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BITE user comments - Sven

Comments by Sven

Red Lion, Earl Shilton

Visited again and again the Bass was very good. They also sell Abbot among other beers. Ignore the local CAMRA who got the second beer wrong! Comfortable covered and heated patio. Friendly locals

14 Jul 2009 13:18

Carno, Caersws

I think this pub should be called "The Allepo Merchant". I have not been here for many years but only the address is Caersws - Carno is a village 4 miles or so away

23 Jun 2009 13:12

Red Lion, Trefeglwys

I have not been here but only the address is Caersws - Trefeglwys is a village 4 miles away

23 Jun 2009 13:10

London Inn, Watchet

DO NOT be taken in by the appealing photo. There are many good boozers in the area

17 Jun 2009 13:12

The Anchor Inn, Watchet

Next to the bookies

17 Jun 2009 13:10

The Shepherd and Shepherdess, Beamish

Chain pub that does food - OK though

16 Jun 2009 13:44

Beamish Mary, Stanley

Friendly local with good local beers. Do not know what it was like before but staff are friendly and helpful. On regular half hourly bus service between Chester-le-street and Stanley

16 Jun 2009 13:06

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Friendly enough - beer expensive

26 May 2009 13:16

The Buck Hotel, Caersws

I agree with welshboy88. A sadly run down pub that should be better. When pubs start shutting in Caersws we are in problems

8 May 2009 13:08

The Lord Nelson Inn, Earl Shilton


30 Apr 2009 13:12

Red Lion, Earl Shilton

Cracking pint of Bass

28 Apr 2009 13:29

Fleetwood Arms, Fleetwood

cracking local full of character

9 Apr 2009 13:43

Victoria Hotel, Fleetwood

Nice quiet local

9 Apr 2009 13:42

The Roebuck Hotel, Shelton

The bulldozers have taken it away

7 Apr 2009 13:31

The Portree Hotel, Portree

Used the Camanachd Bar on Somerled Square opposite the bus station. Friendly and welcoming with live music at the weekend

6 Apr 2009 13:48

Tongadale Hotel, Portree

Friendly local

6 Apr 2009 13:47

Pier Hotel, Portree

Still a traditional quayside pub. Friendly and welcoming

6 Apr 2009 13:46

Caledonian Hotel, Portree

Bit of a dark horse this one. Seems nothing from outside. The bar is at first floor level - locals enter from the street behind. Friendly and lively

6 Apr 2009 13:39

Chlachain Inn, Mallaig

Expensive food pub

6 Apr 2009 13:37

The Steam Inn, Mallaig

Friendly local. Seems to be run by the neighbouring Indian restaurant

6 Apr 2009 13:36

Marine Hotel, Mallaig

Friendly local

6 Apr 2009 13:34

The Royal Hotel, Portree

Not the best bar in town. Attentive and helpful staff

9 Jan 2009 13:24

The Isles Inn, Portree

Real Ale available. Quality variable to say the least. Do not believe the certificates for Training and Beer Quality - they must come easily in Portree. Food variable also. Good quality big screen

9 Jan 2009 13:23

The Bosville Hotel, Portree

Surprising to find a yuppee bar in Portree but nice to have an alternative. Extensive wine list and over 30 whiskies on the Whisky list. Real Ales available on occasions. Live local music also. Attentive staff. Not cheap

9 Jan 2009 13:21

The Bell Inn, Watchet

Nice little pub with good cask beers and ciders. Friendly staff and customers. Good food and a nice sun terrace. Can not understand the negative commnets

10 Oct 2008 13:29

The Prince Albert, Whitstable

Great traditional local with a family atmosphere. Two or three cask beers beautifully kept. Should be main aim in Whitstable after some disappointments

10 Oct 2008 13:26

Esplanade Club, Watchet

Fine friendly local club that welcomes visitors. Good draught beer. Live R&B band on Saturdays

3 Oct 2008 13:31

London Inn, Watchet

It is a long time since I had to ask for my money back but the arrogant and offensive landlord offered when I asked "Are you happy to serve that?". The beer was undrinkable and my friend felt obliged to leave her lager. Apparently there is a good view of the harbour from the restaurant - I did not get that far

3 Oct 2008 13:29

The Lethbridge Arms, Bishops Lydeard

16th C coaching inn close to the bus stop from Taunton and Minehead. Good beer and food

30 Sep 2008 13:37

The Seafield Inn, Hove

This IS a very friendly pub where locals mix happily with visitors. The best pint of Sussex Bitter I had on the South coast. Perhaps they don't suffer fools gladly from some of the other comments

5 Sep 2008 13:31

The Market Inn, Brighton

nice pub

5 Sep 2008 13:22

The Horseshoe, Longnor

cracking pub - as seen on "Peak Practice"

5 Sep 2008 13:16

Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, Longnor

Great pub

5 Sep 2008 13:15

The Crewe and Harpur Arms, Longnor

This pub used to be very atmospheric and a part of the village like the other pubs with good beer and food and an endless supply of pub games and friendly locals. Unfortunately it has been destroyed by yuppies

5 Sep 2008 13:14

The Smack, Whitstable

Fine boozer with real people behind the abr and in front of it. Nice beer too

31 Aug 2008 13:20

The Duke Of Cumberland Hotel, Whitstable

I agree with Mr Faber. The staff are not suited to the customer service environment. Beer poor also

31 Aug 2008 13:16

Staff of Life, Stoke on Trent

visited again yesterday. Beer excellent. Horse racing fanatics in the bar ensure that Saturday afternoons are really atmospheric

31 Aug 2008 13:10

Kings Arms, Stoke on Trent

Currently shut and up for sale for any use

31 Aug 2008 13:07

The Kingsway/Charlie Browns, Stoke On Trent

re-opened as The White Star an Everards/Titanic venture. Beer improved

31 Aug 2008 13:06

Staff of Life, Stoke on Trent

Again a lovely pint of Bass - also London Pride and that strong beer from Moorhouses, which my friends enjoyed. Don't always agree with CAMRA but they have got this one right - PUB OF THE MONTH for December. Get down and enjoy. Actually don't believe me read their local rag - 'Potters Bar'

29 Nov 2005 23:49

Museum, Newcastle under Lyme

decent beer and friendly staff

12 Nov 2005 12:03

The Oak Tree, Trent Vale

although 'modernsied' still retains the separate bar. If you want the lounge you will have to go outside and round the building to the other side. Priceless

7 May 2005 09:21

The Bird in the Hand, Leek

Fine friendly local. Lovely beer as well

10 Apr 2005 23:18

The Victoria Hotel, Stoke on Trent

opposite the former Victoria Ground

3 Apr 2005 11:06

Arribar, Luebeck

Landlord Tom is a great bloke - even though he is a St Pauli fan

2 Apr 2005 10:23

The Wheatsheaf, Stoke on Trent

News to me. Poor and at times undrinkable real ale served by blinkered, ignorant barstaff who seem to be particularly disinterested in customer service. Give it a wide berth unless your only interest is in price and then you would be better off in the supermarket !

2 Apr 2005 09:37

Arribar, Luebeck

lively pre-nightclub bar with friendly staff and a good variation of music from Tom on the decks

7 Mar 2005 20:28

Finnegans, Luebeck

One of two Irish bars in town. This one has has two bars the main bar on the main level decked out in a traditional wooden style. In the cellar there is live music every Weds, Fri and Sat. As with many of these bars can be a little overrun by British, Irish and other English speaking ex-pats especially in the Summer. Can be busy with locals in the Winter - all Guinness is expensive in Europe but here it is worth the price

7 Mar 2005 20:23

The Huxstrube, Luebeck

they call it 'altstadtlokal' or old town local and it certainly is. Many local characters in a tiny bar decked out with masses of maritime memoribilia. Good drink of smooth Warsteiner

7 Mar 2005 20:11

Im alten Zolln, Luebeck

One of the oldest bars in Luebeck - which has plenty of them!!
They do six beers on draught including their own Dunkel which is extremely moorish

7 Mar 2005 20:09

Cafe Affenbrot, Luebeck

serves the excellent if slightly sweet bio-beer Pinkus.
Also does a wide range of vegetarian food

7 Mar 2005 20:06

Rauchfang, Luebeck

nic little bar that doesn't open until late but this means you can often leave in the light of the next morning - from experience

7 Mar 2005 20:04

Pivovarsky dum, Prague

Stop telling people about it !!

20 Feb 2005 16:57

The Globe, Birmingham


20 Feb 2005 11:34

The Bull, Birmingham

Some obscure comments on this fine pub. Decent Guinness, good selection of varying real ales and great food ALL day. The staff are welcoming and obliging. I wasn't going to write anything because I really don't want this place to become too popular but I had to balance the foregoing which has no relationship to reality

20 Feb 2005 11:30

Greys Corner, Stoke on Trent

now they have Bomber only - they used to have all four Thwaites beers

19 Feb 2005 08:55

Staff of Life, Stoke on Trent

Last night they also had 'London Pride' - I think I tried perhaps one too many !

16 Feb 2005 17:45

The George and Dragon, Macclesfield

friendly local next to bus and train stations. if you don't think you like robbies best you should try it here - wonderful

12 Feb 2005 15:05

The Castle, Macclesfield

this is a great little pub stuffed with brasses. Decent beer too

12 Feb 2005 15:01

The Cayley Arms, Rhos On Sea

the bass has improved

12 Feb 2005 14:26

The Boat House, Rhos on Sea

cracking little locals bar with good beer, visitors made welcome

12 Feb 2005 14:25

The Unicorn Hotel, Caersws

B & B and food

12 Feb 2005 14:23

The Buck Hotel, Caersws

Large Screen TV, food, pool and darts

12 Feb 2005 14:22

The Boat House, Rhos on Sea

as per comment on Cayley Arms Dec 2004

6 Feb 2005 11:59

The Red Lion, Caersws

fine little local

2 Feb 2005 22:43

The Royal Oak Hotel, Welshpool

It is the main [Best Western] hotel in the town centre, It has two public bars with a good variety of real ales and good food

2 Feb 2005 22:41

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