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Comments by Silverusbackus

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Started going in here more over the last year or two. The beer is fantastic, and there's always a good few on, at least 5 or 6. Jahl seems to be a regular fixture.

23 Oct 2013 23:31

McLachlans Ale House, Edinburgh

Now closed and called the cross and corner. Had quite a fresh redecoration and lets kids in during the day. Some interesting american beers on. Quite expensive.

23 Oct 2013 23:27

McLachlans Ale House, Edinburgh

I've started frequenting this place a bit more since moving into the area, and it's alright. Stewart's IPA on Tap and other Pentland brewery stuff. Good grub too. Not bad.

12 Jan 2009 23:32

The Clyde Arms, Redland

weird weird place. beautiful building and stain glass windows - nice beer, they used to have Butcombe Ales - but that was a long time ago.

But weird punters...

8 Feb 2007 22:55

The Duke Of York, Bristol

Apparently the locals have 'saved' this pub and made it a community-run outfit. Well done to all concerned. Went in there for the first time on a visit to Bristol a few months back and it was great. Had a lovely cider called Up Yer Arse. Very friendly staff, great atmosphere - a real pub with a difference. Skittles keeps you fit n all.

8 Feb 2007 22:51

Smithies Ale House, Edinburgh

souless, could be so much better. Annoying yellow lights that constantly make you think it's 6am.

8 Feb 2007 22:47

Clarks Bar, Edinburgh

Agreed Aig_Wilson. A quality pub.

Check out the murals in the corridors near the toilets to give you a feel of the area before it was all trendy.

Great pub

8 Feb 2007 22:44

The Cameo Bar, Leith

Nice beer, v nice Greene King IPA. Good food. Big screen at the back and the smallest putting green in the world outside too...

20 Jan 2007 20:34

The Blind Beggar, Edinburgh

Not bad, friendly bikers pub. Interesting decor and a pure ROCK jukebox. V limited ales.

Not many other pubs round there so a good place to meet but not good to put on a pubcrawl.

20 Jan 2007 20:32

Wetherspoons, Edinburgh Airport

What a joke. Wetherspoons is synonymous with cheap real ales and cheap grub (the only two things that are good about Wetherspoons)and there's neither here! agree with previous post about banning the smoking. Airport pubs are never great but this is the worst.

6 Jan 2007 15:29

The Cornubia, Bristol

The BBC - Bristol Brewery Company - are rumoured to have taken this over and are set to re-open - any more knowledge anyone?

26 Nov 2006 12:43

The Basement Bar, Edinburgh

I agree Sark, to a certain extent. For a start, I wouldn't describe it as a pub. It's a semi-trendy bar/restaurant. There is a good atmosphere, it's always busy, the music is good and the food is too - but you need to book to book to sit in the main restaurant bit. Ales are pretty non-existent (think there's your Edinburgh usuals), but nice lagers (Staropramen and Lowenbrau I think) on tap. Not the cheapest by a long shot!

Nice place though. Recommended.

26 Nov 2006 12:39

Robbies Bar, Leith

Couldn't agree more - it is the best pub on Leith Walk. A great selection of beers, and always guest whiskys on at decent prices. Loadsafootball. Always busy.

23 Nov 2006 19:27

The Pond Bar, Leith

Fantastic selection of european ales, lots of young people, quite a cool hangout, but rough round the edges. Garden. Shame it's in such a poor location, between Leith's red light area and Seafield Sewage Works. Well, I think it's a poor location anyway - some might quite like the idea. Good pub though. Think it's been sold to an evil big brewery, so get there while you can.

23 Nov 2006 19:24

The Port o' Leith, Leith

One of the most famous of all Leith Pubs. An astounding history, an amazing collection of naval flags adorning the ceilings, and one of the most famous landladies in Scotland. Oh, and it's also where the Trainspotting tours take place, as this was a regular of Irvine Welsh. Sometimes they let you dance on the bar too.

19 Nov 2006 20:11

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

The only pub where you can be at the bar with a mass murderer on one side of you and the World's Greatest Philanthropist on the other, all chatting happily.

Cracking cider, real out-houses and a blinding jukebox. Old men with red noses. Beautiful.

17 Nov 2006 23:44

The Farm, Bristol

BANGIN of a Sunday afternoon.

You been warned

17 Nov 2006 23:30

The Black Swan, Bristol

Funky and Fun. Not much for the CamRA heads (ho hum ha ha) but if you're after a bouncy Reggae-fuelledfun night, you're in the right place.

17 Nov 2006 23:29

The Shakespeare, Redland

This was my nearest pub for years and although I didn't go in all the time, it was a very nice pub.

Did have a nice pool table and do great Sunday dinners. Used to do a good few real ales too. THey tried to open a 'garden' at one point too, more of a yard out the back.

Nice place.

17 Nov 2006 23:13

The Port Of Call, Clifton

Is Rog still the landlord? what a man.

great pub, if they still do the fish finger sandwiches, you can't go far wrong.

15 Nov 2006 20:26

The Barony Bar, Edinburgh

A great pub and beats the Cask and Barrel, a few paces down the hill, by a mile. Great selection of beer (and a frightening selection of cider) the gents toilet cubicle is one of the cleanest and well decorated in Edinburgh. Highly recommended proper pub.

15 Nov 2006 20:18

The Kings Wark, Leith

Not a pub for just drinking in, however what it lacks in 'traditional drinking den' atmospherre, it makes up with the quality of its food. It's fantastic. There's two sides - the a la carte menu, which I've never tried, is quite a bit pricier than the bar meals menu. But the bar meals menu is amazing. Lots of freshly caught fish, the scampi, battered haddock and the mussels are all a dream, as is the chowder. Highly good value and as much crusty bread thrown in as you can eat! Go there for food you won't be disappointed.

15 Nov 2006 20:15

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

Sorry - shouldnn't have put anonymous. There. Is that better?

Johnkn7 - the conversation was the problem. We asked if they were showing the England game, the barman (possibly landlord, I couldn't tell you, didn't hang aroung to ask) laughed and pointed to a screen, where the match was indeed on. We settled down to watch and all was fine. Went to the bar for a second time and was told we weren't being served any more. Three of us, two guys and a girl. The barman/landlord was then whispering to some locals at the bar and pointing at us. We then left. Maybe we should have hung about, and 'made conversation' with the person who refused to serve us.

On a positive note, the beer was good and it's nice inside. Was just appalled by the rudeness. I apologise for not being candid enough, I hope this addresses it.

15 Nov 2006 20:04

The Village, Leith

nice. Addlebrains on tap. Art gallery out back. Not bad.

14 Nov 2006 00:33

The Tap and Spile, Darlington

great pub from student days. do they still do the Monday night quiz? Also had a 'magic phonebox' - put 10p in and you could talk all night (til the landlord got wind of it).

happy memories.

14 Nov 2006 00:30

The Rattlebone Inn and Restaurant, Sherston

full of ra ras and Pimms drinking fraternity. Another Young's cock up

14 Nov 2006 00:26

The Standard, Edinburgh

Now changed to the Standard. not been in

14 Nov 2006 00:22

Kay's Bar, Edinburgh

Thought this was a great little pub, with quality beers, a great snug, suited and aproned barmen. Then the sectarian drivel started coming from some of the less intelligent punters' gobs. Unfortunately, the staff joined in. Suddenly the beer tasted a lot less good. Shame. The four out of ten is for the beer. It's lost the 6 becasue of the attitude.

14 Nov 2006 00:09

Iglu, Edinburgh

Are you a pimms drinking pink wearing ra ra? Has Daddy bought you a flat in the New Town and you've got nothing else to do but blow your un-needed gwant on overpriced wine? Then head to Iglu. You won't be disappointed

14 Nov 2006 00:07

The Central Bar, Leith

Is this the best pub in Scotland?

What drinking should be about.

14 Nov 2006 00:06

The Bristol Ram, Bristol

This pub has changed beyond all recognition - Oh Young's, what have you done? It used to be wrought iron spiral staircases, grand bars, quality smiles beer and a fantastic dark cellar bar.

Now, it's like every other boring pub. A nightmare. Poor beer, unfriendly staff, cold and unwelcoming. Don't go there.

14 Nov 2006 00:02

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