
Large interior with plenty of seats, sofas and tables, and then a covered terrace (heaters later on) and a good sized patio area, with trees. All very neat and tidy. Back later on to eat, very busy but service still great. It was a young professional crowd as the PR people would say, but being an old beer drinker it was still fine. Safe for women, but a shame about the carpeting. Food, and it was proper food, not the micro-wave stuff, was excellent and priced well. Beer again was good, coming from Channel Is, Yorkshire and London. Will use when in hampstead again.

28 Apr 2014 12:00

The Gardener's Call, Luton

Popped in Saturday lunch time and then after the match Luton won in the rain and hail. Quiet at lunch time, but the 3 real ales, Abbots, Crafty Devil and Timothy's Golden Beer were great. Well looked after and a nice price. Lady of the house does the food, she being from the far east, well past Norwich, does Chinese, Indian and Thai. Large portions, very tasty and cheap. Going back to work through the menu on other match days. Good size, clean and tidy, with beer garden for the summer. Filled up after the game. Nice people, proper local.

26 Jan 2014 13:23

The White Swan, Hoddesdon

A fine looking pub from the outside and just as good on the inside, if one forgets the snooker table at one end and the TVs all over the place making it look like Rumberlows. No carpet but dark tiled floor which I liked. I was in on a very quiet Wednesday night. No food except crisps.
The beer consisted of the usual corporate Green King and I think Pride, otherwise it was the semi-corporate Abbots. I must say I have tasted better than this, maybe it was too cold but certainly not worth £3.65 a pint. So I moved onto the Lancaster Bomber hidden at one end of the bar. Better value at £3.30 but again not much taste. I was in last year and like the last chap must state the food was good on that occasion and very reasonably priced. Most of my points go for the lovely building, the best on the High Street.

16 Jan 2014 21:29

The Sailsbury Arms, Hoddesdon

This lager palace is now closed and boarded up. Spooners has a bid in to take it over. Shame as it looks great from the out side, its just the inside that is awful and I don't just mean the drinks.

16 Jan 2014 21:18

The Green Dragon, Marlborough

Lunch time on market day before Christmas, and while the Dragon was open the Wellington up the road was not. Rather strange. But never mind this one is sited in the centre of town and was very welcome. A good basic, old fashioned wood all over establishment. Good to see hooks along the bar by the stools for coats. Quiet when I popped in, so quickly served. Tried the Horizon at £3.40 which went down well. Plenty of seating but like a lot of places too many ads on the walls. Only negative really was the music which was not on the background setting. I will go in again when passing.

17 Dec 2013 17:47

The Crown and Anchor, Chichester

I was expecting a corporate food place for the yachting crowd, but instead found a proper pub at the end of the road (world) looking over the calm waters of an arm of Chichester Harbour. This place has odd shaped bars and a room off that as well as a decked area for watching time pass by over the water. Youngers beer which had me worried, but no it was grand. had the Golden at £3.59 a pint and well tasty it was too. Food is their own and so no standard corporate menu. Only down side is getting there, one needs wheels and in my case just two. Lovely spot and the staff were great, filled the glass to the brim. It was a lunch time and so everyone was eating apart from me, but service seemed good. Terrific.

26 Sep 2013 17:53

Wests, Chichester

Lovely building from the outside, well it is an old church, but inside it all goes wrong. No great view as the centre bar has a high rise display of wine and cocktails, tv screen and other odds and ends. It certainly makes the place look smaller. Too many flashing lights, machines and its just too modern. But the beer, 2 ales on, was only £2.20 a pint, but not the best I've drunk. Ideal for the family meal after leaving the cathedral across the road or the wine crowd in the evening. Shame really.

25 Sep 2013 18:28

The Chichester Inn, Chichester

In there today at 1.00pm and the front bar was all mine. A few punters in the garden area out back otherwise quiet. No idea why as its by far the best pub this side of town/city. Beer was pricey but 5 ales on plus a cider, had the Harvey Best and it was great. Nice looking pub as well, bags of seating and proper solid tables, bare brick and cosy feel. Staff very chatty. Menu was looking good, I did not eat, and cheap. Note there is a discount for CAMRA people, its in the Sussex Brewer news.

25 Sep 2013 18:24

The Sovereigns, Woking

Looks like a proper pub from the outside and then turns into a corporate one on the inside. Why do they insist on wall to wall carpet. Anyway the beer was fine and all were priced at £3.19. Had the Golden Pippin and Broadside, and both were very nice. Food while being the corporate menu (and why for that reason is the vegy and gluton free choice so poor) was actually really good, bbq chicken and chips. Outside area, nicely covered was great for this rather hot late September evening. Only downside was the slow service, due to lack of staff rather than them not bothering. With so many customers ordering food at just after 6.00pm extra hands would be an advantage. Mind you Luton Town FC were playing tonight and so a dozen plus of us were in, so the extra crowd may have caused the problem. Far better than the average pub in Woking.

25 Sep 2013 18:16

The Old Drum, Petersfield

It does have the look of a very clean pub from the outside and turns into more of a restaurant on the inside. Let’s be honest this is no.1 an eating establishment without the usual pub grub. But the staff are very welcoming, very efficient and helpful. The building is light and airy, while being split into three rooms creating nice cubby holes. Plenty of seating and nice decor (if a little twee but designed for the older eater) it really sets this place off well, and no music (yippee). As to the beer it is advertised as a Free House, and what a change that is from the local ‘Spoorers and Fullers. I still regret’s the take-over of Gales by the mighty Fuller’s, and I’m a Londoner. The good selection of ales was a treat, the Dark Star was great. I visited at lunch time so I have no idea if proper beer men turn up here or not, but they should come here. My only negative points are first a chair with the Yanky flag on the material, which I notice also appears on the web site. If I had seen that before my visit I most likely would not have gone. Canada is still celebrating the War of 1812 (which dragged on until 1814) when the Yanks tried to conquer them but failed, so the flag should be a lovely Maple Leaf. My second point is the use of Israeli cous cous on the menu, surely it should have been Moroccan or Palestinian would have been fine. But please go for the beer.

9 Aug 2013 09:51

The King Street Tavern, Southsea

Like the nearby Eldon Arms this was a regular stop for me 25 years back. Then it was run by a couple of lovely old ladies and had Blackfoot Sue with Standing in the Road on the Juke Box. Them were the days. Its gone up market (going for the arty crowd like me) and grown in size to include a larger seating area and a small court yard. Both fine by me. It still has the look of being an old pub, Victorian fire place, wood floors, nice wood tables but why customs on ever seat. Does the local Piles Association frequent the place?. Moving on. Unlike the Eldon this place has local beer, well more local than the Eldon. Wadsworth by the barrel load. Good stuff as well, 6X, Henry IPA and the summer light bitter Red, White & Brew. For £3.70 a good price considering the rip off places down in Old Pormpey. The food looked good as well. This place gets an extra point for not selling Pride.

23 Jul 2013 14:46

The Eldon Arms, Southsea

This used to be a regular drinks spot 25 years a go. So on a day visit back to Pompey I nipped in for a midweek lunch time pint. Outside it was the same old place, nice tiles, big windows and dull paint. Inside, large, wooden flooring, plenty of seats and a very friendly bar maid. A proper inner city pub. But on the downside the former Dorchester ales are not to be seen. Now its flaming national corporate Doom Pride from far off Cornishshire and Londonville (by way of the former brewery in Horndean). For a place that has student nights one would have thought at least two pumps for local ale. This was the only down side apart from the awful music (some kind of off key jazz). Yes I would use again, but sort the beer out.

23 Jul 2013 14:38

Worpell, Ware

Located in a good traffic junction and looking like a good old fashioned pub from the outside. But on entering what a shock. It looked like a Daily Mail Ideal Home pub on the corner. A Swedish pine forest was stuck to the walls, the seating was spanking new and had the layout for remand prisoners to meet family on visitors day, not helped by the lighting being so bright. I soon realised it was a Hollywood version of an English pub. On the plus side the barman/owner was cheerful and the beer Abbots was fine but very pricey at £3.80 a pint. I expect that bat the wine bar on the High Street. Otherwise it was flaming Green King IPA. Luckily a text arrived and I headed off to The Albion where 3 pints cost a tenner. I will not be going back.

20 Jun 2013 15:13

The Coach and Horses, Compton

A proper country pub in a proper village with flint buildings. Friendly staff which always helps. Victorian style bar with added upper eating area. Three open fires and plenty of beer guides to read. Note the yellow swastikas on one fire place (not political). Visited twice in two days, real ale going from 3 to 4. Swift one at for £3.00 was fine, while Star - Portbello W10 was far better. Worth the trip on cycle just for that, but £3.50 was pricey. Food was also excellent, but lacked any vegy option. If you do visit make a 3 min walk up the hill to the church. Well worth it.

5 Jun 2013 18:08

The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

Don't let the pealing dark paint outside put you off, this is a gem in Blackpool as most of the other places are dumps. Sited just south of the tower and on a back street by the cop shop. 6 real ales on and a continual change over according to beer signs hanging from the bar ceiling. While the beer is smooth up north the prices are low thank goodness. Most were northern beers, including Jenning's and Clark's, except for Pedigree on this day. All were fine. My female chum states the female loo was civilized. Wooden interior with no stupid carpet in sight, and a lot of bare brick wall. Drinkers were a mixed bunch, not just in for the football, but mostly hiding from the awful weather. The pool table took too much space up which could be a problem on a busy day. Certainly worth going to.

15 May 2013 11:28

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Visited last Friday lunch time when waiting for a train for the north. Very handy being just round the corner from Euston station. A good size and very clean with plenty of seating at high and low tables. Cask beers but ruined by national corporate Doon Bar and some Yanky drivel. I had the Hop Timus at 4.1 and £3.78 a pint. A light bitter and a bit tangy but went down well and also tried the urban Dusk at 4.5, which was not so much to my liking but it was the middle of the day. As a late ale it may work well. The food was not plain English but fine for an eat, but must say the cheese board sounded great. A female friendly and aiming for the office types but still worth visiting. I'm sure more locals and those aiming for the train home pop in later. must say the satff were great even had a taster.

15 May 2013 11:19

The Ferryboat Inn, Hayling Island

A lovely sunny day today so cycled down to the Ferry Inn. It really could do with some general repair work in and out, looking rather run down. The original house building is not helped by the single storey extension glued on. But the location is brilliant, right on the harbour mouth with Portsmouth all but a stone's throw away. It was low tide and the sands were waiting for the sunbathers. bags of seating in and out, and the staff were really good. I did not eat but at lunch time on this Friday before May Day all seamed well. Its a Cask beer place apparently, the guest ale was Golden Arrow from the Cottage Brewing Co, 4.5 pale Ale, golden colour like the beach, and very nice too. Especially at £2.44 a pint, so I had two and cycled home. Also had boring Green King IPA, instead of Spitfire, and Speckled Hen, otherwise usual john smith's, Irish dark stuff, Foster's and lager junk. It would be a great spot for a beer festival, so much space, but please repair it first.

3 May 2013 18:46

Crooked Billet, Ware

Another one of the wonders of Ware, great pub stuck up the hill away from the riff raff by the river. Its not big and gets by on the local trade. TV for sport and unfortunately it does have the corporate carpet and such like trimmings, but with two open fires and friendly staff its worth going to. The ale was well worth the hike, with three real ales, two of which were from the Tring Brewery. The Dog was brilliant. Don't go if you want wine.

28 Apr 2013 16:46

High Oak, Ware

Hidden away in a back street at the top end of Ware, its a gem. Not open in the afternoon due to quiet location. Dogs are welcome and they were dragging owners in and out all night long. A little girl was riding around on a little scooter causing no problems. Family friendly all the way. Apparently there is live music at times, but not on my visit. Shame about the pool table taking up so much space. As to the ale, what a great selection. 5 specials on as well as the regular, and included Red Squirrel, Hopfest, Mr. Squirrel, Bishops Finger (I think) and Conservation Bitter. I stuck to the squirrel beers and was not disappointed.

28 Apr 2013 16:40

The Rifle Volunteer, Ware

Big place up the hill from the town, so not a place for town centre crowd. I was slightly worried as it seemed to be a Spurs place but otherwise acceptable. Sarah behind the bar served a very tasty 1799 Porter, otherwise it was the usual corporate rubbish of Green King IPA for beer drinkers. It was a quiet Friday afternoon and not the usual place I would drink in, but to be honest I would go back.

28 Apr 2013 16:29

The Albion, Ware

Lovely little one bar establishment, sited away from the riff raff of the High Street, and wedged in between the narrow streets cottages. Open fire in use when I was there in March. It only get packed when the commuters get off at local train station, but they filter out after an hour or so. Friendly staff and the beer while only having Bombardier and two pumps of Southwold was well tasty. For smokers its out in the quiet street or nip across the road into the church yard for a sit down and chat.

28 Apr 2013 16:23

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