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Comments by Vindaloo

The Keep, Guildford

If this looks like the inside of a scout hut to you, you were a member of a most unusual troop.

18 Jul 2008 07:08

The Green Man (Harvester), Burpham

Roof tiles being taken off today.

5 Apr 2008 17:25

The Keep, Guildford

Sudden name change: now called the Keep.

Blimey, it's all going on.

5 Apr 2008 17:23

The Keep, Guildford

Nice time here on Thursday.

Shere Drop is a great bitter, think this is the only place in the town centre to have it. Smartish, youngish crowd.

23 Mar 2008 16:44

The Jolly Sailor, St Albans

Nice atmosphere, Bombardier well kept.

Singer on Sunday eves (Alexis).

Quiz on Tuesdays.

25 Jul 2006 08:43

The George Inn, Winslow

Got the feeling this is the serious drinkers pub in Winslow.

14 Apr 2006 20:05

The Wavendon Arms, Wavendon

Sign now fixed!

21 Feb 2006 17:05

Swan, Woburn Sands

It's alright if you're ok with a modern, clinical pub stylee, but not everyone's idea of a pub.

21 Feb 2006 17:04

The Bridge House, Paddington

LOL about the toilet curtains.

9 Feb 2006 16:46

The Royal Oak, Woburn Sands

Snuck in for a quick pint last night.

Greene King beer and not unfriendly but quite basic and definitely a locals pub.

31 Jan 2006 09:08

The William IV, Brighton

Decent beer. Real fire in the winter. But yes, a traditional pub stylee.

24 Jan 2006 11:52

The Wavendon Arms, Wavendon

Excellent rant below.

Can confirm that letters on outside still say "Leathern Otte".

Looked more appealing than it was. RHS very rough, LHS not as rough but nothing special. Bombardier good though.

24 Jan 2006 11:29

Weathercock Inn, Woburn Sands

No food on Mondays, so can't comment on that, but did have a nice, individual feel.

17 Jan 2006 09:18

The Canon's Gait, Edinburgh

Fairly smart boozer, done up just after nearby parliament opened. Free comedy venue in the festival and good Mexican two doors up.

16 Jan 2006 14:54

Fir Tree Hotel, Woburn Sands

Lot a lot of atmosphere when I was there, but great pint of Bombardier.

10 Jan 2006 15:17

The Victoria, Thurston

Ok pub with Greene King beer, round the corner from my mum.

23 Dec 2005 15:38

The Burnt Oak, Shenley Brook End

Went last night. Friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere. Beer and burger fine.

23 Dec 2005 08:51

The Burnt Oak, Shenley Brook End

Standard, modern MK estate pub. Banks's bitter, heard the food's ok.

22 Dec 2005 14:19

The Barn, Milton Keynes

Plastic pub attached to plastic hotel. Welcome to MK.

2 Nov 2005 16:56

Ye Olde Swan, Woughton

Went there last night and had a much better experience than those below. Nice place, quick service, good food, choice of real ales.

25 Oct 2005 16:40

Auberge, Guildford

Bar is a pricey hangout for Guildford wannabe yuppies.

Restaurant good but not cheap either.

12 Apr 2005 15:23

The Anchor and Horseshoes, Burpham

Update for you:

Now has Hog's Back Tea permanently (great beer, but not kept all that well here), music quiz on Sunday.

12 Apr 2005 15:09

The Anchor and Horseshoes, Burpham

Can someone else confirm the Milosevic lookalike or is it just us?

2 Dec 2004 14:11

The Royal Oak, Guildford

What is with the recent Goth invasion?

2 Dec 2004 14:08

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