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The Griffin, Shoreditch

Not to be mistaken with the Griffin on Clerkenwell Road.

15 Feb 2017 19:38

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Its like turning Sweeny Todd's Barber Shop into a Starbucks.... The Scotsman was from the more unsavoury under-belly of London and a regular "Weirdo" hangout, but it was totally 70s/80s London. The Scottish Stores is just another wine-bar/pub in a sea of similar tat. I for one miss the Scotsman, where you could tell the quality of the girls by where they kept all their needle marks.

22 Dec 2016 20:01

The Exmouth Arms, Euston

This is the best pub in the area for sunny lunchtime beers. Its position at the end of the road means it isn't in the shadows and unlike the local Bree Louise or the Queens Head and Artichoke that also sit on the sunny side, the road it is on only sees cars once every 5 minutes+ so its ore outside drinking friendly.

Also since it was done up 12months+ ago, the beer, food and service has certainly improved leaps and bounds. Back in 2010 I rated this a 3, now its a healthy 7.

22 Dec 2016 19:41

Browns, Shoreditch

October 2013 Browns reopened.

The boss has actually spent a bit of money on the place and it really does show. Its less the pub feel and more bar like what you would get in Spearmints. Full length bar where the stage used to be. Comfortable chairs and tables, new stage to the left. 6-7 large flat screens TVs spread around for the sport. And toilets that you can actually sit down and do your bussiness in comfort without fear of getting stabbed.

Off course the Girls are still here and looking fabulous. Its still 2 feet away dances and not lap dances which is a shame. They also have beers....

1 Nov 2013 19:25

Molly Moggs, Soho

They say Sir Alan Sugar owns this pub, one of the Cabaret "Gals" does look a little grisstly.

I see several bad reviews and disagree with most. It is a small pub, its popular so getting to the bar can be an issue. The beer is well kept 90% of the time. The bar staff are clearly pushed and a smile gets you served quicker than a frown.

Of the clientelle, Its a mix of men in dresses, men with men, theatre-goers, suits on a crawl and tourists off the beaten track. Its not a place for serious people. If there was a pub in Alice in Wonderland it would be Molly Moggs.

1 Nov 2013 19:09

G-A-Y Bar, Soho

Hands in pockets keep & your bum against the wall!! The beers are actually quite nice if you can risk taking your hands out of your pockets.

1 Nov 2013 18:57

The Three Greyhounds, Soho

Last straight pub before you hit the old compton. Really not much on tap, but what they do have is well kept. We often pop in here for a couple as it is a great pub for some people watching. Road is little used by cars so getting a seat outside in Summer can mean we are here for several rounds. Be prepared to deal with the beggars, flower sellers and cycle ricsshaws, we actually enjoy their visits now, pretending to be Border Patrol or 5 o and see them run away.

1 Nov 2013 18:54

The Spice of Life, Cambridge Circus

A good size pub, in the middle of theatre country. Lots on tap and all well kept. Good mix of wines and spirits. Popular pub, so sometimes can be a few minutes to get served. 2nd Bar downstairs which does live music in the week (and maybe weekends), will try and charge you £5 entrance for this bar if someone good is playing, but normally a smile and bit of banter and they let you in for free. All in all its a decent pub worthy of 2-3 rounds before moving on.

1 Nov 2013 18:36

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

Nice centrally located pub (righ next door to Leicester Sq Station, so its a good meeting point. Seats outside if your lucky and dont mind the beggars. Average size inside room for 30-40. As with a lot of the older pubs in area, stairs down to the loos can be a bit of a challenge if your +6feet tall or a little round in the middle like me. Guiness and Ales are all good. Lagers dissapointing, always seems to much gas or none at all. As previous people have said, meet here and move on.

1 Nov 2013 18:27

The Prince of Wales Feathers, Warren Street

SInce the referubishment and new bar staff this place has really gone down in my estimates.

We have a food there a few times since the change and there has always been a problem, undercooked, wrong orders, luke warm. Everytime the wait for food has been more than 30 minutes regardless of what time we get there. I should add here this is when ordering food in downstairs, not in the restaurant that was added to the 1st floor (The Orangery). The food when it does arrive is well presented and I think this could be the problem, to much time trying to give a Gordon Ramsey touch, when 80% of people just what pub food to soak up the alcohol, more or better kitchen staff needed if they do wish to go that way. Also should mention that the seating that has always been available outside the Pub, now needs to be reserved and if you sit there unannounced you will be told (not asked) to move. Finally on food expect to pay �10-�15 for your meal. (excl drinks).

On the bar , yes they do have a good selection beers and all appears to be well kept. The barstaff though really do let this place down, yes it does get busy and it can be a stressful job, but its no excuse for rudeness and unproffesionalism. Be prepared to be snapped out should have any problems (3 inches beer head, guiness not allowed to stand before completing, dirty glasses, dirty tables, still waiting for food), any problems and your likey to be told "what do you want me to do about it!!". Should you press the issue, expect to hear "we arent serving you anymore!"

The location next to Warren Street Station and the decent beers make this place, the service regrettably undoes all that good work. I for one now take my business elsewhere (Mortimers, Smugglers etc).

30 Aug 2011 14:34

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

nice pub for a Saturday/Sunday afternoon drink, bout 1ish the sun on the right side to sit outside. Way to busy on a weekday evening, full of snotty looking banking and media types. Still ok if you dont mind standing. Foods good, although a little expensive (sometimes)

3 Apr 2011 23:43

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Still as grotty as ever. Every beer tastes of fairy liquid. You can see needle tracks on half the girls. The bog is just plain scary. Like a timewarp back to the 70,e Expect to bump into Afur Dailey or the Sweeny at any moment. Brill hope it never changes!! (zero rating for the beer, plus four for old memories)

3 Apr 2011 23:30

The Exmouth Arms, Euston

Its an old style pub in serious needing of an update. Im not saying turning it into one of these crappy gastro pubs, just a lick of paint, some new carpet and get move the food preparation area away from the bar. Seems once a month its full and rest of the month just 4 old dears sitting there, not sure what thats about.

Ventilation would be an idea when they are cooking chips up right next to the bar (cafe style food bar is adjacent to the main bar). Couple of times ive been in there and the place stunk of chip fryer oil.

Beer is the regular stuff, nothing special. Had worse had better.

Has potential to be a decent boozer, just needs someone to care...

6 Aug 2010 11:55

Ye Old Axe, Shoreditch

"have the girls gone?" - Yes the girls have gone!! Its justa regualr pub now, with different music types on during the week. If you after the girls yourll need to wander on down to Browns, White Hoorse and the Rainbow.

18 Aug 2009 12:30

Ye Old Axe, Shoreditch

Well its all over now!! As off Sunday 6th January the girls in Ye Old Ax can no longer do lap dances. The guv'nor has decided that only private dances are allowed, whether this is because of presure from the local council or perhaps he thinks he can drop one of the bouncers, who knows. Also as this is a quiet period of year the number of girls have been cut back to 6 in the week (not sure on weekends).

For those unsure a Lap Dance means the girls can touch you as much as they want, eg grinding etc and of course its not unknown for a client to get a little feel in themslves (providing the girl dont mind). A private dance means the girl girl just dances between your legs with no touching from anyone allowed. You still pay �20 just for this.

Browns girls also do private dances, they are considerably hotter, the beer is cheaper and better quality, there is no door charge unlike the Ax and is generally a nicer place. I know which one I will be going to from now on.

9 Jan 2008 14:03

The Jack Horner, Tottenham Court Road

Average pub, nothing that really makes it stand out from the crowd. As with all pubs in around here, best keep your valuables close to you as pickpockets and thieves are common in the area.

29 Oct 2007 12:22

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Just being nosey, but what were you trying to phone the scotsman for?? I dont think they do parties...

8 Oct 2007 17:39

Shaker and Company, Euston

Decent enough bar, had it been on the other side of the Euston Road it would be jammed pack everynight. Stuck as it is halfway down the Hamstead road its really only frequented by the estate crowd. Long bar, few decent beers. Good enough for a group stop-by if your near there (mexican restauant Metizo is 60 seconds away).

1 May 2007 17:02

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia

Expect a minimum 20 minute wait to get served on Thursday/Friday night. Not knocking the bar staff who do do their best, but the management who refuse to hire more staff.

9 Nov 2006 10:23

Potion Bar, Fitzrovia

Naff Naff Naff warm soapy beer and cold overpriced burgers.

25 Oct 2006 17:22

The Green Man, Great Portland Street

Went here a few days after re-opened - closed due to flooding. End of last week popped in again - open but the refrigeration units were broken so all the beer was warm (tried some and it was). Monday this week tried my luck again (glutton for punishement)... The place is more open and doesnt feel so smokey. There is still wood panneling all over and dark wood tables that make the place feel a little repressive. The Chinese bar staff are no more (hurahh) replaced with some english speaking chaps, who I found far more cordial than their predecessors. There was a good selection off beers 15-20 on tap and cold.. BUT half of the tap beers were not in yet and no one could give an ETA on their arrival. Give it a few more weeks and im sure they will sort out their last little problems. It certainly is an improvement on the old Green Man that I had given a rating of 2. Still only a 5 now, get the missing beers in and lighten the place up a bit and may earn a 7.

25 Oct 2006 16:46

The Artillery Arms, Old Street

Decent beers & good service. But why such a high ranking? If I go into a bar I demand decent beers and service as a minimum or I just walk on to the next. The Arti Arms is just another run of the mill decent boozer, providing the basic requirements to its clients. Sure I would be happy with it as my local, but I wouldnt move home just to make it so. Wheres the string of 50 decent beers and ales?? wheres the atmosphere? what makes this place stand out from the other 20,000 pubs in the country, in my opinion nothing... 4/10 average rating for an average pub.

31 Jul 2006 16:13

The Crown and Sceptre, Fitzrovia

When of the better pubs in the area. As per the photo on warm summer evenings you can expect to have vast mobs of people congregating on the pavements outside with their beers. Good assortment of beers available and not to pricey. This place gets a thumbs up from me.

11 May 2006 14:26

The Green Man, Great Portland Street

Chinese/Thai barstaff with pretty poor English. Guy getting served in front of me wanted a glass of some french wine (chateua nerf de nerf or wotnot), took him 15 miutes (im serious) to find they were out of that one. Me I just pointed at the guiness and said pint.

4 Apr 2006 14:09

Ye Old Axe, Shoreditch

Lots of new girls there now, went on a Friday (just after new year) was 20-30 girls, still loads of Brazillian babes and a few home-grown one girls too (some chuncky essex girl but the others were all lovely). Care needed with the doorman. Paid one guy 4quid to get in at 9pm then had another guy come around at 2am telling people that he was the real doorman and demanding more money (will lower my rating). Doormen/man aside this is still the best strip-joint London has to offer.

24 Jan 2006 14:36

The Langley, Covent Garden

Meeting point for an boys at the office night out. Bar not a pub. Got there fairly early, 6ish on a Friday night, just in time for happy hour (which i think lasted 2 hours). HH was reduced prices on house wines and some spirits only, didnt cover beers. Not being a wine drinker, I stuck to JDs (double shots) and coke at �2 a pop, which is pretty nice for the area. Wine was around �8 a bottle.
Fairly spacious place, perhaps 150-200 people in there. By around 7.30pm it was pretty chokablok and I understand there was a queue from then, doormen doing their 1 out 1 in thing. Perhaps just because it was early evening in a weekday just before xmas, was almost totally suits for men (or suits without the suits like me), seemed to be more ladies then men (or maybe i just noticed them more), I suppose the cheap wine in HH was a draw.

Service was fairly quick, decor was non-existant (bar in cellar, that looked like cellar with a bar). Toliets were spotless (had an attendant with soaps and perfumes, you have been warned!).

I personnaly wont be heading back there anytime soon, but did not find it as bad as some previous reviewers had. If you can get there before the queues start and you like your cheap wine, it makes a decent starting point. Best to head elsewhere when Happy hour ends though.

22 Dec 2005 16:31

The George, Soho

Decent beer, lovely barmaid (.)(.) This pub would rated fairly well, if it wasnt located in in the grottiest part of Soho, surrounded by clip joints, dealers, pimps and prozzies, definately the sort of area you dont want to be in at closing time. Its also a little cramped (and you dont have the option of standing outside).

4 Oct 2005 13:39

Corney and Barrow, Liverpool Street

Wine & bottled beer and those tiny little canopy things. Not really worth the flight of stairs you need to walk up to get to it. On the plus side its partially outside and raised above the ice rink, so in summer you can look down all the secretaries top's as they walk below (and I wonder why im single!!)

22 Sep 2005 13:56

The Newman Arms, Fitzrovia

The pie-room should be renamed the pie-cupboard. 25 people rammed in a room thats barely big enough for a half-dozen oompah lumpah's. The landlord needs to be careful, he's in serious danger of going O/D on those old tosser pills he must be taking. Cupboard and landlord aside, the pies are great, the prices are more in line with a local than a city-boy hangout and they do know how to pull a proper pint of guiness.

19 Aug 2005 12:01

Amber, Soho

Incredibly slow service, take a book with you to the bar.

18 Aug 2005 16:46

The Moon and Sixpence, Soho

Nice selection of beers and at a price that is lower than any if its local rivals. The food is excellent and service is well-mannered and speedy. hours of fun trying to identify the source of the stale curry/old person smell <<points at smittys gym bag hidden under a chair, unproven but a likely suspect>>.

18 Aug 2005 16:22

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

Great for hot summers days, sitting out by the river. Friendly aussie staff, beer a little more expensive than most the locals, but the surroundings make up for this. A few years back, used to take my old mum here for Sunday lunch, was decent quality and fairly priced. Unfortunately the quality of the food has gone way hill while the prices have gone the other way. Better food = more customers = more beer sold.

8 Aug 2005 14:59

The Lukin, Warren Street

Pretty decent for an o'neils. Slighty hidden away, wouldnt know it was there if your not a local. Friendly staff, quick service (though not busy when i was in there).

26 Jul 2005 13:17

The Sols Arms, Euston

Nothing special on the beer front. Pool table, darts board & couple of TVs. Seperate area for fodder. Ok pub for a lunchtime nosh. Wouldnt recommend it for a session though (lacking in atmosphere).

26 Jul 2005 13:11

Industry, Shoreditch

pretty people place, dont know how i ended up here. Not much in way of beers, girlie drinks and bottles mainly. Open late, think we left 3ish. Easy to get a cab home, close to liverpool street.

11 Jul 2005 16:34

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

Need to invest in new lightbulbs. That aside beer is cheap and service quick. Good place to drink lots, quickly without going broke.

11 Jul 2005 16:29

The Mash Bar, Oxford Circus

At 32 quid a round of drinks. Your'd expect high quality beers, great decor, somewhere to sit & Hooters style barmaids, but you got none of that. Music is decent though, but certainly not worth the overprice on the drinks.

5 Jul 2005 14:06

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Serves food at lunchtime, incredibly slow service. Dont be surpised if your order takes 30 minutes plus to arrive.

9 May 2005 13:59

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

This place was a real dump 5 or 6 years ago, but its really gone down hill since Warburgs took over accross the road. Cold Pizza and warm beer. Real shortage of quality pubs in this area.

7 Apr 2005 12:00

The Green Man, Great Portland Street

Gave me a dodgy looking five pound note in my change, which I complained about. An hour later same barman refused to take it when I was buying a round. Left the beers rotting on bar and went round the corner to Smugglers.

6 Apr 2005 17:27

The Hunt Hotel, Linslade

Never been to this pub, could indeed be as bad as reviews. But just looking at the reviewers, with the exception of the oldest 4 or 5 (of 24) and one posted by will_iner each reviewer has only ever managed to review 1 pub (The Hunt Hall), none of these reviewers have chosen to be anon or hide their details, yet all have omitted their sex and I would guess typed in a random age (80s 50s or like MarkyMark who posts 18 but typed 27 under ID. Looking at the actual posts, we are talking of an average of 6 or 7 viewed lines per post (I challenge you too find any pub with so many). Added to this, that almost all the posts leave a blank line between each sentence (how many people in the real world to this?). Looking at the actual posts, it�s surprising how many people managed the apostrophe in it�s (where appropriate and not) and at the same time used the word definetly (could they all mean definitely? Or perhaps that�s the correct spelling up North?). Just a quick look at the names of the reviewer�s, with exception once again to will_iner (and the oldest post�s), all posts are omitting spaces between name parts and using capitals with name (OldSeaDog, StaleCrisps, RosieLee, MarkyMark, the list goes on and on). To me there would appear to be a pattern in these posts, and when reading these and any future posts I would bear in mind possibility of someone having a grudge against this establishment.
Finally just want to say again, never been to this pub, so it could indeed be the biggest crapper in the world, so don�t blame me if you go there and it really is the pits.

5 Apr 2005 19:11

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

Very average pub. Why bother, 4 cans of tennants and park bench will do.

5 Apr 2005 16:25

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

BuckPalace, Big Ben & The Flying Scotsman. This is what London is all about. Hoping this place will stay as seedy and dodgy looking as it is now, and not go the way of Browns. A real experience.

5 Apr 2005 13:55

The Rocket, Euston

Cheap beer for students? I pay to put the little Bs through school and university, i'll be damned if im gonna pay for their beer too. Went to the Rocket once, too busy, too young (not me, them). Took ages to get served, no room to stand, no room to sit. Someone tried to sell me a skunk (no idea then, found out next day, gee I feel old). Wont be going there again, will be putting in my vote to raise school fees.

5 Apr 2005 13:34

The Square Tavern, Euston

A great little pub, off road with seating outside in a quite residential sqaure. This is my local to work choice on hot summer days. They have a good selection of real beers, food (had some 2for1 offers recently) and I found staff to be efficient and friendly. On the downside it can be real busy at lunchtimes, full of accountants and bankers (myself included). To Lord Snooty Anon of 16Dec2004 do you need to practice talking crap or is this a natural talent you were born with?

5 Apr 2005 13:05

The Ruby Lounge, Waterloo

Very much a young person's bar 18-25. Students, cocktails and a complete lack of any quality beers.

5 Apr 2005 12:23

The Albany, Great Portland Street

3 pints cider and I was on the loo all night long, thats just not right.
Full of suits, hogging the big comfy chairs. Little expenisve. Yugoslavian barmaids, were rather sweet. Didnt know how to put 4-leaf-clover on my Guiness, I mean come on... Ok pub, will probably pop in there again just for the barmaids.

PS keep clear of the Cider (im serious).

31 Mar 2005 18:52

Potion Bar, Fitzrovia

Maybe something in the potions staff contract that they have to log on here and say how wonderful it is.
Been there, wasnt impressed. Beer was off, didnt try the cocktails. Few students, couple of suits. Guess it might be called a chick hangout kinda place (all mingers I must add). Im generous and gave it 3/10 for being only bar with a TV that was near empty during an England footie match.

31 Mar 2005 18:38

The Intrepid Fox, Soho

If you enjoy good beer, friendly chatter and good clean living, then this sure isnt the place for you. Beer was flat, short of full measure and every pint tatsed like the dregs of the barrel. Conversation was impossible, volumn seemed to be stuck on deafen level. In the past I've been through the trash/deth metal scene, but I sure dont remember the fans stinking so much. Only thing to stink more was the gents loo, if you can hold your breath for 2 minutes flat you might just make it.

31 Mar 2005 18:16

Ye Old Axe, Shoreditch

Not a place for to bring the Missus and the Kids.
Another 1 for the Shoreditch Triangle, 2 minutes from Browns. Worth a stopover if you dont fancy the crush at Browns. Was 4 girls last time I was there, not quite the quality of the girls at Browns, but found the private dance (20quid a pop) to be a little bit more hands on (if you can be hands on without touching). Perhaps it was just the beer, but I certainly felt a shiver to my nether regions that I hadnt experienced 30 minutes before at Browns.
Staff were friendly, few suits, couple of locals. Interior wasnt too shabby, although private dance room was a little dingy. Overall would recommend this as a quickstop an a boys night out.

31 Mar 2005 17:49

The Globe, Baker Street

Mixture of tourists (Local to Madam Tussauds) and suits during the day. Can be a little dodgy in the evenings, seems to be a hangout for the local hitler youth. Also hold onto your beer at last orders, staff are over eager to get you out. Overall good daytime pub, would give it a miss after 6pm though.

31 Mar 2005 16:50

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