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Comments by Steve_bond

Zulus, Putney Bridge

Good rock venue my @ss. Was that in the eighties? A derilect no hope pub given a chance by a Zimbabwean owned "chain".

16 Dec 2005 14:29

The Fox, Putney

Super place, recommend it to anyone new to Putney!

16 Dec 2005 14:14

The Prospect, Fulham

Just moved to Fulham and find this suprisingly enjoyable. Surprisingly as it doesn't have any of the agro that normally goes with pubs dominated with Aussies, Kiwis or Saffas.

18 Jul 2005 19:25

The Elk Bar, Fulham

Hadn't been here in a while, still as good as I remember it. As for the sleaziness, you get it everywhere in Fullham.

18 Jul 2005 19:22

Yates's, Clapham Junction

Diabolical. A haunt for your mindless council estate thug brigade. The staff are just as mindless.

13 Jun 2005 18:22

The Meyrick Arms, Clapham Junction

Went on 2 occasions, when I lived up the road. The second time was to see if it was as terrible as the first visit revealed. A bunch of inbred cretins. 1 bloke was so drunk he pissed himself, and was still served.

13 Jun 2005 18:20

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Not called the Plastic pony for nothing.Pompous clowns.

13 Jun 2005 18:09

The Fez Bar, Putney

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Easily the WORST 'club' I have ever had the mis-fortune of frequenting. Absolute horse..........

13 Jun 2005 18:01

The Coat and Badge, Putney

This pub was what the Jolly gardeners is today. Since the Quill shut and the refurb at the gardeners, more undesirables are frequenting. Still, a half decent boozer, staff are generally competent and pleasant.

13 Jun 2005 17:54

The Jolly Gardners, Putney

Good clean well managed pub. Bit pricy, but at least that limits the council estate brigade. Generally an enjoyable 'experience', clientele a bit up themselves.

13 Jun 2005 17:49

The Fox, Putney

The pub is 'almost' pleasant on the eye. The staff generally are sub standard. The beer is average, for what it costs.

13 Jun 2005 17:45

The Railway, Putney

Cheap prices attracting cheap people. Rated the 2nd worst pub in the Wandsworth Borough, missing top spot to a pub in Tooting. Charming!

13 Jun 2005 17:39

The Spotted Horse, Putney

The photo is quite misleading as there is never anyone of that age in the pub, except on Fri/sat nights. It will be very interesting to see what the new governor can do. Fri/Sat are still packed with mindless council estate thugs spoiling for a fight. What is it with these estate people, do they not have any self respect or respect for others. Never any women there, under 45.

13 Jun 2005 17:35

The Cedar Tree, Putney

Could be a very good bar, not a pub. Should concentrate on pursuing one avenue rather than several. Is a sports pub? or is it a trendy bar?or is it a gastro pub? Has the potential to really be a force in the fickle Putney area.

13 Jun 2005 17:27

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